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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Unsigned Hype: Sun N.Y. & Trazz 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Beyond the 5 boroughs is... the future of NY hip hop?

SUN N.Y. "808" [MP3: YSI | zshare stream/download] - formerly down with So So Def, this Rochester MC is now rolling for delf although may link back up with J.D. now that he's head of Black Music at Island.

Trazz "Get Your Bread Up" [MP3: YSI | zshare stream/download] - The Joe Budden of Upstate? This 23 year old from Buffalo, NY is signed to the Fix Your Face music group and has just dropped his Almost Famous mixtape with DJ Noodles. Shout to Mr. Cheeks & Lil' Kim on this one!

Look for the "Upstate"collab single by these two coming soon but let me know what you think of these two joints.


MySpace - Sun N.Y.

MySpace - Trazz |

(h/t: as always, my dude Young Global)

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

War on Terror Update: it's ALL f-ckin' fallin' apart.... 

Image Hosted by
Pleasant trip to Afghanistan, Dick?

Thoughts from NOW magazine on the possible Iran war Bush seems to be itching to launch:

"Many people listen to the White House these days and conclude that a U.S. attack on Iran is imminent: "To be quite honest, I'm a little concerned that it's Iraq again," as Senator John Rockefeller, the new chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said recently.

Some senior U.S. soldiers were worried about the strategic wisdom and even the legality of invading Iraq, but nobody resigned over it. It was obvious that the U.S. would win the actual war quickly and cheaply, and almost nobody worried about the aftermath.

But an attack on Iran is different, even though it would not involve American ground troops (since all available U.S. combat troops are committed to Iraq), because any competent general knows that this is a war the U.S. cannot win.

Air strikes alone cannot win a war, however massive they are, and they probably could not even destroy all of Iran's nuclear facilities, which are numerous, dispersed and often deeply buried. Many Iranians would be killed, but what would the U.S. do next? It would have very few options, whereas Iran would have many.

Iran could flood Iraq with sophisticated weapons and send volunteers to help the fight against U.S. forces there. It could throw international markets into turmoil by halting its own oil exports. It could try to close the entire gulf to tanker traffic (with a fair chance of success) and throw the entire world economy into crisis."

Click here to read more.


BREAKING (?) NEWS: An explosion outside the main U.S. military base in Afghanistan went off Tuesday as Vice President Dick Cheney was visiting - WTF??

Gen. Pace says the US's military capability is eroding.

And in "post-Surge/security crackdown" Baghdad:

Iraqi VP Adel Abdul-Mahdi narrowly escapes assassination.

And Iraqi President Talabani falls ill as Baghdad reels from new bombings.

I keep saying this every time I do one of these posts but seriously... when will the f-ckin' madness end??

Semi-related: congrats to Al Gore on last night. If only Bush hadn't stolen the presidency back in 2000 (*sigh*)...

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MIMS feat. Bun B and Seed - "They Don't Wanna Play" 

Image Hosted by

New music from the forthcoming MIMS' album Music Is My Savior (IN STORES MARCH 27, 2007). A worthy follow-up to his surprise (to me at least) #1 pop smash "This is Why I'm Hot"?

MIMS feat. Bun B (UGK) and Seed - "They Don't Wanna Play" [audio streams: windows | quicktime]

On the internets: Website | MySpace | BUY the Music Is My Savior album here

(H/t: my dun Roberto of the C'Stone massive)

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Monday, February 26, 2007

C.L. Smooth - "All I Know" 

Image Hosted by

From the new Jazzy Jeff release The Return of the Magnificent as heard on CIUT's Project Bounce radio last night:

C.L. Smooth "All I Know" [MP3 (snippet) | zshare stream/download (full version)]

mp3 courtesy Juno, zshare link via HipHopRuckus


DJ Jazzy Jeff - MySpace

C.L.Smooth - MySpace

BUY albums by Jazzy Jeff here and The Return of the Magnificent EP on 12" (!) here.

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Greatest Hip Hop Groups of All Time? 

I really don't get heavy into the list thing (hence the reason why I still haven't done a post on my favorite album of 2006 yet) but someone from MTV sent me this clip last night and I really don't have time or energy to post anything else before I head back to NYC tonight (storm willing):

Like I told them in my response email, I don't care as long as N.W.A, Run-DMC, ATCQ, Wu-Tang Clan and Public Enemy made the cut. Me personally I'd have De La and EPMD on my list too but that's just me - I wouldn't fight anyone over it just like I wouldn't fight anyone who pushed for Outkast either. Peace to Gangstarr, UGK, Above the Law, Fugees, Geto Boys, Cypress Hill, Whodini, Beastie Boys, Pharcyde and a bunch of other acts who are probably worthy too. Who's on your top 10?

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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Old Skool, Young Blood & Dread Beat 

Image Hosted by

T-dot heads: I'll be down at the Cloak & Dagger (394 College west) TONIGHT with some old friends checking out the Dread Beat party. Here's the science from DJ Will:

"Expect some serious roots chunes both old and new, a smattering of ska and rocksteady and a whole pile of contemporary dancehall from your Dread Beat operators Jelly and Ironwill.

Arrive early to avoid disappointment on the door, we been packing the place steady for a few months now well before the midnight hour!"

And while we're on the reggae tip, check out some mp3 snippets from the excellent Peckings label compilation Old Skool Young Blood Volume 1 that I heard for the first time last night at my homegirl Anousheh's place. It's actually been out almost a year at this point but was strangely only only just profiled in this week's issue of the Toronto alt. weekly NOW magazine. Guaranteed sweet vibes still though:

Bitty McLean & the Supersonics - "Walk Away from Love (remix)" (MP3 snippet)

Kelly Makeda - "Shake It Off" * (MP3 snippet)

Preview and BUY the whole album at Juno Records.


Bitty McLean - MySpace


Album review on Reggae Vibes

(* yes that's a Mariah Carey cover - better than the original?)

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New remix: Fall Out Boy x Kanye West 

Image Hosted by

I've no idea what the original sounds like but why does this Kanye West remix of Fall Out Boy sound lke a boy band record to me?

Fall Out Boy feat. Kanye West "This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race (Kanye West Remix)" [zshare stream/download]

(Zshare link spotted at Nah Right Lite via Young Global)


Fall Out Boy - Website | MySpace | BUY Music by Fall Out Boy

Kanye West - Website | MySpace | BUY MUSIC by Kanye West

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Hip Hop Edutainment Grows in Brooklyn 

Image Hosted by

The Hip-Hop Association presents the 1st Annual It's All About M.E.E. Festival – A Celebration of Media, Expression and Education this weekend (February 23–25). Click the links below for more details:

Hip-Hop Association

It's All About M.E.E. Festival

Semi-related: Flocabulary - using the educational power and social appeal of hip-hop music to foster literacy and promote academic success in the classroom and beyond.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Is Barack Black Enough for America? 

Image Hosted by
Image courtesy

I can't even believe this question is up for debate but this is the world we live in:

"No. Obama ain’t perfect. No mortal is but facts are facts. Obama is the best
candidate in the entire field and certainly the most viable Black candidate of
all time– all due respect to Shirley Chisholm, in particular, and the other
Blacks who have been willing to take on that challenge. (And damn if he don’t
have that sincere politician part down.) The specifics of Obama’s background
undoubtedly make him less threatening to the White american mainstream but
dwelling on that is petty and to borrow from my favorite and often contradictory
rapper Nas, “slave shit”.... "
More from Jalylah Burrell's King mag (!) column "Black Is…Black Ain’t" here.

Online: MySpace - Barack Obama | 2.0

Semi-related: speaking of JB, join the debate on her personal site about whether Ludacris' music is exploitative of women here. (related: does Luda = sell-out for recently performing at Paris Hilton's birthday party?)

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Marco Polo feat. Kardinal Offishall - "War" 

Image Hosted by

In celebration of the fact that I'm in the for a few days decompressing, here's a new joint featuring OG Canadian MC (and recent Konvict Musik signing) Kardinal Offishall:

Marco Polo feat. Kardinal Offishall - "War" [MP3: YSI | zshare stream/download]

This is from the upcoming Port Authority album by Canadian producer/DJ Marco Polo. It's dropping on 5-15-07 via a, based on this track and the recent Kidz in the Hall album, seemingly revitalized Rawkus Records.


MySpace - Marco Polo | BUY music by Marco Polo

MySpace - Kardinal Offishall | BUY music by Kardinal

(mp3 by kind permission of Movement Marketing)

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Nas - "Where Are They Now (1950s Remix)" 

Check out a 1950s "Video Remix" of Nas' "Where Are They Now" featuring Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and Little Richard. This is fantastic:

Spotted via Jay Smooth.

Previously: the Kitchen presents Nas: the "Where Are They Now" remixes!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tax Season's Rapid Ripoff in the 'Hood 

Image Hosted by

With tax season upon us, here's an interesting article I spotted in the AM New York free paper from a couple weeks ago:

Those 'rapid refunds' offered by many tax preparation firms leading up to April 15 are draining millions of dollars from the poorest neighborhoods with loans that have interest rates as high as 700%, advocates warned Sunday.

City residents who take the usurious loans hoping to get a quicker refund have spent more than $324 million in fees and interest over a three-year period, according to the Neighborhood economic Development Advocacy project.

Residents of Brownsville in Brooklyn shelled out more than $8.5 million in fees from 2002 to
2005 alone.

Billed as rapid refunds among other names, the refund anticipation loans or RALs, are issued by out-of-state banks that charge interest rates that exceed the New York's 25% interest ceiling on loans -- with some going as high as 700%.

Other fees and charges hidden inside these further whittle away at taxpayers' refund checks. The loans are marketed aggressively in low-income communities, advocates said.

"When advocates mapped out the amount of money lost to these loans by zip code, they found that the highest amounts where being in paid in communities comprised largely of minorities and the working poor. Often the taxpayers were eligible for Earned Income Tax Credits, but saw that federal money go toward fees instead of their families, Keeley said.

"The areas with the most amount of fees siphoned away match almost identically to the areas that are more than 50% Black or Hispanic -- that's staggering," Keeley said.
Click here to read the rest of the article.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Termanology 50 Bodies (Hosted by Tony Touch & mixed by DJ's Statik Selektah & Deadeye.)

Download Mick Boogie with Little Brother And Justus For All here. (via Spine)

DJ Noodles & Young Chris Hired Gun - the mixtape [zip link | winrar link] - officially sanctioned by Def Jam and Rocafella (apparently!). Thanks to my dude Young Global who STAYS on his grizzy with the email updates on this one!

Hell Razah Back into the Renaissance mixtape (mixed by Justo Mixtape Awards winner, DJ Rated R) previewing his upcoming Rennaissance Child album. (link via Nature Sounds)

Previously: more free mixtapes here.

I'm on vacation this week so updates may (or may not) be spotty for the next week or so.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

More Pack Sh-t!!! 

Image Hosted by

The Pack will be on the Fader's "The Let Out" show on East Village Radio TONIGHT around 6:30pm

Then come check 'em uptown later that night. Details above. This is a YBI event so do not even think about showing up if you're not fresh 2 def or are over 21.

On the internets: Website | MySpace | BUY Skateboards 2 Scrapers here (or on itunes here)

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Uptown Wednesday Night.... 

Harlem has always had that swag. Even (adopted) Brooklyn heads like me been knowing that Uptown cats stay fly all day! With that being said...

This is Teyana Taylor, the "Princess of Star Trak": homegirl is 16 years old and credited with "inventing" (read: popularizing) the Chicken Noodle Soup dance last summer. She's a former skater turned rapper/singer now signed to Pharrell's Star Trak label as well as peoples with my young dun-duns from The Pack:

Image Hosted by

It's YBI, mang. I keep telling you to stop fighting it but y'all don't listen....

More online: MySpace | "Boy You and Me" (Stream)

Going slightly further uptown from Harlem to the BX, I've been looking for this joint by another cat who likes to get Fresh 2 Def for a minute:

Daytona feat. Jim Jones "Home Boy What You Lookin At" [MP3: YSI | zshare stream/download]

"Oochie Wally" re-flipped for '07! Why not? Shout to my peoples Cipha Sounds, J. Landlord and Mr. Morgan at Jack Move, inc. on this one.

MySpace | Throwback Fader blog interview

BTW... related like a muh'f-cker: wait 'til you hear the Jim Jones/Pack collabo. Hip hop blog nerds, you will lose your sh-t, TRUST!!! See how it all connects?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Hip Hop Valentine's Day 

Image Hosted by

Damn, a lot can change in a year. Love still reigns supreme despite all the ig'nance though...

DJ Dmadness' loveisloveisloveislove valentine's day mix (d/l: front cover | back cover | more: MySpace)

Peanut Butter Wolf's Valentine's Mixtape (via Stones Throw) - don't blow these cats' bandwidth, remember to Right Click and Save.


Ghostface feat. Musiq & K-Fox "Love" - a real hip hop love song for Valentine's Day....

MySpace - Starks | MySpace - Musiq | MySpace - K-Fox

BUY The Pretty Toney Album

Busta Rhymes feat. Erykah Badu "One" - one love, everybody!

MySpace - Busta Rhymes | MySpace - Erykah Badu

BUY the When Disaster Strikes... album

But how can I forget these dudes on this day?:

J. Valentine "She Worth The Trouble" - the 'King of R&Bay' (er.. what?!) (more: MySpace)

Sunny Valentine
"F U Pay Me" - er... double what?? (I know I've posted this track a couple times before. So what? | more: MySpace)

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"Lip Gloss," the video is coming.... 

Quick video snip from the rehearsals for the "Lip Gloss" video shoot earlier tonight:

I told you that when it comes to this chick, it's not a game!

Check out "Lip Gloss": Discobelle |

Elsewhere on the internets: Website | MySpace | E-card

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Monday, February 12, 2007

New Orleans: the forgotten city? 

The courageous run of the Saints notwithstanding, have New Orleans and the victims of Hurricane Katrina been completely forgotten by George Bush and the rest of us?

"The empty streets, deserted avenues and abandoned houses prompt a gnawing question, nearly 17 months after Hurricane Katrina: Is this what New Orleans has come to — a city half its old size?

Over and over, the city’s leaders reassure citizens that better days and, above all, more people are in the future. Their destiny will not merely be to reside in a smaller city with a few good restaurants and curious local customs, the citizens are told.

But some economists and demographers are beginning to wonder whether New Orleans will top out at about half its prestorm population of about 444,000, already in a steep decline from its peak of 627,525 in the 1960 Census. At the moment, the population is well below half, and future gains are likely to be small."

Click here to read more from "New Orleans of Future May Stay Half Its Old Size."

"White House officials told CNN that President Bush’s State of the Union will not contain a single mention of Hurricane Katrina or the ongoing Gulf Coast reconstruction effort."

Katrina Victims Outraged Over Bush Katrina Snub in SOTU address.

Vik on Bush's great SOTU shame.

Of course some people are more outraged by more "serious" race-related issues like the use of the term 'wigger'!

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The Pack TONIGHT at Sway 

Like I said below:

Image Hosted by

Just in case you missed it. I'ma be there so come represent...

Bonus Audio: "Ride My Bike" (mp3) from Skateboards 2 Scrapers by The Pack

Online: Website | MySpace | BUY Skateboards 2 Scrapers here (or here)

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M.I.A. "XR2 (Tigerstyle Remix)" - (BBC Asian Network Exclusive) 

Image Hosted by

Don't hate, 'cos it's even more music from M.I.A.:

M.I.A. "XR2 (Tigerstyle Remix)" - BBC Asian Network Exclusive [MP3: YSI | zshare stream/download]

Not too bad but I guess homegirl really ain't trying to conquer the American pop charts after all!

Previously on the Kitchen: New M.I.A. - "Bird Flu"

Online: Website | MySpace | BUY music by M.I.A.

(h/t: Evan of Grindin')

NYC hipst... downtown, cool cat types, go party with The Pack at Sway Lounge TONIGHT with Catchdubs and Certified Bananas on the set. There's NO COVER so why not go through?? Click here for details (flyer details here).

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

State of the Black Union 2007 


Clips via the Prometheus 6 blog from the State of Black America confab organized by PBS (and former BET News) commentator Tavis Smiley. First up, NAACP President Bruce Gordon:


Lerone Bennett at SOBA 2007

Julia Hare at SOBA 2007

black voters prefer Hillary over Obama? (spotted via Rizoh)

(h/t: my dude Roger)

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Whole Wheat Bread: Dirty South Punk Rock 

Speaking of blipsters yet again, check out Whole Wheat Bread - punk rock being played by cats who look like they should be on tour with Lil Jon and Petey Pablo. WTF?! I can't even explain what this is all about but I'm riding with it on G.P.

Online: MySpace | Website | BUY music by Whole Wheat Bread

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Image Hosted by

'Cos after all the er.... drama with DJ Drama, it's the new way: mixtapes that really are free and "for promotional use only."

DJ's Benja Styles & JDS pres. the What We Do (The Movie) mixtape feat Freeway. (more: the What We Do movie MySpace page)

Jus Ske My Mind is Playin' Tricks On Me - this was sent to me (and apparently others 'cos it was posted on a bunch of blogs already) and I asked who the f-ck this dude was. Apparently he's an NYC DJ but I've never heard of him and I've lived in the city for a while now. Anyway I was told he's down with my dude Mark Ronson so I decided to give him a pass and jump on the bandwagon too. Check this dude's website out as well: his sampling of other well-known websites is some real hip hop sh-t but he better watch himself 'cos he's looking like an easy target for copyright infringement suits.

Jimmie Reign Go Girl mixtape - the next Bay Area soul singer to blow after Keyshia Cole and Goapele? (d/l the artwork here | MySpace)

"Adult Swim"'s Chrome Children 2 featuring Aloe Blacc, MED, Percee P, Arabian Prince and production by Madlib, Oh No and Four Tet. (link via Stones Throw)

Charlotte NC's Big Treal Respect the Mixtape (prod. by DJ Wizdom) - this dude is supposedly the first cat signed to former Little Brother producer 9th Wonder's Asylum Records distributed 9th’s Wonderful World of Music label. (more: website | MySpace)

Manny Faces Presents... Teddy Pendergrass & Luther Vandross: The Soul of a Man (more: website | MySpace)

Download and enjoy....

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Lily Allen - "Smile (Mark Ronson remix)" 

Image Hosted by

If you read this site and others like it, I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you who Lily Allen is but just in case, she's kind of like The Streets if he was a chick and singing instead of rapping. Lots of post-MySpace generation, new London swagger is her M.O. plus she likes to alternately beef with then cover records by whatever is the hot Britpop band du jour. Anyway, check out this nice hip hop remix of her single "Smile" by celeb DJ/producer Mark Ronson featuring underground MC Dujeous.

Lily Allen "Smile (Mark Ronson remix)" [MP3 feat. Dujeous | zshare stream/download (w/o the Dujeous verses)] - mp3 link courtesy of so be kind and respect their bandwidth by right clicking and saving the file or previewing the track via the zshare link.


BUY the Lily Allen Alright, Still album featuring the original version of "Smile" here.

MySpace - Lily Allen

MySpace - Mark Ronson

MySpace - Dujeous

(h/t: Rafi)

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Friday, February 09, 2007

BRAND NEW UGK - "The Game Belongs to Me" (video) 

The brand new video from the real Underground Kingz. QUIT HATIN' THE SOUTH, mayne!!!

Online: website | MySpace - UGK | MySpace - UGK Records | BUY the Underground Kingz album 4/10!!!

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kidz in the Hall remix (feat. Jay-Z) 

I've mentioned them before but these Kidz in the Hall cats are so underrated to me. I saw Nah Right (whose been on a bit of a backpack/underground kick recently, no?) post on them recently as has Fresh but why aren't more so-called hip hop mp3 blogs f-cking with these dudes the way the did with Little Brother?

Bonus audio: Kidz in the Hall feat. Jay-Z "Don't Stop (club radio remix)" [MP3: YSI | zshare stream/download] - pretty sure this is not an officially-sanctioned remix of the track from their excellent but way overlooked School Was My Hustle album (at least on the part of Def Jam) since it jacks heavy chunks of Hov's "Show Me What You Got" or maybe it is (?). Also: is it me or does this sound a little sped up and too fast though?

Online: website | MySpace | BUY School Was My Hustle

(mp3 by kind permission of Major League Ent/Rawkus Records)

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Toggi - "Turn Your Head Around" (live performance video) 

Toggi live at the FM 957 Music Awards in Reykjavik, Iceland last month:

Previously: more on Toggi at the Kitchen here.

Online: website | MySpace | BUY Toggi's Puppy album here


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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Happy Birthday, Bob! 

Image Hosted by

Almost didn't make it....

Still the greatest ever!

Listen: "She's Gone" - one of my all-time Marley faves from the Kaya album (audio snippet via

Online: MySpace | website | BUY Kaya and other albums by Bob Marley here.


Is YouTube Racist?


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Here We Go.... 

Image Hosted by

I don't even know what to make of this story:

"A senior Iranian diplomat in Baghdad has been abducted by gunmen appearing to be Iraqi army troops [emphasis added].

Iraqi officials confirmed Tuesday that gunmen riding in two vehicles abducted the Iranian diplomat after stopping his convoy in the central Karradah district late Sunday.

Meanwhile, U.S. and Iraqi forces have opened a command center for a new joint security operation in baghdad, where sectarian and insurgent violence continues to take Iraqi lives."

Click here to read further.

Related: "Iran accuses US over seized diplomat"

How soon until that "third front" in Iran in the "war on terror" that Bush seems to be dying to open is (unfortunately) finally a go?

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Monday, February 05, 2007

New M.I.A. - "Bird Flu" 

At the risk of being called a blipster hipster wannabe again, here's the new M.I.A. single and video:

MP3: "Bird Flu"

Now I'm not mad at this track and it makes a compelling case for M.I.A. becoming the first truly post-modern "world music" pop star but what happened to her trying to conquer the U.S. and becoming the next Missy Elliott by doing tracks with Timbaland for her second album?? Cos, don't get it f-cked up, this track definitely ain't gonna do that.

Online: website | MySpace

(h/t on the links: fiftyone fiftyone and Risky Bizniz from the Grindin' massive)

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Dogg Pound feat. Game - "Anybody Killa" 

Image Hosted by

1XtraLarge beat me to the punch on this new Dogg Pound/Game track, which I couldn't get posted up before I went to work this AM, but I'm REALLY feeling this: more classic-sounding West Coast ish. I mean look at the cover for their forthcoming album Dogg Chit - it's basically an update on the artwork from their seminal Death Row-era debut album Dogg Food. This gives me hope thatthe new album will be as tight as last year's Cali Iz Active which was highly underrated (and overlooked) IMHO.

Dogg Pound feat. Game "Anybody Killa" [MP3 | zshare stream/download] - mp3 courtesy Spine (yet again!) so be kind and respect their bandwidth by Right-clicking and saving the file to your hardrive or previewing the track by streaming it from the zshare link.

There's also a hot ass track with Snoop Dogg called "Vibe Wit a Pimp" going around that I think is the actual official single but be clear: that joint with Game is the real lick! (zshare link courtesy The Tin Man)

Online: MySpace | website | BUY Dogg Chit, Cali Iz Active and other music by Dogg Pound here.

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Gnarls Barkley "Smiley Faces" (video) 

Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo pull the musical equivalent of a Forest Gump for this clever video. Footage of The Clash and Wild Style? Sign me up!

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

East of Havana - trailer 

Trailer from the Charlize Theron-produced documentary on the Cuban hip hop community, East of Havana.

Online: Website | MySpace

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Molly Ivins R.I.P. 

Image Hosted by

From poet/author Maya Angelou's Washington Post obit/tribute to the great author Molly Ivins:

"Up to the walls of Jericho
She marched with a spear in her hand
Go blow them ram horns she cried
For the battle is in my hand

The walls have not come down, but they have been given a serious shaking.

That Jericho voice is stilled now.

Molly Ivins has been quieted.

The writer and journalist, dearly loved and admired by many, hated and feared by many, died of cancer in her Texas home on Jan. 31, 2007.

The walls of ignorance and prejudice and cruelty, which she railed against valiantly all her public life, have not fallen, but their truculence to do so does not speak against her determination to make them collapse.

Weeks before she died, she launched what she called "an old-fashioned newspaper crusade" against President Bush's announcement that he was going to send more troops to Iraq.

She wrote, "We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. Every single day every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war. We need people in the streets banging pots and pans and demanding, 'Stop it now!' ""

Click here to read the full article.


Times political blog The Caucus: Goodbye, Molly.


BUY Bushwhacked: Life in George W. Bush's America, Molly Ivins Can't Say That, Can She? and other books by Molly Ivins here.

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Does anyone know what they're talking about on Iraq any more? 

Image Hosted by

From The Guardian on Friday:

"The outgoing top U.S. general in Iraq diplomatically aired his differences with the commander in chief on Thursday, telling lawmakers that President Bush has ordered thousands more troops into Iraq than needed to tamp down violence in Baghdad.

Gen. George Casey quickly added he understood how his recently confirmed successor, Lt. Gen. David Petraeus, could want the full complement of 21,500 additional troops that Bush has ordered to Iraq. Casey said they could "either reinforce success, maintain momentum or put more forces in a place where the plans are not working.""

Click here to read more.


Truck blast in Baghdad market kills more than 120 - this is just one of MANY articles on Iraqi insurgent bombing incidents from this week that I could have posted if I had the time or energy.'s.only.getting.worse!

Related: Iraq troop "surge" could actually total 50,000.

But to end: this probably deserves it's own post frankly: Indonesia Floods Leave 145,000 Homeless [emphasis added]. It'll be ironic if the US can get help out there quicker than they did to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina! We'll see....

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

"The production on Portishead's Dummy is better than on the average rap beat..." 

Kanye West on his beat-making/production process on MTV's Stripped:

Eynak | Video sent by Melatone
I know - I've been jocking Kanye a lot recently. Sue me.... (Link spotted via Melatone Music)


And it Don't Stop! has a near-complete collection of the samples from the Beastie Boys enduring cult/hipster album fave, Paul's Boutique. (spotted via Rafi) - had to link it one more time just because!

And shouts to Biochemical Slang & 1XtraLarge, the "unofficial blog" of the BBC UK-based urban digital radio channel, 1Xtra. If you click those links expect to see some of the stuff again over here again down the road 'cos I plan on jacking both these sites for content in the very near future.


Headless Ponch's FREE Download: Jay-Z 1989-1994 Early Tapes

The SUPER limited edition Adidas Snowboard Boots. These look kind of fugly to me to be honest.

Graffiti Chocolate Bars (spotted via Rome)


The Kitchen looks at BEAT KINGS: The History of Hip-Hop DVD

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Is it the Morning After in America Yet? 

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Image courtesy Janus Online

I'm really hoping the shift back to a less conservative federal government in last November's midterm elections means the influence of the Religious Right & Christian evangelical extremists is finally on the wane and that I will see fewer of these crazy-ass stories in the media:

"A woman who told police she had been raped was jailed for two days after officers found an old warrant accusing her of failing to pay restitution for a 2003 theft arrest.

While she was behind bars, according to the college student’s attorney, a jail worker refused to give her a second dose of the morning-after contraceptive pill because of the worker’s religious convictions [emphasis added].

The 21-year-old woman was released Monday only after attorney Vic Moore reported her plight to the local media."

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Here's Ted Haggard or more hypocricy from the GOP and the Religious Right.

Holy Foleygate.

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Not Everybody's Happy.... 

Over 35, really like punk rock or you're from the UK? If you're anything like me and can answer yes to at least one (or better yet, two) of those questions, the above TV spot for the A.A.R.P. retiree lobbying organization featuring the Buzzcocks' "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" is probably depressing the sh-t out of you. Man, I am officially old....

(If you're wondering why I'm even posting this, the name of this site was inspired by a Buzzcocks album)

On the net:

MySpace - Buzzcocks | BUY the Singles Going Steady compilation featuring "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" and other Buzzcocks albums here

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