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Friday, July 30, 2004

"Hating Bush Is Not a Winning Ticket...."  

Photo courtesy: Washington Post

I haven't been as up on the news recently as in the past so it's only my blog reading that allows me to keep up which is how I learned why there was so much focus on Al Sharpton's speech at the DNC. (via

So, for anyone who saw it though, how was Kerry last night?

Meanwhile, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter argues that "Hating Bush Is Not a Winning Ticket."

Involver: music * passion * politics * action

Newsweek's Zakaria on the 9/11 Comission Report:
The report describes the struggle as "more than a war," but what the conclusions make plain is that it really means that it is different from war. Of the 27 recommendations in this chapter, only one can be seen as advocating the use of military force: attacking "terrorists and their organizations." And even that one, on closer inspection, is more complicated.

It is increasingly clear that the conflict in Afghanistan falsely fed the idea that the war against terrorism was a real war. In fact, Afghanistan was an exception. The reality of this threat, the very reason it is so difficult to tackle, is precisely that it cannot be addressed by conventional military means. Yet the prism of war has distorted the vision of important segments of Washington, especially within the Bush administration. This has produced bad strategy. The Yale historian John Lewis Gaddis has written on the Bush administration's strategy and describes its three pillars as hegemony, preemption and unilateralism. All three approaches seem justifiable if you believe that we are in a war that can be won militarily. All are counterproductive in a struggle that seeks to modernize alien societies, win over Muslim moderates and sustain cooperation on intelligence and law enforcement across the world.

The issue of Iraq highlighted these choices. If you believed that this was truly a war, all that mattered was defeating the enemy. If you believed that a broader political struggle was key, then creating a new and modern Iraq was in many ways more important than defeating Saddam Hussein. The administration showed its colors with a brilliant war plan and no postwar planning. Even in Afghanistan, where the war succeeded and the postwar settlement is working (though fragile), the administration's superhawks (such as Donald Rumsfeld) were continually opposed to greater efforts at nation-building. It doesn't help the war on terror, they argued. But it does help the struggle against Islamic extremism. And there is no war on terror that is not fundamentally an ideological struggle.

The bulk of the commission's substantive recommendations are for a broad political and economic strategy toward the Muslim and Arab world. The report argues that the United States should "offer an example of moral leadership in the world, committed to treat people humanely, abide by the rule of law, and be generous and caring to our neighbors." It recommends substantial resources being devoted to scholarship, exchange and library programs in the Muslim world, and has a specific, excellent recommendation to fund public education in these countries. Madrassas and other such religious schools have grown in the Muslim world because the secular educational system has collapsed under the weight of poverty and population growth.
Full article here.

And while Zakaria might think things are working there, the highly respected group Doctors without Borders is pulling out of Afghanistan because it's still such a mess. Good job, George. (The New York Times)

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More mp3's | Bad blog timing | Where to read about Clown Dancing 

Jamie Foxx: the next Denzel?
Photo courtesy: Newsweek

More mp3's from

- Ma$e "Breathe Stretch Shake (feat P Diddy)" | "I Still Love You"

- Mobb Deep "Win or Lose"

And plenty of other mp3 links there to check out for those who like their hip hop a bit more grimey and street.

Basement Jaxx's classic "Fly Life" reissued on 12" (via TurntableLab)

The current issue of Spin magazine (with The Hives on the cover) has a feature on West Coast C-walking offshoots Clown Dancing and the more gulley style Krumpin'. Related: CJ Mac's "C-Walk: A Way of Livin'" DVD (not really that great a video, but has a segment on clown dancin').

So right after posted an argument early yesterday morning that the "Hot 97 Morning Show" only got interesting nowadays when they had good guests I woke up to hear Ma$e duking it out with Cam'ron and Jim Jones of Dip Set. Like 90+% of all hip hop industry beef, this one seems to stem from pretty dubious beginnings based on what I've heard from those who know. (link from spotted via Catchdubs)

And in bad timing, part two news, I was finishing my Newsweek yesterday afternoon and came across this article making the same argument I was in a late night/early morning post yesterday about Jamie Foxx's star being in serious ascendency.

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Fat Joe and Lil Jon crush 'em | De La Soul announce their Grind Date | Jamie Foxx gets set to blow | Does your weblog own you? 

The Lil Jon "Lean Back" remix feat Eminem and Ma$e. Get acquainted 'cos you'll be hearing this (a lot) for the rest of the summer.

De La Soul signs with Sanctuary Records like I mentioned five months ago (2/17/04) and have announced that their new album is called Grind Date. It looks like that MF Doom collabo I mentioned yesterday will probably, I'm guessing, be on the album. De La nerds, it also looks like you shouldn't hold your breath for AOI III any time soon. Deal with it. (full story | Related: Billboard spotted via Royal Magazine)

Jamie Foxx is about to become a MAJOR star. Co-lead starring in a movie with Cruise is a great look for him, but the real deal will likely be his star turn as Ray Charles in "Ray." Based on the trailer I saw last night (at "The Bourne Supremacy" which is not bad also by the way), the film looks really good but Foxx looks amazing, like possibly Oscar contention level, as Charles (I know: premature but, seriously, it looked great) especially with the poignancy of Ray's unfortunate passing this year still lingering.

Now the stupid stuff:

- Booble: the adult search machine (spotted via "The Howard Stern Show" this morning because, man the "Hot 97 Morning Show" is so unfunny nowadays, I can't even really listen to it any more unless they have a good guest on. The f-cked up thing is I like just about everybody on it as individuals, except for Ashy Larry, but they have virtually no chemistry as a team. Bring back Sway and Rich Nice and call it a day, seriously.)

and spotted via Pop Life:

12.5 %

My weblog owns 12.5 % of me.
Does your weblog own you?

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Obama: the Democratic party's newest rock star in the making 

Image courtesy: I'm So Sincurrr

I haven't been watching the DNC 2004 because the entire thing has been scripted down to the last minute rendering any chance of real suspense, surprise or incentive to watch virtually nil but it sounds like Obama killed it Tuesday night. Today everybody knows about him and now he's being seriously touted as a future presidential candidate or at least a major player in the national Democratic party. Barely a few months back when he began his campaign for Senator I googled his name, after receiving a fundraising email on his behalf from a friend, and was barely able to pull up even one story from him from a newspaper I'd heard of. Now the transcript of his speech is the #1 most-emailed article on the Washington Post site. For those who think he's too good to be true, I have friends who know him and his wife and apparently he's the real deal: a stand-up guy, smart as a muh'f-cker, charismatic, passionate and sincere in his desire to serve. (MTV News | Washington Post)

So, spurred by the media hype (see how it works) I decided I'd better catch some of the action while I can and watch Edwards' speech since I'd be out DJ-ing (sorry about the endless plugs) when Kerry gives his speech tonight. I thought Edwards gave a solid, but not barnburner-status, speech but immediately after he'd finished pundits were already lasering in on the fact that he didn't say much about Kerry's record as a senator. Another telling commentary about the media: after Edwards' speech, CNN began discussing the reaction to Sharpton's address earlier in the day and repeatedly played clips from that speech rather than from Edwards'. Hmm, now why's that I wonder, Liberal Media Bias?

So like I said, I'll miss Kerry tonight. I just hope that tomorrow I'm not seeing endless clips of him droning on about "this administration this...., this adminstration that...." like he's done ad nauseum on the stump throughout his campaign so far. Son really needs to do him and get the electorate excited about him.

But back to the positives and more commentary on Obama from my blog fam:

Funkdigital | I'm So Sincurr | Negrophile | Negro Please | Taj | Zentronix

Meawhile, chaos still reigns in Iraq ( and Bin Laden's brother kind of likes "Fahrehnheit 9/11" (Miami Herald site reg. req'd)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Fuelray: once again it's on | Ladies are Pimps too | The Chocolate Industries CD contest is a go.... 

Fuelray is going down once again from 10 pm on tomorrow night. Click here for details.

But it's also on Friday and Saturday night as well so I won't be mad if you choose to do this instead Thursday:

Image Hosted by




And here's that long-promised Chocolate Industries Diverse/Vast-Aire contest:


After blazing tracks with the likes of Mos Def, Prefuse-73, RJD2 & countless others on critically acclaimed records like the Urban Renewal Program compilation, Prefuse-73’s One Word Extinguisher, as well as his own “Move” EP and the “Certified” 12", Chicago MC Diverse drops his album One A.M which walks the line of black psyche rock, hip-hop and tru school B-boying.

The album features Jeff Parker (Tortoise) as well as production by long-time collaborators RJD2 (who produced half the album) and Prefuse-73, as well as legendary hip-hop beat scientist Madlib. Joining Diverse on the MC tip on One A.M. is Lyrics Born (Latyrx), Jean Grae, Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), and a rare vocal cameo by Prefuse-73 (doing back up vocals).


Vast Aire is the titan MC who shocked the world and conquered critics as the leader of Definitive Jux’s landmark upstart crew Cannibal Ox. Their essential El-P engineered 2002 LP Cold Vein was a chart-topper in every smart music critic’s year-end poll. In 2004, Vast is stepping out of his role as chief Ox man to unleash on of the year’s strongest albums with his debut solo effort Look Mom...No Hands featuring a wide range of guest mc’s from MF Doom & Aesop Rock to hip hop veteran Sadat X (Brand Nubian) and production by Madlib and other underground legends-in-the-making like RJD2, Ayatollah, CamuTao and already-certified legends Da Beatminerz.

I'm keeping the contest real basic this time: all you have to do is email me (subject line: "CI contest") and I will pick a winner at random to receive copies of both albums on CD. Contest will end 11:59:59 EST on Sunday August 1.

Look Mom...No Hands and One A.M. are both in stores now. Click on the official Diverse and Vast Aire websites for more information.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

MP3 Tuesday and why the music industry is wack.... 

Tego Calderón: the Jay-Z of this reggaeton ish.
Photo courtesy: New York Times

New De La Soul feat MF Doom "Rock Kokaine Flow" at (NB: turn off you pop-up blocker software to allow the player to open). Is this the track that will win back De La their underground following and catch the ears of younger fans?

Lenny Kravitz/Jay-Z "Storm (Just Blaze remix)". (mp3 snippet courtesy StacksVinyl)

Shyne dissing 50 & G-Unit. (spotted via Lynne D. Johnson which has been criminally ignored by me and will be very belatedly added to the bloglist at left real soon)

The Roots' Al Hirt-by-way-of-De La (or is that vice versa?) sampling "Stay Cool" that was the subject of a little debate a few days back on this site. (Win | Real)

Young Buck album pushed back: good news or bad? Me I'm diggin' him more than Lloyd Banks thus far.

Guerilla Black "Guerilla Nasty": the West Coast Biggie or fake biter? One things for sure: being Rodney Jerkins-affliliated isn't helping his cause.

More on reggaeton for those still not knowing. Go get a late pass. (spotted via Hip Hop Blogs | Related: check out Tego Calderón in the cover story of this month's Fader magazine with Beanie Man)

Speaking of late passes, despite my urging everyone to cop the Jada album on release day, I only just copped it yesterday after checking out the whole thing at an HMV last week while in the Despite some lukewarm reviews from others, I have to say I'm feeling it although Jada is far from being one of the "top 5 dead or alive" like he used to yell in all his rhymes about a year ago. "What You So Mad At?","Shine" with DJ Quik and "Shoot Out" with Styles P are just a few of the other heaters on this album besides the ones you've heard already plus you get Kanye and Eminem. Hard to front on that package. In fact, I'ma cop the wax on this too to play out when I DJ. (mp3 couretsy

Well it's release day again and Terror Squad drops today. I think I'll take a chance on it since I like the two singles out already and I'm one of the three people who actually liked Fat Joe's last album as well.

Meanwhile, catch up man cos B-more club music is probably next to bubble.

Or let me make it easy for those of you who are still trying to get your heads around the 2003 takeover: Dirty South Radio. (both links spotted via Government Names)

And to end: why the music industry is wack. (The Macon Telegraph)

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Monday, July 26, 2004

Blogs worth checkin' | Who are Vikter Duplaix and Mike Jones? | More Kanye on wax 

Target in BK is a go (officially as of yesterday according to a promo postcard that somehow got to me a couple weeks ago). There's a good discussion over at that covers many of the issues that lead to my own ambivalence over a "prestige" retailer like Target invading my old hood.

Government Names is on fire recently. I love my man Nick's site and link to it all the time but their spoof of his uniquely "hooded-out" suburban, Jersey hipster vernacular is f-ckin' hilarious. (BTW related: Nick's new Mix CD is now on sale at TurntableLab)

Lots of good linkage over at Beats and Rants 2.2 also but can someone explain to me why the main page on this site is always blank besides the sidebar menu? Trent beat me to the punch in mentioning the fact Vida Guerra is this month's Smooth magazine cover star (or she was last time I saw the magazine on stands a couple weeks ago).

Finally got the Masta Killa album (sorry fam, no sale 'cos my man Toro at Caroline Distro ended up lacing me) and while I like it a lot still after a couple of all-the-way-through listens, it's not f-cking with Pretty Toney like I thought.

Kanye's Through the Wire: The College Dropout Original Album boot is a good look for all you K-Weezy completist geeks. I'll probably pass myself with its $20+ price (depending on where you cop it) but I can't front, that "Wouldn't You Like to Ryde" joint with Common and Malik Yusef (who he?) is pretty f-ckin' hot.

I've been sleeping on this cat Vikter Duplaix for a minute despite hearing a lot of good things about him and his left-field future soul music but I peeped a good chunk of his recent singles compilation album yesterday and was definitely diggin' what I heard.

And not content with just making $300 million + annually off Sean John, blowing up on Broadway (kind of) and galvanizing turnout of the youth vote for November, Puff launches Bad Boy Clothing and looks set to have another winner.

For my Manhattan folkers from my good friend Jen:
Tonight (JULY 26, 2004 at 9:30 PM) on Mantahhan Neighborhood Network (MNN Channels - AOL Time Warner/NYC: 34, 56, 57, 67 rcn: 107, 108, 109, 110 j.d.) is Jennifer Dobson, creator and producer of "The Town of West 69th Street" documentary, as a guest on "This Side of Central Park," the monthly show on the West Side and Clinton communities featuring local issues and heroes of the neighborhood.
And finally, is this Mike Jones cat legit hot on the streets in the real world or does he just have blog buzz 'cos that's the only place I ever hear/read about him?

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"The threat is not terrorism...." 

Haven't posted much news & political stuff in a while. I missed the stories like:

- Bush's surreal desire to be regarded as the "Peace President" now that the Iraq war is rapidly losing currency as a winning election issue. (One Thousand Reasons)

- the US military finally admitting, after months of denials, that they had taken custody of prisoners held by the vigilante kidnapper/interrogator/torturer Jack Idema and his crew (The Toronto Star) and

- the admission that at least 39 prisoners had died in US Army custody even though they contradict Taguba's now infamous report that the abuse and torture was systemic and not random or isolated in a recently-published army inspector general report. (The Guardian)

The big news during my break last week though was the release of 9/11 Commission Report which has been all over the media (and #1 at Amazon) since then. You've probably already read as much about it as you already care to but just in case here's:

- The New York Times summary for the impatient from their "Page Two" column in the "Week In Review" section (NB: temporary link)

- Richard Clarke's view:
Had [the commission's recommended] changes been made six years ago, they would not have significantly altered the way we dealt with Al Qaeda; they certainly would not have prevented 9/11.

Even more important than any bureaucratic suggestions is the report's cogent discussion of who the enemy is and what strategies we need in the fight. The commission properly identified the threat not as terrorism (which is a tactic, not an enemy), but as Islamic jihadism, which must be defeated in a battle of ideas as well as in armed conflict.

We need to expose the Islamic world to values that are more attractive than those of the jihadists. This means aiding economic development and political openness in Muslim countries, and efforts to stabilize places like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Restarting the Israel-Palestinian peace process is also vital.

Also, we can't do this alone. In addition to "hearts and minds" television and radio programming by the American government, we would be greatly helped by a pan-Islamic council of respected spiritual and secular leaders to coordinate (without United States involvement) the Islamic world's own ideological effort against the new Al Qaeda.

Unfortunately, because of America's low standing in the Islamic world, we are now at a great disadvantage in the battle of ideas. This is primarily because of the unnecessary and counterproductive invasion of Iraq. In pulling its bipartisan punches, the commission failed to admit the obvious: we are less capable of defeating the jihadists because of the Iraq war.
From "Honorable Commission, Toothless Report" (New York Times)

I also missed the whole Linda Ronstadt brouhaha which jumped off the day I was traveling to Toronto to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary but Aaron at pop (all love) has a good summary of the media coverage.

It doesn't seem like that much of a mystery to me but Rick Perlstein examines why conservatives love Bush in "The Church of Bush." (Village Voice)

"12th Man on the Deal Team, part 2": JibJab's "This Land" has probably gone around the internet twice already but I didn't see it until yesterday morning on The Chris Matthews Show (warning: was loading slower than a muh'f-cker on my PC which has a DSL connection).

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Friday, July 23, 2004

What's really good in the and at the Roc | Nikka Costa needs your help | Recommended viewing from Netflix  

"Free" ipods at Duke, what! (USA Today)

While Nelly is now officially a big baller. I really can't be mad at son. (EURWeb | Related: am I the only one who thinks his new Jahiem collabo "My Place" sounds like Bone Thugs' mid 90's hit "Crossroads"?)

And with rumors of Hov retiring to bounce and start his own Warner-financed S. Carter Records label , does the Roc still got it?:

- Jay-Z "S. Carter Tennis" (WMA: lo | hi Real: hi)

- Dirt McGirt "Lift Ya Skirt" (WMA: lo | hi Real: hi)

- Rell feat. Kanye West & Consequence "Real Love" (WMA: lo | hi Real: hi) Erm... didn't fellow Roc-crooner Allen Anthony (on Paid in Full) and then Freeway already flip this sample with Just Blaze's assistance?

- Nicole Wray feat. Peedi Crakk "Thug Style" (WMA: lo | hi Real: hi) This joint is ridiculous.

( |

Kelis-Duran Duran mash-up from Go Home Productions

Support Nikka Costa: I liked old girl's debut (US) album a lot, she was on some hip hop Janis Joplin ish. Unfortunately for her, methinks she's on the wrong label at Virgin to do her music justice. Ask N*E*R*D how happy they are (were?) over there. (

Church of SpongeBob. (BBC News)

Krispy Kreme doughnut-flavored frozen drinks. (

Recommended recent Netflix/DVD viewing:

- "City of God": on some Gordon Gekko "12th man on the deal team" ish, let me be the last person to tell you yet again how essential this movie is in your life if you haven't already seen it since I just watched it myself for the first time this week. Some heads will appreciate this for being a gritty but artful and beautfully shot tale spanning two decades in the lives of a group of young gangsters and their circle of friends growing up in the Favelas (read: slums, ghettos) of Brazil's Rio de Janeiro. Others will merely get off vicariously on the violence and the fantasy of gangsta culture with a fresh exotic twist that merits putting this film, deservedly, in the pantheon of classic gangsta flicks with "Goodfellas", "Scarface", "Menace II Society" etc. already. (Related: another official website)

- "Undercover Brother" based on an UBO online cartoon series of the same name which it ends up transcending and being a lot funnier than. There are shades of "Austin Powers" as it parodies the the 70's and the blaxploitation movie genre in much the same Michael Myers spoofed the swinging 60's and British spy films which should come as no surprise since both movies share much of the same creative team.

- "CQ": Roman Coppola, son of Francis Ford and sister of Sofia, helms this stylish mod-flavored film which is also his homage to the 60's sci-fi/spy film genres and the love of movie-making he developed growing up on the movie sets of his legendary father. (Vaguely related: Home James the "mod" chauffeur service)

And what's really good in the right now:

- Caribana 2004: North America's Largest Street Festival from July 16th to August 2nd, 2004.

- And just in time for Caribana: Wyclef's Canadian-only release Creole 101 (Welcome to Haiti) featuring the Buju Banton collabo "Party By The Sea." (Related: more info on the album)

- As well as Rupee's "Tempted 2 Touch": even though this joint has been around for a couple years already, this might be the next soca-flavored jumpoff to blast off and cross over following the success of Kevin Lyttle's "Turn Me On."

- A Caribana-related party with a novel angle:

Mansion Masquerade

There is a first time for everything...

Combining the comfort and exclusivity of a luxurious mansion with the excitement and anonimity of Masquerade. Satisfy your social desire to party with an upscale, distinguished clientelle all while a bottomless glass and a psuedo identity, free you from self-conciousness.

Image Hosted by

For tickets, please call:
Downtown - 416.939.7244
East - 416.560.5856
West - 416.305.4187

- Kops Kollectables: Canada's Specialist in Jazz, Funk, and Soul originals & re-issues.

- DJ Starting from Scratch: Canada's Funk Flex. Except he actually still mixes on his two daily mixshows on local urban station Flow 93.5 and seems more interested in being a great DJ than an "entre-poor-ni--a" flogging "driving shoes" and tickets to hood-orientated (sic)car shows. BTW: thanks C for introducing me to that new term and also to the concept of "long white t-shirt" rap (DIP SET! DIP SET! DIP SET! DIP SET! for those wondering what we're talking about here).

- Project Bounce: probably the most gutter hip hop college radio show in Canada period rockin' every night from 12-5am on CIUT Radio including shows hosted by Black Moon's Evil Dee and DJ Chubby Chubb.

- Tone Mason: the Neptunes of Canada? ( | Related: Tone Mason-produced protege Rochester aka Juice official website)

- Kyle Riabko: blue-eyed acoutic soul by a 16 year old kid from Saskatoon. For those not up on their Canadian geography, that's basically like being from Wyoming or Montana. With a voice that's suprsingly not bad, this is recommended for those into artists like Joss Stone or Jai.

I'll be back in NYC this afternoon ready, once again, to set if off at Fuleray tonight and tomorrow. Drop by, say hi, grab a drink and vibe out in this West Village lounge jumpoff on 3rd Street between Laguardia and Thompson. I'll be on the set from 10pm on dropping hip hop, R&B, 80's, classics, reggae and a splash of reggaeton including stuff like Houston's collabo with Chingy/Nate Dogg "I Like Dat." (video link via

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Monday, July 19, 2004

Why I hate blogger | Iran next on Bush's menu? | More yellowcake debate | "Democracy" at work in Afghanistan 

Blogger has a new rich text editor which, depsite having way more features and being theoretically easier to use than the old editor, I am not digging. I had their old system on lock and now I have to waste even more time figuring out this new one and trying to get my posts to look exactly the way I want them to. Maybe it's still a little buggy, but for some reason I am occassionally getting big gaps between the end of my posts and the signature even though I try to edit them out plus now my posts don't always display the "|" charcter which I use all the time in the title section of my posts.

On top of that, my old page scrolling problem seems to be back, at least on my computer (scroll down through all the old posts on the main "current posts" page to see what I mean: if the page cuts off seemingly part way through one of the posts on this site, you have it too). Blogger has a suggested fix which I think they cribbed from this thread in the "Blogger Forum" but it doesn't seem to be working for me this time around. Anyone have any other suggestions or places I can look for a way to fix this? Bear in mind that I am verging on completely inept as far technical knowledge of the internet, HTML etc. goes.

Here's a few news pieces though for those who don't give a f-ck about my site problems:

- Only in Canada: they "ban" Fox News but want to give Al-Jazeera a broadcast license. (The Toronto Star)

- For the love of God, somebody stop him before he decides to invade again. (The New York Times)

- In the rush to hold elections in Afghanistan, basic democratic principles are being wholly ignored or bypassed. (full story from "When Elections Threaten Democracy" in The New York Times)

- While finally, the Niger "yellowcake" scandal rears its head again: William Safire vs. Joseph Wilson. (The New York Times | The Washington Post)

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Different Kitchen: Northern Touch Edition 

Fitting since I am in the right now again: online hip hop mag I-Jonez' drops their Northern Touch Edition focusing on Canadian hip hop.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson adds on to the debate about The Cos's rant with "Myths and Reality of Cosby Rant" (sic) in Canada's Share magazie. (via Anousheh)

Limited edition Roc-a-fella Jay-Z "retirement" throwback jersey by Mitchell & Ness.

The best ball player you never heard of? Demetrius "Hook" Mitchell (not Earl "The Goat"?):

- WEB-isode One: Jason Kidd hi | lo Real: hi | lo

- WEB-isode Two: Antonio Davis hi | lo Real: hi | lo

Springtime for Moammar?! Gadhafi, the musical. (

And fellas, if you're a Halle Berry fan like me (and probably just about every hetero male on the planet), don't get too excited when you're checking her out doing her thing in "Catwoman" this weekend. (

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Friday, July 16, 2004

New: Different Kitchen holds it down at Fuelray Bar & Lounge every weekend 

DJ I-Queue spinning


68 West 3rd Street
(between Laguardia and Thompson, next to Negril)


8:00 pm - 2:00 am



10:00 pm until


here for more info 

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"Democracy is best taught by example, not by war...." 

Rangel stands up over the Sudan tragedy. (
The US is still pulling sleazy moves WRT prisoners in the "War on Terror"? (The Chicago Tribune)
And there are still new cases of prison abuse being discovered and BTW, did you know that most of the prisoners being abused had nothing to do with the insurgency? (The Boston Globe | Newsweek)
Between court battles over billboards and protest locations, you already know it's gonna be a hot one in NY during the Republican National Convention. ( | The New York Times)
Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Cosby flap. (The Village Voice) is actually worth checking out for politically related news.
Who Let the Dogs In? Incredible Political Animals I Have Known is the new book by Bushwhacked co-author Molly Ivins.

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How to get "Dixie Chicked" 

 Image Hosted by 

Whoopi gets "Dixie Chicked" (heard that one on Air America). To my weight-challenged readers: f-ck Slim-Fast (and let 'em know), there's always Weight Watchers. (EURWeb | Related: Slim-Fast Sheds Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff via Reuters

The Detroit City Council on Wednesday said no to the trunk-thumping, license-plate rattling beats that emanate from some car stereos. WTF? I thought Kwame Kilpatrick was supposed to be America's hip-hop mayor. (Detroit Free Press)  

And in an embarrassing governmental gaffe, an official tribute sign erected on the fence surrounding Ground Zero actually misstated the date of the terror attacks, a glaring mistake addressed only after a visitor recently complained about the error. (full story at
Just Blaze's remix of Lenny Kravitz's Hov-assisted new single "Storm" is ridiculous. Look for it. Too bad I don't have a copy of it for: 

TONIGHT (Friday July 16th)
DJ I-Queue spinning
68 West 3rd Street
between Laguardia and Thompson
10:00 pm until
Click here for more info

I'm out of town next week so postings might be a little sporadic. See menus at left in the sidebar though for links to plenty of other fine Different Kitchen-approved web content.

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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hip Hop: better back in the day? | Different Kitchen at Fuel Ray | New Nas & Alchemist heat 

Image Hosted by
Will you be Nas's next collabo partner?

So I actually only semi-agree with this Newsweek article: Remembering the golden age of hip-hop. There's still lots of great hip hop music coming out although it has definitely become a lot more formulaic and homogenous nowadays and I wish there were more great albums as opposed to merely singles. Why the industry hasn't got hip to the fact that they can't fool consumers with weak albums with only one or two good songs in the file-sharing era is beyond me. (spotted via Global Pop Conspiracy)

Speaking of which: internet users download twice as many films, games and musical pieces as they did a year ago, despite a big crackdown on the activity, according to a study released Tuesday. (full story at

The rims thing must be getting played out if The New York Times is covering the mainstreaming of this phenomenon.

Rap on Nas's Street's Disciple (via

And very related: the new Nas heater "U know My Style." Street's Disciple looks like it's shaping up to be ridiculous based on this and other recent tracks that have been floating around. (via

The new Alchemist with Prodigy and Nina Sky "Hold You Down" is kind of crazy too. (via

Now if I could only find links to the new ODB (sounding like some vintage Wu/36 Chambers ish), Fabolous (seriously) and Ashanti/Ja Rule (really seriously), I'd be good.

And stay tuned for a Chocolate Industries-sponsored Vast Aire/Diverse CD-giveaway coming real soon.

Finally tonight and tomorrow (only), I'll be back at Fuel Ray spinning the hip hop, R&B, reggae and reggaeton sounds that your kid sister loves to dance to at her college parties. Stop by if you can, from 10pm until. Update: Tonight is OFF, but Friday is still going down. See y'all tomorrow.  

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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bush vs. Our Forests | Draft Ditka? | Michael Moore's latest battle | "Outfoxed" 411 

If it's not oil, it's trees: The Bush administration plans to open up vast wilderness areas of the western US to logging, infuriating the country's environmental movement. (full story from The Independent)

Some points worth considering:
Your pictures and article on Sudan brought me to tears, anger and then questions. Why are our "Christian" leaders paying Halliburton and not feeding the starving Sudanese people? How is it that Pope John Paul II consecrated a $150 million giant basilica in Cote d'Ivoire while people there starved? Why do we, as followers of Christ, spend time and money persecuting homosexuals when Jesus said not a word about them, and then ignore his command to "feed my sheep"? How did we get the message so wrong? -- Joan Welk, Medina, WA.
from this week's letter column in Newsweek.

Draft Ditka?! Nah, vote Obama. (the real janelle)

Now: Michael Moore vs. Pete Townsend? (MTV News)

And related:

- Craving More Moore? Newsweek's list of other "left-wing" documentaries in current release.

- The story behind "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism," the new documentary backed by liberal political groups that aims to document how the Fox News Channel is anything but "fair and balanced." (iwon News via Nadine S. Related: Robert S. Boynton on Robert Greenwald and his revolutionary, in both senses of the word, documentary filmmaking methods in "How to Make a Guerrilla Documentary" from The New York Times .    The "Outfoxed" official website.)

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Bubblegum Crunk | NORE on the ROC? | The Roots live in NYC tonight 

"Bubblegum Crunk", as Nick Catchdubs termed it a while back (May 25), from Ciara, a new artist who's working with Jazze Pha. Peep her first single “Goodies” produced by the one-man Neptunes of 2004, Lil Jon:

WINDOWS MEDIA: hi | med | lo
REAL PLAYER: hi | med | lo

My only question is: if this track is on Jazze Pha's own brand new label (which I believe it is?), a producer who's been making some noise and is fairly well-respected, what does it say about him when the debut single by his first artist is produced by someone else?! At least get a co-production credit popping for respect purposes like Dre always does.

The man who, arguably, made DJ Shadow famous/relevant is DJ-ing in NYC: James Lavelle live at Cielo this Sunday.

Aaron Wherry's pop (all love) is mp3 blogging now too.

NORE rumored to be jumpin' to the Roc according to Hot 97? I heard he might be out of Def Jam a while back, but why jump there when eventually he'll have Def Jam working his records again anyway if they get big enough?

Aspiring hip hop producers: are you f-cking with the Dynamic Producer conference jumping off at the end of this month in New York?

I'm like a year late on this, but I just found the CD my sister loaned me from back then while cleaning up my bedroom: that Stills song "Still In Love Song" was crackin' wasn't it? Other than a couple other joints though, their Cure meets the Smiths sound wasn't doing much for me.

The Roots performing live for FREE at City Hall Park in New York 7PM TONIGHT.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

"The Dots Never Existed...."  

President Bush must be delusional if he think this war has been a successful part of winning his "war on terror." (The New York Times)

The Center for American Progress on the rigging of the vote last week by the White House and Republican leadership to preserve the Patriot Act.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is either one of the better-informed members of the Senate or just finished watching "Fahrenheit 9/11" based on his comments at a WNBC News Forum this past Sunday where he argued that the US needs to be "much tougher" with Saudi Arabia and that "there's been too close of a relationship between the Saudi royal family and the White House." (amNewYork)

More on the GOP-funding-Nader story via Newsweek....

...and on the report about the CIA Iraq intelligence failures in "The Dots Never Existed." Why are people so afraid to lay the blame right on the doorstep of the White House for the war and all the mistakes related to it? (Newsweek | Related: Can the C.I.A. Really Be That Bad? from The New York Times)

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New York Sneakerheads | Syreeta Wright R.I.P. | Shady Radio | The Star Wars Kid remixed 

The New York Times on The Rebirth of the New York Sneakerhead

Not sure how I missed this story, but rest in peace to songwriter Syreeta Wright who passed away July 5. Click here at the extra-medium blog for more details on who Ms. Wright was if you're not knowing. Related: Singer-songwriter Syreeta Wright, ex-wife of Stevie Wonder, dies. (San Jose Mercury News)

Another hot ass Alicia Keys bootleg reggae remix of "If I Ain't Got You" this time. I smell a remix album idea brewin'.... (mp3 via

Shady Radio jumps off. (

I know you probably saw at least one of these way back, but here's a whole set of the Star Wars kids video remixed.

Image Hosted by

And don't forget to cop that new Roots joint and the Biggie CD/DVD reissue of the classic Ready to Die album.

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Monday, July 12, 2004

Future club bangers | MP3 blogs go mainstream | Chappelle tops the Blender 100 | The Roots' Tipping Point is a heater? 

Club Banger mp3's to look out for:

- Beyonce feat. LL Cool J: Look What you Have Done (jackin' Malcolm McLaren's "Hobo Scratch")

- Olivia feat. 50 Cent "Cloud 9"

Coming to a "Killa Cuts" bootleg white label 12" near you soon (probably)

Great DVD worth checking out about the Sex Pistols' only full official studio album.

Props to O-Dub, Tofu Hut, Fluxblog and Michael of Royal Magazine/Music as mp3 blogs go mainstream with coverage in Blender's Hot 100 list (#88) and in USA Today.

BTW Chappelle is on the cover of the new Blender after toppping their "Blender 100" list. Makes a change from the half-naked women that usually grace the cover of their "music" magazine.

And at the opposite end of music/lifestyle magazine spectrum, spotted in the new issue of Don Diva:

- Hood Rich? No, Hood Rich? No, Hood Rich.

- The modeling agency behind a really good edition of their usually low-rent looking "Sticky Pages" section.

- Even though it's verging on played out now, a pretty good survey article on the mixtape hustle for those not knowing by Robert Markman.

I think this dude is kind of a clown and it's indicative of what's wrong with hip hop that someone would actually seriously consider making an album with him (or write about it) but I grudgingly might have to agree with him that "A real man knows how to tie a tie and drive a stick." (

Sometimes I see a picture of this chick that (temporarily) makes me a believer. (via Whatevs)

And Amazon gets down with blog culture via their new Plog™ Service (what?).

Some things to do tomorrow:

- Latino Hip Hop Summit in the Bronx.

and also:

Image Hosted by

WHO: Rawkus Records recording artist Ayanna
WHAT: A soulful serenade as Ayanna showcases her original material
WHERE: Show Nightclub - 135 W. 41st St. (between Broadway and 6th Ave)
WHEN: Tuesday July 13th 2004, Doors open @7:00pm, Showtime @ 8:30pm

Complimentary Hot Buffet @ 7:00pm
2 for 1 drink specials 7:00pm to 8:00pm
VIP Service

TO AVOID THE HASSLE, please RSVP and arrive early!

Presented by SOULICIOUS entertainment, Rawkus Records and AFT Entertainment.

$5 with flyer or guest list | $10 general admission

For guest list reply to: | Proper Attire – 21 and over a must!

I guess Rawkus lives!

And go cop that new Roots album tomorrow. I don't know what die-hard fans will say about it but I skimmed through the whole joint at Music Factory on Saturday and it's double-retarded. Straight 1-2, B-boy hip hop ish. The way they flipped that De La "Ego Trippin'" beat is ridiculous. More developed thoughts on the album when I get a copy to listen to more thoroughly (maybe). 2004 is turning into a great year for hip hop albums though.

Finally, Isabel "Weezie" Sanford, Rest in Peace. (E! Online)

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"Never have we experienced a climate of intimidation and censorship as we have today...." 

I might be in hysterical mode once again but I think now might be the time to really get scared:
American counterterrorism officials, citing what they call "alarming" intelligence about a possible Qaeda strike inside the United States this fall, are reviewing a proposal that could allow for the postponement of the November presidential election in the event of such an attack.
from "Election Day Worries" (Newsweek | Related: U.S. Mulls How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack from Reuters via Nadine S.)

I mentioned a couple weeks back that the Bush I-affiliated Carlyle Group, a company that was a major focus of Micheal Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11", had bought Loews Cineplex Movie Theater chain. Now comes this story from the Silent All These Years blog. Coincidence, conspiracy or something else to be genuinely concerned about?

The New York Time's David Pogue on e-voting.

Welcome back to Dark Ages: James Wagoner, the president of Advocates for Youth, is among the professionals in sex-related fields who have started speaking out against what they say is growing interference from conservatives in and out of government with their work in research, education and disease prevention. (full story in The New York Times)

Misleader: A daily chronicle of Bush administration distortions (spotted via

And the Governator's Education Secretary, former Los Angeles mayor Richard Riordan, tells a 6-year-old that her name means "stupid dirty girl." Nice! (

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Saturday, July 10, 2004

How Can the Democrats Win? | Jesse Jackson's new Atkins Diet | The PATRIOT Act lives on | More dirty tricks by the Republicans 

John Kerry talks with Rev. Jesse Jackson prior to addressing the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition in Chicago.
Image courtesy: Scott Olson, Getty Images/USA Today

What liberal media? Within 24 hours of the Democratic ticket announcement, it was knives out by the media questioning Edwards' supposed lack of experience to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Where were these pundits when George Bush was running in 2000? (The Arizona Republic)

GOP SOP: the Republicans resort yet again to fear mongering to keep the "War on Terror" on the front burner and as a distraction away from Bush's failures everywhere else in his administration. (Newsday)

"The outlook is pretty grim. Right now, it's not a choice between war and no war. It's a choice between war and endless war" -- Anonymous, an unnamed top CIA official who is the author of Imperial Hubris -- Why the West is Losing the War on Terror, a new book that argues not only that Al Qaeda is not on the run but that the Iraq war has actually helped Bin Laden recruit a new generation of terrorist recruits.

Meanwhile the intelligence reports used to make the case for the Iraq war were almost all overstated, not supported by the facts, or simply wrong, a Senate panel concluded yesterday after a yearlong investigation into prewar information about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. (full story at The Boston Globe)

And Jason at puts you up on game about how the Pentagon claims to have destroyed payroll records specifically covering the three month period in 1972 and 1973 when President Bush's claims of Air national Guard service in Alabama have been called into question. (related: The New York Times coverage)

The Republican-led House bowed to a White House veto threat Thursday and stood by the USA Patriot Act, defeating an effort to block the part of the anti-terrorism law that helps the government investigate people's reading habits. (full story at The Chicago Sun-Times)

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Tuesday by a former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds (sexist side note: hottie alert on Ms. Edmonds) because the information needed to prove the case was classified and protected by what is known as the "state secrets privilege." Yet more game by the basically one-party government we're all currently living under. (full story at

John B. Judis, Spencer Ackerman & Massoud Ansari on US government attempts to pressure Pakistan into delivering news of the killing or capture of Osama bin Laden, his deputy, Ayman Al Zawahiri, or the Taliban's Mullah Mohammed Omar in time to upstage the Democratic National Convention. Is there no end to the shame of these people? (The New Republic)

Bush is one thing but isn't Tony Blair too smart to only now be coming to this realization? British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that weapons of mass destruction may never be found in Iraq, but he insisted former leader Saddam Hussein had posed a threat to "the wider world." (full story

Jesse Jackson says: "I'm on a low-carb diet: no Cheney, no Ashcroft, no Rumsfeld, no Bush and very little Rice...." Exactly. (from USA Today)

And Rick Perlstein asks How Can the Democrats Win? (at Boston Review plus related: responses from prominent Democrats)

Well at least the New York Post has a sense of humor about their cover gaffe earlier this week. (Gothamist)

Finally to end: suprise, suprise Bush, yet again, refused to address the annual NAACP convention having now declined invitations in each year of his presidency and becoming the first president since Herbert Hoover not to attend. Kerry is scheduled to speak next Thursday on the final day of the convention. (

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Friday, July 09, 2004

And the party don't stop.... 

Thanks to everyone who came down to Different Kitchen last night and helped me, my sister Nadine and Mori celebrate our birthdays. The music was great and the crowd even better. Props to Niraj for breaking up a hip hop heavy edition of DK with two excellent sets of deep house yet again and to Taj for wrecking it for nearly an hour with the smallest bag of records I've ever seen. Son, how'd you do that? Plus he went home one record lighter as he magnanimously gave up his only copy of the 9th Wonder "99 Problems" remix as a birthday gift for yours truly (*wipes tear from eye*). Thanks player, for real. (mp3 via

Bloggers were also in the house too, finally! I got to meet the beautiful Jenny F of Aeki Tuesday who came through reppin' hard for New Jeruze (I'm only half mad at her for darting out without saying goodbye while I was DJ-ing 'cos I know how those PATH trains can get late at night) plus my man Metalface of FunkDigi (I'm not gonna blow up his government name in case it's a state secret [?]) came through also. Look for him to bless the decks at an upcoming party sometime in the near future too.

Also, in "I'm not worthy" news, Tony Barber, bassist for The Buzzcocks (possibly my favorite rock group ever), came through with his girlfriend Andrea. Thanks for the birthday beer, guys. Thanks also to Les C for the wine and Devin R for the superfly Rawkus sweatshirt too. I could go on and on but I'll end by saying it was a f-cking great birthday and I was happy to share it with friends of mine, old and new. It's always better to acknowledge the milestones in life surrounded by those who care about you. Aight, that's enough mushy stuff. The next DK party should be on August 12 but stay tuned for more details soon. Now, back to why you read this site:

Hold Dat (via Pop Life)

Kill Chiba

Can NORE save his career by going reggaeton? ("Oye Mi Canto" mp3 via Sandbox)

Speaking of which, Reggaeton Traxx Volume Two just dropped but if you missed the first one, cop Baile Reggaeton volume 1 and 2 instead and you'll have just about every hot reggaeton jumpoff out right now including the Tego Calderon's "Lean Back" remix which is bananas (and which I wish I'd had last night). Don't sleep. This ish is blowing up and crossing over to the non-Latin hip hop world crazy fast now. Music Factory in Brooklyn blew out of almost half their shipment of the Tego joint within an hour of getting it in stock yesterday. Get up on this or risk looking like the last DJ to know this summer.

More NORE (feat. Peedie Crakk and produced by Just Blaze): "Nigga Rican" (mp3 via Sandbox)

And is Premo back 'cos that new MOP "Here Today, Gone Tomrrow" sounds like his work and it's retarded? I need a link on that, f'real.

And "Wicked with Lead" (and the A-side "Paychecks") by Ghostface's Theodore Unit are a promising-sounding preview to their 718 album due August 3.

More hot ish: Juvenile feat. Soulja Slim "Slow Motion." I ain't gonna lie, I didn't like this track at first (I thought it was by Nelly) but it grew on me. (mp3 via Sandbox)

And another down-South party starter for those who dig that Missy Elliott steez: Jacki-O "Sugar Walls." (mp3 via

Hoop Dreams 10 Years Later (Washington Post)

Alf talk show: WTF!? (E! online)

Props to the first rapper to push this whip in their video. I hate when cats try to "cool hunt" or trend forecast but, seriously, aren't chromed-out Escalades, Ranges, Hummers and Navis so 2002?

Get your thug on D-Block style this Sunday when Jada get it's poppin' at Club Speed in Manhattan.

And the Biz is live in Brooklyn this weekend: I hope he remembers his rhymes 'cos son needed a backing track to do "Just A Friend" the last time I saw him perform. Damn.

OK, so you missed the blow-out at Low Bar last night. Don't sleep though 'cos the kid is still celebrating tomorrow night (my actual birthdate for those who care) partying and DJ-ing. Nothing to do or just tired of listening to mp3 snippets of music I talk about on this site? Get out and hear that ish live on a real PA. Click here for details and I'll see you tomorrow when I attempt to set if off yet again on the 1's and 2's with a set of hip hop (both over and underground), R&B, reggae and, yes, reggaeton. Y'all know the party don't stop...

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Different Kitchen at Low Bar: Special Birthday Edition 

Image Hosted by

If you haven't come through yet, tomorrow will be a great look. The Different Kitchen party jumping off yet again plus celebrate my, my sister and my boy Mori's birthdays. Cancers, and those who love them, come represent and vibe to hip hop, R&B, house and other funky sounds at Low Bar in DUMBO, Brooklyn spun by me and my peoples Taj and Niraj (er, it's only a coincidence that those names rhyme).



F train to York St.:
walk 3 blocks on York (past Pearl and Adams Streets) to Washington.

A/C train to High St./Brooklyn Bridge: exit from rear of the train (coming from Manhattan), walk down Cadman Plaza West, make right at first light on to Prospect, pass under the overpass then first left on Washington.

BY CAR from Manhattan:

Over the Brooklyn Bridge - Take Cadman Plaza West Exit (stay in right lane). Right at light at end of exit ramp, bear right on to Prospect Street, drive under the bridge. Take first left on Washington Street.

Over the Manhattan Bridge - Take right on to Tillary Street. Take to end. Make right on to Cadman Plaza West, make right on to Prospect Street, drive under the bridge. Take first left on Washington Street.

For more details click here or email me.

Sponsored by: Ascensions.

Image Hosted by

And tonight: Kweli live in Brooklyn. Consider it a warm-up for tomorrow.(

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"Democracy Is Like Sex...." 

Darfur orphans Nijah Ahmed, 4, and little brother, Nibraz, 13 months old who fled to the northern part of the Chad/Sudan border after their parents, uncle and older brother were either killed or went missing in an attack by the Janjaweed militia on their village, Ab-Layha.

Thousands are dying in Sudan. Newsweek asks "Is it genocide or not?"
- Nicholas D. Kristof, Op-Ed columnist, invites readers to meet the orphans, widows, rape victims and wounded in Darfur in "Genocide in Sudan." (New York Times)

Publicly, the Pentagon insists it's getting the manpower and money it needs for Iraq and Afghanistan. But as those conflicts drag on, Army planners are privately growing more worried about a looming crisis. (full story from Newsweek)

The leaders of the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks on Tuesday disputed Vice President Dick Cheney's suggestion that he probably had access to more intelligence than the commission did about possible ties between the Qaeda terrorist network and Iraq in a one-sentence statement that read "after examining available transcripts of the vice president's public remarks, the 9/11 commission believes it has access to the same information the vice president has seen regarding contacts between Al Qaeda and Iraq prior to the 9/11 attacks." (full story in The New York Times)
Our two parties have organized themselves around two lopsided and mutually exclusive world views: Democrats believe every American is "entitled" to government largesse, while Republicans see only the ball and chain of punitive taxation. Each of these views has a set of self-justifying "myths." But their consequences go well beyond making our political process seem foolish. While federal deficit projections soar to dangerous heights, threatening our kids with unconscionable tax hikes, these myths have polarized the two parties and ruled out the sort of bipartisan consensus Americans need to avert fiscal catastrophe.
Hype and scare-mongering or real talk that this country needs to hear? Peter G. Peterson, chairman of the Blackstone Group, discusses "10 Partisan Myths" excerpted from his new book Running on Empty in Newsweek.

In true "Dewey Beats Truman" style, this is why you should never trust a word from any news organization owned by Rupert Murdoch. (Gothamist)

OK, I guess Diddy is really taking this political thing seriously. Good. (EURWeb)

Speaking of blending entertainment and politics, check out:
"Democracy is Like Sex... It's Only Good if you Particpate"

COME TO BROOKLYN AND SHAKE YOUR JUICY TO SOME GOOD GROOVES, because who wants a revolution they can't dance to? It is time to SWING THIS ELECTION OUR WAY... and if you got the groove, you got the power!

Thursday July 8
Williamsburg Brooklyn
99 N 13th ST
(Bedford stop on the L)

Doors at 7
Show at 8

Tickets are 20$ at the door


THE FIRE DEPARTMENT (Eric & Neal from Soulive) w/ special guest MCs

Click here for more info.

This show will benefit the following organizations: X The Box, The League of Pissed Off Voters, ActivElement and Music For America will be there registering people to vote.


"Democracy is Like Sex... " has been kind enough to offer Different Kitchen a pair of tickets for this event to the first person that emails me (Subject line "Democracy is Like Sex...").
Of course, the good cause of "Democracy is Like Sex... " notwithstanding, I'm expecting y'all to be at Low Bar tomorrow for my birthday/the latest edition of Different Kitchen the party. Click here or see left in the sidebar for more details.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Kerry-Edwards ticket is a go.... 

Kerry makes a GREAT call by announcing Senator John Edwards as his running mate as far as I'm concerned. Edwards will bring some excitement and energy to this ticket and do what a running mate should do: make Kerry look good. (New York Times)

So how's that peace 'n democracy mission going in Iraq? New Swell of Insurgent Violence Rolls into Baghdad. (New York Times)
- A network of Saddam Hussein's cousins, operating in part from Syria and Jordan, is actively involved in the smuggling of guns, people and money into Iraq to support the anti-American insurgency, say American government officials and a prominent Iraqi. (fullstory from The New York Times)

The Central Intelligence Agency was told by relatives of Iraqi scientists before the war that Baghdad's programs to develop unconventional weapons had been abandoned, but the C.I.A. failed to give that information to President Bush, even as he publicly warned of the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's illicit weapons, according to government officials. (full story from The New York Times)

Is Bush finally starting to lose his base of support amongst the "Have-More's" in Corporate America? (The Big Picture)

Since it opened, "Fahrenheit 9/11" has been a hit in both blue and red America, even at theaters close to military bases. Last Saturday, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took his Nascar crew to see it. The film's appeal to working-class Americans, who are the true victims of George Bush's policies, should give pause to its critics, especially the nervous liberals rushing to disassociate themselves from Michael Moore. (full Paul Krugman op-ed here from The New York Times via Atrios)

Colin Powell performs Y.M.C.A. (RM video Real Player Superpass req'd)

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50 Years of Rock 'n Roll? | Alison Crockett's Grown Woman Ish | Psychedelic hip hop: real or not? 

After a slightly extended break for the long weekend, let's start with a little sports for once:

- They may have won Euro 2004 but this still looks like a trainwreck waiting to happen. ( | New York Times)

- And a Russian hottie tennis player who can actually play upsets Serena to win at Wimbledon. (

Mercedes-Benz online mixtape. (via Kev W.)

Ma$e "Welcome Back" video: how can you not love this? Hip hop needs feel good ish like this. (Win | Real via

My mp3 link game has been kind of weak recently but if you can find 'em, peep:

- Tego Calderon killing it on his bootleg remix of "Lean Back" to find out why I've been on a bit of Reggaeton kick recently and...

- A nice Bounty Killer-laced remix of Hov's "PSA" that quite possibly has been around for a while now although I just heard it for the first time last Friday.

But I can't even believe heads are still running the bullsh!t that rock'n'roll started with Elvis. I'm not hating on my man Chuck D style, but I don't even think Elvis himself copped to that dubious claim. (

And I don't know anything about this dude but his album cover is hella funny. He just betta not come through Bed-Stuy reppin' that jawn too hard.

I don't keep up with this stuff enough to know for sure but based on what I'm reading, is "psychedelic hip hop" the next ish in backpack rap, is it already a go or is the music press trying yet again to create a trend or movement where none exists? DJ Signify | RJD2 | Sixtoo

The album didn't blow me away but there's a couple nice bonus remix tracks on Approach's live funk-flavored Ultra Proteus CD. Check the Oh No remix of "Al Japro" and the 80's steez on the Automato remix of "Slide Back (Straight No Chaser)."

Grown woman ish with Alison Crockett, former singer with King Britt, US3 and others, and her new soul album On Becoming A Woman which includes an interesting cover of Janet Jackson's "When I Think Of You."

Apologies to O-Dub and Clyde in advance but one more case where "No Homo" probably does not apply: Guys Gone Wild. WTF though, was the world really asking for this?

But in another nod to Clyde, I'm not a vegetarian but I'm now really loving these Spinach Nuggets which I got up on thanks (indirectly) to the influence of Chanty F. Seriously, they taste better than you would imagine.

Though I don't wanna get all Whole Foods on that ass, so read up on Garrett Oliver, the black Brewmaster for the Brooklyn Brewery.

You already know about this but I would be remiss if I didn't say: Godfather, Rest in Peace.

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