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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OnSMASH x 2DopeBoyz x YouHeardThatNew Presents: The ILLZ - In Between Video Series (Video + MP3) 

Innovative! Props to this talented new MC on doing something this ambitious as an unsigned artist. And check out his amazing The Pursuit LP HERE if you missed (or skipped) it.

&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;Antonio Tosca by The ILLZ&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

About the In Between Video Series

August 24, 2010: The ILLZ along with Hot Mop Films and Kristopher Rey-Talley are releasing a unique project entitled the "In Between Video Series" The projectl features new songs from The ILLZ, which will all be released visually and download-able. The main goal of this project is to prove that simplicity truly is the highest form of sophistication. The project features production from ILLtal, Cito on the beat, with Hot Mop Films and Kristopher Rey-Talley providing the visuals for the songs. This project is unique in many ways. Firstly, every song was released by the release date of July 27th by way of video without the download option. Then every song and video will be digitally packaged and made available for download via and online blogs/sites. Secondly, almost every song in this project consists of one verse with no chorus, with the exception of the first release "Dreams of Life & Beth". Lastly, the videos were met with the same approach. Minimal editing and shots. It was the collective effort and goal of The ILLZ, Kristopher Rey-Talley, and Hot Mop Films to create moving visuals for the songs on this project that embodied the same minimalist approach. This project will provide a series of videos that will lead up to the forthcoming video releases from The ILLZ critically acclaimed solo project "The Pursuit LP".


"Dreams of Life & Beth"
(Directed By: Kristopher Rey-Talley)
Synopsis by filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley: When The ILLZ approached me about the "In Between Video series", I was struck by the simple brilliance of it all. Releasing video and song simultaneously, as one piece of content, was a bold and strong move. I signed on immediately, and within a few days, we began shooting the first few videos. Simple, often low concept, but brimming with ILLZ insistence on cinematic imagery. With "Dreams of Life & Beth", I decided to go with a very cold, morbid look. The song is introspective and haunting, and I wanted to convey that through a simplistic set of visuals. Shooting on the Manhattan bridge at 5:30am, we got that clean ambient light, and complete desertion. Everything was shot on long lenses, creating a sense of deep space and complete loneliness. The video is a mood piece, low on concept but high on artistry and emotion. It is but the first chapter in a varied, complex and beautiful set of upcoming videos, one unlike that of any artist I've worked with thus far.
Produced Credit: Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man.

"Turpentine Weed"
(Directed By: Kristopher Rey-Talley)
Synopsis by filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley: Here we go, Round 2. Its funny, The ILLZ and I have wavered back and forth about how to release this video series, and what video would come when. It become clear, after Life and Dreams of Beth", that 'Turpentine Weed' would be a nice followup, as it would crush expectations set forth by our first two collaborations, The Moment You Feel Definite Hope, and the aforementioned Beth. This video was a 180, and it needed to be. The record is laid back, fun, and I wanted to create a video that felt that way as well. The ILLZ is a very multifaceted person. Not only is he intelligent, and one of the most ambitious and cinematic thinking musicians I know, but he also knows how to kick it. If you met him in the street or at a bar, you'd never know how intense and moody his tracks can be. So with Turpentine, we wanted to show off another part of his personality, or two parts in this case. We have the smooth motherfuckin ILLZ and we have the ILLZ as "The Dude". Talented, well spoken and educated, but also has the ability to kick it and not give a shit. Its a low fi concept done in a creative and hopefully, entertaining way. And watch out for part three, as this series grows deeper and the style conquers another bit of cinematic history.
Production Credit: ILL Tal.

"M.P.A.(My Public Apology)"
(Directed By: Kristopher Rey-Talley)
Synopsis by filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley: Round 3: don't have a ton to say this time. Beauty of this video is what it become in contrast to what we set out to do. What was supposed to be a simple picnic vid became a sensual and romantic ode to French New Wave Films. I wanted it pretty, so I shot long lensed, and to give it that easy, nice flow, would give them topics to talk about and just let them interact as I shot. It was almost like I was staging a documentary and then capturing it. Of all our collabs, this may be the one I'm most proud of. I figured out how to rig a new lens system (my own secret) to give it a very cinematic feel. There's something effortless and earnest about the video and that's what I love. Even the performance shot was nailed in one take and I have no qualms about it, as it looks damn great. So enough talk. The ILLZ and I present "M.P.A. (My Public Apology)" Enjoy.
Production Credit: Duke B, Telepopmusik with Vocals by Angela McCluskey. Model Co-Star: Lourdes Madera.

(Directed By: HotMop Films)
Synopsis by HotMop Films: It's a pleasure to be around hard working people, even more it's truly an honor to be around people who inspire creativity. The ILLZ is one of those people. A while back The ILLZ hit me up, we spoke about his original concept for the "In Between Video Series" 7 new tracks, 7 new videos. I was like, "Cool, which one you wanted me to do?" he simply said, "You can do all of them, but lets start off and do 3." He must have seen my face drop, I could do 7 videos but I wouldn't have a life, hahaha. So, HotMop partnered up with The ILLZ and Krystopher Rey- Talley to take on this project. This is HotMop's first video and we're very excited about it. We shot the "Persistence" Video in the green room (more like the red room) of Santos Party House living in the moment. We were blanketed by that red light bullshiting and laughing together and I saw an opportunity and said " This room is ILL, let's shoot a freestyle video". But, the minute we were done with it... I was like, "Fuck a random freestyle let's shoot one of the videos." He gave me a pound "Let's do it." Nahgee (good friend, business partner, and HotMop filmer) walked in with the second camera and we got two angles going at the same time. IN 20 minutes we walked back out to The ILLZ soundcheck and that was it, the "Persistence" video was a wrap. You know, some times you live for the future but to get there you need to live in the present. I am truly blessed to be around hard working, creative people. OBRIGADO (thank you in Portuguese) Huge shout out to the HotMop Family: Jazz, Ronin, Nahgee, Good Fella Radio Crew: Justin, Q, Rob and especially the homie AR.
Production Credit: Cito On The Beat

"Antonio Tosca"
(Directed By: HotMop Films)
Synopsis by HotMop Films: With Antonio Tosca we wanted to create this character that The ILLZ embodies but also is a look that is opposite to what “Hip Hop” portrays. What we set out to do was flip the image of Hip Hop, I shot performances just like in the 90’s but rather it be grimy and in dark locations. We went to the west village and walked around. We let the city inspire us and dictate the shots and the mood we were feeling at the time. This is the second video we did for The ILLZ’s “In Between Video Series”. It’s awesome working with creative people who are comfortable enough to live in the moment and in their own skin to just meet up with you and create on the spot. He took care of the bars and we made sure to capture the moments and make them as cinematic as possible. The pianos lent to this dreamlike but very real summer feel; so I went with these light refractions, that we shot through crystals in the studio, adding that overlay to mirror the beat and mood of the track. Proud to introduce to you Mr. Antonio Tosca. ENJOY!
Production Credit: Tosa

"Ode To New York"
(Directed By: Kristopher Rey-Talley)
Synopsis by filmmaker Kristopher Rey-Talley: "So, sadly, this concludes my contribution to the ILLZ' In Between Video Series. This is the lowest concept of all the vids. Intentionally simple and straightforward. A portrait of an artist praising his love for the city just over the water. The city that makes him fall in love, that eats him alive, that makes him alone. The city he must conquer. Thank you for your time and energy. Working on this video series has been a freeing and exciting experience. Stay tuned for the next big project between me and the ILLZ.
Production Credit: Cat Power


"Where We're Going (Stop and Stare)"
(Directed By HotMop Films)
Synopsis by HotMop Films:
This song is a mix of very upbeat techie flow and feel but the words are very aggressive and commanding. We shot this on the rooftop of The Cool Kid List, we played of this batman vibe of overlooking a moving world. The whiskey represented to us this comfort level that The ILLZ posses and puts out. The color treatment was meant to be a bit surreal because as you grind towards your goal you loose sense of day and night (ironically i write this at 4:39 in the am). In this city that never sleeps it's easy for you to loose yourself in your work. Keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground. We do this. THIS IS "WHERE WE'RE GOING" ENJOY Thank You to AMK @
Production Credit: Fenech Soler | CutSeen

Download the videos HERE. [mediafire link]

The ILLZ - | Twitter | Facebook | Myspace | Vimeo | YouTube | Flickr


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New Music: T.shirt - Broke Mogul (Freestyle) 


COC alum, T.Shirt on his latest viral freestyle track:

"A couple months ago, Scott Vener (@brokemogul), who's the music supervisor for shows on HBO like Entourage and How To Make It In America, hit us with an opportunity to do something over this beat sampling Lenny Kravitz. I was feeling how smooth it was and though I wasn't sure what the hell it was for, I jumped at the chance. You listen up when a guy like Scott asks you to do something."

T.shirt - Broke Mogul (Freestyle) [usershare mp3 download link]

T.shirt - twitter | website | bandcamp | youtube


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New Music: Mickey Factz - New Campus Kingpin 

Mickey Factz


Mickey Factz - New Campus Kingpin [limelinx mp3 download link]

Despite a minor setback, Mickey's seventh mixtape titled, I'm Better Than You is coming soon!

[via GFC New York]


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New Music: Krs One & True Master - Street Rhymer feat. Cappodonna 


Track from the Meta-Historical album:

Krs One & True Master "Street Rhymer" feat. Cappodonna [mp3 download link]

Meta-Historical In Stores Today! Cop via Fat Beats (dead at phyisical retails only - the brand still lives!)

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Music Video: Rick Ross - Hard in the Paint (Freestyle) 

Shout to Waka....


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Video: Out Da Box TV interviews Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins 

I didn't get to watch this yet but apparently Ms. Muldrow has an issue with Dilla's lyrics??

[via Jalylah]

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Video: Kardinal Offishall Live at Notting Hill Carnival in London 

via the homie, Lo:

"Kardinal Offishall aka Carnival Offishall tore down Nottinghill Carnival earlier today. Its the biggest Carnival to take place in Europe, with an estimated 2 million people in attendance.

Kardinal performed on Rampage's main stage, alongside Dead Prez, Ms Dynamite, and several other UK artists. He performed 'Dangerous' and freestyled over 'Pass Out' and 'Next Hype'."


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Music Video: Jared Evan - In Love With You 

I've featured this kid previously on The Kitchen HERE.


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Music Video: Jazmine Sullivan - Holding You Down 

Previously on The Kitchen:

Download the Jazmine Sullivan "Holding You Down" song HERE.


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New Music: T-Pain & Rick Ross - Rap Song 

Rick Ross,Teflon Don,T-Pain

After a couple false starts looks like Teddy P is gonna play it safe and go back to the formula that had him running urban pop music from 2005 through 20009 with this track which sounds like the 2010 version of his smash, "Buy U A Drank." After we done been autotuned out though after all these years, is this track too little, too late to help save launch his RevolveR album?

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Monday, August 30, 2010

New Mixtape: Waka Flocka Flame – Flocka Nation 

Waka Flocka Flame,mixtape

Waka Flocka Flame

Featuring the "Hard in the Paint" remix with Rozay and Gucci and one of my recent favorites, "Block N Roll Anthem" with Blair Maxberry.

Download the Waka Flocka FlameFlocka Nation Mixtape HERE. [megaupload link]

[via kdough at Traps N Trunks]

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Music Video: OJ Da Juiceman – Coogi 

I love that Coogi is still hot in the South (if this video is any indication, that is). I know it made a minor comeback a few years ago and the brand just hired Jada to try and save it once more but is NY really f-cking with it any more since its heyday in the B.I.G. era??! (I guess one answer comes courtesy of 'Ye if you listen to his rhymes at the 1:53 mark on that new Justin Bieber remix) Maybe they shoulda just hired Da Juiceman though (or maybe they did??!) Track produced by Fat Boi.

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Two New Joints from Nas: This Is The Way w/ Spragga Benz & Power, Paper & P*ssy 


I dunno how much I really wanna be cosigning this Spragga shotta business - the video is SUPER flagrant even by rude bwoy/gangsta rap standards. Look at the cover above and you know here he's coming from: criminal minded 2010, yard style! Here's the track, produced by Salaam Remi, if you really need it that bad in your life though:

Spragga Benz - This Is The Way feat. Nas (prod. Salaam Remi) [usershare mp3 download link]

Shotta Culture in stores TOMORROW!

And here's a FIYA joint, also produced by Salaam Remi apparently, off some upcoming Green Lantern mixtape:

Shout to Billy Squier and Herb Alpert! Frankly this track is kind of flāg' too but by usual hip hop standards it's actually normal. What a twisted set of values we hip hop fans live by!

[first mp3 via Lo | second one via Semtex & Roy yet again!]

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New Music: Justin Bieber feat. Kanye West & Raekwon - Runaway Love (Remix) [No Tags] 

Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Raekwon the Chef, Runaway Love remix, Photobucket

Listen: all you twitter gangsters going on about Rae and Ye sold out or the only time you wanna hear about Bieber is if he's getting shot in a skit need to shut the f-ck up! Y'all really have that much hate in your heart that you wish ill on a f-cking kid like that?! Kid's only crime is getting tween (and some older, don't get ti f-cked up) girls moist (no paedo). Does it bother you that much?! *Smdh....* You must be the same losers who un-followed Kweli 'cos he did a record with Gucci. Get a life you f-cking losers, seriously!

As for this record it's fine. Honestly I thought it was a spoof at first where some one had grabbed old acapellas and thrown it over an old RZA instrumental but then I realized it was for real so I coulda done without that Frankenstein's monster feel to it and it coulda ended at the 3:11 mark no probs, no need for another Chef verse but who can complain about putting the most candy-ass, bubblegum pop singer in the game over some raw-dog hip hop. That's a WIN for hip hop - be clear!!!

[via Semtex & Roy Thomas]

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New Music: Ciara - Gimmie That 


Shout to Raize once again:


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New Music: R. Kelly - When A Woman Loves 

R. Kelly

Super retro, throwback vibes on this one! Probably should have put this one on my other blog, The In Crowd!

Thanks to the homie, Raize on this one!


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Video: Sha-Rock of Funky Four Plus One Introduces Her New Book Luminary Icon 

BUY The Story Of The Beginning and End Of The First Hip Hop Female MC...Luminary Icon by old school hip hop legend and pioneering female MC, Sha-Rock of The Funky Four Plus One on HERE.


Also, don't forget TONIGHT is the premiere of My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women and Hip Hop, the documentary on women in hip hop airing on BET. Click HERE for more details.

Sha Rock - twitter | myspace | youtube

[via Grandgood]

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New Music: Lincoln Blache - Wasted 

Lincoln Blache

New (?) cat from Toronto (and part-Guyanese!) I spotted on Very Pharrell/N*E*R*D in style but super-DOPE nonetheless. Check it:

Y'all f-cking with that?!

Lincoln Blache - twitter | myspace | reverbnation | facebook


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New Music: Hell Razah – Return Of The Renaissance feat. Ra The Rugged Man 

Hell Razah

F-cking FIYA TRACK from Hell Razah's Heaven Razah album dropping September 28th featuring the illest white boy not from Detroit, R.A. The Rugged Man. No joke, R.A. is one of the top 5 most underrated MC's in my book.

Hell Razah – Return Of The Renaissance feat. Ra The Rugged Man [direct mp3 download link - right click and save as]

Track listing for Heaven Razah:

01. The Arrival (Intro)
02. Negro Angelitos
03. Book of Heaven Razah
04. Medical Kush
05. Raised in Hell
06. Fear of God
07. Return of the Renaissance(ft. R.A. The Rugged Man)
08. Cinematic
09. Kids In The Street
10. A Brooklyn Tale (feat. Shabazz the Disciple)
11. Selah
12. Dear Lord
13. My Testimony (feat. Darnell McClain)
14. Heaven on Earth (feat. Timbo King & Darnell McClain)
15. Armageddon

[mp3 courtesy Devin at Nature Sounds]

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Music video: Prince Po – Latchkey Kid Chronicles 

New sh-t by Prince Po (aka Prince Poetry of Organized Konfusion). Video directed by John Reps. FIYA!

[via Grandgood]

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Music Video: Jasiri X - Dr. King's Nightmare: Dr. King Responds to Glenn Beck 

Via Jasiri X:

"This was part of a song Me and Paradise the Arkitech had intended to do as coverage of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally, as well as Al Sharpton's "Reclaim the Dream" rally. The plan was to spit a rhyme from both perspectives then end with a verse from Dr. King himself. We eventually decided to scrap the idea and concentrate on our next video. However, this article by Legendary Hip-Hop Journalist Davey D inspired me to record my Dr. King verse to Kayne West's "Power" and create a video around it.

Written from the perspective of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Jasiri X responds to Glenn Beck's rally and the growing racial and economic divide in America. From the police's brutal beating of Jordan Miles in Pittsburgh and murder of Oscar Grant in Oakland, the increasing poverty and joblessness, to the ever expanding racial division lead by the rhetoric of those like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin... Dr. King's dream has turned into a nightmare."

I can't believe 47 years after our march
Instead of more enlightened y'all going back to the dark
I thought this was the generation that would capture the spark
To see it even more divided is like a stab to the heart
So ashamed that they want to evoke my name
To try a stoke the flame and make folks deranged
Trying to find scape goats to blame
That lynch mob mentality was the reason from ropes we hanged
So why try to provoke the pain is ya hope and aim
To see the flag blood soaked and stained
These wicked special interests try to coach the game
Cause the wider the divide they have the most to gain
See my dream was far deeper than racial equality
Tried to rid America of the disgrace of poverty
And challenge the government to create the policies that would make equality not a fake democracy
That spend billions on war with such great hypocrisy
And that's the reason that I met fate on that balcony
That's the reason that I met my fate on the balcony
That's the real reason that I met my fate on that balcony
No fool like Beck should have all that power
Buying into all that fear makes you a coward
Whose gonna stand up for the poor in this hour.

Jasiri X - twitter | facebook | youtube


A brief set of links on the Restore Honor rally:

Inside Glenn Beck's 'Restoring Honor' rally. [Washington Post]

Inside Al Sharpton's 'Reclaim the Dream' march. [Washington Post]

Glenn Beck: People don't recognize 'Obama's version of Christianity' - WTF??! [Washington Post]

Beck claims Martin Luther King, Jr.'s legacy through God - really??! :/ [Politico]

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Mixtape: Max Tannone x Talib Kweli - Dub Kweli 

Max Tannone,Talib Kweli,mixtape, Dub Kweli

Last one for the night. From the cat who brought you the Jaydiohead Jay-Z x Radiohead mash-up (which apparently, Hov actually dug!), Mos Dub and the Beastie Boys Double Check Your Head project comes Dub Kweli, another 'dub' reggae mash-up project, this time with Mos Def's Black Star partner, Talib Kweli:

Perfect way to wrap up the weekend?

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Just in case y'all thought I forgot: Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson! 

Spike Lee,J. Period,Michael Jackson,mixtape, Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition)

Spike Lee,J. Period,Michael Jackson,mixtape, Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition)

Still the G.O.A.T.

Download the free limited edition Spike Lee x J. Period tribute mixtape Man or the Music (40 Acres Edition), an 80-minute collection of Michael Jackson classics, rare demo tracks, remixes, and behind-the-scenes interview clips HERE. [direct zip file download]

[J. Period via]

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New Music: Choklate feat. Drake – Overdose 


Some nice soul vibes featuring $10 Milli Drizzy for the Sunday night wind-down:

Choklate feat. Drake – Overdose
(produced by Tha Bizness) [mp3 download link]

[via Metal Lungies]

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Music Video: Action Bronson – Imported Goods 

Speaking of 90's style hip hop, here's a brand new joint inspired by that era....

Action Bronson – Imported Goods (prod. by Falside) [mp3 download link]

Ya dig?

[via Unkut]

AddThis Social Bookmark Button & Lyrics To Go presents Nas - Illmatic: the Samples 


Ivan (with an assist from Lyrics to Go) does it yet again!

"What can I say about this album that hasn't already been expounded upon by music journalists and institutional scholars alike? Illmatic is to hip hop what Miles Davis's Kind of Blue is to jazz: a quintessential centerpiece to its respective genre. Dallas Penn summed it up quite nicely: "The Sun, Moon and stars along with the spirit of Rakim Allah came together to form this rap music manifesto masterpiece.""

If you don't know about Illmatic, I don't even know what to say except this is probably one of the ten hip hop albums you ABSOLUTELY need to listen to. Once you've done that, come back here and learn about the original source music sampled that built this masterpiece.

Download & Lyrics To Go presents Nas - Illmatic: the Samples HERE.

[via HHIR]

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News: Wyclef Jean Disqualified from Attempt to Run For President of Haiti 

Wyclef Jean

Read about it HERE. [Haitian Christian News]

Jean wrote the following song, "Prizon Pou K.E.P.A." in protest:

Wyclef Jean - Prizon Pou K.E.P.A. [usershare mp3 download link]

Previously on The Kitchen:

Listen to "The Day After", Wyclef's commentary on the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake HERE.

[via Idolator]

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Music Video: Jasiri X - Real Gangstas 

via Jasiri X:

"Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan and Jasiri X go on location to New York and Chicago to show the world who the Real Gangstas are, you know the ones who collapsed the economy and were rewarded with billions of dollars. Produced my GM3 "Real Gangstas" is not meant to be a diss song, but a defense of young Blacks and Latinos who are made out to be scapegoats for our country's ills, while the super wealthy continue to add to their tremendous fortunes at the expense of the poor and middle class. Special thanks to Edward 6X for directing the Chicago shoot."


Verse 1
Gangster means organized crime
to exploit the poor or the blind using fortified lies
before you use the word think more than five times
they use to run with the cops they are borderline swine
with a 360 deal still a whore to the signed line
like a child still amazed at how quarters and dimes shine
real gangstas make billions making slaves of civilians
making slaves of ya children making slaves do the killin
really the games brilliant create the pain and the illness
then sell you the medicine that they claim will heal it
Real Gangstas don't need guns to leave ya brains on the ceiling
they teach ya self hatred and leave ya chained by ya feelings
almost insane from dealing with ya everyday problems
they in every state mobbin doing heavyweight robbin
intimidate congress giving orders to the president
that's why all were selected before we elected them

Verse 2
If you spent ya whole paycheck and you ain't even saved yet
and you still in great debt then are you still a slave yes
800 billions in bailouts is what the banks get
Goldman Sachs Merrill Lynch throw up ya gang sets
Money talks but Ebonics isn't its language
that's why any black man teaching economics is dangerous
Real Gangstas are the 10% Satan and his apprentices
banking discipline businessmen raping pillaging innocents
master plans intricate Africans witnessed it
at the hands of the wickedest bastards and damn hypocrites
scamming riches with cash derivatives on wall street
then slash ya benefits ask the senators cause they all meet
to send soldiers to secure the Iraq boarder
before BP and Halliburton New Orleans had black water
if ya land resources you getting attacked for it
cause Real Gangstas run the world on the backs of the poorest

Jasiri X - twitter | facebook | youtube

More reading:

Paul Krugman: This is not a Recovery. [New York Times]

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A Look Back on the Fifth Anniversary at Hurricane Katrina 

Louisianians Give Bush Higher Marks Than Obama for Crisis Response. [AOL Politics Daily]

Really?? Have people already forgotten how incompetently Bush handled this tragedy?? Let me refresh your memory...

"Why is no one in charge?"

"I done called for a shelter, I done called for help. There ain't none. No one answers...."

"You don't want to be here at night....."

A lot of people are ashamed of what is happening in this country right now...."

"These people are dying for no other reason than the lack of organization...."

"Lives were lost that did not need to be lost...."

New Orleans: Two Years Later.

Katrina “Has Fallen So Far Off The Radar Screen, You Can’t Find It”

"To the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility...."


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Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Music: Stromae - Alors On Danse feat. Kanye West & Gilbere Forte 

Kanye West, Gilbere Forte, Stromae, Alors On Danse

Missed this one from late in the week when it leaked. Apparently this is the biggest crossover club record in Europe so no surprise that 'International Ye' would jump on it. Nice one to get your Saturday night kicking off right though also, no?

Stromae - Alors On Danse feat. Kanye West & Gilbere Forte [userhsare mp3 download link]

[mp3 via Miss Info]

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Friday, August 27, 2010

New Music: Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj - Monster 

Kanye West,Jay-Z,Rick Ross,Nicki Minaj, Bon Iver, Monster

Happy G.O.O.D. Friday!

Kanye West feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Bon Iver & Nicki Minaj - Monster [usershare mp3 download link]

[h/t: Yeezy | mp3 via Semtex]

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Introducing New Producer Unda (aka Undaground Tha Illest) - Soon is So Far Away 

Unda, Undaground Tha Illest, Photobucket

Dude passed me his Soon is So Far Away CD album last night at the Sound Battle Royale event so I threw it on when I got back home just to see what it was about and it turned out to actually be some perfect late night, wind-down music.

True, to his name, this is some new school underground hip hop ish. If you dig cats like 9th Wonder and the late, great Dilla, this mostly instrumental CD (except one track, #10 "High Times (Wrap)" featuring Pancho Villa & Wallace Alamo) might be right up your alley. It was giving me some serious Donuts-like vibes in the way its formatted and the sound of some of the tracks (4, 7, 9 etc.). Check it out and tell me what you think, don't be shy - leave a comment!

<a href="">Far Away (Dakotaa Speaks) by Unda (aka Undaground Tha Illest)</a>

Undaground Tha Illest - bandcamp | myspace | group website

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New Music: Pimp C feat. Drake & Bun B – What Up 

Pimp C, UGK, Underground Kingz, Photobucket

<a href="">What Up ft. Drake &amp; Bun B by Pimp C</a>

There's a new Pimp C album, The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones featuring this track produced by beatsmith Boi-1da dropping in October??! Who knew....

[via Traps N Trunks / Nah Right]

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New Music: Chris Brown feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall - Deuces (Mix Mason R&B'more Edit) 

Chris Brown, Mix Mason, Tyga, Kevin McCall

Mix Mason is my dude whose super-dope DJ Mixes I have supported for a long time. In fact his Shameless Self-Promotion mix was the first full project to come out under the Connoisseurs of Culture banner. This here is his first official production, a nice little B'more (Baltimore) club remix of Chris Brown's 'comeback' viral hit, "Deuces":

Nice way to kick off the weekend after a string of cool old school-related posts, no?

Mix Mason - twitter | facebook | website


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TOMORROW in NYC: I Love Vinyl Party with Amir, Ge-Ology and more! 

Photobucket, amir, ge-ology, the twilite tone, scribe, op!, jon oliver

Scribe, Wax Poetics, Raw Fusion, Halcyon, Great Weekend and Fusicology proudly present

the almighty
I Love Vinyl

...Saturday Aug 28, 2010

doors 10pm

$5 b4 midnight*
$10 after
*FREE b4 11pm w/ RSVP at

The Gallery Bar @
(le) Poisson Rouge

featuring the world's famous supreme dream team:
-the twilite tone
-jon oliver

Click HERE for more details.

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New Mixtape: Sedgwick & Cedar presents Planet Rock Paris (mixed by Just Dizle aka Le Champion) 

Photobucket, Sedgwick & Cedar, DJ Just Dizle

This is kind of epic too! Call me an old man but I love old school hip hop. Sue me!

"Sedgwick & Cedar is a brand that celebrates innovation, creativity, and pioneers across multiple genres. To coincide with the recently released Planet Rock line, Sedgwick & Cedar is presenting mixtapes for a free stream put together by DJs from each of the five cities represented in the line: London, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York. Released today on is a mix from Paris DJ Just Dizle AKA Le Champion.

DJ Just Dizle is one of the most sought after DJ's hailing out of France, and the first DJ from Europe to hit the set of BET's Rap City alongside Snoop Dogg and DJ Enuff. He has compiled a mix including sounds from Kurtis Blow, Jazzy Jay, Run DMC, and more."

Track list:
01.Just-Ice - Latoya
02.Joe Piscopo & Eddie Murphy - Honeymooners Rap
03. MC EZ - Get Retarted
04.The Super Kids - The Tragedy
05.Fearless Four - Rockin' it
06.Skinny Boys - Jock Box
07.LL Cool J - You'll Rock
08.Ultramagnetic MCs - Bait
09.Roxanne shante - I'm Fly Shante ft Steady B.
10.Fantasy Three - It's Your Rock
11.B-Side - Change the beat
12.Spin Masters - Brothers
13.Kurtis Blow - AJ Scratch
14.Velore & Double-O - Your ugly
15.Run-D.M.C. - Rock The House
16.Hurby's Machine Feat Antoinette - I Got An Attitude
17.Jazzy Jay - Cold Chillin In The Spot
18.Run DMC - Jam Master Jay
19.Schooly D - Saturday Night
20.T La Rock - It's Yours
21.Disco Four - We're At The Party
22.The Singing MC Breeze - DiscombobulatorBabulator (Captain Crunch)
23.Ultimate 3 Mc's - What Are We Gonna Do About It?
24.Davy DMX - One For The Treble
25.Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Super Cassanova
26.Spoonie Gee & The Treacherous 3 - Love Rap
27.Awesome Foursome - Monster beat
28.The Sugar Hill Gang - 8th Wonder

[via Sedgwick & Cedar]

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Prince Paul Makes his Unreleased Horror City Album from 1995 Available for FREE Download 


This is kind of epic!!!

Via Prince Paul:

"This was a project that I wanted to put together with Amityville MC legend Superstar. as I thought about it more I wanted to recruit more Mcs we knew to make it diverse.

Superstar already had the name Horror City so we recorded under that name. This project was recorded right after the first Gravediggaz album 6ft Deep in 1995. I shopped the demo but unfortunately it got looked over and never got signed. I sat on this project for a while but it always had a dear place in my heart because I thought it was really good and the talent was there. I stripped some of the music from the demo and put it on A Prince Among Thieves and actually had a few of the guys perform on the Thieves album as well but to be honest, I always liked these originals better.

So now I have decided share these songs with all of you because holding on to them made no sense. Why not share great music? Hopefully you the listener will enjoy this project as much as I do. Please share it, that's why I made this for free download.

For more group info please log on to Facebook for a proper bio of Horror City."

Download the Prince Paul presents Horror City album HERE: megaupload | mediafire


Prince Paul presents Horror City is now available on vinyl too! Click HERE for details.

[via The TROY blog | Steady Bloggin' | Grandgood]

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Music Video: NYOIL feat. Shadii – Alright (Electric Relaxation rmx) 

NY Oil (aka Kool Kim from the UMC's for those who still ain't knowing) remakes the A Tribe Called Quest classic....

[via Grandgood]

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Video: DMC Tours His Hollis Queens Hometown 

"The latest video from The Wall Street Journals, WalkAbout NY series shows DMC giving a tour of his old Hollis neighborhood explaining how he and his boys got into rap and taking us into the actual alley where it all got started."

[via The Couch Sessions]

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Video: Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh & Grand Puba Perform Live in The Bronx 

Sound ain't great on this Puba joint but it's Puba!

At the Old Skool 2010 Concert at the Paradise Theater. Love new hip hop too but this will always be my era....

[via Miss Info]

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Music Video: Redlight feat. Ms. Dynamite - What You Talking About!? 

Why Dynamite sound like Lady Sovereign on this record (and the video look like 2008 era M.I.A.)??! :/

BUY the Redlight feat. Ms. Dynamite "What You Talking About!?" single HERE. [itunes]

[via Semtex]

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Coming this Monday on BET: My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women and Hip Hop 

"BET and Forward Movement Films take an in-depth look at the role of female hip hop artists in the network's first original music documentary, MY MIC SOUNDS NICE: A TRUTH ABOUT WOMEN AND HIP HOP. Directed and executive produced by Ava DuVernay, the film debuts on August 30, 2010 at 10:00 PM EDT on BET."

Click HERE for more details.

Follow My Mic Sounds Nice - Twitter | facebook

[via Soul Culture]

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AP Video: Nicki Minaj Revives Female Voice in Rap? 

Which leads me to....

[via hustleGRL]

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Former Canadian Idol Contestant Arrested in Ottawa Terror Plot! 

Dude (Dr. Khurram Syed Sher - yes, a medical doctor) sang Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” and did the moonwalk and the robot! WTF??!? This would be funny if wasn't so serious although I wonder if this is another of these so-called foiled terror plots that turns out to be a bunch of wannabe but incompetent bumblers who were never going to be a serious threat?

Read more via the Toronto Star:

Third terror suspect was Canadian Idol contestant.

From Canadian Idol contestant to terror suspect.

Idol contestant in court amid reports of fourth arrest.

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NYC Cabbie Ahmed Sharif Stabbed for Being Muslim! 

Weirdly as the video point out for those too lazy to watch it to the end, the attacker, college student Michael Enright actually took part in a trip to Afghanistan sponsored by an organization that promotes interfaith tolerance and understanding. Depending on what you read, that trip may have triggered PTSD in him or he's a drunk, not a racist or he is just an anti-Muslim racist. You decide, I guess!

Despite growing evidence of increasing Anti-Muslim sentiment throughout the US though, the Right Wing there continues to keep their head in the sand.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Music: Diddy & Dirty Money feat. Drake - Loving You No More 


How do you do a Thursday series of posts without Drake?! C'mon, can't be done!

[mp3 via Roy & Semtex]

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New Music: Circle Research - Stop, Look … Listen To Your Heart 

Another track from Toronto-based Circle Research's Gardiner Express album in stores now:

Circle Research - Stop, Look … Listen To Your Heart [mp3 download]

Check out that Circle Research EPK above too!

Circle Research online - twitter | website | podcast

[mp3 courtesy Urbnet Records]

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New Music: D-Sisive - I Love A Girl 


More hip hop:

"I grew up in the projects. Real talk.

Walked the talk. Spoke the slang. Drank the 40 and bought the short sleeved Dickies button-up, ya dig?

Where gunshots rang out like a bell. Shells falling on the concrete real fast. Police on the scene. You know what I mean.

Survival was key.

“Never let ‘em see you smile.”

Words to live by. Words spoken by the hardest hombre I knew. My Uncle Astar. A nickname given to him after a horrific chainsaw accident; Inspired by a bitch-ass robot in a War Amps commercial. Unfortunately, Uncle Astar couldn’t put his arms back on.

But that was life in the projects. Homies losing their arms everyday. We never listened to authority, let alone some bullshit robot. We never played safe. We played unsafe. If you couldn’t swim, you were bound to drizzown. Welcome to Death Row.

Never let ‘em see you smile.

Uncle Astar never had a reason to smile. Especially when it came to speaking in sign language, wearing tank-tops and karate chopping shit. His reasons for living. Pre-accident, of course.

I wanted my new single to embody the struggle my Uncle Astar faced everyday. Pain felt by a man unable to pretend he was making out with a skeezah by rubbing his back while facing a corner.

Reality rap, ya feel me?

I pulled in the machine guns for this one. Fresh Kils on the bizzeat. Moka Only on the chorus hizzarmonies and a real-life Mogwai (which I bought in the basement of New Ho King on College & Spadina) singing his gremlin ass off.

Inspired by the sirens. The gunshots. The rolling dice. The sympathetic store owners feeling sorry for our mothers. The khakis. The hair-braiding on porches. The screen doors. The pitbulls. The ‘a friend with weed is a friend indeed’ apparel. The streets. The corners. The ghetto...And my girlfriend, Melanie.

I present to you

"I Love A Girl."

G’s up. Hoes down.

D-Sisive - I Love A Girl [mp3 download link]

This is kinda sappy and he sounds Asher Roth-ish vocally but I kinda dig this (and I'm not super up on this kid's prior work, so maybe he sounded like Roth before Roth did?!).

From the Vaudeville album available now on CD, iTunes & URBNET Digital.

D-Sisive online - Twitter | Website | Facebook | Videos

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Music Video: Aspektz - Fresh from Academic Probation: Commencement 

Video directed by The Kovnatural is for the first single from the new Aspektz x iLL Kidz project, COMMENCEMENT, second in his Academic Probation series. Here goes the mp3:

Aspektz - Fresh [mediafire mp3 download link]

Dig what you hear/see? Then get the full mixtape here:

Download the Aspektz x iLL Kidz - Academic Probation: Commencement project HERE. [mediafire]

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In Toronto TONIGHT: Round 3 of the Sound Battle Royale Beat Producer Battle 

I'm heading to the Drake Underground to check this out tonight. If you claim to be a real hip hop head and live in the, you should too. Click HERE for more details. Shout to the homegirl, Tonika.

Sound Battle Royale - website | twitter | youtube

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Friday in Toronto: Intimate & Interactive Open Mic featuring Silver Solitair & Spek Won 

Solitair, Silver Solitair, Photobucketp

Solitair's going by Silver Solitair, now?? Not sure I dig the change but he's still dope either way. Scroll down or click HERE for the details on this Friday's get down featuring this vet of the hip hop scene. And Sol', holla at your boy! We still need to poli, fam!!!

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Video: WolF J McFarlane & KJ – Ante UP! Live at Intimate & Interactive in Toronto 

Here's some video from the Aug. 6 edition of the Intimate & Interactive showcase.

Wolf J online - bandcamp | tumblr | website


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Friday in Toronto: Intimate & Interactive Open Mic featuring Spek Won & Silver Solitair 


Spek is the opening act but he sent me this on Facebook so I'm putting his name first here:

Intimate & Interactive Open Mic



Live Performance & Artist/Audience Q&A

Toronto's only AUDITION-ONLY OPEN MIC with a HEADLINER each and every FRIDAY!

A night specifically designed for music lovers and music appreciators.

Lambadina Lounge

875 Bloor St. W (2nd floor.) TTC accessible (right across from Ossington Station)


Hosted by: MTV AFTERSHOW's Tika Simone

$10 before 11pm/ $15 after

Doors Open @ 10pm

Photographs & Creative by: Ishmil Waterman

"Intimate & Interactive Open Mic was created to bring a sense of awareness around not only performance art but the art of media training in artists as well. Every headliner has been hand-selected to perform and answer questions from the audience in regards to their push and struggle to the top.

Intimate & Interactive proves that everyone has a story and Toronto has many unknown diamonds in the rough ready to take form.

I've put my all into this night and I hope to see all of you there.

--Tika Simone"

***For Open Mic or Headliner Auditions please email:***

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Music Video: The Incomparable Shakespeare - Hometown Feat. Adele 

Like I said when I posted this on Facebook last night: if we don't support songs like this, people are gonna keep thinking the only hip hop poppin' is the gangsta kind. BK, stand up!!!

This track samples "Hometown Glory" by Adele and is from a mixtape project called The British Invasion presented by and

"The British Invasion is a hybrid experiment that fuses the musical aesthetics of American and UK pop. Produced exclusively by Silver, the project’s goal was to maintain the integrity of the source material while creating a rich new sound not typically found in Hip-Hop. The references are incredibly diverse and range from The Beatles to Bloc Party to Soul II Soul. I put a lot of love into every record to ensure that each has a different sound and a different approach, but more importantly, a different feel. This EP should not to be confused with the disposable mixtapes which clutter the web. This is music!"

Download Silver & The Incomparable Shakespeare - The British Invasion mixtape HERE. [zip file]


Read "From Adele to K.R.I.T. to Shakespeare, a Brief History of “Hometown”" on Refined Hype HERE.

The Incomparable Shakespeare Online - twitter | website | youtube | myspace


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