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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Do U Know the Flex? 

RSVP here before it's too late. And don't forget to cop the albums.

Kind of slammed today, more links tomorrow (hopefully) or see you at Serena's in the evening.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

How to be a Baadasssss.... 

Back on the "grind" - here's some mp3 blogs I just discovered worth checking out:

- Scissorkick

- Funk You

- futurism aint sh-t

S/FJ on M.I.A. (The New Yorker)

Kelefa on Lil Jon (The New York Times | Related: official website | "Real N***a Roll Call" video e-card | video: hi | lo quicktime: hi | lo | "What U Gon' Do" video e-card)

Hyphy 101 (MTV News)

T.I. "Bring 'Em Out, Bring 'Em Out" - I was gonna post something asking folks who did the song sampling Jay-Z over what sounded like a Swizz Beats track, but stumbled upon this saving me the trouble. Tomorrow might have to be a two CD's (Nas and T.I.) copped day 'cos this track is double sick and T.I. is one of the few MC's whose hype is justified nowadays. (Related: the official website)

Hashim continues his quest to become the Nick Denton of the hip hop blog world with ambitious plans for several new hip hop-oriented blogs. His main Hip Hop Blogs site has been on fire with recent posts on why music reviews are dead, Snoop Dogg and Sexism in Hip-hop and the Real 4 Elements of Hip-hop. Ak like you know.

Bandshades - for my fellow people of color, you know this is an idea that was long overdue.

I Hate Gen-X

Sick keyboard drummer - imagine what this dude would do with an ASR-X, LOL. Alchemist watch your back. (via My Stunted Growth)

With all things Brazilian kind of trendy right now, the movie Carandiru from the same folks who produced City of God looks like it could be a must-view. (Related: the official US webiste)

I spotted a trailer for that one while watching the DVD of Baadassss over the long weekend. This is a dramatized version of the story of how pioneering black director Melvin Van Peebles ushered in the blaxploitation movie era and, more importantly, redefined independent filmmaking while overcoming incredible odds and obstacles as a black filmmaker to get his movie Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song made and released. Baadasssss was written, produced, directed and co-stars Van Peeble's son Mario, director of the cult crack era movie New Jack City, who encountered many of the same issues as his father 30 years later trying to get this budget but quality flick made. Plus ça change.... (Related: the soundtrack available on BBE records)

If you knew what was going on in my life you would know that both Baadasssss and the critically acclaimed but also hilarious Fox TV sitcom Arrested Development, whose 1st season DVD box set is the other thing I gorged on this weekend besides turkey, speak directly to what I'm going through right now.

I've started seeing snipes around town for the ogo PDA/2-way message device which looks kind of crazy but the word of mouth is not good. I'ma keep sitting this battle out until it become clear who out of the blackberry, treo, sidekick, vulcan, ogo, a revamped ipod (?) or something else is gonna win the battle for wireless messaging supremacy.

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Sunday, November 28, 2004

For Promotional Use Only - what's the 411? 

Many of the items covered on this site have been supplied by record companies or marketing firms representing labels and artists. Different Kitchen has no problem featuring projects promo'd like this on the site especially if it's something I would be into anyway, think fits the steez of the site and/or that readers will dig. If you're looking for some coverage for your projects, you can send promos (email me for the mailing address).

Format-wise, 12" wax, music DVD's and CD's are ALWAYS appreciated.

To send music via online (Hi quality mp3 files, at least 160k bits/second or better), the easiest, most direct way is to visit the Different Kitchen Soundcloud Dropbox and follow the instructions there.

Besides soundcloud, usershare or YouSendIt mp3 download links are the next most convenient download link platforms. Other acceptable platforms include: , Fileblaze, supashare or zippyshare because they have streaming options or mediafire because there's no waiting time before being able to download but NOT Sharebee and DEFINITELY NOT zshare - sh-t is TRASH and NOT recommended.

Favorite genres are (of course) hip hop as well as soul/R&B, reggae, brit poppy, alternative and indie stuff, UK vibes (UK funky/UK hip hop/garage/2-step/grime etc.), DFA/post-punky electro-disco-punk and dance-rock sounds and rare groove/breakbeat/reggae reissue compilations. Books will be covered if they fit the scope of the site (check the archives if you're not sure). I am open to checking out unsigned stuff too but will be ultra-selective about what makes the cut. Note also: some stuff, depending on what it sounds like, may end up getting covered on my other blog, The In Crowd.

Some additional submission tips: if you're an UNSIGNED or UNKNOWN artist I am probably not gonna check out your whole mixtape to see if I want to post it. You should either send a couple links to the best tracks on it (using one of platforms mentioned above) or better yet, a link to the whole thing as a bandcamp (the new and better MySpace IMHO and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - check out their demo video), imeem or stream so I can preview it 'cos I'm not downloading an 90MB zip file by people I've never heard of before without some serious co-signs. I'm also not checking out your music if you just send a one or two line email with no real bio/descriptive details saying, "Check out my music on MySpace!" :/

Track or single submissions work better if you send a promo pic or two, single or album/mixtape cover artwork (or a YouTube or MySpace video link) and your website, twitter and MySpace site URL's to save me the trouble of having to hunt that info down myself. I'm just sayin'....

I would love to feature all materials I am sent but, due to the volume of material I get nowadays, reserve the right not to cover stuff sent to me and will also generally omit anything I'm not into rather than waste my (and your) time trashing it unless there's a compelling editorial reason for doing so. Also don't be offended if I do not respond to your email correspondence, I have other commitments that keep me very busy too. How I keep up this crazy site as is, is a mystery to me!

For any questions not covered, holla at the 'kid' here. You can also use this address to email me mp3 files via usershare, YSI, zippyshare, mediafire or any of the other recommended platforms listed above or video & audio streams.


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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Be thankful.... 

Jenny F put me up on this Tribute to Bad Brains show TONIGHT. Not sure if I'll make it myself though yet.

I love hip hop and I love the disco-funk production crew DFA but why am I not really loving the DFA-produced live hip hop of Automato? Decide for yourself though: Automato ecard | "The Let Go (Alternate Mix)"

ODB produced by Premo (BdotC via

50 & Dre's "Disco Inferno" (via

New Bathgate freestyle (also via

Paul Mooney at the Schomburg Dec. 4 - go see the man who's the bridge between the classic black comedy of Red Foxx and Richard Pryor and the new school cats like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock.

Made Men running the government - in Canada?! (CBC News | Related: the orginal Daily News story)

O-Dub goes in depth about the race angle fueling media coverage on Asian-American MC Jin. If I was Jin I'd keep playing that card because his big-budget but so-so album wouldn't be getting a look-in otherwise. (New York Times)

Hey, I'm listening to K-Rock right now after the end of Howard - does the track on A Perfect Circle's cover of "Imagine" sound like a slowed-down version of The Game's "Higher" to anyone else besides me?

Smith & Mighty Retrospective - I mentioned spinning some joints from this crew at Taj's party last week. For those not familiar with these cats, they were the architects of the Bristol "trip hop" sound popularized by Portishead and Massive Attack as well as the people pretty much responsible for creating or influencing the blueprint for most British urban music from drum n bass and the ragga-rave sound of Shut Up & Dance to the street soul of Soul II Soul. This album is recommended for the sublime covers of "Wishing on a Star" and "Walk on By" alone even though it's missing at least one key cut ("Anyone").

Another car I lust after and will likely never afford in my life. (New York Times)

Happy Holidays - back next week (unless I catch some good links that need to be posted straight away). In the meantime, let me leave you with some dinner alternatives (some of which I mentioned last year) for the big day tomorrow:

Tofurkey | The Jones Soda Holiday Pack! | Turducken

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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Welcome to Bush world.... 

Welcome to Bush world, and thank you for riding the World's Worst Nightmare. This ride is not for children, senior citizens, pregnant women, homosexuals, the faint of heart, the chronically or terminally ill, the uninsured, the reasonable or rational, the hopeful, the lower or middle class, nonbelievers, non-Americans and those who are not "with us." Please fasten your seat belt, secure all belongings and be sure to keep your head and arms inside the coaster at all times. Enjoy the ride, Republicans. Everyone else, hold on tight—you're on your own. (Disclaimer: Bush World accepts no responsibility for its actions or their consequences.)
Chip Balzer
Nassau, N.Y.

As a bishop and leader of a denomination, I generally shy away from blaming the church for various problems. But the presidential election showed that the Christian church is failing as a teacher of the Gospel. Until Election Day we could blame George W. Bush for the atrocities in Iraq. But now we, the people of the world's supposed leader in democracy and freedom, have guilt on our hands for ratifying the least moral president we have had in years. The church's failure is shown by the fact that so many supporters of Bush cite moral values as their reason for electing him. What God do these people worship? Do they really think a country stained with the blood of 100,000 dead is a moral improvement over one stained blue dress? That sort of thinking must break God's heart. But yes, ultimately it is the church that is to blame. Rome obsesses ad nauseam about abortion. The mainline Protestants let Third World conservatives hold them back from real progress in equality out of fear of breaking up their communions. The evangelicals are more concerned about Old Testament rules than Jesus' message of love. Meanwhile, a president who attacks a country based on false assumptions, loses the respect of most of the world and strives to write discrimination into our Constitution is touted for his moral values. If Bush wants to be our moral leader, he should truly point us toward God's love and away from the culture of fear and hate that until now he has promoted.
The Most Rev. Mark S. Shirilau
Archbishop and Primate, Communion of Ecumenical Churches
Irvine, Calif.
Letters from this week's Newsweek.

So wait - threat of sanctions and a mutilateral, diplomatic approach to curtailing suspected WMD activity works? Hey George, are you taking notes here? (Washington Post)

And thanks conservative pols for blocking the 9/11 commission recommended intelligence agency reform. (New York Times)

Teacher suspended for showing "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Can Brand Democrat help create a coherent and compelling enough brand statement to go up against the GOP's "smaller government, lower taxes, family values" credo (their words, not mine)?

If they can't, I'm gonna need the Bush Survival Guide more than ever.

Or alternatively: "I would like to fight a Bush supporter to vent my anger. If you are one, have a fiery streek, please contact me so we can meet and physically fight. I would like to beat the shit out of you."

The images of Falluja the media (or the government, probably) doesn't want you to see. Or the story....

No wonder they have to force soldiers to go over there. (New York Times)

Finally - the definition of tasteless.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Puff Puff Pass to some R&G 

The Pacers get smid-acked! And Ron Artest is a wrap for the rest of the season. David Stern was NOT PLAYIN' yesterday when he announced the fallout from Friday's debacle. Guess Artest now has plenty of time to focus on that rap music career. ( | Related: the New York Times take on the story)

Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito reunion DJ gig at Table 50 TONIGHT (11pm)

Also tonight for my Manhattan readers from my friend Jen D:

The West 69th Street Block Association episode of "This Side of Central Park" with Council Member Gale A. Brewer will be shown on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 34 at 9:30pm. The program will include a panel discussion and an excerpt from my documentary, "The Town of West 69th Street."

New I-Jonez newsletter

Music I'm f-cking with currently:

- Nas feat. Ludacris & Doug E Fresh "Virgo" - now THIS is real vintage hip hop done right. I'm hearing some iffy things about the soon-come Street's Disciple, but so far everything I've heard has been crazy. Maybe Nas has, yet again, bitten off more than he can chew by trying do a double album and match the 2LP legacies left by Pac and the late, great Black Frank White.

- The Game feat. 50 Cent "How We Do" - this has been out for a minute now (actually 2-3 weeks which is forever in the internet/mixtape hip hop measure of time) but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this banger. Hot just based on the old school 808 handclap intro.

- I'm loving what I've heard from Snoop's R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece album so far but Cowboyz 'n' Poodles is less impressed.
TV Spots - "Chillin' in Chinchilla": hi | lo "Crip Walkin": hi | lo "Dancing Girl": hi | lo
Promos for Snoop's new Puff Puff Pass Tour DVD also dropping tomorrow - real | hi | lo

Well I couldn't get much discussion going here (as usual) but the debate about the Entertainment Weekly's Top 25 hip hop albums of all time rages at O-Dub's Pop Life site.

Meanwhile, Rolling Stone picks their 500 Greatest Songs of all time. The fact that they could find 500 tracks before they got to Jackson 5's "ABC" (#501 supposedly) pretty much says it all from my perspective. Maybe next time they could actually have some hip hop and black music journalists on the nominating panel because their hip hop representation on the list is pitiful - the first track, unless I missed some, is GMF's "The Message" at #51 and the next one is not until PE's "Bring the Noise" at #160.

I know Rolling Stone is basically a rock magazine but when are they gonna finally admit that hip hop is not going anywhere? In fact, we are now living in the hip hop era and have been since either the dawning of the soundscan era when NWA's Efil4zaggin shocked everyone by entering the pop album chart at #2 back in the early 90's or when Kurt Cobain killed himself and the grunge movement faded out (take your pick). U2 coming in #1 next week (maybe, if Eminem falls off enough) notwithstanding, the days of rock 'n' roll being the dominant music genre in pop music are over. I know some of you big dog hip hop scribes drop by here once in a while - how many of you were involved in this travesty and/or have some insight into this chart?

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

More on GOP Election Grab 2004.... 

Caffeine Low covers the findings of a UC Berkeley paper - The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Elections - which suggests that the Nov. 2 vote was rigged. (Related: the official UC Berkeley press release announcing their findings. |'s coverage of the story)

While is Pinpointing Precincts with Vote-Counting Errors

And here's more on why e-voting is just a bad idea:

Computer-security expert Rebecca Mercuri is "adamantly opposed to the use of any fully electronic or Internet-based systems for use in anonymous balloting and vote tabulation applications...." from "Voting into Vapor." (Harvard Magazine)

But gee, I wonder why the media is ignoring the election irregularities story? (Boston Globe)

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Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Down South NORE & more.... 

This has nothing to do with any post below, I just like the cover

A few random things I've come across in the past few days since getting back into town:

Deep Throat - the soundtrack

Boombastic Radio - latin and related sounds for those who want a change from their regular diet of hip hop. (via Les C)

Black Sheep online - Dres and Mista Lawnge are back and actually sound pretty good! An unexpected but welcome return.

Never Blend In - good to see Tego getting down with the Hen-rock in the same campaign for Hennessy that has previously featured Rakim Allah and Pam Grier. Big up reggaeton.

Speaking of which: DJ's, don't sleep - Pitbull's album is kind of fire. I wish TVT had sent me some wax and not just a CD though because this joint is almost top to bottom dirty south, reggaeton-inspired and latin-flavored club bangers. I'm late on this one but think a down south (early solo period) version of NORE for those not knowing.
Also peep: the Pitbull Vinyl Giveaway | E-card | online album player

SingingFish - Google for mp3 audio and video.

Dabrye "Game Over" - the best track Slum Village never made?

Praises be - Outkast plan to get back to some real hip hop. (

Kutmasta Kurt's Redneck Olympics Games is a pretty hot collection of rarities, b-sides and previously unavailable tracks that this respected underground producer has done for artists like the Beastie Boys, Linkin Park, Dilated Peoples, Kool Keith, Mos Def, Diverse, Blackalicious, Del and others. Recommended.

Chief Kamachi = (Akinyele + Busta Rhymes + Freddie Foxxx)/3? I don't know anything about this cat but his Cult Status album is kind of hot too. Shout to Milo (the East. Conf. one who co-released this album, not the blog dude) plus I think Sage Francis did some of the beats. Also features Guru & Mr. Eon of High & Mighty. Good lookin' to my man Frank at Caroline for the hook-up yet again.

Handsome Boy Modeling School interviewed in Stereotype magazine. (via Michelle B)

My good friends at Audika records are dropping more rare material from legendary left-field disco producer Arthur Russell with the release of his new World of Echo album. Click their website for more details.

King Britt shills for the Park Hyatt Chicago.

Finally, support my homegirl Rain's new artist Esco tonight at M1-5.

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''Yes, he is into gangsta rap, but that doesn't make him a criminal...."  

Image courtesy - Metroland Online

Whoa - go away for a week and all hell breaks loose:

- Last week's "skanless" Monday Night Football intro bumper proves that the NFL were f-ckin' liars when they pled ignorance about Janet's Superbowl halftime performance. Let's see if the FCC throws their weight around this time. (ifilm)

- Business As Usual at the latest hip hop awards show. How come ni--az only ever act up at the "black" events? These coons behave themselves real good at the massa's events though. Of course, I'm not even factoring in the real likelihood that this whole thing was staged as a PR stunt. Don't look at me crazy, it's been done before and y'all know hip hop is basically the musical equivalent of pro wrestling nowadays anyway. No wonder Jay is disgusted. (

- Irv's my man from way back but the Federales look like they really wanna shut his Murder The Inc. ish down for good any way they can, just when Ja looked like he might be making a comeback. (New York Post | EURWeb | Related: another EURWeb link)

- ODB, RIP - I hope this is not the final musical legacy that Ason Unique leaves the world with. Rza and Dame, pull it together and please honor one of the few original heads that was still in the game right. But, of course, the exploitation has already begun. (


- Pistons-Pacers mash-up (and we're not talking about music here): I missed this out the gate, but WTF happened Friday night in Detroit? It's always been clear that Ron Artest was one of the more gutter players in the NBA but that was some other ish. Maybe the NBA was trying to capture some of the audience for this? (Daily News | Related: watch the video)

- And I just heard about it poppin' off in Clemson SC this weekend too. (

Meanwhile, in the real news:

'This one's faking he's dead'
'He's dead now'

Image courtesy - Common Dreams

- A US Marine shoots an unarmed, injured suspected insurgent in cold blood while being filmed! (Independent | Related: Common Dreams permalink)

- And do you really think Falluja went well? I heard on TV that only 5% of the insurgents were captured (couldn't find a news link confirming this though) while the rest fled to Mosul and elsewhere to keep fighting (see below). Meanwhile, the city lies in ruins (permalink) and is a humanitarian crisis-in-the-making with thousands of civilians wounded, dead or made homeless despite denials to the contrary by the Iraqi government and US military and a likelihood of renewed insurgent activity if US troops leave to fight elsewhere as planned. (Indpendent | | New York Times)

- And it just gets worse overall in Iraq. Understand, this war is already lost unless another half million troops hit the ground over there like now. (Related: ABC News International and BBC News links)

- While on the home front, Porter Goss goes on a partisan witch hunt to clear ranks of agents "disloyal" to Bush. (Newsday | Related: New York Times story)

- But, no surprise, US intelligence is still getting it wrong. Be very scared because, so far, nothing has or looks likely to change post 9/11 despite the findings of a well-regarded, bipartisan commission. (Newsweek)

- Especially when this failure gets a promotion to Secretary of State?! (Washington Post)

- Hello Alberto! (San Francisco Chronicle via Dave Pricelicious)

After writing all that I am now back to being stressed like a muh'f-cker despite a few days downtime in Hawaii. Ah man, F-CK Bush - again!

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Friday, November 12, 2004

"When I die, make sure you bury me with a cassette of Paid In Full...." 

The best hip hop album of all time?

Thanks to Taj for letting me spin at his Dork mag launch party last night. I tried to keep within the spirit of his manadate for funk & soul but ended up giving in to a jones to spin some early 90's hip hop (Nas, Smif N Wessun, OC, Main Source etc. as well as few eclectic joints from the UK like The Clash, Stone Roses and Smith & Mighty but folks seemed to dig it). Peace to his partner James, Marsha and the rest of his crew.

Ratsicule - the bastard love child of The Donnas, Luscious Jackson & Chromeo? New Wave Synth Pop and garage pop-punk from Toronto with a decidedly continental outlook blended into one kitschy and catchy stew. C'est essentiel, ouais? Shouts to my homegirl Lisa M. for the CD hook-up. Vice, Fader or DFA records are you listening?

Jedi Mind Tricks = Fat Joe + Wu-Tang Clan? Dude's album is a weird juxtaposition of blood drenched lyrics and imagery a la DMX (it is called Legacy of Blood after all, so no surprise there I guess) and orchestral music samples. Anyone who can tell me what TV commerical used the music sampled in the Joey Chavez version of "On the Eve of War" featuring GZA hit me below 'cos it's driving me crazy (I seem to remember it being a luxury car or bank commercial?). Not my thing really but gotta give props for the line "we need EPMD to drop more shit" from the track "Beyond the Gates of Pain" - I wholeheartedly agree. Album also features Killah Priest & Sean Price. (mp3's via

Let the debates begin - Entertaiment Weekly pick their best 25 hip hop albums of all time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "the birth of mainstream rap" (huh?). I might post my own top 10 in the comments section later, what about others? ( via Dave Pricelicious)

Ms Jade feat. Peeti Crack & Freeway "Pocketful of Bullets" - been around for a minute on the web but finally sees a vinyl release, this record is double-fire. (via TTLab)

Speaking of Philly-related hip hop though, my man Giz sent me an mp3 of a new collabo he produced for Jahiem featuring and Beanie Mac that samples Beans' street classic "The Truth." It's so bananas Hot 97 is already on it. Look for links of it somewhere 'cos I have no way of hosting it myself.

Finally, ATOMICA MAGAZINE RELEASE PARTY - click here for details. (via Nadine S.)

I'm off on a trip to Hawaii starting this weekend for a buddy's wedding so I'll be on a brief hiatus. In the meantime though, amuse yourselves by checking some of the fine links in the sidebar to the left during my absence.

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No Stolen Elections! 

Image courtesy: The New York Times

So the moment of truth has arrived. For the past four years, the Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, and President Bush have used the very existence of Yasir Arafat to justify their abandonment of the peace process. Now Mr. Arafat is gone, and so are the excuses. Full story from "Beyond Arafat on the Road to Peace." (New York Times)

Conventional Wisdom on Bush: "Plan for Iraq: Get everyone to the polls. Plan for Cleveland: Hire "watchers" to keep Dems from polls." (Newsweek)

And I thought I told you that we don't stop - No Stolen Elections! (spotted via Cowboyz)

While former Reagan presidntial aide Lyn Nofziger explains why Bush doesn't have a mandate. (New York Times)

But if all else fails: F-ck The South.

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Dorkiness - the new cool.... 

Taj of Ascencions has a launch party for his brand new Dork Magazine at my old Diff Kitch party spot, Low TONIGHT:

Image Hosted by
Click here for more detailed directions and come through as I will be there and will probably bless the decks for a quick minute too.

From the Popbitch newsletter:
Eminem for President -- The cleverest man in America

Eminem brilliantly played both sides of the US
presidential election. If Kerry won, Em could
claim part of the credit, thanks to the release
of "Mosh" on the web. But with Bush winning, the
huge promo posters of Eminem dressed as Bush
(suit and Republican red tie), underneath the
word "Encore", look perfect.
Pro Hip Hop - the new hip hop industry trade blog by Hip Hop Logic's Clyde Smith (I should have thought of that one!).

Blinkx - new comp for Google?

Newsweek on the new biography about Mos Def creative muse Jack Johnson.

More trouble with the Federales for The Inc. (

Eh yo! What's the f-ck is up with this woman? (New York Post)

Andre 3000 might have been the "It" popstar/MC of 2003-2004 but Pop Justice says "Enough is Enough"/ (spotted Via So Sinsurr)

Mp3 action:

- Slim Thug & Jay-Z "I Ain't Heard of That (remix)" via BumSquad &

- The stuff I've been hearing from Fabolous' Real Talk album that dropped this week sounds crazy. (The new Snoop Dogg sounds like it might be a heater too.)

- Xzibit "Hey Now" - this joint is retardo-montalban and crushin' that pretty wack first single that came out a few weeks back. (via

- Gwen Stefani "What You Waiting For" - I wasn't feeling this at first but I've finally succumbed. (via TTLab)

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Fallujah deja voodoo 

Bush is back in power, so what's next - Hashim's new November 3rd political blog? I can't even keep up with one blog, son is running three now, WTF?

"This Ain't America Is It? Where Can I Be..."

This is just tragic on many levels (Guardian)

O-Dub breaks down the map I linked to in my "Now vs. Then?" post the other day. (Nice post-election Daily Mirror cover in his post the day before too!)

Hallelujah though - Ashcroft is a wrap. (

The President's Pile of Problems - Alan Sloan says it's time to confront the government's addiction to borrowing. Those long-term problems we've pushed into the future are now short term. (Newsweek)

And I wouldn't have ever called this one - the Cos gets down with Hip-Hop for the P.E.O.P.L.E. (

Are people as jaded as me watching the deja voodoo war coverage with those ridiculous see-nothing, infra-green images (above) of the battle in Fallujah all over the news networks? The lack of depth and perspective in this coverage by the media still after everything that's happened so far in this war is staggering to me. I really can't say much more about this without going off on a rant. Unrelated to the media coverage though, I pray there's some way out of this mess sooner than later but am not holding my breath.

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

"Keep the bullsh-t groovy...." 

Phil The Agony - do NOT sleep on this album

(Note: this post took me a week to get to and finish. Seriously, I don't know why any head would want to be music journalist - writing long pieces or reviews on music seems like a total chore to me: I'd much rather be spinning, dancing, f-cking or just chillin' out listening to music than writing about it, but that's just me. Back to the bullet-point/one-liner commentary format tomorrow)

So just over a week ago I lamented spending $100 on a ticket for the "Best of Both Worlds" concert at MSG instead of waiting a week, saving myself about $90 and watching the Jay-Z Fade to Black movie of his final "retirement" concert at MSG from a year back.

Little did I know that that film was about to be rendered obsolete before it even premiered and that I was actually gonna witness hip hop history (or at least major hip hop news) when R Kelly walked off stage mid-show and, after much back-stage drama, off the tour rendering that night's show the first date on Hov's brand new and completely unplanned "Holding it Down Dolo" tour. (

Actually being at the show, I and most of the audience didn't even realize what had happened at first. Kels kind of mumbled unintelligibly about the guns in the audience then thanked the audience for their support before jetting. It wasn't until a girl in my crew came back from the bathroom that we realized he waasn't coming back and even then we still weren't sure why. I think most of the audience got the whole gun waving story by 2-way, text message after everyone else in NYC who was tuned into Hot 97 or Power 105 heard it although my man got put up on the pepper spraying from some Garden security staff when he went to pick up his car at the end of the show. (

So was I mad about how the show went? To tell you the truth, not really. Hov has so many hits he had no problem holding it down by himself and, you know what he wasn't alone: I don't know if it was planned or not but, after a short break during which they were no doubt trying to figure out what th f-ck was going on, first up on stage was Usher who proeceeded to do "Caught Up," "Confessions" acapella, "Yeah" and the Just Blaze-produced "Throwback" which he told Hov they should have done together (he's right). After that came TI who did his "Round Here" duet with Hov hype man Memph Bleek and his own "Rubberband Man" to surprisingly middling response from the crowd which was about the same reception Freeway got when he performed both of which were surprising to see considering the rapturous response Ja Rule came out to for his collabo on "Can I Get A..." I guess the R.U.L.E is back - I've always maintained no rapper is ever completely out the game when one hit record can bring full redemption.

Throw in Mary who tore it down earlier on "Song Cry" and "Can't Knock the Hustle," Jay flippin' some of his old hits with clever interpolations like spittin' part of "99 Problems" over Lil Scrappy "No Problems" and part of "Big Pimpin'" over Dave Banner's "Like A Pimp," other guest appearances like Fox Brown and I think most people left the building no less the happy. Take the two women I saw the show with who basically said "We like Usher better than R. Kelly anyway" so for them the show got better when Kels bugged out and left. The R is still a genius to me but he is melting down in front of everyone and I'm not sure why or if anyone's doing anything about it but seriously heaven, he needs a hug.

Speaking of Hov, I really want to hear this dude's definition of retirement 'cos son's grindin' harder than most so-called working MC's. At least this is better than rapping with Phish (just about). (Net Music Countdown)

A week later I was up in BB King's hearing Raphael Saadiq transform this bland Times Sq. theme concert venue into a jook joint for real with his pimped out, blues-drenched, Oakland soul sound. This show was fantastic and, without getting too corny, a much-needed balm for me and, I think, a lot of the crowd still reeling from the disaster the Tuesday before. Show opener Amp Fiddler also held his own and led the crowd in a set-ending chorus of "Deep in my mind, I believe anything is possible" which doubled as not only a self-help mantra, but a collective call for a reprieve from four more years of Bush rule. That night people heard some soul music that really touched souls.

And f'real Strong Arm Steady affiliate Phil The Agony's The Aromatic Album is retarded. This WILL make my top hip hop albums of the year list easily. I'm not joking - y'all needs to f-cks with this album. Good lookin' to my man Frank at Caroline Distro for the hook-up on a CD I would have never checked out otherwise.


Image Hosted by

Speaking of which it's almost getting to that time for year-end "Best Of" lists and, if I felt like I'd seen enough films this year to justify doing a top 10, I think this would still end up high on the list which is what I said when I first saw this movies a few months back. Simulatneously uplifting and tragic, this movie is about more than basketball and is celebration of the human spirit. Buy it, watch it

HOOKED trailers (in case you missed 'em the last time)

- Yahoo/launch trailer
- Windows: High | Low | Real: High | Low

And for more on the film also check out the official website.

Either of which is also probably where you can get the answer to the question "Name one NBA player interviewed in Hooked" for a chance to win a gift certificate for a pair of RBK sneakers and a copy of the Hooked DVD. Email answers to me (along with mail address info) by November 18 (subject line: "RBK contest). A winner will be selected at random.

Contest courtesy
Image Hosted by
Cornerstone Digital
Tara Reid flicks for the three of you who missed this last week. ( via Nadine S.)

And finally, does Rockstar Games know about these cats biting their steez?

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Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday mp3 round-up... 

I'ma try for tomorrow on the long-promised commentary about that now infamous "Best of Both Worlds" show at MSG last week (and to post the Hook DVD contest).

"Look out for Detox" (

Mp3's via TTLab:

- Amerie "One Thing" - not quite "Crazy in Love" but this is hot-to-delphia. Yo, was baby girl's first album worth copping 'cos I ain't gonna front, more I hear from her, the more I like her voice?

- Usher "Ride" - the new king of pop flips a joint with production that sounds like vintage 45 King/Flavor Unit steez - seriously.


- Jae Millz "Street Meltin'" - Swizz is back! (though he never left to me).

And more mp3's via the Bum Squad and (as usual)

Basically (just about) B-grade Dirty South Ridaz music but exceeds the (pretty low) expectations you'd have for an album (exec)-produced by boxer Roy Jones Jr. - Body Head Bangerz Vol. 1 feat. Juvie, Youngbloodz, Fiend, UGK, Lil Flip, BG and, hip hop blogger fave, Mike Jones (who?!). Probably for afficionados only.

Props to Too Far books for the agressive street marketing plan handing out advance copies of their Wild Animus over the summer in Union Sq. and in Chelsea. Too bad I never read the book but maybe this plug'll help'em now that the book's out.

And check out Black literature via Random House's Black Ink newsletter.

I'm out. Maybe I'll see some of y'all tonight at BB King's?

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Now vs. then? 

I'm not sure if this is legit or not but, assuming it is, this graphic blew my mind:

(Click here for a larger version. Spotted via K. Don)

Vote or Lie? (EURWeb)

But on a lighter note:

I was wondering how long Akademiks was gonna get away with that slick-ass advertsising campaign they've been running on the subway for the past few weeks. (Daily News)

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"Don't mourn. Organize...." 

George Bush beckons: "Come over to the dark side..." Courtesy: Newsday

I agree with the overall point that actually Kerry won on Tuesday but I think it's the e-voting machines being rigged, not spoilage, that's the culprit for his loss but read Greg Palast's article and decide for yourself if he's convincing. ( via and Rawj)
"When you win, there is a feeling that the people have spoken and embraced your point of view, and that's what I intend to tell the Congress. I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it ... I'm going to spend it for what I told the people I'd spend it on." .... the president [also] signaled strongly that any bipartisan cooperation would be on his terms and over his agenda.
Be very afraid as "Bush outlines agenda for second term." (Newsday)

Though Arlen Specter offers hope for some levity and overisght from the Right... if the rabid conservative attack machine doesn't get him first. ( | - yes I'm linking that right wing nutcase site)

But for Liberal Americans who can't stomach another four years under Bush, holla at this site. (via Dave P)

Or (

Though E. J. Dionne Jr. offers the more reasonable "Don't mourn. Organize." (Washington Post)

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Still venting... 

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by
Images via Nadine S

Vote or Diebold: maybe I listen to too much Air America but f-ck Diebold and Kenneth Blackwell. The lefty internet/blog gossip I've been reading might be getting carried away with the consipracy theories to make themsleves feel better about the drubbing we got on Tuesday, but with those unverifiable e-voting machines (which were in HEAVY use in FL and OH), you will NEVER know one way or the other. Optical scan machines are the way to go but watch these e-voting joints take the f-ck over. In the 2006 midterms, if the GOP hits 60 seats in the Senate, shutting down any more chance for dissent, oversight or governmental checks and balances, get ready for a whole new America. (Boston Herald)

In the meantime: welcome to a preview of the next four years. (San Francisco Chronicle)

And after Tuesday, this seems apropos:

Lazyboy – Under Wear Goes Inside Your Pants: win | real from the Lazyboy TV CD/DVD – in stores now.

And via Alma G/

- "America Gets What It Deserves" by Paris.

- "Hip Hop Where Do We Go From here?" by Davey D.

- "Piss and Vineger (sic): The Great Depression Is Here" by Gumby Dammit (

But on a slightly lighter note:

- Da Brat gets surreal

- Queen B-tch 101

Tomorrow: my views on last Friday's "Best of Both Worlds" show (although this has now been covered by EVERYONE so I'm not sure what more I can add even though I was actually there), the Hook DVD contest and more hip hop-related foolishness if I've finally gotten over Tuesday's debacle by then (doubtful).

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Politics & Iraq 

Different Kitchen supports these organizations and sites:

There Is No Crisis: Protecting the Integrity of Social Security

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Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

2004 Election Fraud | The Al Franken Show | BartCop NEW! | Black Box Voting | Brand Democrat | Bush & the Saudis | Center for American Progress | Cost of War | Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches | Democracy for America | The Empowerment Project | The Front Line NEW! | Hip Hop Convention | Hold Them Accountable 2004 | | NEW! | Fight to Survive | Hip Hop Summit Action Network | Informed Comment NEW! | Iraq Body Count | Iraq in Pictures | Just Another Soldier NEW! | Liberal Oasis NEW! | Majority Report Radio | Democracy in Action | My Stolen Nation | No Stolen Elections | Nobody Could Have Predicted NEW! | Not in Our Name NEW! | November Third | Operation Truth | Seven Stories Press | The Swift Report | There is No Crisis | Think Progress | Verified Voting Foundation

Click here for recommended news & opinion websites.

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Tin Soldiers and Bush coming... 

I'm sick.

As one wag on a liberal blog comment board quipped: "if [the Dems] can't beat the worst president ever, we don't deserve to be a party."

Seriously, I don't even know what to say. There was record high voter turnout but the rate of youth voting was unchanged and obviouly all these new voters didn't cut for Kerry as conventional wisdom had speculated.

While I won't lie and say Kerry ran a stellar campaign or was a charismatic enough figure to win the election on his own strength, I thought the ABBA sentiment was strong and widespread enough that a Democratic victory was assured. Obviously I was wrong. Unbelievably, somehow a majority of voters looked at Bush's record, thought it was good and felt comfortable enough to give him their support for four more years of the same. Moving forward the Democratic party is gonna have to do some real soul searching and message reengineering because what they're offering right now is either not compelling or clear enough and is connecting with fewer and fewer people.

The only minor comfort I can take is that Bush will now have to fix his own messes and, unfortunately for him, they are monumental. But after winning the popular vote, gaining an even more solid majority in the Senate and maintaining one in the House, expect Bush and Republicans to try and really get wild with their legislative agenda moving forward.

And I thought I could use this blog now to talk about cool fun sh1t like Green Lantern mixtapes and great new albums. Instead the battle goes on and the next four years (or as long as I bother to keep doing this site) will continue the mission of exposing the real behind the travesty that is the Bush administration.

Man, maybe I need to cop of pair of these and just head home 'cos my spirits are pretty low right now.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Re-defeat Bush: the case in links  

Aka "The Best of Different Kitchen News" in a single post

I've been consistent on this point from virtually Day One of doing this site: Bush has got to. You may not love Kerry, you may be sick of the two party system or even feel like Nader has been better at addressing issues you care about, but the ish is very real right now. This country and the world as a whole cannot take four more years of Bush's dangerous, divisive, reckless and irresponsible foreign and dometic policies. It is time to make a change and to make a vote to take this country in another direction.

I could lay out the case for you - from the two failed wars and a botched "war on terror" strategy, to being the only president to preside over a net loss in jobs during their administration since Herbert Hoover during the Great Depression and turning a massive surplus and the balanced budgets achieved under Clinton into record high deficicts and on and on - but I'm not an Op-Ed writer or as eloquent as others. So instead, let me do what I do best and take you on a trip back through some of the highlight (or lowlight, depending on your perspective) news links on this site since I began it just over a year ago. Hopefully, this will help you connect the dots for yourself and paint a clear picture of what's the right thing to do....

Since 9/11 Bush has often claimed the title of "war time president" and of being a commander-in-chief displaying "strong, steady leadership." But he coveniently ignores the fact that the 9/11 attacks happened on his watch and quite possibly could have been prevented or at least minimized had he focused even a little bit on counter-terrorism issues and less on forcing through endless tax cuts when he took office:

- Panel Says Bush Saw Repeated Warnings; Reports Preceded August 2001 Memo.

- Pre-9/11 Files Show Warnings Were More Dire and Persistent

- Bush was sleep at the wheel

And when he wasn't giving tax breaks to the rich, he was trying to figure out how to invade Iraq and this was before before 9/11:

But then still had to lie to justify the war:

- Ten Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq.

- Despite the whitewash, the Bush administration was warned before the war that its Iraq claims were weak.

- How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence

- Bush "systematically misrepresent[ed]" the threat posed by "Iraq's weapons of mass destruction" in a comprehensive report on post-war findings by The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

- Report criticizes administration's assessments of Iraq dangers

- The Dots Never Existed

Yet almost from the get, after invading Afghanistan and handily deposing the Taliban, the "war on terror" got all f-cked up. How?

- By miscalculating how much of an Iraqi reconstruction could be self-financed by Iraqi oil thus leaving the US taxpayers holding the bag (and the bill).

- Dismantling then unsuccessfully trying to recall units of the old Iraq army which went on to become the core of the insurgency.

- which was only inflamed by Bush's faux-cowboy arrogance

- and having no real plans for the reconstruction of Iraq in place

- coupled with the botched strategy of "De-Baathfication".

- and the failed strategy of "Iraqification".

- and the US even outed one of the few spies they managed to plant within the Al-Qaeda organization.

Growing rumors of human rights abuses didn't help either. (Chrisitian Science Monitor)

But then, worst of all, came The Abu Ghraib scandal broke:

- that turned out to not just be happening at Abu Ghraib

- or even only outside of the US

though the government had the gaul to take a while to even admit there was a problem.

Which wasn't a surprise since the scandal seemed only to be indicative of systemic failures all around:

- like at Guantanamo

- where a Cuban Detainee was Wrongly Named an Enemy"

- and at Abu Ghraib where the US tortured common criminals, not even terrorists

- caused not just by a small circle of rogue military police soldiers, but from failures of leadership rising to the highest levels of the U.S. command in Iraq

- yes, the highest levels, meaning Rumsfeld.

But for which it seems neither he, Wolfowitz, Bush or anyone else at that highest level will ever take responsibility or be held accountable for what's happened:

- "Cynics will not be surprised to learn that senior military commanders and Bush administration officials are on the verge of avoiding any accountability for the scandal of prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan"

- "After months of Senate hearings and eight Pentagon investigations, it is obvious that the administration does not intend to hold any high-ranking official accountable for the nightmare at Abu Ghraib."

In the end, Abu Ghraib may be seen as one of the tipping points that led to:

Iraq Going Sour.

and an Iraq Policy in Crisis

The saddest part is that all of this had been predicted and told to the US by the Iraqis and could have been avoided.

And diverting attention away from Afghanistan towards Iraq was a step backwards in terms of the overall goal of fighting terrorism:

- the Army War College broadly criticizes the Bush administration's handling of the war on terrorism, accusing it of taking a detour into an "unnecessary" war in Iraq and pursuing an "unrealistic" quest against terrorism that may lead to U.S. wars with states that pose no serious threat. (Washington Post)

- Bush drops the ball by focusing on Iraq instead of Pakistan. (Newsweek)

And meant that a successful Afghanistan campaign ended up becoming a failure:

- allowing the re-emergence of the Taliban. (BBC News)

Which was aided by further screw-ups's in managing the prisonsers of war/enemy combatants (take your pick, Bush did)

- And because US efforts in Afghanistan have been underfinanced and undermanned

Now because of Bush's inept policies, which even former CPA head Paul Bremer belatedly admitted, success at building a stable and democratic new Iraq now is virtually impossible:

- "The most probable scenario for the future of Iraq is Sunni, Shi’a and Kurdish fragmentation leading to civil war" (Chatham House aka the Royal Institute of International Affairs)

- "We're dealing with a population that hovers between bare tolerance and outright hostility. This idea of a functioning democracy here is crazy."

- which even our biggest ally acknowledges. (Christian Science Monitor)

- as does at half of the US military

- and the U.S. Security Agencies.

The short of it is though is that the US is not in control and the Iraq policy has been a failure:

- "Iraq's chances of seeing democracy succeed have been severely imperiled by a year's worth of serious errors on the part of the Pentagon and the CPA. A Coalition memo reveals that even true believers see the seeds of civil war in the occupation of Iraq." (Village Voice)

John Kerry was right on the "war on terror" - "It is increasingly clear that the conflict in Afghanistan falsely fed the idea that the war against terrorism was a real war"

While overall it looks like the "war on terror" is actually being lost since:

- the number incidents of terrorism has gone up, not down.

"Not only have we validated and emboldened our enemies, but we have shamed our friends. Arab moderates who trusted our ideals feel betrayed and abandoned."

- The International Institute for Strategic Studies says the war in Iraq has increased the risk of terrorism against the West.

- "Al Qaeda's terror style spreading--Analysts see a form of franchising at work around globe"

Much of the blame Afghanistan, Iraq, Abu Ghraib could be laid at Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's feet:

- even conservative comemntators agree

- as does the army which you think Bush would have paid attention to.

Yet amazingly, after all these debacles and lives lost, Bush felt free to even joke about not finding any WMD's in Iraq. 1100+ US military and an estimated 100,000 civilian deaths later in Iraq, is that what he meant by celebrating a "culture of life"?!

But while everyone remained focused and precoocupied with the train wreck in
Afghanistan and Iraq, the country virtually fell apart under Bush's disasterous domestic policies as well:

Courtesy NY Times

More Americans became Uninsured and Poor

- Medicare Premiums went up

- The US school system is now in tatters with the signature Bush proposal of more charter schools proven to be a failure

- while the central tenet of Bush's economic policy, tax cuts (and more tax cuts), which he wants to make permanent are widely agreed to have not worked

And for a so-called conservative, Bush does a great impersonation of a
"tax-and-spend liberal." (Newsweek)

And ran an adminstration full of arrogance and which politicized every aspect of day-to-day government in a negative and divisive way like:

- the justice dept

During which, when every time things went bad for them Bush and, especially Vice President Cheney, would consistently use fear-mongering tactics:

- like playing the terror attack card

- or making ridiculous claims like top Bush aide/PR hack Karen Hughes' assertion that pro-choicers = terrorists.

- or that Al-Qaeda wanted posion drugs reimpoted from Canada

- and, in case people ever got too settled, would play the terror attack card again.

Then continuously and erroneously tied the 9/11 attack and Saddam Hussein together to justify the invasion of Iraq long after overwhelming evidence confirmed there was no such link:

- even after Bush finally admitted there was no link .

- and then clamied he'd never said there was a lnk even when there's evidence to the contrary

But should we be surprised when the Bush adminstration lied or covered up so many things including:

- sending out fake news reports. (Guardian UK)

- the true cost of their medicare reform plan. (Washington Post)

- the fact that in July 2002 they illegally diverted $700 million into Iraq invasion planning from the Afghan war budget without informing Congress as mandated.

And then attempted to gag those who tried to go public about it.

Which is pretty much synoymous with the dirty brand of politcs-by-retribution they practiced such as the scandal of the outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame as payback to her husband Joseph Wilson for his debunking of the Niger yellowcake story.

During the campign, Bush almost derailed kerry out the gate by labeling him as a "flip-flopper" but anyone who paid even cursory attention to current events knew that Bush was at least as guilty, if not more so, than Kerry of this overused and (as far a politicians go) meaningless charge:

- Bush flip-flops on the war on terror

- Bush flip-flops (

- More flip flops

- Bush's Top Ten Flip-Flops (

- President Bush: Flip-Flopper-In-Chief (Center for American Progress)

- And even more Bush flip flops

Do I even have to go into all the vote-rigging and voter supression tactics the GOP tried to pull? Or Halliburton?

Bush claims "his Administration has achieved impressive results in strengthening homeland security" - this is his idea of how to secure the homeland?

And how good a terrorist watch-list can his adminstration have created when it flags and prevents Senator Ted Kennedy from flying, WTF?

I'm not saying Bush had to be a genius but c'mon, shouldn't there be at least a basic threshold level of intelligence for being the president and the so-callled leader of the free world?

Even fellow republicans have become unimpressed saying things like: The way the Bush administration has governed has been "worse than Watergate." (Mother Jones)

Depsite his promises in 2000, Bush has been "Neither neither compassionate nor conservative..."

Just look at Bush by numbers: Four years of double standards. (Independent)

And look at some of the things you have to believe to be a Republican today.

It's time to Hold Them Accountbale

I hope y'all do (did) the right thing today....

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Get Out the Vote: it's time to Slam Bush!!! 

From my boy Tate at Slam Bush:
Hey New Yorker friends,

I'm passing along this message from the Working Families Party, the
progressive political party here in New York. I'd like to encourage you
to vote for your favorite Democrats on the Working Families line -- Row
E. It counts just as much as a vote on the Democrat line, but it sends
a message that you value progressive ideals: living wage jobs, civil
rights, women's rights, peace, education funding, no more tax cuts for
the rich, etc.

Dear Friends:

In New York, John Kerry will win the Presidential election. That’s

What will make it better is if a good chunk of his vote gets cast on
the Working Families Party line, Row E.

The WFP is a coalition party dedicated to issues of economic, social
and environmental justice. It’s a party that opposes the
“winner-take-all” right-wing forces that are dominant in our country.

A vote on the Working Families line COUNTS JUST AS MUCH as a vote on
the Democratic line, but carries a little extra punch. Think of it
as a vote not just for Kerry, but also for living wage jobs, public
education, universal health care, and an end to pre-emptive wars.
Think of it as a vote for decency.

PLEASE – if you’re voting for Senator Kerry, vote for him on Row E/WFP.
Just look for the Working Families logo on the ballot. It’s the Good
Housekeeping Seal for progressive-minded voters.

Also email this note around to your friends anywhere in New York State:
every vote counts.


Related: The Official Slam Bush mixtape
Y'all know what to do today but in case the message still hasn't gotten through yet, there's one final post crackin' on Bush coming real soon....

And don't forget: Crunk or Die

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