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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Worse than Abu Ghraib...." 

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Hearts and minds, huh?

Predicts my man Rep. John Murtha.

Afghanistan must be democracy now 'cos they have road rage just like in California. Or something.... (related: "Despite the best efforts by coalition forces, the Taliban in Afghanistan have maintained, and perhaps even gained, strength." click here for more)

And Iraq continues to melt down and a CBS news crew catches a really bad one while it does.

Not be glib about the loss of that CBS news crew but I guess they didn't get the memo like Voice of America.

Sen. Chuck Hagel pretty much sums it up: ‘Things Are Worse Off In The Middle East Today Than They Were Three Years Ago’

As is Iraq specifically according Murtha yet again.

Yet: Why So Little Protest On the Iraq War?

Especially when America is really hated, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but all around the world now.

I guess this mess is soely because of a little "tough talk" and "Texas swagger" by Bush. If only he'd kept his mouth shut, there'd be democracies sprouting up all across the Middle East by now because there were no other errors in executing these wars, right? Right.....

But a little music to end 'cos this'll pretty much be it on the site for a while (a week plus maybe) unless I find some time this week to squeeze another post in or I come across something so earth-shatteringly important or great that I am compelled to link it up:

I admit it. Yet again I've slept on a hit: Nelly Futardo's "Promiscuous" is a SMASH. All pop music should sound this good.

Speaking of which: someone please put me up on game about the new Phoenix album 'cos I loved their last one a lot.

June 7: The BEATards present: MIXTAPE RIOT - A New Monthly at SOHO 323 in NYC.

And as soon as I find an MP3 link to that new Rick Ross/Nina Sky banger"Flippin'" (or whatever it's called), you know where to find it....

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hit the Goldmine? 

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Beans: fakin' the funk?

Busta Rhymes feat. Raekwon "Goldmine" - HOLY SH-T, this is a minimalist Dr. Dre-produced (with an assist by Erick Sermon) street hip hop masterpiece. Maybe the Busta album will be worth f-cking with after all? (mp3 via Spine)

Beanie Sigel pulls a Gravy? (spotted via Prefix)

An illustrated history of Lyn Collins' much-sampled "Think (About It)" break. (spotted via Nah Right Oh Word)

And "in rememberance of Justo Faison" - The history of Mixtapes.

Pimp C's "Pourin Up" video.

Crunk - the clothing line.

Finally, Desmond Dekker R.I.P.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Word of Mouth, Word of South 

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Just a quick one 'cos while I'm dog tired from being beat down at work this week and from some other more mundane domestic ish, I'm too wired to hit the sack straight away:

I really don't buy CD's any more as I've said before but I might have to ride for the Dixie Chicks
one more time for sticking to their guns. They may have more integrity than 99% of these so-called "real" rappers. But getting back to some rap sh-t....

Young Dro "Shoulder Lean" - I think it's gonna be tough for NYC to get back in the game when the South keeps spitting out new anthems like this one by T.I. protege Young Dro with seemingly no effort. (via Word of South)

Tru Life "This is the Life" - even when NYC drops heat like this. I mean will this hit in 2006?

And speaking of Roc La Familia (shout to my man, Ciph):

Hector Bambino "El Father" feat. Jay-Z "Here We Go Yo" - reggaeton might be in a creative slump right now but I'm kind of diggin' this joint.

And for the fellas:

Hush magazine.

Bonita magazine.

While finally, TONIGHT for my LA peoples: it's a backpack-stravaganza.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"I don't have a good feeling, to be honest with you...." 

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I need this shirt!

News 'n stuff relevant to Black America.

"Chocolate City" re-elects Nagin!

Which prolly doesn't bode well for desperate Republicans . (related: 2006 - the year of the Black Republican?)

More Katrina/NOLA-related stuff: "Quick fixes to FEMA for the looming hurricane season could actually hinder efforts to be ready in storm strike zones state officials say" | Katrina autopsy: Police shot mentally disabled Black man in the back. (link via Ndidi)

Same ish, different year: MLB Giving Medical Coverage to Negro Leaguers, White Players Suing to Stop It. Semi-related: B. Bonds, keep ya head up.

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow Defends his Use Of The Term ‘Tar Baby,’ Claims Critics Don’t Understand ‘American Culture’. Eh yo!

On the other hand: they shoulda neva gave you n-ggas money! (link via Sledgey again, c'mon you know I don't trawl BGOL like that)

The NAACP (which, by the way, will forever mean "N-ggaz ain't actin' like colored people" to me from now on after watching the incredible Wattstax DVD last week) sued Nebraska's governor and a state committee Tuesday over a new law that divides Omaha Public Schools into three racially identifiable districts.

Is Tyra Banks Racist?

And just because, let's end with: The 15 Worst White NBA Ballers of the Last Twenty Years. LOL. (via Joey)

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Raheem DeVaughn "NY Live Experience" is a go! 

In case you missed the Giant Step e-blast on Friday:

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Click the evite above for more details on show times and how to buy tickets etc.

Halla "Snap" - like a young LL over a Neptunes-esque snap beat. I likes. (note: reg. may be required to access mp3)

Kanye West's Late Orchestration - this import-only album features tracks from his two albums peformed live at the legendary Abbey Road studios in the UK with a 17-piece all-female string orchestra and featured guest appearances by John Legend and Goldie Lookin' Chain (why??). I think the live version of "Drive Slow" I linked to a while back must have been from this (?). Anyone have this already - how is it? (spotted via Pro Hip Hop)

More on that chick Tigarah I mentioned the other day.

Outkast Entertainment Weekly feature: page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (related: Bol asks: "Is Outkast overrated?")

Public Enemy Vans sneakers.

Harlem Piff
- the "ultimate Dipset Familia source."

Ghostface breaks down his bling. (via Marc)

Bedazzled has vintage footage of The Clash live on TV.

And finally: Iced Media's Iced blog.

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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Reasons to be "Unsettled" 

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At 29% this is what Bushlandia vs. Reality looks like right now.

By the way, how's that democracy in Afghanistan going?

Meanwhile Iraq is disintegrating as ethnic cleansing takes hold and US marine are possibly killing innocent Iraqis in cold-blooded "revenge" murders.

On the other hand, the US is also arming the Iraqi insurgency - WTF??!!

No wonder military recruiters have to do stuff like enlist an autistic kid who didn't even know a war was going on.

Well at least the Republicans do support the troops. (related: "Homeless Iraq war veterans are a growing trend")

But to wrap up, always remember that Bush was determined to invade Iraq, regardless of what the intel said about WMD there (besides, he had plenty of other rationales to justify the war ready to go if they never turned up).

Even scarier though is the possiblity that he had pre-knowledge of the 9/11 attacks beyond just general memos and still did nothing.

Hey no worries though: Mission Accomplished, right?

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Thursday, May 18, 2006


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The US government: now skilled at keeping Mexicans and PLO/Tamil Tiger sympathizers out of the country.

New Yung Joc!!! "I Know U See It" - pretty catchy but it's not on the level of "It's Goin' Down." (album | radio | instr)

Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z & Young Jeezy "Hustlin’ (Remix)" - not better than the original and, dare I say it, Hov is sounding kind of flabby and weak like Larry Holmes. (related: MySpace page for The Runners, the cats behind "Hustlin'", Smitty's "Lil Haiti" and Lil Wayne's "Money on my Mind" from The Carter, vol. 2)

Del has a link to "T-Dot Sh-t", the inevitable Toronto answer to Busta's NYC anthem by, who else, Kardinal Offishall here.

Nation of Thizzlam has some great classic Too Short mp3's here.

East-meets-West: "El Dawg" & "Eldorado Soldier" - tracks from unsigned artist Eldorado Red's first album Rick Rock Presents Eastside Rydah Vol. 1.

Get Nas and Rakim interview video links here.

Emily King is the future of pop music?

Just don't let her get er... tainted (pun intended) by being produced by the "bootleg Scott Storch" (actually I won't knock him, he did do that "SOS" track by Rihanna that I really like).

Daft Punk's BAPE sneaker.

Part 3 of Cocaine Blunts' interview with The Coup's Boots Riley here (note: links to parts 1 and 2 included there).

"Rapper" M.I.A. denied entry into the US (quotations around rapper added because... well, I think you know why).

But on that final note I'm gonna get back into some news posts 'cos this country is melting down (or something).

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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Take This MP3 Heat 

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More exotic foreign hip hop ish for the hipsters to salivate over (see below)?

DJ Khaled feat. Kanye & Consequence "Grammy Family" - sick! (stream via HHG | download)

Pharrell & Kanye!!! "Number 1" - More of that bottle service hip hop™. Not quite the mind bender you'd be predicting, especially with that song title but it might go for a minute in the spots with the celebrity DJ's and the model chicks hanging out VIP. My favorite part is how K-weezy keeps saying "C'mon, c'mon" just like his favorite rapper of all time, Ma$e.

Method Man "Take The Heat" - this may have been produced by Dr. Dre but I'm pretty underwhelmed on initial listens. How about y'all? (mp3 link via Nah Right)

Listen to a ridiculously fiyah mp3 megamix of tracks from DJ Spooky's In Fine Style: 50,000 Volts of Trojan Records compilation album by clicking here.

Tigarah: the japanese M.I.A.? (more here)

And more good mp3 ish to cop here and here.

Sony music's sheisty itunes stance?

BTW: are Reebok out of their f-cking minds? Aren't they only in the game still because of 50 and Jay??

Finally: baby got (too much) back?? (link via Sledgey | Khyrsti Hill spotted via Trent)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good Googly Moogly: the new Roots is here! 

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The Roots: about to make President Carter look like a genius or jackass?

New sh-t!!! The Roots "Don't Feel Right" - those words may be truer than The Roots intended. I'm not sure about this one. (mp3 via Spine)

Killin' 'em in Houston (apparently): Kelis feat. Slim Thug "Bossy (remix)"

And via the Lemon Red blog: new (?) Project Pat feat. Three 6 Mafia "Good Googly Moogly"

Paris Hilton featuring Jadakiss "Fightin' Over Me" - I have no words for this.

DJ Emz on "Its the Shoes"! (related: ESPN2’s "It’s The Shoes" marathons this Friday (5/19) 7pm-9pm (EST) and Sunday (5/21) 12:30pm-3pm.

Also gear-related: Cam'ron's Most Ridiculous Outfits (via Nah Right | related: more new actually pretty decent Cam titled "I.B.S." over at Sean's)

And even more YouTube ish. Prefix's YouTube finds of the day - the Bay: pre-Hyphy. (related: also check for Prefix's new "Prefix Events" listings and a chance to win a pair of tix for the May 22 Gnarls Barkely Webster Hall show here.)

Tom Cruise: take notes from Yung Joc. (thanks, Alan)

Mark your calendars early for French hip hop vets Saian Supa Crew live at SOB's June 13th and the D-Nice birthday party celebration & photo exhibition the next day.

Finally, if you can believe it I was at the Guns N Roses show at the Hammerstein last night. This is not a cool pose but I was never really into these dudes and only know their mega hits. I have to say though thatI was less than impressed. Lackluster, medicore hired guns replacing the original band line-up and a sound that was decidely not loud (what kind of metal concert does that??) plus an audience that was pretty tepid throughout the night. As my man Max who passed me the free ticket put it: "The whole thing felt more like a Vegas revue of a rock concert as opposed to the real thing. Someone else doing an EXACT copy of a Slash guitar solo is too weird." Glad I saw them once I guess but did I really see them? BTW: peace to the opening act Bullet for my Valentine.

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The NSA: Needlessly Spying on Americans? 

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The NSA: monitoring your calls, so you don't have to.

Be forewarned: I'll be riding Sploid and Crooks and Liars' jocks for the next while in my news posts:

Welcome to the new USSR: the United States of Spying & Reconnaissance.

Sploid on the prospective new head of the CIA Gen. Michael Hayden: he's the muh'f-cker behind the first NSA spying scandal!

Meanwhile, CNN's Jack Cafferty on the latest NSA spying scandal: "Arlen Specter might be all that stands between us and a full blown dictatorship in this country." (click for more here)

Don't believe it's possible: maybe this will make you reconsider.

And the NSA-related f-ckery so far might be just the tip of the iceberg - yikes!

I mean good grief, even Newt Gingrich and crazy-ass Pat Roberston agree that this is not good.

Get in Their Face

I missed Bush's immigration speech last night (like that's the most pressing issue in America right now??) but it's no wonder everyone wants to come here, the jobs, the incredible healthcare system. Er wait a minute...

It's official: the UK is healthier than the US.

And the U.S. has the second worst newborn death rate in modern world according to a Save the Children report.

On second thoughts....

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

"This is the largest and most vast intrusion of civil liberties we've ever seen in the United States...." 

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USA Today: the best newspaper in America? The New York Times and Washington Post should be ashamed that they weren't the ones who broke the story on this lastest NSA spying scandal.

Telecoms let NSA spy on calls. (click here for more)

NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls. (click here to read more)

NSA has your phone records; 'trust us' isn't good enough. (click here to read more)

Questions and answers about the NSA phone record collection program. (click here to read more)

Bush defends NSA surveillance operations. (I know this one is actually an AP, not USA Today-penned, story but click here to read more)

Gathering data may not violate privacy rights, but it could be illegal. (click here to read more)

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"I’m from New York, but f-ck New York...." 

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Hip hop: is this what it's come to? (image courtesy: XXL magazine)

In an era where Paris Hilton can be treated as a "credible" recording artist, can anyone seriously be contemplating a return to dominance for NYC hip hop?

Ghostface analyzes the fall of the Wu Empire and says f-ck New York.

Sickamore blames 50 cent.

And Status Ain't Hood asks: Does Anyone Care Still About Busta Rhymes?

And in more does anyone still care/too little, (way) too late news: Ultramagnetic MCs - Reunited!

Onto some music though:

- Drake feat. Malice (of Clipse) & Nickelus "Do What You Do (remix)" - this track is bizonkers. If you can believe it, Drake's day hustle is playing the character Jimmy Broooks on the "Degrassi" TV show and he produced this track!! Check out more on Drake here.

- Proper copies of Outkast's "The Mighty O" on mp3 for download here, here, here, here and here.

- I know it's all about Lupe Fiasco nowadays but PLEASE do no sleep on my man Rhymefest and his excellent new Plugg City mixtape.

- More Kanye-related music to peep: download the Class Of '06 sampler from his G.O.O.D. Music record label here.

- Shout to my man and Purple City member Agallah who I bumped into on the train a couple weeks ago while he was on his way to sign a new deal with Koch records. Check out his new Propane Piff mixtape if you're into Dipset-orientated (sic) stuff. BTW: is it possible that as one of the leading figures in the street mixtape movement he had no idea Clipse had dropped two hot tapes on the street over the past year like he claimed??

- Nas blog (spotted via Joey)

Bonus question for debate for those who can be bothered. Following a disucssion with some folks at work yesterday while looking at this book I have to ask: the cover of Dead Prez's incredible RBG album - creative or wack? Feedback in the comments section below please. I'm really curious what poeple have to say on this question 'cos the disucssion got kind of heated on our end. After watching how the debate unfolded, I really think what people's view on this is speaks to the kind of person they are. I'll elaborate more on what I mean by that if any kind of thread develops.

And to end, first it was the Play-doh perfume I mentioned a few days ago, now it's Stilton Blue Cheese perfume - WTF?

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Strictly For The Grown N Sexy..... 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

From Grimey to Grown N Sexy in one post? C'mon, need you even question?

Faith Evans "Stay Home" - this track is redonkolous on some vintage Michael Jackson ballad sh-t soundwise. I've said it before, Faith Evans is one of the most underrated soul singers in the game.

Teena Marie "Ooh Wee" - the legendary Teena Marie still got it. This sounds like some classic weekender soul sh-t straight out of the 70's (my UK cats know what I mean by this). From her brand new Sapphire album that dropped this week. (Click here for more)

Sleepy Brown feat. Pharrell, Big Boi
"Margarita" - more of that great bottle service/model chick hip hop as only Skatebaord P can do it (not saying he produced this cos I don't know that for sure but it has his feel). [original | instrumental]

Isley Brothers
featuring R. Kelly "Blast Off" - from the new Baby Making Music album on Def Soul.

Check out Nina Simone legacy recordings here. (related: incredible Nina Simone feature in the new issue of Fader magazine.)

But to end: don't be a jackass like me and buy a Mother's Day card and then wait too long to send it to arrive on time. India Arie is here to save you from that fate so ak right, aight.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Still Grimey? 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
The Grime Class of 2006: looking a lot like the class of 2005, 2004 etc. L-R: The Streets, Lady Sov & Plan B (sorry, Kano)

The last time I wrote on the Grime music scene, I waxed enthusiastically about Anglo-Ghanaian MC Andrew "Sway" Dasafo and Vol. 1 of Vice Records' Run the Road grime compilation series. A year later, my excitement and interest in this music has cooled somewhat as various subgenres of American hip hop have started to come up with sonics and verbals that are as exotic and exciting as grime first was but which, while they might not appeal to traditionalists and purists, seem to be breaking their way through to become the new mainstream in commerical urban music.

In the meantime, what's the state of the UK grime scene in 2006? Well let me relay a story I heard from a very successful A&R/artist manager in the hip hop game about the much-feted Lady Sov and the now legendary-in-the-blogopshere audition for Jay-Z which led to her improbable signing to Def Jam (slightly paraphrased here since I heard this a while ago and have been meaning to post it for weeks since):

"That chick signed to Def Jam?! I was there that day when she was at Def Jam. She barely said a word and Jay kept begging her to kick a freestyle and she kept refusing. When she finally did she was terrible, I can't believe she got a deal." That pretty sums it up as far as grime's prospects in the US go and is a pretty accurate assessment of this chick too in my view. Outside of a couple bright moments on an mp3 or 12" here and there, I don't see what the fuss is all about. She hit one out the park one time on a fluke and got to sign to the Yankees?! What part of the game is that?!

For those of you under the illusion that Lady Sov is the future of hip hop or urban music though, disavow yourself of that notion right now cos it just ain't gonna happen unless something very drastic happens with the direction music is going. Of course, I'm open to other opinions on this. Just remember the cautionary tale of M.I.A. though.
Related: Lady Sov "Random" - the Adidas Hoodie Remix featuring Mizz Beats, Skepta, JME, Ears, Jammer & Baby Blue / video

Vol. 2 of Vice's well-regarded Run the Road droppped recently too. Like I said above, I liked the first one pretty much but was pretty bored by the new one. The only track that stood out to me was Plan B's "Sick 2 Def" and it's not even grimey sounding - he's rapping over an acoustic guitar! Not a great sign for a compilation that's supposed to be highlighting the best of a still-developing, new musical genre. Don't take my word for it though, listen for yourself.
Related: Check out the Run the Road the MySpace site / the web site / Plan B's MySpace site / web site / the not-bad "Get Set" by Low Deep & Kano, featuring Ghetto, Big Seac, Demon & Doctor.

But the reigning king of the UK grime/rap scene The Streets has also just (or is about to) dropped his new album, The Hardest Way to Earn an Easy Living which will be the true barometer of whether this scene has the legs to go the distance in the US or not. Young Skinner has already developed a fanbase over here across his two albums and has the critical acclaim to back it up. His debut album Original Pirate Material was in my mind a pretty incredible work of art but he lost the plot with the follow-up A Grand Don't Come For Free which was horrific sounding.

Unfortunately, he doesn't seemed to have got any closer to regaining it on this follow-up album. The Hardest Way comes across to me like a meta exercise by him ruminating on having become a major pop star (at least in the UK, that is) which I guess is more honest than him pretending to still be a council estate-dwelling, spliffed & largered-up, Brit Every-yout' with feelings (that being left to the Arctic Monkeys nowdays I would imagine). BTW: not to put him on front er... street, but I wonder if he cleared the samples of The Animals' "The House of the Rising Sun" on the album's title track and The Beatles' "Let It Be" on "Never Went to Church" that go uncredited in the album liner notes?
Related: Lemon Red and Music for Robots had links to track by track "video commentaries" (or something?) on the album last week. I watched one of them, said "What the f-ck is this?" and subsequently regretted losing that three minutes of my life but maybe someone else will find them useful/interesting.

More grime-related links:

- Statik makes Grindie (grime + indie) mixtapes.

- The Streets tours with Lady Sovereign in the US this summer (June).

- Still Listen has links to some Mitchell Bros. and Lady Sov mp3's.

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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Let Me Get A Few Things Off My Chest 

Image Hosted by
Mike Lukovich: so on it.

I've finally gotten around to reading some back posts on one of my favorite political blogs,, so I'm gonna bite a bit of their content for this post: on Bush and the CIA's hypocrisy surrounding Porter "Hookergate" Goss's resignation.

Iraq, Afghanistan and US "War on Terror" ally Pakistan make the Top 10 Failed States list as compiled by the US Foreign Policy magazine and the US-based Fund for Peace think-tank.

War on Iran? "Double or nothing" is not a foreign policy.

I mean What Would Jesus Do? (related: This is f-ckin' disgrace if it's true - "It seems that a young woman by the name of Ava Lowery, a 15-year-old from Alabama has been getting death threats for a powerful video she produced called "WWJD" (What Would Jesus Do)." - click here to read more.)

Remember When? Why disparging the "pre-9/11 mindset" Cheney-style is so overrated.

Speaking of Cheney: that dude is friggin' INSANE.

Meanwhile: Dear Leader’s prep plan for the upcoming hurricane season: "Let’s, first of all, pray there’s no hurricanes...." HOLY SH-T, be VERY afraid!! (related: "U.S. Ill-Prepared For What Forecasters Say Will Be Another Brutal Year For Hurricanes" - click here to read more)

Immigration debate-related: "If life begins at conception, how come we grant citizenship to children born in the U.S. but not to children conceived in the U.S.?" (click here to read more)

Cheryl Aldave also has some good coverage of the immigration story as well as the Duke Lacrosse rape case and other race & social issues.

Masintream Media: DO YOUR F-CKIN' JOB. Take notes from Ray McGovern if you've forgotten how to. But people, you know it ain't gonna happen so WE need to keep holding the Bush administration's feet to the fire ourselves.

And finally, it might be fun to start a pool prediciting how long it will take for the administration to collapse in utter disgrace and failure. Sadly, smart money could still go on "will complete full second term intact" despite the almost daily new controversies. I'm out though - it's WAY too nice outside to be sitting in front of a f-ckin' computer blogging.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

We Have the Beats You've Been Looking For... 

Image Hosted by

For the weekend:

Consequence featuring John Legend & Miri-Ben Ari "I've Been Waiting On You" - his first single for Kanye's G.O.O.D. (Getting Out Our Dreams) record label. Also download the new The Cons Vol.3 Da Comeback Kid mixtape here.

"Everyday I'm Hustlin', Everyday I'm Hustlin'" "I'm Up in Lil Haiti, I'm Up in Lil Haiti" - Smitty tries to see if lightning will strike twice with his new very Rick Ross-sounding "Lil Haiti" single.

Fat Joe "Damn" - this is hot but does anyone care any more?

There's a "Vans" dis record already?? This ish ain't even break out of the Bay yet outside of a few interwebs champions here and there.

Free Lil Kim! "Dirty n Deep" Debbie Harry's tribute to the Queen Bee.

Sean's select list of songs that have sampled Soulsonic Force's "Looking for the Perfect Beat."

And I don't even know what to say about this one: video of Tom Cruise doing the Yung Joc "motorcycle dance" on BET's 106 & Park. (spotted via Young Barat)

But to end, here's a CONTEST: anyone interested in a FREE copy of the brand new Best of Got it For Cheap Clipse mixtape featuring the best tracks from their two hipster acclaimed mixtapes, email me (see top left sidebar menu for the address) over the weekend and I'll select a winner at random on Monday (subject line: Clipse Mixtape Contest).

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Remembering Darfur 

Image Hosted by

Thousands Rally in Support of American Aid to Darfur.

Jay Smooth's Standing Tall for Sudan photos here and here.

Join the Our H.O.P.E. for Darfur Campaign. (thanks Les)

Darfur: A Genocide We can Stop.

The Kitchen previously on Darfur.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What they make that foe? 

Image Hosted by
The mighty Outkast return

New Outkast!!! - "The Mighty O" single leaks out on radio down in the A.

And more new music via HipHopGame:

- Jae Millz feat. Fabolous & Lil Wayne "Bring it Back Remix"

- Yo Gotti "That's What They Made it Foe" - still sounding very Jeezy-esque but I like this kid anyway and this Scott Storch banger could go.

Check out some Bobbito YouTube b-ball videos here.

It's Ya Boy aka K-Fed's ghostwriter. (related: more on Ya Boy at Nation of Thizzlam)

Behind the scenes at Kelis' "Bossy" video shoot. (related: check out her unreleased but out on bootleg vinyl track "About To Hate Me" where she rocks over a beat using Souls of Mischief's classic "93 Til Infinity" produced by P. Diddy here)

Rocwilder: internet mogul.

But finally: Kabbalah energy drinks and Play-Doh cologne - WTF??

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Every non-Native American on this continent has been Illegal since 1492? 

Image Hosted by

So says the poster in the first photo here.

Considering I'm not a native born American, it's probably surpising to some to find out that I don't really have much to say on the immigration issue that's swept the country though.

But I did think this poster I saw in one photograph from the news coverage seemed apropos: wanted for illegally crossing borders.

And I'm all for inclusiveness but am I crazy to say I understand why folks would be bent out shape about a Spanish language version of the National Anthem that (apparently) isn't just a faithful translation of the English language lyrics and is titled (in spanish) "Our Anthem" (emphasis added)?

But maybe Mexican president Vincente Fox has figured out how to solve the one-way immigration problem in one fell swoop.

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