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Sunday, October 31, 2004

"This year halloweeen fell on a Tuesday...." 

Image Hosted by
The Littlest Prisoner at Abu Ghraib - eh yo!

Happy Halloween - whoa! (spotted via

So which video will have the greater effect on Tuesday: Eminem's or Osama's? (

And here's another video for your viewing pleasure: Fredwreck's "Dear Mr. President" directed by Mike from the excellent political news blog Top Dog '04.

The Onion's still got jokes on the election:

- Republicans Urge Minorities To Get Out And Vote On Nov. 3

- "Countdown to the Recount 2004"

- US Finishes A 'Strong Second' in the Iraq War

While a few right-leaning pundits on the Sunday news shows are now openly predicting a Kerry win including Jon Stewart nemesis Tucker Carlson who opined a Kerry win due to the ABB contingent being bigger and more passionate than the Bush-loving one. I hope he's right or is he practicing an insidious kind of disinformation or reverse pyschology campaign intended to create complacency and supress the democratic voter turnout?

Soldiers Pay - the documentary Warner c-ck blocked from inclusion on the Three Kings special edition DVD - airs on IFC tomorrow night at 9:35pm EST. (The New York Times)

But HBO gets the Gas Face goes for waiting until after the election (Veterans' Day to be exact) before airing the intriguing documentary Last Letters Home: Voices of American Troops from the Battlefields of Iraq. Are they scared it might adversely affect the election in Kerry's favor a la Stolen Honor?

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Friday, October 29, 2004

It better be the Best of Both Worlds! 

Was listening to Kay Slay's "Drama Hour" mixshow on Hot 97 last night. He had this kid Maino on as his guest who is supposedly making some noise on the streets with this track "Rumors". To me it's low rent 50 cent biting his vocal style (somewhat) and debut single steez (remember "How to Rob"?) but the track's aight and I'll give him pass for being from BK. He's apparently also down with Lil Kim's Queen B records (for whatever that's worth). (mp3 via

There's a ton of Halloween stuff going on all over this weekend but I really don't have to the energy to post it all up. Sorry to those who sent me party info for that purpose.

I will post this one for TONIGHT since the flyer is already web-based and not a jpeg I have to get hosted: Basically Brooklyn presents "Beyond Vision".

Me, though? I'll be at MSG getting my Best of Both Worlds Tour on (for $100/ticket - ouch!).

Maybe I should have just waited for the movie?

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

"I hope I am not responsible for Armageddon." 

Quick one today, crazy swamped yet again:

Who says you need to be a Big Willie to get an American Express Black Card?

Russell Simmons takes mainstream magazines to task - for failing to acknowledge the overwhelming influence that hip-hop has had on youth culture. (Crain's New York Business)
According to an International Atomic Energy Agency report issued earlier this month, there was "widespread and apparently systematic dismantlement that has taken place at sites previously relevant to Iraq's nuclear program." This includes nearly 380 tons of high explosives suitable for detonating nuclear weapons or killing American troops. Some of the looting continued for many months -- possibly into 2004. Using heavy machinery, organized gangs took apart, according to the IAEA, "entire buildings that housed high-precision equipment."

This equipment could be anywhere. But one good bet is Iran, which has had allies and agents in Iraq since shortly after the US-led forces arrived.

This was a preventable disaster. Iraq's nuclear weapons-related materials were stored in only a few locations, and these were known before the war began. [E]ven with the [few] troops we had, the United States could have protected the known nuclear sites. It appears that troops did not receive relevant intelligence about Iraq's WMD facilities, nor was there any plan to secure them. Even after my briefing, the Pentagon leaders did nothing to safeguard Iraq's nuclear sites.
Full story from the Peter W. Galbraith The Boston Globe Op-Ed "Eyewitness to a failure in Iraq." There's also some controversy around some NBC and New York Times pieces on this issue. I don't have time to find the links but check this Media Matters link for coverage. Related: Giuliani should be ashamed of himself - what happened to "Support Our Troops"? (Guardian)

Now even Bush's stooge in Iraq is blaming him for the mess over there. (The New York Times)

While: "The petrodollars we provide such nations [like Saudi Arabia] contribute materially to the terrorist threats we face..." from "Cash From Chaos." (Newsweek)

After four years, the president's faith-based policies have proven to be neither compassionate nor conservative from "Faith Without Works." (Washington Monthly)

And vaguely related: The Bush Presidential Prayer Team (WTF?!) and Rick Perlstein on "The Church of Bush". (Village Voice)

Essential reading - The John Kerry Rolling Stone interview.

More on the GOP election-stealing story. I should have posted on this yesterday but I missed this story until later. Props to Funkdigi for the heads up/reminder though. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The GOP campaign strategy - steal the election.... 

A secret document obtained from inside Bush campaign headquarters in Florida suggests a plan - possibly in violation of US law - to disrupt voting in the state's African-American voting districts, a BBC Newsnight investigation reveals. (Full story "New Florida vote scandal feared" from BBC News)

With Election Day almost upon us, it's not clear whether President Bush is running a campaign or plotting a coup d'etat. By all accounts, Republicans are spending these last precious days devoting nearly as much energy to suppressing the Democratic vote as they are to mobilizing their own. (Full story "The GOP's Shameful Vote Strategy" from The Washington Post)

Eight days before Election Day, a federal judge ruled Monday that Florida's touch-screen voting machines do not have to produce a paper record for use in case a recount becomes necessary. (Full story "Judge Dismisses Touch-Screen Voting Suit" from The Miami Herald)

While collects a whole bunch of links about the GOP's underhanded election grab.

"I think we now see the GOP strategy: SUPPRESS THE MINORITY VOTE AT ALL COSTS!" (The Daily Kos)

Wake up, people. It's going down f'real, f'real.

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No encore for Bush? 

Music video of the year? Already all over the hip hop blog world (and I'm sure, by extension, the rest of the internet) Eminem's "Mosh" video is a powerful piece of art. As my man put it in an email sent to a group of friends:
Just watched the world premiere of Em's new video, Mosh. It is one of the most incredible videos I've ever seen, hands down. The mixture of animation and live action is incredible. The subject matter (anti-Bush, anti-war, pro-lawful revolution) is controversial and powerful. And, the song is bananas. I think it could have a real effect on voters 18-24.
Seriously, this video - more so than the swift boat ads or the recent Sinclair brouhaha - could be one of the deciding factors in swinging the election Kerry's way if it's as effective in turning out the youth vote as it potentially looks to be.

Once again, Eminem has confounded expectations and demonstrated he is a master of exploiting the video music artform. Besides likely becoming a major factor in the election, he has also now probably ensured his new Encore album will be another huge 1st week seller despite the lukewarm response to the first single "Just Lose it" which was only saved by its "controversial" video. (
Related: The story behind "Mosh" | View the video | Kid Oakland's take (Guerilla News Network | The Daily Kos)

On the flip, while Slim Shady is delivering Kerry the youth vote, is Bush losing the retiree vote after they finally realized the true implications behind his deeply-flawed Medicare Prescription Drug Bill? (Newsweek)

And sign of the times? The inside word is that, as of 6pm last night, the Tower Records downtown store in Manhattan (on 4th Street in the Village) had sold only 6 copies of the R. Kelly/Jay-Z Unfinished Business album. Granted it was not sale priced there and was retailing for $18.99 but 6 copies?! Between that anecdote and Kels supposedly going nuts at one of the Chicago stops on the "Best of Both Worlds" tour then putting in some time working at a McDonald's Drive-Thru immediately after (you are not misreading that), it seems that this artistic collaboration is once again falling short despite all the superstar power involved. I checked out the album for the first time last night - on a first listen-through it's definitely less than the sum of it's parts and the first three tracks leaked a few weeks back seem to be the main highlights although repeat listens might turn up some other jewels I missed. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Finally, R.I.P. John Peel. Those outside of the UK probably don't know who this dude is unless they are import indie music fans who have bought any of his well-regarded Peel Session albums, but growing up in the UK, this legendary radio DJ was the epitome of music cool introducing generations of music listeners to cutting edge new music spanning genres from punk to techno and hip hop. He was also a model of how to age gracefully maintaining impeccable taste in music right up to his death at age 65. His favorite single of all time was The Undertones' "Teengae Kicks" - I mean, how f-ckin' cool is that? If I know anything, the music in heaven just got a whole lot better I'm sure. (BBC News)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

And now a word from our sponsors.... 

Lots of mp3 action couretsy of the good folks at Capitol, Def Jam and J records:

"Get Back" - first single from the new Ludacris album Red Light District dropping Dec. 7 featuring production by Green Lantern, Lil Jon, Organized Noize, Timbaland, Doug E Fresh (!) and guest shots from DJ Quik, DMX, Nas, Nate Dogg and others:
- Windows Media High | Windows Media Low | Real Media High
Not sure it's on the level of "Stand Up" and previous singles but, OK.

More Dirty South action couretsy of Yung Wun's "Walk It Talk It":
- Windows Media: low | med | high

- Quicktime: low | med | high

- Real Video: low | med | high
And over to the midwest, Chingy's “Balla Baby” video from his new album Powerballin’ (in stores 11/16):
- Quicktime: low | med | high

- Windows: low | med | high

- Real: low | med | high


- Windows: low | high | Real: low | high

Like the single? Then peep the Powerballin' Album Sampler and play the Powerballin’ Pinball game.
But, for the the more R&B inclined, peep Swizz Beat's wifey Mashonda.

And while we're in that realm, don't sleep: the Ciara Goodies album is retarded. Seriously, it's really, really good, like major-record-label-big-budgets-spent-to-good-effect good. The last time I said this was when Usher's album dropped. Think Aaliyah meets Lil Jon where the reality is as good as the theory on paper.

Scion has done a pretty good job of marketing its cars hip hop(-ish) youth demo although how effective it's been is questionable given that, from my 30-something view, the Xa and Xb's looked terrible. I can't front though, for <$17,000, the new scion tc seems like a really good deal and looks pretty nice too.

XXL "Eye Candy" model Liris Crosse's new websites: or

Zion I tour dates (Family Business mixtape review coming soon).

Speaking of which: here's proof that a well-programmed and DJ'd mixtape trumps a corny “compilation pause tape” with exclusives, fake freestyles and wannabe-DJ Clue yelling throughout every time. Highly recommended!

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Too much stuff.... 

Let me start by saying thanks to everyone who's a regular (or semi-regular) reader of this site. I appreciate it and am always happy to read emails or feedback comments about stuff I post. I guess cos I'm starting to get a little traffic up in here though everyone has started to email me about their parties, mixtapes, websites, albums etc. While I like to look out for cats, especially if it's something I'm into personally or I think readers might dig and it's not getting much mass media attention, I'm about to dead all that for real. I'm getting way too much sh!t to really keep on top of it any more.

To wit...

Tonight: Better Days at Don Hill's feat. Duo Live and others.

Wednesday: Reggaeton blowout at MSG feat. Tego, Daddy Yankee ("Gasolina"!), Ivey Queen & Don Omar. I wish I had tickets for this but I just found out about it randonly reading one of the tabloids over the weekend. I gues I need to tune into Mega more often.

Thursday: Shady National Convention (related: chartattack |

Recent photo of super-sexy Brit, sometime Fishbone manager, budding novelist and my good friend Lady Caroline with Andre 3000 in N. Carolina on the set of the “troubled” Outkast movie My Life In Idelwild - erroneously (?) being called The Love Below - which apparently features Fishbone as the house band. (

I won't claim exclusive or 100% accurate info this time around on the above since denials of a Mobb Deep split have skuppered my claims to a world exclusive scoop last week. (

Eh yo! (via Hardly Art...)

Eliot Spitzer's about to get up in that music industry ass (no homo). (The New York Times)

The MP3Blogs Aggregator - a timely site with so many mp3 blogs coming out now that it's almost becoming old hat and hard to keep up.

Links to videos of Ashlee Simpson playing herself on SNL this past weekend.

2000 & Whatever - how to keep up on everything gutter and ghetto fab in NYC. These cats have been sending me almost too much stuff to post. Sign up for their emails and save me the effort.

And if you clicked that first link in the last paragraph, you'll appreciate this link even more. (The New York Times)

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Monday, October 25, 2004

So how are things going in Iraq? 

In a massive pre-election embarrassment for the Bush administration, nearly 350 tons of lethal explosives - which could be used to trigger nuclear weapons - have vanished from a military facility in Iraq supposed to have been guarded by US troops. (full story "Bombshell for Bush: 350 tons of explosives go missing in Iraq" from The Independent)

Iraqi authorities have discovered the bodies of 44 Iraqi soldiers and four drivers after they were ambushed and killed "execution-style" overnight near the Iraq-Iran border after they had just completed training and were heading toward Basra in southern Iraq, an Iraqi military commander said Sunday. (Full story "Dozens of new Iraqi soldiers found dead" from

And Bush claims elections can be held In Iraq in January?! C'mon... I'm not even sure fair elections are gonna be held here in 8 days! (Newsweek)

And on top of that now he thinks it's "up in the air" whether the US can ever be completely safe from terrorist attacks again. Incredibly, I (and John Kerry) actually agree with him I think, but after all his jingoism over the past three years, only now he comes clean after this disasterous war?! ( | The New York Times)

Even Bush's family doesn't want him elected. (spotted via 525 Reason to Dump Bush | Related: What do you do if you’re the president’s cousins—and you don’t like the way he’s running the country? Set up a Web site in support of John Kerry. Full story from "Family Feud" in Newsweek.)

Also spotted via 525 Reasons: "George Bush suffered an embarrassing rebellion in the ranks [last Wednesday] when the founder of the conservative Christian Coalition said the White House had dismissed the very idea of US casualties in Iraq during the run-up to the war...." - now that could be the "tipping point" Zentonix was speculating about a couple weeks ago. (Full story "Christian leader faults Bush on Iraq deaths" from The Gaurdian)

Finally, welcome back American Black. You were missed in your absence but it's good to see you back on the web. Peep game for his unique take on the news and the world from a black perspective.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Serious humor for serious times..... 

Image Hosted by
Condi's got the nation's security on lock... evidently. Photo courtesy: CNN/AP

More than 250 global leaders in all fields including 85 heads of state and government have signed a statement endorsing a U.N. plan adopted 10 years ago to ensure every woman's right to education, health care, and to make choices about childbearing. But not President George W. Bush. (Full story from

Is Bush getting desperate or has the war on terror slowed down enough (back to "nuisance" level) that he can have his senior cabinet members out campaigning for him?

Wednesday I bemoaned the fact that record numbers of Blacks had expressed their intention to vote for Bush this election. He already turned down addressing the NAACP conference (which Kerry went to) a while back and now he's refused to do a sit-down with BET's Nightly News Show (which Kerry accepted)? I can't believe my peoples are getting hoodwinked by this bullsh!t gay marriage issue that son's been running while he shows such contempt for the few institutions that rep' for us (whether well or not), WTF?!

More on the GOP's vote rigging in PA. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

And Touch Screen Voting by Diebold - maybe this is why ish is jumpin' off in Florida?

Campaign humor copped from Air America yesterday:
Q: What's the difference between Vietnam and Iraq?

A: Bush had a plan for getting out of Vietnam
And speaking of jokes: The New York Times on right wing hackumentary Celsius 41.11.

While finally, this has got to be a joke site, right? I only wish Republicans were this stupid. Actually I think many of them really are....

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Political hip hop | M.I.A. vs. M.I.A.M.I. | Some DVD's and CD's examined  

Image Hosted by

What.the.f-ck.happened?!! (Daily News)

Political hip hop is alive and well, at least on the underground. Dead Prez's entire (?) RBG crew, along with Immortal Technique, were in the house at M1-5 last night to celebrate the release of the A-Alikes Live or Die album. I picked up the CD which, while not on the level of Dead Prez's releases, is worth checking out and supporting. They also, like DPz with "RBG," do a good take on creating-multiple-meanings-for-a-promo-acronym for their album track "F.T.P." - free the people/for the projects/fix the problem/fire the president/f-ck the police? I think they had others but I couldn't catch them all though I'm you can easily come up with your own.

7L & Esoteric's - DC2: Bars of Death has been out for a minute now but the copy I was sent got lost and forgotten in my piles of CD's. After finally unearthing and playing it a couple weeks back I got flashes of the Beatnuts, Inspector Deck, Fat Joe and Skillz from their meat 'n' potatoes take on 90's era East Coast underground hip hop. Great 60's spy movie-inspired album artwork too.

Verbal Kent - the Chi-town Slim Shady? Tracks on his new What Box album like the Dr. Dre-esque "The Remix" and "Spit to Hill 1" only reinforced that impression but "Big Buildings" wasn't bad though. (related: listen to the album for yourself)

I've been hearing about this Miami (or is that M.I.A.M.I.?) dude Pitbull for a minute. But I only just got up on the fact that he's the one responsible for "Dammit Man", a joint that's been starting to heat up (at least in NYC) over the past few weeks alongside "Nolia Clap." With Slim Thug blowing up (seemingly out of nowhere) fast and the return of Lil Jon and T.I., it looks like the haters hoping the South would die are gonna be disappointed. (mp3 link courtesy: Sandbox)

Diplo's M.I.A. mixtape (via - scroll down)

Honey Flava Soul - this new(ish) urban entertainment blog is better desgined and has better content than some "official" sites.

Just watched the DVD Tupac Resurrection a few days back - it started off kind of slow and was coming off like a hip hop version of The Kid Stays in the Picture but got better as it went along. As I recall it though, Thug Angel might still have been a better documentary overall but Pac fanatics probably have a more informed take on that than me.

Beef II was a surprisingly good DVD though featuring pieces on the Roxanne battles, ICP vs. Eminem, EPMD's Parrish Smith vs.E-Double, Grandmaster Caz vs. Sugarhill's Big Bank Hank and Royce Da 5'9" vs. D12 (and more). The best part was right at the end when Roxanne Shante talked about how she had negotiated a clause in her contract with Cold Chillin'/Warner Bros. stipulating that they pay for her education and then pimped them for all her tutition from completing her high school diploma (as a single, unwed teen mother) through to doing a Phd. Now that's gangsta (Kanye, are you paying attention?).

Coming soon - the Hook DVD contest. More details in an upcoming post.

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The Boy in the Bubble.... 

Cartoon courtesy: Washington Post

Following up from yesterday's Suskind article:

Your Gut Only Gets You So Far - No wonder President Bush lost round one of the debates in Miami: he got rusty living in the bubble. (Newsweek)

Welcome to the Green Zone - The American bubble in Baghdad. (Atlantic Monthly | Related: Green Zone, Code Red - why can't American forces secure the Iraqi capital? Newsweek)

'One Guy in a Bubble' (Washington Post)

It's a wrap - how the Democrats fought back and beat the Sinclair Broadcast Group’s plans to air the anti-Kerry ‘Stolen Honor’ documentary. Actually I think there are still plans to air this documenatry on some stations so the fight is not over quite yet. (Newsweek)

Where the presidential race stands today. (Slate)

But you know Nov. 2 is gonna get ugly (Washington Post | Related: Imagining the Danger of 2000 Redux The New York Times | A Clean Count? - The Florida voting virus: It couldn't happen again, could it? Sure it could. A road map to an anxious Election Day. Newsweek)

But how about those "trained" Iraqi forces Bush is always touting in speeches and during the debates? (USA Today)

The Iraq war increases the terrorism risk. (The Daily Star)

A nuclear terrorist attack on the United States is more than likely and the administration isn't doing nearly enough to prevent it. (Mother Jones)

The former counsel to President Nixon says the way the Bush administration has governed has been "worse than Watergate." (Mother Jones)

Isn't it clear by now? John Kerry for President. (The New York Times)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Darfur 101 and Bush's not-so-secret voting bloc 

How Did Darfur Happen? (The New York Times)

Related: Waxploitation Records Sudan charity CD Genocide in Sudan featuring donated tracks by Jurassic 5, X-ecutioners, Jill Scott, System of a Down, Yoko Ono, Gorillaz, DJ Spooky, Danger Mouse & Murs, Toots and The Maytals and others. (

I know all about the Dems-take-us-for-granted argument but this is embarrassing:

- Bush May Get Larger Portion of Black Vote (Washington Post)

- Poll: Bush doubles support among blacks. (Newsday)

Anyone black voting for Bush is a f-cking idiot. Seriously, even Styles P and revolutionary political rapper Immortal Tecnnique have figured this one out. (Cowboyz 'n' Poodles)

Boz's strategies for dealing with possible GOP October Surprises. (Bloggings By Boz)

This is kind of old now but ending on a lighter (and real scary) note: CNN's Daryn Kagan is dating Rush Limbaugh!? Is this the best a single and (somewhat) foxy news anchor can do? Whoa! (Newsweek)

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Grown Folk Music... 

New hot ish: Ciara feat. Missy - 1, 2 Step. I don't have it yet but this has gotta mix crazy w/ Diplo's "Diplo Rhythm." (mp3 courtesy

BTW, congrats to Leah Nolden on winning the Ciara contest from a few weeks back. The entry rate was atrocious on this one - were people not feeling the contest (or Ciara)?

Also, some gems from the recent promo wax I've been given:

- The Saint - Grown Folk Music. Literally! Sexy lounged out, house music for dinner parties feat. Mr. Man (from Da Bush Babees), Grap Luva & Vinia Mojica. If you're a long white t-shirt rap™ aficionado, this is probably not for you.

- DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo - Blend Crafters Vol. 1. Organic instrumental hip hop - a new subgnre? I never would have bought something like this but after checking it out, I have to say love it.

Peace to my man MF Grimm from HedRush Entertainment who last weekend passed me a Hood Economics mixtape sampler of his new artist Tahir who's performing tonight (see below).

And to Nomad from Day By Day Ent..

Great Old True School site (spotted via Pickin' Boogers)

Esther Baxter fansite (by now you must have figured out this is the "Freek-a-leek" video girl if you're a regular reader but the specific references helps my site traffic stats somethin' crazy 'cos, seriously, I get way more hits from heads looking for Ki-Toy & Esther info than from heads looking for mp3 links to the latest Game battle disses.)

Grand Good - a nice hip hop oriented blog (spotted via Jackson G Tickle)

Also worth peepin' - artist/journalist Rollie Pemberton's Razorblade Runner blog.

Coming to a Missy video soon?

Google your hardrive

Colorize your ipod

Yankees collapse - go Red Sox?! (Daily News)

And for tonight:

TONIGHT (Wednesday, October 20th):

A-Alikes CD Release Party to celebrate the release of Live or Die

dead prez (,) P.O.W., Duo-Live (just added!!!) Tahir, NIMROD, I.G. and A-ALIKES ( DJ's Butta, Wise and Supreme (formerly the DJ for Lauryn Hill.)

STEELE (of Smif N Wessun) and Charles Anthony aka C_Black (Hustlemode)

M1-5, 52 Walker Street (bet. Broadway & Church St.) New York City
Subway: A, C, E, Q, or W to Canal Street | #1 or 9 to Canal Street

doors open at 8pm and showtime at 9pm

The A-Alikes have rocked the stage at such venues as: Bowery Poetry Club, Five Spot, Remote Lounge, and a host of other spots across the U.S and abroad. The party is a part of monthly hip hop music and culture series, HIP HOP 101.

No Cover for all guests; must be 21+ over with proper I.D.

RSVP by emailing

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"An exercise in lunacy...." 

Image Hosted by

(You Gotta Have) Faith - this has probably been posted on every left-leaning political blog in existence by now which means if you haven't read it yet, click that link to Ron Suskind's Sunday Times Bush magazine profile NOW because you need to peep game on just how crazy this president really is.

And the fallacy of the Kerry=flip flopper argument. I can't even believe this is still being discussed after Kerry put it to rest during the debates but, oh well. (The New Republic)

Iraq is completely out of control. (San Fran Chronicle)

From Newsweek: "There is no sense of safety anywhere in Baghdad. Journalists have became targets." And related from The New York Times: For reporters, much of Iraq is now a no-go zone. They are an endangered species. - like I said....

"There should no longer be any doubt that the war in Iraq is an exercise in lunacy." - or like Bob says. (The New York Times)

The Care International charity says its chief of operations in Iraq has been kidnapped in Baghdad. Do I have to add anything here or have I made my point clear by now? (

No? One more then: the U.S. federal deficit surged to a record $413 billion in 2004, the Treasury Department announced Thursday. (

Medford teachers Janet Voorhees [ed note: sister of Jason?], Candice Julian, Tania Tong were kicked out of George W. Bush’s October 14 Medford event for wearing shirts saying “Protect Our Civil Liberties” - now why did those terrorists attack us again according to the president? Oh yeah, they hate our "freedom." Right.... (

And who knew the Flu Vaccine shortage would be become a key election issue? (Newsweek)

Taking My Country Back - cheesy and earnest but so needed (via Zentronix)

So let's make it happen - if the election infrastructure isn't completely f-cked up like even George Will predicts. (Newsweek)

Let's see:

- Few Glitches Reported in Early Fla. Voting

- Problems Crop Up in Fla. Early Voting

And they bitch about CBS News? ABC News, make up your f-cking minds, which one is it? Ah f-ck it, let me just take the word of a still credible (?) news source like the BBC.

Hopefully with all the madness right now though this election result prediction will hold up through Nov. 2.

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Souled-out Monday edition 

Image Hosted by
Zap Mama delivers some new ish for the headwraps 'n incense set?

Lil Jon's Crunk Juice album drops November 16th with the first single “What You Gon’ Do” feat. Lil Scrappy whose own current crunked-out banger "No Problems" I only just got up on after a long but futile effort to avoid buying it:

Windows Media [High] | [Low] | QuickTime [High] | [Low]

Sounds like it could be the next step in the Lil Jon plan to take over the world. (Related: the co-ed crunk of Crime Mob via We Eat So Many Shrimp)

Some of the slightly more esotreric stuff I've been spinning outside of peak hours at my recent DJ gigs:

- Jill Scott - Golden (West Coast/East Coast mixes). Kind of slept on this joint for a minute even though it's a f-cking sick record - soul for real. (mp3's via

- Nikka Costa - I Don't Think We've Met. Seriously, I love this chick even if her Joplin via Prince-esque blues-rock shrieking on this track is a little over the top. F-ck Joss Stone though, this is the real deal here (win | real)

- Utada - Wonder 'Bout (win)

Which means I'd probably be into Zap Mama's new album which features Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, ?uestlove, and Common and was produced in part by Rich Nicols (The Roots):
- Sweet Melody

- Vivre

Album E-card


- Anu Sun & Second2Last live at Joe's Pub late night TONIGHT.

- Anthony David & Angela Johnson live w/ DJ Moni (Ubiquita, NYC) Wednesday (Oct. 20th) at Joe's Pub.
Or if that's not your bag: Sports and music industry junkies, my man Serch is back doing his Monday Night Football Madness parties.

Get On Da Mic - The World's First True Rap Video Game?

Kemo The Blaxican - does this mean yet another box to pick from in the "Check your ethnicity" section of the next census form?

Stuff I learned reading magazines recently:

- Nelly might be politically ignorant but he's a chess player?! (Blender print edition)

- Brand Nubian's Sadat X is training to be teacher in the New Rochelle school system. Respek! (Urb)

- Dakah - the world's largest (only?) hip-hop orchestra (initially discovered reading Remix magazine)

Basketball Supreme - a nice hoops blog to complement your Chauncy Billups reading. (via Brian B. BTW good lookin' again on the adidas hook-up.)

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The Last Word on the Presidential Debates 

In our ever-quickening 24 hour news cycle world, the debates are already old news outside of the aftershocks of the post-debate spinning by the media and both campaign teams. I thought folks might want to read some data from two live-polls conducted during the last two presidential debates that I got from a buddy of mine whose dad runs a small chain of TV stations:
Subject: Instant Poll Results for Debate 2

Our client station in Reno (KRNV) once again brought in a group of registered voters to provide their real-time response to Friday night's debate, registering their second-by-second reactions to each candidate's statements and answering "instant poll questions" about their voting intentions and who they thought won the debate. Voters were then asked to explain their reactions during a special one-hour broadcast following the debate, which also included interviews from both Nevada Senators and top strategists for both campaigns, Karl Rove and Mary Beth Cahill.

Once again, the reactions among those coming into tonight's debate supporting either candidate did not waver in their convictions, consistently responding in favor of their own candidate and against the other. This time, the Undecideds were much more mixed: last Thursday, they were much more supportive of Kerry, but by the second debate they often sided with the President instead.

That's why their reactions at the end of the night were so surprising:

Pre-Debate Voting Intention

Bush 35%

Kerry 35%

Undecided 30%

Note: once again, we balanced the mix of Bush and Kerry supporters and intentionally oversampled Undecideds so that we would have enough on our panel for meaningful representation.

Who Won the Debate

Bush 39%

Kerry 48%

Tied 13%

Committed voters didn't switch sides, but Undecideds did shift slightly in favor of Kerry (not enough to be statistically significant). While the percentages shown here seem to suggest a bigger win for Kerry, it's important to note that our intentional oversampling of Undecideds make the swing much more pronounced that it really is.

Post-Debate Voting Intention

Bush 32%

Kerry 59%

Undecided 9%

This was by far the biggest surprise: again, while committed voters stuck to their guns, Undecideds clearly saw enough from Kerry in this second debate to now give the Senator their support (by a four-to-one margin over President Bush). Again, the oversampling of Undecideds wildly exaggerates the margin of victory for Kerry, but if these numbers hold (our instant polls after the first debate were remarkably predictive of the national surveys) then we will definitely see Kerry continuing to tick upward as we head into the third debate.

Final note: the President made two statements tonight which brought audible gasps from our panel: first, when he talked down debate host Charlie Gibson during follow-up questions about a military draft, and again when he tried to defend his position against the importation of prescription drugs from Canada. He also draw a few laughs of disbelief (from Democrats) when he tried to defend his position on the environment.

The final debate:

For Wednesday night's final Presidential debate, KRNV-TV in Reno once again invited a panel of local voters to register their second-by-second reaction to each candidate's statements by using our real-time response "dial-testing" technology. The voter panel was then asked to share their opinions during a special live broadcast immediately following the debate, which also included interviews with Gen. Wesley Clark, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, and both U.S. Senators from Nevada.

As with both of the first two debates, committed voters once again tended to side with their own candidate and react negatively to his opponent - none of the Bush or Kerry supporters changed their minds. Therefore, it's the reaction among Undecideds which once again proved most surprising.

After the first debate, most Undecideds felt that Senator Kerry won the debate, but not by a strong enough margin to get all of them "off the fence." After the debate, half were still not ready to make a choice, but those who did felt that Kerry did such a good job that they were ready to give him their support (by a three-to-one margin over President Bush).

Undecideds thought the President turned in a much stronger performance after the second debate, enough to call it a draw. That said, most also felt that they had finally seen enough of both candidates to finally make their choice, and Kerry's continued strong performance ultimately led them to choose the Senator by a four-to-one margin over Bush.

After the last debate, most of the remaining Undecideds are still finding it very hard to make a choice. Most tend to think that Kerry did slightly better than Bush during the debate, but not by enough to win their votes. At the same time, the lone Undecided who thought that the President won the debate is now ready to give Bush his vote.

Results from our first two debates were almost identical to those published later by several major national polls. What we now expect is to see those polls either holding steady, or for the President gain perhaps a point at most.

Pre-Debate Voting Intent (unweighted)

Bush 39%

Kerry 39%

Undecided 22%

Once again, we intentionally oversampled Undecideds so that they would have meaningful representation on our panel. Most national polls now show the two candidates basically tied (with just over 45% each), leaving just 6% undecided.

Who Won the Final Debate

Bush 44%

Kerry 50%

Undecided 6%

Again, Undecideds gave a slight nod to Kerry, who's apparent margin of victory is exaggerated by our oversampling of Undecideds. The true margin of victory for Kerry is practically negligible.

Post-Debate Voting Intent (weighted)

Bush 48%

Kerry 47%

Undecided 5%

Once we factor out the oversampling of Undecideds, we see Bush ticking up in the post-debate polls by perhaps one point. In short, it's still anyone's race!

Again, I refer folks to the Low Culture post on the mindset of the Undecideds to explain this ridiculous finding.

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The 2004 election may have already been stolen.... 

Holy sh1t, I don't even know where to begin there was so much skanles stuff poppin' off last week:

- Now the Cheney's are offended? About what exactly? Didn't the VP thank Edwards for saying basically the exact same thing during their debate? And where was the outrage when Alan Keyes commented on Mary Cheney? Chalk this up to Kerry thrashing Bush in all three debates. (The Washington Post |

- So Kerry will stop at nothing to win the election? What about the RNC and their dirty vote-rigging tricks? Which won't or can't be fixed now. (Top Dog '04 | The Blue Lemur Related: Krugman's take)

- And have been happening since back in the 2000 election? (AP via

- Meanwhile the FCC is now basically complicit in Sinclair Broadcasting's blatant propagandizing... (The Guardian | Star Tribune)

- But Michael Moore is getting cock-blocked? (BBC News)

- And the electorate is being f-cked with in key swing states. (The New York Times)

These clowns are so corrupt it's disgusting but the media is obsessed with covering an inconsequential Kerry debate comment while basically ignoring skanless sh1t like this going down in Bush's administration? (The Houston Chronicle)

Meanwhile, Iraq is so f-cked up the soldiers don't even want to complete their missions any more and even the marines are speaking out about how bad things are. I mean even the Saudis say the US is f-cking up and increasing terrorism through their actions. Yet Bush still holds 50% of the public's support as a Commander-in-Chief. (San Francisco Chronicle | The Washington Post | The New York Times | Related: The top U.S. commander in Iraq complained to the Pentagon last winter that his supply situation was so poor that it threatened Army troops' ability to fight, according to an official document that has surfaced only now reports The Washington Post)

And Blacks are ambivalent about Kerry?! My peoples: didn't you see the latest shameless example of Bush's endless tax giveaways to the rich? Amazingly this has actually been covered a decent amount yet, y'all don't care, WTF? (Chicago Tribune | San Francisco Chronicle | The Washington Post)

But when you hear the actual thoughts of undecided voters, it kind of starts to make sense. (Low Culture)

I mean when noted thugged-out, hip hop hedonists like Green Lantern (w/ Eminem), Whoo Kid, Kay Slay and P. Diddy are all making election-related mixtapes, you know sh!t must be serious. C'mon people - it's time to really get focused. (Related: 'Dear Mr. President'

Finally, am I unnecessarily conspiracy theory-minded because last night when I went to see Team America, I was given tickets marked for Taxi? Are they trying to supress the movie's box office to make it look less successful that it actually might have been? BTW, the movie's OK though: I laughed a decent amount but not quite as much as I did during the South Park movie. And you know what? If that sex scene had been done with real actors instead of puppets, I think the movie might still have been rated NC-17. I can't even imagine what they cut out because it's still crazy graphic. (Related: despite some initial carping by Drudge et al., could this in fact be a movie that the Right can love? I guess so: even Murdoch's lackeys gave it 4 stars! Chicago Tribune | The New York Post)

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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Brooknam happenings FYI: the DUMBO Arts Festival Open Studios  

Image Hosted by

From my good friend Osman:
My studio - located at 68 Jay Street #417 - will be open during the DUMBO Arts Festival Open Studios on October 16-17 between 12 and 6pm.

For those coming by subway, take the F train to York Street.

Further information about the festival can be found at

I hope you can make it.

-- Osman Akan
Related: Osman featured in a Daily News article on the DUMBO Arts Festival.

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Friday, October 15, 2004

Bathgate is back! 

Image Hosted by


Don't miss:


live at the




10pm until

also featuring




RSVP to:

And get ready for the new single by BATHGATE "Everything's A Go (The Flow)" b/w "Badside" (pictured above) coming real soon. Listen for "Badside" tonight on DJ Premier from Gangstarr's weekly Sirius radio mixshow "Live From HeadQCourterz" airing 8-10pm EST. Non-subscribers can get a guest pass to listen online by clicking the "Listen" link.

News post coming (fairly) soon. There's way too much wild and skanless sh!t going on right now with Bush & the GOP for me not to post but I'm crazy swamped so it's gonna have to wait a minute.

And BTW, for everyone coming through (and tripling my daily site traffic, thanks) 'cos they saw a link to my post about Mobb Deep splitting up, this is what another one my contacts, who's a pretty high-ranking exec at their record label Jive, said when I asked him to confirm the rumor: "I’ve been hearing that it’s over for them as well." While you're here though, chill for a minute and peep some of the other stuff on the site. If you're looking for the freshest links on hip hop, pop culture, news and poliics, you might be in the right spot.

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

So who won? 

Photo courtesy: CBCNews

Well I missed most of last night's debate. I caught the first five minutes when Bush made the unbelievable and colossal gaffe of claiming to never have said he was unconcerned with finding Bin Laden. I mean wasn't that even in Fahrenheit 9/11?! At that point I thought it was in the bag for Kerry and headed out. But then I saw the last 20 minutes or so on a repeat broadcast on MSNBC when I got back in. From what I saw of that, it looked like Bush stepped up and was holding his own well enough that the pundits and spinners could make a case for the debate being a tie. It seems that the public thinks otherwise though. (White House Press Release | Washington Monthly)

Swamped again so just one more CMJ FYI for tonight:

Image Hosted by

This might be sold out though.

And how to stop Sinclair Broadcasting in 3 simple steps. More on this debacle tomorrow or check some of the media & politics sites in the sidebar for the scoop right now.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sunset in Queensbridge? 


I've heard from a pretty reliable source that semi-legendary QB hip hop duo Mobb Deep have split up. Sad to hear that it might be the end of the trife life era. Let's hope Hav & P keep bangin' out them joints dolo though. Keep it thoro', keikos.

Also, tonight if you're not doing anything, jumping off as part of the CMJ convention in NYC:

Image Hosted by

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A quick Primer for Debate 2004: the final chapter 

Is tonight the night John Kerry finishes off Bush? I wish it were but probably not with the America's Right-friendly media spinning reality to fit their agenda. Some advance reading:

- Bush's Top Ten Flip-Flops ( via Funkdigi)

- President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief (Center for American Progress)

- Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright on What to Ask George Bush (The New York Times)

- The New York Times' Op-Ed Contributors' Questions for Bush & Questions for Kerry.

- Paul Krugman says Check the Facts, in Advance (The New York Times)

- David S. Broder says It's Time to Level for Bush & Kerry tonight. (The Washington Post)

Which may lead you to:

- "A moment of clarity" (No Frontin', Just Music MP3 Blog )

Breaking Ranks - More and more U.S. soldiers are speaking out against the war in Iraq -- and some are refusing to fight. ( Related: Iraq Veterans Against the War | VAIW: Veterans Against The Iraq War | Bring Them Home Now

New Blog Alert: TOPDOG04.COM - By Any Means Necessary.

Finally, I ain't gonna front on Nelly's hits but this is why dude is really corny. ( via Royal Magazine)

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Hot Ish (Oct.-Nov. 2004) 

Real soul is back?

Some links are active: click to hear tracks, buy music, books or for more info. Old lists can be found at the bottom of the sidebar.

1. De La Soul The Grind Date (AOI/Sanctuary Urban)
2. Nas "Bridging the Gap (feat. Olu Dara)" (Sony Urban)
3. Game "Higher" (G-Unit/Aftermath)
4. Alchemist 1st Infantry (ALC/Koch)
5. R. Kelly & Jay-Z "Big Chips" (Rocafella/Jive)
6. R. Kelly & Jay-Z "The Return" (Rocafella/Jive)
7. R. Kelly & Jay-Z "Don't Let Me Die" (Rocafella/Jive)
8. NORE "Get Down" (Rocafella)
9. Slim Thug & Pharrell "I Ain't Heard of That" (Star Trak)
10. Nicole Wray "If I Was Your Girlfriend" (Rocafella)
11. Keyshia Cole "I Changed My Mind" (A&M)
12. Snoop Dogg (ft. Pharrell) - "Drop It Like It'z Hot" (Star Trak)
13. Destiny's Child "Lose My Breath" (Sony Urban)
14. Game & Snoop "Westside Story (Remix)" (G-Unit/Aftermath)
15. Mase & Kanye "Be Alright" (Promo)
16. Seymour Hersh Chain of Command (HarperCollins)
17. Peter Lance Cover Up (Regan Books)
18. Patrick Neate "Where You're At: Notes from the Frontline of a Hip-Hop Planet" (Penguin USA)
19. Hot Hot Heat's "Talk To Me, Dance to me (Josh Patrick remix)" (White Label)
20. The Federation "Go Dumb" (Virgin)
21. Juvie w/ Wacko & Skip "Nolia Clap (Remix)" (Cash Money)
22. John Legend "Used to Love You" (Sony Urban)
23. Phoenix "Everything is Everything" from Alphabetical (Astralwerks)
24. Diplo "Diplo Rhythm" (Big Dada)
25. Missy & Tweet "Turn off the Lights" (Warner Music)
26. Q-tip "Official" (Promo)
27. Various Sound of Young New York II (Plant)
28. Lady Saw "I've Got Your Man" (VP)
29. Ali Shaheed Muhammed Shaheedullah & Stereotypes (Penalty)
30. LL Cool J "Move Somethin'" from The DEFinition (Def Jam)
31. Blinky Blink "Make Me Wanna Sing" (White Label)

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New Hot Ish List | More mp3's | How to conquer the world using the corporate street hop blueprint 

Photos courtesy: The New York Times

A new Hot List is finally up in the sidebar at left. Click to hear mp3 samples etc. Let me know what's really good.

The Source Awards was this past weekend. I don't have much to say on it but I agree with DJ Envy from Hot 97 who yesterday asked how do the Ying Yang Twinz beat out Outkast for best hip hop group (unless they won last year)? (

The new Prince of the South Slim Thug - 3 kings feat. T.I. & Bun B (of UGK and "Big Pimpin'" fame)

Dr. Dre - Fast Money (via

Tweet & Missy
- Turn Out the Lights (via

T.I. feat. Pharrell - What's Your Name? (via

50 continues to follow the Marshall Mathers blueprint for world domination via corporate hip hop (and even does him one better by buying into Vitamin Water). (Billboard | | Related: the MSNBC take on the movie story.)

Speaking of movies, is the rock n roll documentary DIG! as good as the critical buzz alleges?

It's out tomorrow but you can hear Mos Def's album here courtesy VH1.

Even though it's supposedly not good according to the advance fan buzz (scroll down to the comments).

And while surfing over to okayplayer to see for myself, I saw this photo which has generated a little buzz on the "internets" over the past few days. Apparently though this story is a year old and this is the real deal supposedly. (Asia One)

For the fellas: more jpegs from Smooth Girl magazine of Ki-Toy (Johnson) & Esther (Baxter) courtesy of The Justus Leage spotted via Funkdigi.

De La tour news. (

I quoted Flex a while back as saying the rim game was a wrap. This Times story about the big Auto manufacturers trying to create their own "after-market" overzied rims (but nothing over 20's) pretty much confirms it I would say.

The history of Bay Area slang - I always thought a lot of this slang actually came from ATL. I'm pretty sure "off the hook" came from down there first, not the Bay Area. (East Bay Express via Catchdubs)

Will Steve Jobs sue Dame Dash 'cos the Rocbox is looking very ipod-ish? (MTV News)

And I really don't understand the Broadway musical theater world. Now cheesy 80's teen sci-fi movie The Last Starfigher is a musical, WTF?

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Monday, October 11, 2004

"A thoughtful, forward-looking theory on terrorism and how to fight it..." 

Photo courtesy: The New York Times

First off, f-ck the media spin machine again. Kerry won on Friday. The only time he came close to messing up was on his semi-tortured answer to the abortion issue question he was posed but he even saved himself during his rebuttal on that one. But, while Bush was much improved from his first debate performance (which wasn't hard to do), how anyone could judge Friday night a tie is completely bananas to me.

But only the GOP could take a reasoned, balanced New York Times profile on Kerry and parse his words to create a negative TV ad within 24 hours. Their relentless politics of fear is not only dishonest, it's really getting tiresome too. (BBC News)

Doesn't matter though, Kerry's debate wins are starting to have an effect at the polls. (USA Today)

Meanwhile, the NYCLU fights the effects of the Patriot Act with the NYCLU Surveillance Camera Project. Related: U.S. Patriot Act raises Canadian privacy fears. (Reuters/AlterNet)

And an Open Letter to President George W. Bush citicizing the Harvard MBA's failed economic policy. Can a 170 (or so) tenured or emeritus professors all be wrong?

While a new BBC documentary "The Power Of Nightmares – The Rise Of The Politics Of Fear" blows up the spot (pun intended, I guess) about the virtually zero chance of any real danger from the detonation of so-called dirty bombs and the true nature of the Al-Qaeda terrorist network based on information cribbed from the Popbitch weekly newsletter posted here on the Beastie Boys website. An official description on the BBC website though makes it sound little more innocuous, but still intriguing. "The Power Of Nightmares" airs 9pm on October 20th for my British readers. Related: a Telegraph UK story.

Meanwhile in the US, the right-leaning Sinclair TV Group is trying to play fast and loose with the media-related election laws. (BBC News)

Fight to Survive - a blog by soldiers in Iraq opposed to the current occupation. Related: Rumsfeld promises some serious pie in the sky. (The Washington Post)

"Bush lied, my son died" ( | note: subcription or or reg' for a Day Pass req'd to view story)

The United States Commission on Civil Rights posts a report critical of the Bush administration's civil rights record on their website but voted Friday to wait until after the election to discuss it. Huh? (Related: The Civil Rights Commission press release)

Speaking of which, November 2 could make Florida 2000 look idyllic according to this article from The Washington Times (but via AP) if you can believe it. This has got to be the first time I've cited that ridiculous newspaper on this site.

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Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate Round 3 (special jockin' The Times edition) 

It's getting kind of hectic for your man now in this campaign. Finally. (The Independent)

And his peoples have completely lost it. (The New York Times)

So why won't The Times see it for what it is: lying? (The New York Times)

And here's some stuff I hope they ask Dubya about tonight:

- U.S. Job Growth Weaker Than Expected . (The New York Times)

- Why the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence (but decided to go to war anyway, for those too lazy to read the links). (The New York Times)

- U.S. Report Finds Iraqis Eliminated Illicit Arms in 90's. (The New York Times)

- Why the Iraqi Premier Gives Sobering Accounts of the Insurgency (when back in Iraq but not while he's here). (The New York Times)

- The Cover-Up on Clean Air. (The New York Times)

The debate has just jumped off and already Bush sounds just as bad, redundant, unprepared and desperate as he did in round 1. This could be the beginning of the end f'real f'real and I'm starting to feel comfortable saying it's almost time to start poppin' some bottles y'all.

Just one update: seriously, Bush is embarrassing himself. Is this as good as he gives 'cos if it is, it's really gonna be over for him. Soon.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Jin vs. Shells | Northern Soul is back | New mixtape blog | Kanye bites himself? 

Swamped this week so making this a quick one:

Mixtapes etc. -- Hashim's new Mixtape review blog site.

Jin whups Shells at a special MPS edition of the industry heavy Fight Klub (although I heard a hotter tape of Jin battling in PR on Green Lantern's Hot 97 show earlier this week). (

If you haven't copped it yet, preview De La Soul's new Grind Date album here.

Am I off in saying this John Legend joint feat. Kanye sounds a lot like the Kweli/Mary single? (Win: hi | lo)

And soul boys and true school mods, Northern Soul is back - peep "Coming Back (Northern Funk mix)" by Smoove feat. Jess Roberts from the semi-legendary Acid Jazz label.

Ali Shaheed release party info (note: I can't promise that it will be honored if you RSVP).

Meet Cool & Dre, the men behind "Lean Back." (MTV News)

Shout out to Designer Magazine - the "Best in Music and Entertainment" from Alex & crew in the UK. There's supposedly a Dead Prez interview somewhere on the site but I couldn't find it.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Cheney-Edwards: a tie? 

Photos courtesy:

Well to be honest tonight's debate was kind of a waste of time. I almost tuned out after the first 10 minutes but persevered to the end. If I was being kind I would say it was a tie but, frankly, despite being inaccurate on many of the points he made and repeating a lot of the same bogus charges Bush had levied and that Kerry diffused last week, I hate to admit it but I think Cheney came off a little better and with a slight edge over Edwards.

Tonight Cheney was the one who seemed more poised and in control and Edwards, despite his reputation coming in for being a seasoned public speaker with fearsome oratorical skills honed from years as top trial lawyer, disappointingly looked more like the green political rookie that the GOP have been trying to potray him as throughout the campaign. Edwards' frequent flubs and flawed delivery mangled what should have been some sureshot lines. At times you could almost see him trying to remember the talking points he'd been briefed with and he often missed directly refuting points Cheney had made with what should have been easy knockout responses to come up with.

It was also a tactical error for Edwards to try and repeat almost verbatim some of Kerry's best lines from last week. Far from being the effective message reinforcement strategy it's been for the GOP campaign machine, it made him look more like a puppet . Cheney's gravitas was also in full effect tonight and, compared to the vice president's assured develivery, rebuttals (when he chose to give one that is, LOL) and experience which he referenced several times, Edwards frequently seemed out of his depth. I wish he'd just read the Center for American Progress's Cheney debate primer or at least internalized it a little better because they were pretty much on the money anticipating what the VP would come in saying tonight. Even I was sitting there reciting them waiting for Edwards to nail them.

Despite Cheney looking slightly better than Edwards though, his performance was far from stellar and there's plenty of room for Democrats to keep gaining ground via these debates if this is as good as it's gonna get from the GOP ticket. Kerry could have an easy time of it Thursday if he can repeat his performance from last week and he has his domestic policy debate game tight. No significant ground was gained or lost tonight and I doubt many swing voters (except maybe those who are planning to vote on the basis of assuming the next president might die during his term) were swayed one way or another by what happened tonight which only makes round 3 of the debates that much more important now.

Debate transcript (via

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