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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Far From Cloud Nine? 

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Buffie - too late to get your Craigslist rendez-vous on?

You knew the corporate side of the record business wouldn't think twice about it but can final victory be declared when the creative elite in East Coast hip hop try to cash in on the Southern hip hop takeover?

- Magno "Magnificent Bout His Cash" - "Still Tippin'" meets Desert Storm? DJ Clue's great Southern hope. (mp3 via

- And another Southern artist I've been pushing recently being co-signed by an NYC-based producer - The D. Dot pres. Noah's Decatur 2 U mixtape dropped "officially" this past weekend at the VMA's for those of y'all who made it down there. Don't just believe me and D-dot though, official heads in the ATL who know the deal are co-signing this kid too. (Hear more on Noah here)

But why am I so underwhelmed by this John Legend/Lauryn Hill collab?: "So High" (Quicktime | Realplayer | Windows Media spotted via Spine)

Never fear though, the new Fugees is coming (finally!). (link via Kim)

And for those who've been sleeping, cop Bathgate's mixtape here.

Spend an hour with Buffie?
I can't vouch for whether this is legit or not but, if it is, for major ballers this might be a $1000 well spent. (via Max)

And is Meme Lacour the next Buffie the Body? (Actually she's probably more likely to become the next Esther Baxter. Not bragging but Meme looks almost exactly like a girl I used to mess with. Like they could be twins or at least sisters - true story)

Scion vs. Hip-Hop
- the beginning of the end of the scion-hop era? (related: Scion’s Free Up Your Mix DJ Contest is back)

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Very Mediocre Affair? 

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Overrated (like her hit TV show)?

Back from a quick weekend trip out of town. Those of who you who care have already wrapped up the VMA's and for reasons too arcane to get into here, despite being in the same town they were held, not only was I not at the awards but I didn't even watch them on TV. I was however less than 3 blocks from the Shore Club when Suge was shot shot himself (?) Saturday night. Be clear: I keeps it gully!

On a slightly less facetious note though, here's some other stuff I can share from observations made while down in South Beach:

- I saw Eva Longoria literally standing two feet from me and, trust me, unless smashing women who look like slightly-developed 13 year old girls is your thing, she is not as blazing as you think. She's very pretty but really, REALLY skinny and about 5'-nothing tall.

- Is Scott Storch dating Paris Hilton (who I thought was engaged?) 'cos he rolled into the Sagamore hotel from a very fly-looking Mercedes Mclaren with her and an entourage of vapid blondes in tow? Unless he's producing tracks for her forthcoming album, could I be breaking a developing story here?

- I always thought that kid Chopper (aka Young City) from Bad Boy's Da Band was a little dude. Turns out he like at least 6' 2-6'3" and diesel (n/h). His new single "Lil Daddy" from the Hustle & Flow soundtrack is actually not that bad either.

- OJ ran through a party for Usher's new record label US records at Opium Garden/Prive right after the awards Sunday night and got MOBBED by the media on the red carpet like half of this country ain't still think he killed his wife. Only in America....

- Smitty's "Diamonds on my Neck" is a big-ass record down in Miami.

- I didn't see Puff in action hosting the VMA's but he threw three off-chain parties in the MIA over the weekend. Shout to Khaled for rockin' the new single "Naomi" by Dre (of Cool-N-Dre fame) like five times at Mansion. I'm sure the fact that Dre and Khaled are both TS-affiliated and that Fat Joe was in the building didn't hurt in getting them extra heavy rotations on the set. (mp3 download access with registration)

- Chris Brown is a muh'fcckin' superstar in the making. He tore down the Hotel MTV day time shows and IMHO bested everyone I saw perfoming including Miami fave Pitbull, Ying Yang Twins, Akon and Young Jeezy.

Too bad Hova missed it ('cos I think Chris could have his boy Ne-Yo under pressure in a minute) as he showed up late to take in Jeezy's end-of-the-day set. Guess that transition from artist to suit is going real well for him so far. But is Lady Sovereign next in his sights?! Could his co-sign be what will take grime over the top?

And more guilty pleasure and Jay-Z related ish: I just watched that Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course DVD last week and I have to admit, that it actually sounded pretty good to me. It was surprising how well these two group's songs fit together and even though their live performance was kind of "meh," when I heard the studio versions of the songs I was honestly sitting there going "if I can find this for cheap, I might actually buy it." A bite of (the no longer underground?) mash-up culture by two of the biggest artists on the planet that actually kind of worked... well?

That's enough of me trying to play gossip blog site. On a more serious note, Big Easy, be easy (and safe) and see y'all at the record store today....

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Friday, August 26, 2005

We Can Make It Better - Hip Hop Gets Back to Basics 

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Real hip hop is alive and well - it's as clear as black & white

A couple Kanye non-LP cuts: "We Can Make It Better" feat. Q-tip, Talib Kweli, Common & Rhymefest (stream download) & "Back to Basics" feat. Common - seriously Kanye's cutting room floor joints are hotter than many artists' actual A-list ish. (via Spine &

More from 730 'n them:

- Capo Status heat: "Harlem"

- Busta Rhymes & ODB "Where's Ya Money" - this sounds like some '95-ish NYC club/street hip hop. Good to hear this vibe back. R.I.P. Russell Jones.

(I guess you can tell I listen to too much Hot 97 based on these song selections.)

And from

- The Clipse - "Dope Man" - someone please release Hell Hath No Fury soon. Pretty please?

- Dr. Dre feat. Game - "Here We Go Again"

- Diplomats feat JR Writer, Cam'ron & Juelz Santana - "Things Your Way" - this record is tremendous... please believe it.

And also:

- Queenie feat. Game - "On and On" - you know what? I think Game might be aight without 50 after all. (mp3 via the Tupac Board)

Trapped in the Closet, Part 6-12 - coming very soon. Get your first taste this Sunday.

I'd hit y'all with more heat but I gotta bounce out of town again (if this weather will cooperate).

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

From "Paid In Full" to "Go Ignant" - what's the game been missing? 

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Is Juelz Santana what the game's been mssing?

Check out interviews with my man Bathgate, Jae Millz and Boyz N Da Hood at new (?) hip hop site Crack Audio.

Am I High? gets very Neptunes-orientated (sic).

Marley and Premo together on one mixtape? Truly Legendary Status. Props to the Cornerstone crew for making this happen - can't wait to hear it.

Beastie Boys acapellas for doing your own remixes. (spotted via Boing Boing)

Official site for the, what looks to be excellent, book Rakim Told Me.

I'm also about a third of way through the paperback of Toure's Soul City novel that Picador Books was kind enough to send me a couple weeks ago. I can't say I'm loving the absurdist black boho-meets-hip hop world he's created in this novel, but I have to admit it's some original (?) ish from the limited scope of my novel reading experiences. Plus points for all the great (but almost-verging-on-coonish) character names he comes up with too. More on this after I finish the book if the story picks up and I'm up to writing more about it.

Get hyphy with The Mossie's new track "Go Ignant" feat. E-40 and The Federation.

Finally, my current guilty pleasure record of the moment: JD feat. Dem Frachize Boyz' "Oh I Think Dey Like Me" from his underrated recent compilation album Young, Fly & Flashy.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

"She doesn't represent the view of a lot of the families I have met with...." 

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"A remarkable, if sad, statistic. The United States has been in Iraq for 30 months. Of the latter 18 months, 15 of those have had a fatality count that is greater than or equal to the same month one year prior." (click here for more from uggabugga)

So is it any surprise that even the anti-war Right is growing?

And it's not just the war that Bush has got conservatives upset over either.

But Beltway Democrats still regurgitate the Right-wing's B.S. on Iraq. C'mon, people - get your minds right and your weight up. Duke is so out of touch (as are his peoples) that he and the GOP are crazy vulnerable right now. 2006, y'all.

Meanwhile, back in Iraq, militias are on the rise.

And Sunnis warn of civil war if the constitution is pushed through.

But we are: fighting them in Iraq so we can also fight them — again — in Afghanistan.

Plus read how the White House learned to stop worrying and love Islamic law.

Finally, after my link the other day to the real deal on how Jean Charles de Menezes was killed by trigger-happy London cops who allegedly thought he was a "terror suspect," here comes the REAL capper to the story: "Surveillance Tapes Of Tube Murder Returned Blank By Cops. [emphasis added]" What more can I say...?

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Walking into the Kanye Echo Chamber.... 

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Did someone mention something about a Kanye West album coming out soon? Dunno, better ask Danyel, Jay, Jerome, Joey, Oliver, Scholar and Trent. I can't knock 'em though and, to be fair, there is a diverse range of opinions on the album represented by these fine folks and not just a knee-jerk, echo chamber of copycat opinions. Based on what I've heard so far, to me the album sounds like it's gonna be pretty hot but why does Kanye get shut down every time he tries to have a frank discussion about race in his music? Multiculti, liberal of all places should be ashamed. (via Mr. Kamoji)
Kanye West feat. Nas & Really Doe "We Major" - probably about 3 minutes too long but it grows on you (as did, I have to admit, "Golddigger"). That track "Gone" with Cam and Consequence is pretty ridick too. (mp3's via 730 'n them)

Jamie Foxx "One Night Extravaganza" - I swear up until about a week ago I thought this was a new record by John Legend.

The Stencil reps it out for the East Coast in the Summer of the South. (spotted via Young Barat)

The Shrimp has also been on fire with a tons of great posts recently including this in-depth comparative assessment of the recent singles by Fox Brown and Lil Kim.

An incredible interview with Tom Silverman and the legendary DJ Jazzy Jay on the excellent Hip Hop Roots compilation album.

Gel and Weave know the time on my man Young Noah. "Decatur 2 U" is the new ATL anthem in-the-making,

D-Nice's excellent backstage flicks at "Fresh Fest 2005."

Finally, Bob Moog R.I.P. If you don't know who this is you better get googling. Some of your favorite Stevie Wonder and Isley Brothers albums (to name just a couple of artists) wouldn't sound the way they do if it wasn't for this dude.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Dead Wrong: Inside the Media's Intelligence (Design) Meltdown 

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Claudette Colvin: what does this women have to do with the Civil Rights movement and the Cindy Sheehan story?

Body and Soul breaks it down on why Claudette Colvin is the unsung heroine of the Civil Rights Movement and what she has to do with the Right's current jihad against Cindy Sheehan here. (related: Frank Rich on the swift boating of Cindy Sheehan.)

Bush can try selling this crock-of-sh-t war as hard as he wants but I think it's pretty clear which way the momentum is going and his track record on selling policy with these kind of junkets is not impressive. (related: Inside 9/11 on the National Geographic channel TONIGHT)

And conservatives, knock it off: the bogeyman of the "Death Tax" you are always crying wolf over is bullsh-t.

While the budget deficit is a lot worse than the Bush administration is admitting to also.

And surprise, things seems real shady with respect to the nomination process for John Roberts. But Democrats are pretty much rolling over and allowing this guy to be confirmed unchallenged despite his hostility to what should be clearcut positions on basic equality issues.

I wonder if Bill Frist will take up Boing Boing's $1 million challenge?

Or maybe Bush is working on it during the record amount of vacation time he's taken off this month.

But why is the Times giving these "Intelligent Design" religious nut cases this kind of air time? I get sick every time I see examples like this of how shook the MSM is still by the Bush administration despite everything that's happened in the last 3-4 years. Let me link to it again for those who skipped by it above: this should be enough reason why the media should get their weight up and step they fccking game up. Like what happened to the Rovegate story, for example? Why is that not the center of the media's focus the same way the Whitewater/"Monicagte" Ken Starr inquiry was (for way longer than it warranted) during the Clinton era? I swear if Libby and Rove walk away from this thing totally scott-free, I'm gonna lose my fccking mind....

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

"It was the lowest point in my life...." 

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Jean Charles de Menezes: apparently NOT jumping turnstiles, running from cops or wearing a heavy coat after all!

Lowest point in your life?! Ask all those who've lost loved ones in on both sides in Iraq and Afghanistan like Cindy Sheehan and elsewhere (see the pic above and the final link below) what the lowest point in their lives have been....

And double standards on the right when it comes to Cindy Sheehan's protest? Here's some verbatim quotes by conservatives from when President Clinton was committing troops to Bosnia.

Frankly, Ms. Sheehan's charge that the war has been a waste of time and lives like her son Casey's rings even more true when you hear that "Team Bush" is ratcheting down expectations for the end result of their occupation of Iraq.

Or as Digby puts it: "in every measurable way so far, the Iraqis in their everyday lives are less free than they were before...."

While the Times' man on the ground in Iraq, Dexter Filkins, says: "In this third summer of war, the American project in Iraq has never seemed so wilted and sapped of life...." (read more)

Meanwhile the terrorists get even more flagrant. Do I have to repeat the infamous Bush platitude that I've quoted on this site more times than I care to admit -- "we're fighting the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan and across the world so we do not have to face them here at home" -- yet again or has the sad irony sunk in by now?

So what the fcck has this been all about anyway and would you want YOUR child dying for it? Cats pushing whips are paying more money than ever for gas despite expectations to the contrary while the armed forces, thanks to a sleazy provision in the wack-ass No Child Left Behind Act, are able to access the private contact information of public school students to recruit fresh cannon fodder for these maniac jihadists and insurgents to kill.

And finally BTW, here's how the Bush administration is supporting their troops and here's the real deal on how London cops killed Brazilian immigrant Jean Charles de Menezes in cold blood.

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Friday, August 19, 2005

"I’ll put Noah with the great ones..." 

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Just got back in town with more MP3's via Spine:

- Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco "Touch The Sky" - fall back and watch this kid do his numbers. (related: Kanye doth protest too much? No seriously, more heads need to speak out like him)

- Little Brother "Hold On" - not sure that what I've been hearing so far warrants the 10 "classic" rating Scratch mag gave their Minstrel Show album. (related: video for "Lovin' It": real | windows | quicktime | Source Editor Resigns Over Little Brother Rating)

- Jim Jones feat. Paul Wall, Diddy, and Jha Jha "What You Been Drankin On?" - dipped-n-screwed or chopped-n-set? Actually kind of sounds more crunked out to me. (related: Capo Status - Dear (Diary of a) Summer)

and Atlanta Urban Mix:

- Noah "Decatur 2 You" (Real Player | Windows Media) - somebody call Be & crew to let ATL's new young gunner, co-signed by JD as "the next T.I.", spit on the official remix to "Cater 2 U."

Status Ain't Hood - Village Voice's new hip hop-(ish) blog by Tom Breihan.

Nancy E

"Check my Footwork"
- website for the Just For Kicks sneaker movie here.

Finally, Soul II Soul: the inspiration for Apple's ipod ad's?

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mic Check 1, 2 Million....? 

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Pharrell makes it extra easy for you to count how much he is allegedy being paid by Nas for his latest beat.

Juelz Santana feat. Young Jeezy & Amp Madden "Mic Check 1, 2 (remix)" (via Spine) - resistance is futile.

The 2 million dollar beat.

Russell Simmons' Diamond Studded PSP Case - I guess I'm late on this one? Bling never dies...

Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B sneaker line by Royal Elastics. Like I said...

"The Bobby Fischer of the Bronx"

This House Was Not Their Home (with apologies to Luther). (via Nadine S.)

Good lookin' Fader for the heads up. I copped much heat in the way of t-shirts at this weekend's sample sale including a fly looking First Priority records homage t from Mighty Healthy and some reggae-inspired shirts (the new lick along with Afrobeat shirts this season it seems) from King Stampede including a very dope Prince Buster All-Stars joint. Too bad the office where I now work is so fccking cold I need a space-heater to stay warm and wearing t-shirts is just a bad idea unless you wanna stay sick all summer (or what's left of the summer).

Catch me later this week. I've gotta head out of town today to get up with my peoples.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

The Hot Ish (Aug-Sept 2005) 

Raheem DeVaughn, soul music's underrated new young turk.

Some links below are active - click to hear or access mp3's of tracks or for more info.

Scroll down the sidebar at left for links to old lists in "The Hot Ish Archives."

1. Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z & Fat Joe "Go Crazy (remix)" (Island Def Jam)

2. Lil Kim "Welcome 2 Brooklyn" (aka "Lighters Up") (Atlantic)

3. Lush Life & Kanye West West Sounds (Lush Life Media)

4. Juelz Santana "There It Go (The Whistle Song)" (Rocafella/Island Def Jam)

5. Stack Bundles "Why Would She" (Unreleased)

6. Leela James s/t (Warner Bros.)

7. Remy Martin "Whuteva" (Terror Squad/Atlantic or SRC?)

8. Teairra Mari feat. Kanye West "Make Her Feel Good (remix)" (Rocafella/Island Def Jam)

9. Da Backwudz feat. Slim Thug & Nas "You Gonna Love Me (remix)" (Rowdy)

10. Jadakiss "Block Watch" (Interscope)

11. Dwele "I Think I Love You" (Virgin)

12. Anthony Hamilton Soulife (Rhino/WEA)

13. Little Brother feat. Joe Scudda "I'm Lovin' It" (ABB/Atlantic)

14. Black Rob "Ready" (Bad Boy)

15. Mashonda feat. Nas "Blackout" (Full Surface/j records)

16. Ne-Yo feat. Peedi Crakk "Stay With Me" (Def jam)

17. Ax "100 to 1" (White Label)

18. Various Artists Hip Hop Roots (Tommy Boy)

19. Tony Hussle "She's A Virgin Too" (Warner Bros.)

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Looking for the Hot New Hot Ish? Run It! 

Image Hosted by
Chris Brown: the new Usher?

New Hot Ish is up finally. Jeezy/Hova's "Go Crazy (remix)" is at the top, natch but Lil Kim's "Welcome 2 Brooklyn/Lighters Up" and this Kanye West/Beach Boys West Sounds mash-up album were a close #2 and 3. Other highlights: Raheem DeVaughn (check it), new Dwele (can't believe no-one commented on that from the last time I posted it - that's pure fiya right there) and a bunch of other hot new ish that I've been talking about over the past couple of weeks. The old list with some bonus joints is available here or in the side bar. Comments, positive or negative, as always are welcome. Like what you're hearing (or not)? Let me know.

More new music:

- David Banner feat. Jadakiss & Lil Jon "Treat Me Like A" - Jada sounds surprsingly good over crunk beats. (Semi-related: stay tuned for the Lil Jon-produced Too Short album Up All Night , co-produced by Jon and Jazze Pha, coming soon. This could be the Be for Down South/regional hip hop.)

- "Run It" - the Chris Brown e-card, that is.

Do good, see music for free through the Boost Mobile RockCorps movement.

Win a Jeezy iced out "Snowman" piece. (spotted via That Good Good | related: how do you access the Jay-Z/Young Jeezy remix of "Go Crazy" hidden on his CD?)

Romantic indie types, rejoice: there's a new Cameron Crowe movie coming soon.

And while we're on the movie tip, my sister saw an advance screening of The Constant Gardner, the new film by City of God director Fernando Meirelles starring Ralph Fiennes, and says it's really good. The trailer definitely looks pretty intriguing and, besides movies on Netflix (finally just saw Motorcyle Diaries this weekend after it being on "Long" and "Short Waits" for literally months since its release), I haven't really seen any movies worth talking about this summer.

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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Free MP3's - Enjoy the Lush Life 

Image Hosted by
West Sounds - better than Spine thinks?

It's way too hot in BK to leave the house right now so here's some more links, music and other stuff for your weekend enjoyment:

Big Boi speaks on the next Outkast album, the NEXT next Outkast album and more here. - "Kanye West meets the Beach Boys." This Grey Album-esque remix project produced by Lush Life (who he?) blends K-weezy and the immortal Pet Sounds. Spine ain't feeling it but the "All Falls Down" re-rub is a near-masterpiece IMHO and the "Get Em High" sounds real good too. I'm downloading the rest now.

Some Hip Hop Bloggers are up in arms over Exo's list of the most essential hip hop blogs on the internets in the current issue of Vibe. I say who currrs?

Sneakers and parties via (the folks behind

IRT DVD magazine

These Are the Breaks - listen to 10 of the most famous hip hop breaks in their original forms on MP3.

MP3's of songs from Lil Kim's upcoming The Naked Truth album. (reg. may be required)

Download free MP3s of the award-winning radio shows from Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (The Office) here.

John H. Johnson, publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines, R.I.P.

And finally, this is probably weather appropriate (as is that West Sounds jernt, actually) - Verve Records' presents Def Jazz. (spotted here)

Have a good one y'all, don't melt down....

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Gear, Toys and MP3's.... 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

A few links to various things catching my attention in the past couple of days.

Respek, Mick Jagger!

Raheem DeVaughn: True Calling

New mp3 heat (via

- Jadakiss "Block Watch" - pure classic NYC street ish. Too bad it's just a snippet.

- Redman "Kronic Logical Order" - doing his best Busta-circa-"Put Your Hands..."-era impersonation. Wish the beat was hotter but this sounds like a leaked half-finished track or mixtape joint. I hope the Funk Doc is coming back strong though.

Not Nike iD - but a pretty fly Japanese Nike Dunk customization site instead. I just can't tell if you can order the sneakers you create (?) - any Japanese readers out there? (spotted via Mr. Kamoji by way of Raspberry-Radio)

Manifest Destiny - nice hip hop mp3 blog.

[Toi Protocol]

Maestro - a DVD on dance music history (although it's apparently mostly about Larry Levan and the legendary Paradise Garage nightclub).

Jermaine Dupri Chris Brown is young, fly and flashy.

Real throwback hip hop gear:

- The Originators

- Sedgwick & Cedar

- Rap Throwbacks

I'm loving Madsoul and LRG clothing myself nowadays.

Comboplates - "a song for everything"

The Karma Loop Blog

For the 'Records'

New Hot Ish List coming soon, I swear!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

"I don’t want anything to do with him...." 

Image Hosted by
Support our troops?! Cindy Sheehan - being vilified by the "Right."

Finally, they've got Robert Novak under pressure. Respek to the Ragin' Cajun.

But no respek to Malkin and O'Reilly for playing political football with and their generally disrespectful treatment of Cindy Sheehan.

The people are finally waking up though.

Which is no surprise when duke is so flagrantly oblivious to what the fcck is going on. (spotted via Atrios)

I mean, more info is even coming out that the Bush-led government were actually aware of four of the 9/11 attackers more than a year before that event and did nothing. And that this fact may have been subsequently covered up (or to be slightly more charitable, ignored) by the 9/11 commission?!

Meanwhile, Bin Laden (is Still) Determined To Strike America.

And soliders are beginning to be unafraid to show their outright contempt for their "leaders" in this war.

But finally on a way lighter note, can I say that Canada's new Governor General is smokin' hot looking? Even though their jobs are not really equivalent, for the purposes of this post I'm making the comparison and it's just no contest.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"Get Familiar - We Gets Busy..." 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

New Dwele (finally) - "I Think I Love You"- from the forthcoming album Some Kinda. Sounding SO butter.... (Windows | Real)

More soul ish: Tony Hussle "She's A Virgin Too" - dubious title, but pretty nice track. (HI | LO | QUICK)

Teairra Mari feat. Kanye West "Make Her Feel Good (Remix)" - Hova riding Clinton Sparks' nuts, K-weezy confirming yet again that "Ms Jackson" must be his favorite rap song EVER! I've gotta to find the wax I was sent on this a couple weeks back though 'cos that opening is BEGGING to be cut up. BTW, homegirl's album is actually pretty fccking good on some junior Beyonce ish - seriously.

Labba "Pistols in The Ocean" - heir to BIG's throne as Mayor of NYC?

Meanwhile, the Southern Takeover continues:

I think I mentioned this before on the site, but here's the first music from the new Chopped and Screwed version of the Haunted Cities album by punk rock-rapsters, The Transplants produced by "The People's Champ" Paul Wall, baby: "Gangsters and Thugs (remix)" Real: Hi | Lo Windows: Hi | Lo

Downloads from Reggaetony and more reggaeton heat from Pound for Pound.

Gorillaz "Dare" WINDOWS: HI | LO REAL: HI | LO

Diggers with Gratitude

Buffie the Body's Black Men magazine cover.

The 1,738 most important records in black music (according to Remy Martin).

And finally, The Shrimp's Guide to Bay Area Hip Hop Blogs. (spotted via Hip Hop Blogs)

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Monday, August 08, 2005

"You don't know, my town is the truth...." 

Image Hosted by
Put your lighters up - The Queen B reclaims her throne.

Lil Kim "Welcome 2 Brooklyn" (aka "Lighters Up") - hottest record out right now besides that Jeezy/Hova joint I linked to last week. This might be the best hip hop record Lauryn Hill never made. (mp3 links via 730 'n 'em)

On the music tip still, I got this email from a friend last week and thought I'd re-post it here:

"Hey man,

Thought I'd issue you an email challenge for Different Kitchen.
We are more than half-way through 2005, and I ask:

What solid hip hop records have been released this year?
There's been tons of great music (songs), but what about the

I know that it's rare to get a "classic hip hop album" these days,
(on the level of Supreme Clientele, The Blueprint, or even Blackout,
the Meth/Red record) but I'm just talking solid record, meaning
it's worth my $ to buy the record, instead of iTuning
the 3 or 4 hot

I thought about this for a while and couldn't come up with much on my end: Beanie Sigel, Common, The Game and, depending on your tastes, Slim Thug and Young Jeezy? I've heard good things about Sean Price and the 9th Wonder-produced Buckshot albums but haven't actually heard enough of either of them to offer an opinion on whether they rank up there or not. No doubt, Kanye's album will be ridick and as will, most likely, Outkast's joint (if it drops before year-end, which I doubt).

Some heads are also anticipating Little Brother too but I'm not quite as excited based on what I've heard so far. Fact is, making great, complete albums is a lost art in hip hop nowadays. I've made this point before but once again I have to say that, come December, I think I'm gonna have trouble finding enough albums to put together a top 10 hip hop records year end list.

Of course that might just be a function of my fairly narrow exposure to what's out there in hip hop nowadays. That being said and in response to Hashim's challenge a couple weeks back, let me put you up on game about some more underground-ish hip hop I've checked out recently (and for the heads who read this site for coverage of the more gangsta, mainstream street-oriented hip hop I normally write about, consider this taking your vitamins - you might not like it but it's probably good for you) :

- Pete Miser - this had been lying around my house literally for months before I finally played it a couple weeks back but I was pleasantly surprised when I finally did. As I recall it was a bit emo rap in parts with lots of songs about girlfriends and love gone wrong etc. and high concept in others (there's a joint about him finding out he's robot, android or something!). Dude reminded me of a slightly more gutter-sounding Eminem and the beats were alright even when he tried a live drum n bass thing (in 2005?!) at the end of one of the songs.

- Supastition - I got his CD around the same time as the Peter Miser. Coming off like a slightly less manic Canibus, this album is pretty good except for the recurring "Mad Rapper" sentiment running throughout that drags the vibe down overall. I get sick of MC's playing the hip hop police or complaining about how wack rap is nowadays. I mean if you agree with them (and I don't in general, my comments above about the lack of good full length albums for me to rock notwithstanding) and hip hop suddently became less wack, what the fcck would they talk about on their records?

- More heat from Maspyke - support these kids. I'm liking what I'm hearing from them so far.

Let me know if there are more albums in the vein of these ones that I should fccks with. Please don't say to check Quasimoto or Danger Doom though. I really doubt either of these joints are albums I could really sit all the way through and actually enjoy, but maybe I'm wrong?

And finally, shouts to Nomad over at Day By Day and my man MF Grimm whose new online magazine, American Hunger you should check out.

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Friday, August 05, 2005

Going Crazy For New Lauryn? 

New music via 730 n 'them:

- Forget trying to fight it, the Snowman's movement is undeniable: Young Jeezy feat. Jay-Z & Fat Joe "Go Crazy (remix)"

- Ax "100 to 1"- this is the most lyrically creative hip hop record in a long time and has been heating up Hot 97 mixshows for a few weeks now. The East needs more joints like this if they're gonna have any shot at loosening the South's stronghold on hip hop right now.

“These records are critical to every DJ's collection and no DJ should attempt to spin without them.” - Hip Hop Roots, the Tom Silverman exec-produced collection of classic breakbeats featuring never-before-heard special, DJ-friendly re-edits by the Legendary DJ Jazzy Jay is a go August 23rd. Check it:

- James Brown “Give It Up or Turn It Loose”

- Lyn Collins feat the JB’s “Think (About It)”

- Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band “Express Yourself”

Click here for more details.

That joint I'm hearing on Flex "Put Your Lighters Up" - is that new Lauryn Hill spittin'? It's fccking crazy whoever did it. Almost sounds like a Dre beat too. I need a link on that STAT. (Update: never mind, apparently it's Lil Kim?!! Holy Schnikey - getting convicted on federal perjury charges appears to have done wonders for Kim's creative abilities.)

And 'cos I'm now a little biased:

- The Land Of The Rising Sun Loves Kellz! (related: Cliffs Notes for R. Kelly's "Trapped In The Closet" | Harry Potter: Trapped in the Closet, Under the Stairs | Funkdigi links to the SIMS: R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet")

- Noah "Dat Boy Chevy" new Down South heater soon to blow.

- A couple of stills from the set of T-Pain's "I'm Sprung" video.

- I've said it before but don't sleep on Raheem DeVaughn's The Love Experience album. Click and listen:

- "The Love Experience"
- "Guess Who Loves You More" (real | win | win video)
- "Who"
- "Until"
- "Is It Possible"

Look for Raheem live on The Jimmy Kimmel Show next week.

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Rick James Live, B-tch! 

Image Hosted by
Scratch gives Mr. Blaze his just desserts

Ear Fuzz has new Juelz Santana.

FREE, essential audio from ArtRocker. (via Tego)

New Deemi: not quite as essential as "Move" but still pretty fccking hot. With a song title like this, no wonder she's the "The Hoodz Princess". (Give 'em some feedback too if you like the song)

Rick James Live, DVD - how essential is this? (I just realized I unwittingly used essential three times in a row. Step your blog posting game up, Ian)



Adidas buying Reebok?

Nike Stash and Futura Dunk.

Just Blaze on the cover of the new issue of Scratch mag.

Meanwhile: Source mag employees charged with attempted murder. Is this true?!! (via 2 Guys, 2 Cities, 2 Sidekicks)

Lots of good word-of-mouth on the indie flick On the Outs. Worth checking since most of the hollywood big summer movies have been trash?

More later. Things have gotten a whole lot tighter for me as I just started a new day gig.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Intelligent Design = Not A Description of Bush's War on Terror Plan 

Image Hosted by
Anthony Walker: victim of a good ole' lynching, European style. (Image courtesy Article Online)

Now I've heard it all: the CIA actually TRAINED many of the Iraqi insurgents before the start of the war - WTF?!!

Wait, NOW I've really heard it all: 7/7 bombing ringleader Haroon Rashid Aswat is actually a British intelligence asset.

"Look in the mirror, Mr. President" - a Reaganite Republican says Bush should apologize for his grievous failures on Iraq. (NOTE:subscription or day pass req'd to read full story)

The Black Commentator on the Ten Worst Places to be Black.

Maybe I should move to Europe....

Or maybe not.

Bob Novak continues to play himself.

Meanwhile though, don't get it twisted: Elizabeth Mendez Berry says Judith Miller is no journalistic martyr. (via Jeff Chang)

Rush Limbaugh is a fccking disgrace top to bottom. I'll leave it at that. Those who know his background WRT the Vietnam War know why.

The real face of Pakistan, our "allies" in the War on Terror.

While UK Muslim "Extremist" Bombing suspect Hussain Osman liked beer and rap, says ex-girlfriend. Hmmm, "Beer and Rap", you say....? (via Jay)

And finally, extremism is not just found in the Muslim world. Check out the latest madness out of your president's mouth. Holy Sh-t, he is REALLY scaring me now....

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Monday, August 01, 2005

"College girls in Jamaica listen to Sarah McLachlan?!" 

Image Hosted by
Staceyann Chin: support this woman's art.

More hot new music via

- Square-Off, T-Rex, Bathgate & Shells - "Reservoir Dogs Pt. 2"

- Twista feat. David Banner "Diamonds in My Watchpiece" - a sly bite of T.I.'s "Rubberband Man"?

Ruff Ryders Vol. 4 - in stores now. Does anyone still care or is the magic gone? Vol. 1 was one the best mainstream, hip hop compilations ever IMHO. My sister used to even do her treadmill workouts to "Down Bottom" - that says it all (I think).

How big is Young Jeezy's first week gonna be though? I have the album on wax (triple vinyl!) but haven't made it past disc 1 yet. How is it, Down South Heads?

What's President Carter (no, not that one, this one) been up to recently? Signing the the possible savior of NYC hip hop, Tru Life (mentioned before on this site here) and teen R&B singer Karina Pasian. (BTW: I copped a nice pair of the Gucci colorway S. Dot III's on sale this weekend. I'm happy to have given this gazillionaire hip hopreneuer some of my money too.)

From The In Crowd:

- Staceyann Chin's "Border/Clash: A Litany of Desires" - being unjustly shut down prematurely next Sunday. Go support it before it closes.

- Fly new t-shirts from Ubiquity Records' clothing division: with free mini CD's of good music (Sa-Ra, Breakestra, Platinum Pied Pipers etc.) to boot. (related: more dope t-shirt goodness from Exact Science and Upper Playground)

- The "Against the Grain" Art Exhibit: punk rock meets surf culture. NYC heads missed it this past weekend - it was here for one day on Staurday (WTF?!). West coast cats, heads up it's coming your way.

Secuestro Express - "City of God meets Goodfellas." C'mon, that's a lot of hype to live up to. If I hear legit good stuff about this film elsewhere though, I might have to go peep it because so far this summer, the (few) movies I've seen have pretty much all sucked balls.

"That's black love, baby"

Crown Dozen

Will so-called cultural conservatives be getting their panties in a bunch over the new Showtime series, Weeds?

Finally, Bedazzled laces y'all with 28 Classic Blaxploitation radio ads - incredible and they have more coming they claim. Whoa.

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