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Friday, December 31, 2004

Poppin' bottles... 

Work of art or just another bottle to pop for New Years Eve tonight?

I hope Christmas at the Rumsfelds' (and for everyone else) was good despite all the terrible news we've been getting daily from the Southeast East. Please try to donate if you can to help speed relief efforts and alleviate the suffering of those affected by the Tsunami Disaster.

In the spirit of trying to keep things optimistic and light for the rest of the holidays though:

A couple things to do for NYE in NYC:

- DFA and Negroclash at APT (shout to my man Duane Harriott who's often at the excellent record store Other Music when not doing his thing at Negroclash's regular APT party.).

- D-Nice at Table 50

Or, if you're staying in: The Roots live on Anderson Cooper: Live from Times Square TONIGHT.

Ironically, even though I've been posting a bunch of T-Dot and Canadian-related links while up here on break, I don't know much about what's poppin' off here tonight for NYE.

Speaking of the T-Dot though: new Don Cash music. I didn't peep this yet so how is it?

Del F. Cowie presents an excellent primer on Nas for beginners in Exclaim magazine. Actually there was stuff in there that I didn't even know.

Snoop's new "Let's Get Blown" video feat. Pharrell.

My homegirl Raquel Cepeda on Hova, CEO (Paper Magazine via Jerome)

While Ja Rule's career continues to go down the drain again just when it looked like he was in comeback mode with his new album. (EURWeb)

"I ain’t gangster because I’m on the Internet?" (

"We wanted to be the Maybach of the denim industry..." (The Seattle Times)

F-ck a Belve, Grey Goose or Armadale - the Frank Gehry-designed Wyborowa Single Estate vodka bottle.

"Crack Ho," "Hoochie" "Thugged Out" enter the Oxford English Dictionary - minor quibble though: anyone agree with me that the definition for "crack ho," should be "slang for any woman who trades sexual favors for drugs (normally: crack cocaine)" not "slang for a prostitute addicted to crack cocaine"? If you're gonna document and officially sanction 'hood slang (even if it is from the 80's, New Jack City, holla), at least get it right. (NY Daily News)

Martha Stewart loses decorating contest in prison. (USA Today via Nadine S.)

West Coast Customs of Pimp My Ride fame gets pimp slapped by the Feds. (The New York Times)

Lots of discussion amongst hip hop bloggers recently about obscure early 90's hip hop (like here and the Dec. 10 post here). So since I'm in the T-Dot right now, what ever happened to late 80's/early 90's Canadian hip hop pioneer and favorite of Hip Hop Blogs' Hashim, Maestro Fresh Wes? Omni Televsion's Metropia starring Wes "Maestro" Williams as "Quincy."

Happy New Year and thanks to all those who've read and supported this site over the past year. Look out for my Year End Music Wrap Up coming soon and more heat on as close to a daily basis as I can make it in the upcoming year.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami Disaster Relief Links  

Image courtesy:

Here is a list of organizations to which you can send donations fwd'd to me from a friend:


American Jewish Joint Distribution
Distribution Committee
India Earthquake Relief


American Red Cross Int'l Response Fund

Association for India's Development (AID)
Make checks payable to "AID" and mark check
"Earthquake relief fund"


Concern Worldwide

Doctors without Borders

Salvation Army World Service Office
Mark donations "India Earthquake"

United Methodist Committee on Relief

U.S. Fund for UNICEF

United Way International

World Vision

World Concern

A one-click donation link to the American Red Cross for users.

Canadian relief organization links via Sympatico/

And more links via, NPR (thanks O-Dub) and

Support in style - buy an A/X "Lend A Hand" t-shirt and make a contribution to the American Red Cross in the process.

Music For Relief - the official music industry Tsunami relief site.

HOT 97 and the Hip Hop Has Heart Foundation's Tsunami relief effort.

Google's Tsunami Relief links.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Special Non-Hip Hop Edition 

I'm kind of out of it as far as hip hop ish goes right but somehow it doesn't seem that important right now as compared to far more serious events that have been going down over the holiday season. Let me throw you some links to other stuff that's floated across my radar in the past few days though (The New York Times | Australian Broadcasting Corporation):

- Steve Nash - sports heads, is this dude legit nice or have I been constantly hearing about him since being back in the T-Dot because of the standard "Big-Up All Canadians" policy in effect up here and him being the best (only?) Canadian player in the NBA?

- Semi-related (?) - why Kobe will never get love from the streets like LeBron, Allen I etc. do. (The New York Times)
- What type of rocker are you? - once again I'm wondering when they're ever gonna do hip hop versions of these kind of quizzes?

- DFA Radio - these guys aren't really as hot now as they were a couple years back, but this is still worth peepin'. The LCD Soundsystem album is coming soon too (if it's not already out?).


- El Dorado - Jamaican Guyanese Rum (aka "central heating" for the holiday season).

- "Fingers on the pulse of cool"?

- The New York Times on Rick James in their 2004 wrap-up issue. (The New York Times)

- John Legend in stores today - they're bangin' the frankly incredible, strictly piano 'n voice ballad "Ordinary People" on Flow 93.5 (the Hot 97 equivalent here in Toronto). If that and the first single "Used To Love U " are any indication of the quality of the Get Lifted album, it should be sick. (related: Bol disagrees)

- Most community newspapers distributed free in the 'hood are pretty cheesy but Rolling Out is the exception to that rule.

- Daft Punk Interstella 5555 action figures (this might be old?). New album due in 2005 too. I dissed Discovery when if first came out. Then it grew on me until I belatedly realized that their 80's electro-new wave pop steez on that album was not necessarily worse, just different, than their house masterpiece Homework and ahead of the music curve by at least a year. (

- Finally: has Michael Moore become too successful to effectively do his job now? (E! Online)

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Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Eve Late Edition 

ipod my photos - I think this one already did the rounds a couple weeks ago, right?

Into the Storm - "Everything Style Magazines Forgot to Tell You...." (ITS volume 2 link)

Kasabian - more UK hype or the return of the "Madchester" era (this time via erm... Leicester)?

Here's a trial run of something I may try more of in the new year: guest reviews or posts. This review of the Zion I mixtape album that dropped a couple months ago was done by my homegirl Marielle of and Slam Jamz. Check out more of her interviews and other writing here. If you're interested in being a part of this, hit me at the email address link above in the sidebar so we can chop it up. Shout out to my peoples Zion and Amp who I know from way back in the day.

Zion IFamily Business, the mixtape (Live Up)

I got put up on the popularity of underground crew Zion I in the Bay area by Paris when I interviewed him for Since getting a review copy of their recently-released Family Business mixtape I've been playing it daily. This interlude between official Zion I albums is a preview of the hip hop heat we can expect from their forthcoming third LP, True & Livin’, due next Spring.

Family Business blends hot beats and a return to the old school art of real MCing. The members of Zion I - Zion, Amp Live, Deuce Eclipse, and Big Cleesy - are joined by featured guests like Vast Aire, A-plus, Pep Love, Encore, C Rayz Walz, Raashan Ahmad of Crown City Rockers, an impressive new female MC named Miss Marianna as well as Blackalicious who make a special appearance shout out at the end of "Radius (feat. Deuce Eclpise)" and Lyrics Born on the “Silly Puddy” remix. Amp Live, Zion I's in-house track master, holds down the production throughout especially on stand-out tracks like “Oxygen” and "Killa Cali," the aforementioned "Radius," and "Family Business."

Unlike the “bling pimp bullsh-t” we normally hear on the radio, this collection of tracks are socially poignant and have beats hard enough to resonate at any party. Even a hip hop head like me from the BX, the birthplace of this culture and movement, felt like the Zion I crew represented the Left Coast admirably on this release and look forward to hearing more from them in the future.

For more info on Zion I click their website: Family Buinsess is available to buy at

-- Marielle V. Turner is Virtual A&R for and contributing writer for
Still doing some last minute shopping? Don't forget to Buy Blue or to consult Choose the Blue when making those final present selections.

Happy Holidays y'all. I'll be getting my garlic pork on tomorrow morning (it's a Guyanese Christmas thing, you wouldn't understand) and will probably take a little time off from active posting over the next few days. In the meantime though, let me leave you with the greatest hip hop Christmas song of all time:

Run DMC "Christmas in Hollis" Real Video | WMA

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"Tolerance, charity, kindness and generosity...."  

Final news post before Christmas.

Remember how the insurgents were supposed to have been routed out of Fallujah in that big assualt right after the election? So what was this all about yesterday?

And it's official - the terrorists were actually for Bush in November's election. (

Bush pisses on rules protecting the national forests. (The New York Times)

And on poor and starving countries who really need the help of rich countries like the US. Season of Goodwill to All Men, huh?! (The New York Times)

If the US bought even just one less of those hi-tech but essentially already obsolete FA-22 Raptor fighter jets like the one that crashed this week they could keep those programs going. (BBC News | Washington Times)

Well at least Bush has finally perfected the much-troubled missile defence system.

But there's not much point "securing the homeland" if your ally (and partner with you in sharing the longest unprotected international border in the world) has terrible border security. (WDIV/

"If people are really worried about keeping Christ in Christmas, they might personally exhibit tolerance and charity, kindness and generosity." Newsweek's Anna Quindlen really nails the true essence of this season and (hopefully) the final nail in the coffin of this bogus debate. (Newsweek)

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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The US Freezes While Iraq Melts Down 

Hard knocks: Hardeman, 16, was once beaten up after school for knowing the answers in class. WTF?!
Image by Lauren Fleishman courtesy of Newsweek

Medals of Malfeasance (USA Today)

I'm kinda late on that one but it's still worth noting as Iraq continues to melt down during the past couple of weeks:

- the same "Green Zone" check point gets hit twice in 2 days. (The Detroit Free Press)

- Iraqi election officials are shot in plain daylight by assassins so brazen they didn't even bother to conceal their identities (The New York Times)


- a US base is attacked by rockets a suicide bomber killing 20 and wounding at least 60. (The New York Times)

You know sh!t is hectic when even Bush is forced to admit things ain't going so well over there, private contractors are getting the f-ck out and observers for the upcoming election say they're gonna do the job from another country (huh? isn't that like saying you'll observe voter fraud in Ohio from Canada?). (The New York Times)

Speaking of which, something still smells in Ohio nearly two months on from the election. Luckily my man Rick Perlstein is on the case. (The Village Voice)

New F.B.I. Files Describe Abuse of Iraq Inmates. (The New York Times | Related: A Canadian take courtesy CBC News)

And the ACLU's got the goods proving Bush OK'd the torture.

Richard Cohen on Bush's Social Security "Slam-Dunk." (Washington Post)

While Allan Sloan says Bush is Peddling The Wrong Crisis - "The shortfall in Bush's prescription-drug program is a far bigger problem than Social Security." (Newsweek)

Finally, Bill Cosby is not the only one. Yolanda Young says "Black People, wake up!" (Newsweek | USA Today)

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Spread Luv 

I guess everyone's at it now - Foxy Brown Luxury Furs

Spread Luv this holiday season - I Luv Black People (see above).

NYC heads: Evisu & Ben Sherman sample sale at Clothing Line this week.

PLO-mor Lanes - yo, how crazy its it that Araft had a small ownership interest in Union Sq. "ironic" hipster hangout, the Bowlmor Lanes bowling alley?

I always thought all that Def Jux ish was super-wack but I actually kind of like that new El-p album Collecting the Kid.

New Smiths musical?

Donald Young - the Tiger Woods of men's tennis? (Newsweek)

I saw a dude reading this book at the 6th Ave. L train stop a few weeks back and was surprised I hadn't heard about it before. I guess that's because Hip Hop Files had only just dropped at that point. Haven't peeped it personally but I have to imagine it's pretty hot and recommended for anyone who's into Subway Art, Style Wars etc.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Holiday Bits & Pieces.... 

My man Paul K. says "Long Live Rock":

Image Hosted by

T. Dot-ers, catch him tomorrow doing his thing on the 1's and 2's.

Spotted via the Mish list:

- Breaking Ranks - Stelfox's new reggae mp3 blog

- Following the success of our Special Edition U2 iPod, a slew of other artists are now clamoring to have signature MP3 devices of their own - the New Apple Signature iPods

- Julien's Beginner's Guide to Rare Groove and Break Beats Sampled in Hip Hop

- Mu's "Paris Hilton" video (Apple Quicktime plug-in required)

Franklin Soults says De La Soul, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli are merely paying the rent with their recent releases (or something). (Boston Phoenix)

Mr. Biggs' Furs - Ronald Isley is really taking this pimped out alter ego of his way too serious.

But why does Lil Kim look like a drag queen on the website for her signature watch line?

Don't let Byron see this one.

And good loooking to whomever threw a copy of the new Brand Jordan magazine with Carmelo on the cover in the mail for me last week. Points off for the pretty terrible hip hop playing in the audio bed of the site though....

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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Beer Buzz | Crunk Christmas | Where to get Roots Live Bootlegs 

Hemp Flavored Beer (via Matt H.)

The "official" Roots live bootlegs website. (via Jerome)

This is what Eminem has wrought. (New York Post)

Cassidy "I'm a Hustler" - comeback of the year? Arguably the hottest record on the streets in NYC right now (sorry, Cam). (mp3 via

Besides my man Bathgate, lots of good performances at the Hip Hop 101 party last week including Tahir from the Dead Prez affiliated crew The People's Army. Recommended for those into Dave Banner, Goodie Mob etc. Check his clever track "Holiday Pay."

"Thresh Mode - all we ask is that dudes don't "Pharrell"" - Ignore Mag's FUBAR New Year's Eve Party in the MIA.

Ebonie at my day hustle has only gotten to know me a little this year but she was so on it with the two Secret Santa gifts she gave me last week: And It Don't Stop : The Best American Hip-Hop Journalism of the Last 25 Years edited by my homegirl Raquel Cepeda and Jacob Weisberg's George W Bushisms : The Accidental Wit and Wisdom of our 43rd President 2005 Day-to-Day Calendar. Thanks, E.

But finally, everyone have a Crunk Christmas.

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Monday, December 20, 2004

The Rumsfeld Firing Date Countdown Starts Here 

Image Hosted by
Maher Arar - Canada's top newsmaker

Remember how the Iraq war used to be described by Bush as the first step towards bringing democracy and freedom to the Middle East? "US slows bid to advance democracy in Arab world" (The New York Times via M.G.G. Pillai)

The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney - Bob McKeown of CBC Canada's Fifth Estate news show keeps putting the smack down on Bush's bogus Iraq war policy. If this show on Dick Cheney's f-ckery had been produced in the US, it would have probably been shelved and never aired.

Rumsfeld continues to play himself - he needed yet another embarassing public disclosure before he did the right thing again? How long is Bush gonna let this go on? (BBC News)

And Time picks Bush as the Person of the Year joining such previous luminaries as Adolf Hitler (1938), Joseph Stalin (1942) and the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini (1979). I'd say that seems about right. (BBC News | Related: Time names Maher Arar, the Ottawa man sent from New York to a Syrian prison on allegations of links to terrorism, Canada's top newsmaker of 2004.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

More monkey bizness... 

Photo courtesy: The New York Times

Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings - how soon until Mullahs Falwell and Robertson are calling for the US to be renamed the United Christian States of America? (Boston Globe)

And I wonder if this is one of their flock?: "A mother who admitted killing her baby girl by severing the child's arms was guided by a Bible passage in which Jesus refers to cutting off body parts to cast away sin, the woman's attorney said [last Tuesday]." (

But guess what? It's confirmed - Election 2004 was NOT about "moral values" after all. Yet more media f-ckery. (Editor & Publisher)

Hail to the Chimp (The New York Times)

Newly released U.S. Navy documents portray a series of abuse cases stretching beyond Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison where photos surfaced this year of U.S. troops forcing prisoners. (Washington Post | Related: BBC News take)

Two decades later, the "Star Wars" Missile Defense system still doesn't work. (The New York Times)

I don't think there's much I can say or link to on the Bernard Kerik story at this point: big pimpin' and mobbed up? Whoa. But where's the nanny?! (CNN | The New York Times)

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Still Diggin'... 

Image courtesy: He Who

Back in the T. Dot for the holidays. Good lookin' Moe of the Red Ants crew for the heads up on the all-female hip hop show headlined by Ladybug Mecca last night (even though it was kind of mediocre). Mecca has an album dropping on Nu Paradigm Records early next year for those who care though.

I have a bunch of links I wanted to post but I've been having trouble importing my bookmarks off the floppy disk I brought with me (any tech heads out there who can help me out on this? It keeps telling me I have an error "coverting the bookmarks" every time I run the import favorites application in IE?).

In the meantime, rock with these for now:

- He Who (see above)


What I've been listening to over the past week or so:

- Candi Staton - Candi Staton

- Bettye Swann - Bettye Swann

- Various Artists - Midwest Funk: Funk 45's From Tornado Alley

Go beyond the standard funk and (southern) soul fare of James Brown and Stax Records with these three albums, courtesy of Stones Throw and London's Honest Jon's, which are a nice intro for neophytes to the esoteric world and growing subculture of rare groove and 45 collecting. Shout to Frank at Caroline yet again and Emily at Astralwerks for the CD hook-ups.

- The Clash - Give'Em Enough Rope

A couple weeks ago I was up late night and caught the end of the Clash's cult, low-budget quasi-docudrama Rude Boy on either the Sundance or iFc channel. I was embarrased by how many of the songs they played in the live concert segments that I straight up didn't recognize even though I claim these cats as one of my favorite rock bands ever. Vowing to get my game tight, I've been playing Give'Em Enough Rope on repeat since then because this is probably the album by them I've played the least. Don't sleep, while it's not the Clash's best work, this album stands up (close enough) to anything else in their discography despite being routinely underrated and dissed by critics and fans alike since its 1978 release.

- Mobb Deep - Amerikaz Nightmare

F-ck what you heard, this album was hot. Even I was kind of semi on it when it first dropped, but going back to Amerikaz Nightmare last week I had it on repeat with no urge to fast forward. A lot of heads bitched about the crunk beats and Kanye collabs but give the Mobb credit for trying to evolve. They can't keep dropping clones of The Infamous over and over again and I personally thought "Real Gangstaz" was redonkolous from a DJ perspective and kind of got slept on while "Throw Your Hands (In the Air)" sounded a lot better than I recalled. Expect this on my 2004 Best Of list somewhere when I eventually drop that.

More later if I can figure out this Bookmark Import issue.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

"What's next - candy crack?" 

Image Hosted by

I've been stupid busy over the last 2 weeks trying to cram in last minute work before I jet out of town tomorrow so apologies for the lack of posts this week or to anyone who's emailed me recently and not gotten a response yet.

As some of you may have noticed, I've made a few changes to the layout of the site's menu sidebar to get rid of the increasing clutter. I had to do it, the list of links was getting crazy and was only get worse as I have a ton of sites bookmarked that I still need to add.

I've also added a button allowing you to receive Different Kitchen updates on your My Yahoo! page since Yahoo seems to have gotten into the whole RSS syndication thing real big recently.

The sites changes will be ongoing during the holiday break so let me kow what you think. Post frequency might go down during the next couple of weeks but the two things that will happen for sure are the posting of a new "Hot Ish" list for this month (mad late now, I know) and a Best of 2004 list (which should be more accurately described as my favorites of 2004 since I hardly listened to even a majority the most notable releases this year).

Speaking of which though: Prefix mag's The Best Albums of 2004

Queen Amidala's racial gaffe? (

Nadine S. says August Wilson's Gem of the Ocean is fantastic - after winning a Tony for her role in A Rasin in the Sun and getting great reveiws for her work on this play, Phylicia Rashad is on fire right now.

The real Disco Inferno - the story of Chic, one of the greatest bands of all time, excerpted in the UK's Independent newspaper from the book Everybody Dance: Chic and the Politics of Disco, (a permalink to this story?)

K-os "Crabbbuckit" e-card - peep this kid's Joyfull Rebellion album if you're digging the seemingly growing movement of acts, like Andre 3000, Mos Def and The Roots, trying to pioneer a new hip hop-inspired alternative music sound.

Speaking of Mos, here's some links to the first two videos from his much-debated The New Danger album:

- "Ghetto Rock" win: hi | lo real: hi | lo quicktime: hi | lo

- "Sex, Love & Money" win: hi | lo real: hi | lo quicktime: hi | lo

And on the R&B tip real quick:

- I can't front on Mario's "Let Me Love You." He may look like Chris Rock's younger brother (probably not the best look for an R&B singer) but that joint is fire.

- 112's "If I Hit" feat. T.I. is kind of crazy too (albeit biting Usher's "Yeah" pretty hard with a little "Baby Boy" thrown in for good measure) but I couldn't find an mp3 link (UPDATE: link found via Def Soul Y'all still need to step your game up though. You're promoing the first single from this group's new album but still have their old album up on your site.

- Speaking of Usher, "Wifey" feat. Pharrell is bananas. This kid won't be falling off any time soon if this is any indication. (mp3 via R&B Session)

The Futureheads - hipsters was talking about these cats a little while back but I'm only just now getting to hear some of their stuff. Punky new wave a la XTC? I'll co-sign it.

Infamous Radio (

33 reasons Why you shouldn't post your picture on the internet

Via Street Dreams: the hip hop Apprentice? BTW I didn't post it here but I predicted weeks ago that Jennifer and Kelly would make it to the final in the original The Apprentice airing tonight. But if you think military veteran Kelly is losing to a backstabbing, slacker blonde with a smart mouth and thin track record in this current "war time" climate, you're crazy. (Canyon News)

Candy Chronic hits NYC - hasn't this stuff been around for a while now. I seem to remember it being for sale at the Cypress Hill Smokeout in LA back in 2000 (but maybe that's just due to the trees I was smoking). (New York Daily News)

Santa Mosh


All I want for Christmas (but I'll settle for some rent money)....

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bathgate Live in NYC this Monday 

My homegirls Nadine & Kimberly were kind enough to put my man Bathgate on at this month's edition of their regular Hip Hop 101 party:

Happy Holidays Hip Hop Lovers,

The last time we brought you Hip Hop 101, we help bring back the real underground! Jeru the Damaja, Steel (Smif N Wessun), Papa Wu (Wu-Tang Clan), Immortal Technique, Duo Live, P.O.W., People's Army, DJ Supreme and DJ Butta and, of course, the A-Alikes who released their latest CD that night!

We took a little break, but class is back in Session!




327 Bowery (bet. 2-3rd Avenues)
B, D, F or V to Bdwy-Lafayette | #6 to Bleecker




DJ SYNAPSE spinnin' all night

$10 General Admission
$5 on guestlist (email for list)

(an affiliate The Kimberly Group)


Come join us Monday night for some real underground hip hop.

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East Africa Photo Exhibit in Brooklyn 

The opening reception was last night, which I missed, but support my homegirl Anya Dennis's Photo Exhibit titled "Dust Tracks on the Road: A Photographic Journey through Ethiopia, Kenya,Tanzania, and Zanzibar" which runs through January 10th, 2005.

Image Hosted by

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Friday, December 10, 2004

"You go to war with the army you have...." 

The Virgin Posh Spice? C'mon! Photo courtesy:

Troops grill Rumsfeld over Iraq - someone please explain to me how Rumsfeld, arguably the most incompetent member of Bush's cabinet (outside of Bush himself), is the one guy who's managed to keep his job despite his inept execution of the Iraq war debacle? Plus, what happened to "Our men and women in the military have superb training and the best equipment and able commanders." (BBC News | Presidential 2004 Veteran's Day Speech at Arlington National Cemetery)

Almost two years into the war they are only now working on fixing the problem? Just checking: is this still Kerry's fault for voting against that infamous $87 billion appropriations bill? (Boston Globe)

And who's Rumsfeld think he is now: Tony Soprano? (Chicago Sun-Times)
Last month's U.S. assault on the insurgent-held city of Fallujah may have been a success, but the aftermath has been a disaster. On the highway to Baghdad's main airport, suicide bombings have gotten so frequent that last week the American Embassy officially declared the road off-limits to its personnel. Now, U.S. diplomatic staffers need helicopters to get to the airport from the Green Zone. Mosul, six times Fallujah's size, is now almost as much of a no-go zone as Fallujah ever was.

[S]enior officers insist the boost [in U.S. troop strength in Iraq by 12,000 to 150,000, more than it took to invade Iraq in the first place] is only temporary. Otherwise the Army is in for a desperate scramble. The brass is convinced that reneging on the "365 days" pledge would send re-enlistments plunging. And there simply are no remaining units stateside to replace those troops who are sent home.
from "How Many Boots on the Ground?" about how the U.S. is pushing the limits of their military deployment in Iraq. (Newsweek)

Blue Lemur keeps the pressure on with ongoing coverage of the Clinton Curtis/vote rigging story.

Terror at the mini golf and water park?! Somehow I don't even think major intelligence reform can save us now. (USA Today)

Nativity scene brouhaha in the UK - this is why Christmas has become so nauseating to me. The most offensive thing about this story to me though is that have they depicted George Bush as one of the Three Wise Men.
[W]ho designed the Oil-for-Food Program? The United States and Britain [emphasis added]. They wrote the rules that allowed Saddam Hussein to choose his trading partners, banks and consultants. They vetted every one of the 30,000 contracts that passed through the program. They held up 5,000 over concerns about materials that could be used for weapons of mass destruction, but not one over concerns about corruption. Saddam's major revenues actually came from smuggling, which was an activity the United Nations was not mandated to stop. The only ones who could have stopped it were the ones with military force in the region—the United States and Britain. The truth is that Washington—during both the Clinton and the Bush years—cared little about Iraq's corruption. It cared only about its weapons.
From "When the U.N. Fails, We All Do" by Fareed Zakaria. (Newsweek)

And spotted in the same article, a movie that really seems worth supporting: Hotel Rwanda

Finally, respect Wangari Maathai for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. (CNN International)

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Still tippin'.... 

Wanna let Mike Jones know what you think of his music? Call (281) 330-8004... SERIOUSLY

TONIGHT: my man Gordon Chambers with Ledisi and Carl Hancock-Rux live at BB Kings's.

A Tribute to Ignorance - possibly the most hip hop blog of them all

Trouble Crunk

"The West is getting restless...."?

Don't believe the hype - pop music history's critical darlings get skewered. (The Guardian)

De La Soul live on Carson Daly:

- "Rock Co.Kane.Flow" feat. MF Doom: real | win

- "The Grind Date": real | win (links via Alma G.)

Long time blogger fave Mike Jones might finally be on the verge - recently I've been hearing Hot 97's DJ Enuff starting to spin his "Still Tippin'" feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall. (mp3 via Baylo Ent.)

But taking a severe left turn:

Blur "Song 2" (Tim Deluxe Remix) (mp3 via

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"A civilization of fear" 

Photo courtesy: The New York Times

Now this is real talk: a leaked classified CIA cable - described as ‘unusually candid’ - offers bleak Iraq assessment. (Newsweek | The BBC News' take)

Defense Intelligence Agency Memos Say 2 Officials Who Saw Prison Abuse Were Threatened. (The New York Times)

The Times' Edward Wong says it's increasingly looking like it could end up being civil war in Iraq. (The New York Times)

While the war on terror is An Obsession the World Doesn't Share. (The New York Times)

The intelligence bill passes but the Supreme Court turns down ruling on gay marriage yet opts to weigh in on the crucial issue of Interstate Wine Sales. WTF? ( The New York Times | | The New York Times)

The Great Indecency Hoax, Pt. II: according to a new FCC estimate nearly all indecency complaints in 2003—99.8 percent—were filed by the activist group the Parents Television Council. Through early October of this year, 99.9 percent of indecency complaints—aside from those concerning the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” during the Super Bowl halftime show broadcast on CBS— were also brought by the PTC. ( | Related: The Washington Times' take.)

It's official then: yesterday was my first (?) and last reference to living in a post 11/2 "moral values" world because that's turned out to be yet another bullsh!t media fabrication too.

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Hip Hop in a post-11/2 "moral values" world 

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Taye Diggs' is getting death threats: maybe the cops should be investigating this guy? "These Are Our Heroes (Coon Picnic)" (New York Post | mp3 via

Meanwhile Broadway truly is dead - It's Karate Kid, the musical (?!!)

More mp3's via

Ludacris "The Potion" - club banger status (although sounding a LOT like "The Jumpoff")

feat. Kanye & Syleena Johnson "Down and Out" - arguably the hottest record in the streets of New York right now.

2Pac feat America's "Other First Lady" "Ghetto Gospel" this Eminem production is not bad, but does this collabo with Elton John strike cats as just off somehow? And Em working with that dude again - should I be reading anything into this? (More good mp3 here)

Unknown 2 No 1 - the Iraqi Backstreet Boys.

I'm really only kind of a connoiseur of the art house/festival circuit martial arts movies so this House of Flying Daggers is looking kind of crazy to me - what's really gravy with this film, anyone seen it yet?

Is the "hip hop nation" confused? Panama Jackson thinks so. (

And are people getting more up in arms about the misogyny and sexism in hip hop (this is news?!) now because of the new "moral values" world we live post-11/2?

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Hip Hop: now and then.... 

Yesterday was December 4th - happy birthday, Hova. (mp3 via DJ Om from The Black Album)

And tomorrow, this might be worth f-cking with:

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(Click to enlarge invite)

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Friday, December 03, 2004

At APT this Sunday.... 

My man Jerome from Ibadan Records if you're not doing anything and appreciate house music with some real soul:

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Thursday, December 02, 2004

More Muzik and Stuff to Trap 

This is not an ironic pose, I am reppin' this T.I. ish hard (no homo):
Seriously, go cop that 'cos this kid is crazy. And his new website is live now too.

And cop that Nas while you're at it and join the debate over at O-Dub's Pop Life.

Jaheim feat. Beanie Sigel "The Truth '04" produced by my man Giz - link finally found (via

But a shout to some of my peoples who don't have major label money behind them (I feel you):

- Mac & AK - veteran stalwarts of the underground Yay Area hip hop scene straight outta of the real killa Cali (E.P.A. don't play!). Peep "Leather N Wood" and "Bosses" from their forthcoming mixtape droppping early next year. "Leather" is trying a little too hard to be some crunkified Dirty South ish to me (Eric, y'all are from the Bay - y'need to get more hyphy, LOL.) but tell me that second track isn't the best beat Dre never produced?

- River Nelson, who I bumped into last night at Serena's - check out his brand of underground hip hop here.

- It's been a long time coming so I hope my man R.A. finally get his well-deserved props. This kid was the original crazy white boy from way back when Marshall was still probably rapping along to his 19 Naughty III tape trying to perfect his Treach flow (listen carefully) and calling his ex-girlfriend a n-gger b-tch in basement dis tracks. He kind of harps on that a little too much on his Die, Rugged Man, Die album but it's still worth copping for the real heads. Peep the "Lessons" mp3 from the album.

Joe, the owner of Fat Beats has a blog now. (Related: "Blog - a four-letter term that came to symbolize the difference between old and new media during this year's presidential campaign tops U.S. dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster's list of the top 10 words of the year." via Nadine S.)

Blog is the top word for 2004? Just when Pepper Spray was making a late run for the top spot with all those recent stories.... ( | E! Online | The Guardian)

A college hoops blog

Still freek-a-leek-icious: Esther Baxter in XXL [also here at the official XXL mag site which is finally updated] while her site is updated too. (via Jerome)

I know it's been out for a minute but there might be a review running soon on this site of Def Jam's Fight for NY game. Click the link at left to check it out or leave comments if you've already played it and let me know what's really gravy.

Freshness mag

That Good Good

And Trickology switches to a blog format and comes out blastin' with the Hip Hop Dead Pool. Now that's real talk - whoa. (via Hashim)

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Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle 

Iraq war profiteering covered in the new Seven Stories Press book Iraq, Inc.: A Profitable Occupation (spotted via Zentronix | Related: CorpWatch - holding Corporations Accountable)

[S]some detainees were arrested because targets were not at home when homes were raided. A family member was instead captured and then released when the target turned himself in -- a practice that, Herrington wrote, "has a 'hostage' feel to it."

A separate report by the Center for Army Lessons Learned, issued this past May and intended for internal use, gave the sense that some Army tactics served to "alienate common Iraqis who initially supported the coalition."

"It is a practice in some U.S. units to detain family members of anti-coalition suspects in an effort to induce the suspects to turn themselves in, in exchange for the release of their family members," the report stated. The CALL report also was critical of the delays in notifying family members about the status of detainees held in U.S. custody, reminding family members of Hussein's tactics.
from the Herrington report covered in the article "U.S. Generals in Iraq Were Told of Abuse Early, Inquiry Finds." (Washington Post)

Ukrainian election protest rap - but where was the US counterpart after Nov. 2?

Al-Qaeda is not the threat they've been made out to be?

And in 2004 people are still questioning The Theory of Natural Selction and seriously want "Inteliigent Design" Creationism taught in school science courses?! This country is an embarassment, f'rzill.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Hot Ish (Dec. 2004) 

The West Coast Joe Budden?

Some links are active: click to hear tracks, buy music, books or for more info. Old lists can be found at the bottom of the sidebar.

1. T.I. "Bring 'Em Out" (Grand Hustle/Atlantic)

2. Phil The Agony The Aromatic Album (Vocab/GoodVibe)

3. Amerie "1 Thing" (Promo Sony Urban) Update (1/29/05): apparently Sony has finally gotten their sh-t together and realized this song could be a smash and is giving it an official release and full promo push. Only 6 months and 400 BDS radio spins off white label promos with NO label support after they rejected the track as being "not a hit." Ah, the music industry.

4. Nas feat. Ludacris & Doug E Fresh "Virgo" (Sony Urban/Columbia | DTP/Island Def Jam)

5. The Game feat. 50 Cent "How We Do" (Aftermath/Interscope)

6. Ratsicule Un Chaud Combo (Ratsicule)

7. Ms Jade feat. Peeti Crack & Freeway "Pocketful of Bullets" (White Label)

8. Xzibit "Hey Now" (Sony Urban)

9. 50 Cent "Disco Inferno" (G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath)

10. Usher "Ride" (Promo)

11. Slim Thug feat. Jay-Z "I Ain't Heard of That (remix)" (Geffen)

12. Jae Millz "Streets Meltin'" (Universal - I think)

13. Snoop Dogg R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece (Geffen)

14. Dabrye "Game Over" (Ghostly International)

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"'They hate our policies, not our freedom...." 

Missed from a while back when I was out of town:

- Prison boot camps - a favorite of conservative "tough-on-crime" types - do not work. (The New York Times)

The Genome in Black and White (and Gray) - a future of better specialized medecines or the first step on the road to legitimized eugenics? (The New York Times)

Speaking of race: "who knows how many of those who protested to the FCC about the "risque" nature of the Owens/Sheridan scene were really upset about the interracial aspect of it." Am I a complete dullard for overlooking the race angle every time on these stories (cf. Janet & Justin's "wardrobe malfunction")? (Daily News)

And on a related note, The New York Times' Frank Rich has been on fire recently even if he kind of talks about the same thing every week:

- The Great Indecency Hoax - "Though the F.C.C. had cited 159 public complaints in its legal case against Fox [in which they threatened Fox and its affiliates with the largest indecency fine to date - $1.2 million for the sins of a now-defunct reality program called "Married by America"], the documents obtained by former TV Guide critic turned blogger Jeff Jarvis showed that there were actually only 90 complaints, written by 23 individuals. Of those 23, all but 2 were identical repetitions of a form letter posted by the Parents Television Council. In other words, the total of actual, discrete complaints about "Married by America" was 3 [emphasis added]."

- On 'Moral Values,' It's Blue in a Landslide


'They hate our policies, not our freedom' - late on the Wednesday afternoon before the Thanksgiving holiday, the US Defense Department released a report by the Defense Science Board that is highly critical of the administration's efforts in the war on terror and in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (The Christian Science Monitor)

Guantánamo - "tantamount to torture..." Wow, USA Today was so on this one a month ago. (Guardian | Related: Red Cross Finds Detainee Abuse in Guantánamo The New York Times)

The smell of Napalm on a Fallujah morning? (Black Information Link)

U.S. Officials Say Iraq's Forces Founder Under Rebel Assaults - at this rate my unborn chlidren might have to do tours in Iraq. (The New York Times)

And back home, Bush is fronting again. (Newsweek)

And why can't the mainstream media admit that, just maybe, the GOP did steal the election instead of dancing around the issue in the meager coverage they give this story? (Newsweek | Related: Newsclip Autopsy with a telling comparison of the public reaction in the Ukraine vs. in the US to a questionable election outcome.)

And while the US and Europe are distracted with Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, the future of global geopolitical dominance is already being determined somewhere else far, far away. (CBC Business News)

Under the Same Sun - ESSENTIAL reading.

Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches - a daily blog of the real news from inside Iraq (via Omar E.)

"I believe this should be as important as the war on terrorism; as important as rebuilding impoverished countries like Afghanistan or Iraq; as important as peace in the Middle East. This should be as important as if our own daughters and sons were dying." - Alicia Keys, of all people, on the AIDS crisis in Africa. (Billboard)

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