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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Decision Day Iraq 

I'm pretty sure that no matter how badly today goes for the Iraqis, Bush will figure out a way to spin it to his advantage.

Anti-Vote Violence in Iraq Is Intensifying, Latest Data Show

U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Hit; Two Killed

Iraqi Candidate Killed on Videotape; Other Attacks Leave a Marine and Several Iraqis Dead

Explosions Are Reported in Baghdad and Other Cities

Meanwhile back home:

A Third Journalist Was Paid to Promote Bush Policies - anyone outraged enough yet to organize efforts to get Bush fired or are we still focused on Miss Jones?

Krugman pulls Bush's race card on the Social Security issue.

Bush Faces New Skepticism From Republicans on Hill.

Bush flip-flops (but in a good way, for once) but manages to now have played both Powells leaving his administration.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

"Free Mysonne, That's the Campaign" - the Class of 2005 MC's Take the Stage 

Image Hosted by
Jae Millz - next to blow (no homo)?

"Now, I'm gonna say this and please don't be mad or take it out of context. People, the level of heat that yall brought to Hot 97 is wonderful.

But yo, I for one worry that a lot of this rage is just pure bloodlust, some old let's-go-see-the-5pm-execution-in-the-town-square, while all the real criminals are still out there.

Tell me I'm wrong. Or better yet, tell me how we now get to the real criminals. Alright?"

Jeff Chang touches on an issue in the most recent post on his site that I've been thinking about WRT this Hot 97 "Tsunami Song" controversy. Where was this level of activism and outrage in response to all the bullsh-t of the Bush administration agenda during the past four years or at least during the campaign season when it was needed the most? Miss Jones and Todd Lynn's actions are inarguably reprehensible but frankly, there are way worse things going on around the world, many of them perpetrated by your government directly or by others with their complicity. Ditching the Hot 97 morning show crew will be a one tiny problem resolved in a world where we are facing monumental issues needing people united at this level and far beyond. Let's get focused.

Jae Millz "Who?" - this is the song Enuff has been spinning that I was raving about the other day. This joint is super bananas. Ron Browz, they 'gon hate you after this one. Wanna Blow Ent. - don't f-ck this one up. (mp3 courtesy | related: Millz' official website)

Red Cafe "Rap Chick" - first of all, apologies in advance to Lynne, Julianne and anyone else who may be offended by this track. Red was another NYC mixtape monster who came up in the post-50 cent era along with Cassidy, Jae Millz, Saigon, Shells etc. This one can't f-ck with BIG's "Dreams" but I'ma ride with him on this 'til he drops a real banger. (mp3 courtesy | He also has a joint on the Coach Carter soundtrack album - this is not the banger I'm looking for either but it's pretty close).

Also, check out my man Bathgate interviewed on He's in good company with 50 cent, and The Game on the front page of the Artist Profiles section of their site. Peace to my man Bryan for the hook-up (more coverage on Bath at

Finally, Maya Arulpragasam (aka M.I.A.) has either been "hanging out" with DJ Diplo way too much or she blogs under the pseudonym Nick Catchdubs based on the selections she made in her New York Times "Playlist".

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Special Friday Bowling & Football edition 

Image Hosted by
Is this how Ian would appear on South Park? - Build your own South Park character (spotted via Hip Hop Logic)

Which may also explain Dick Cheney's outfit at the Auschwitz memorial event yesterday.

Shout to the "Don" who was shillin' his CD's on the F line last night while we were on our way to Cheslea Piers for our postponed holiday bowling party (134 and 138 over 2 frames, respect my gangsta!). Claims he's signed to Russell Simmons' new Phat Farm Records label too.

Twice in one week! Classic DJ mixes from the legendary West Coast radio station K-DAY courtesy of Todd.

Peace to my peoples Don, Ron and Ian for the party at Duvet last night which was cool, but I still miss the old club Tramp's, which used to be at the same location years ago, where some of the best shows I've ever seen (a pre-The Score Fugees around the time "Killing Me Softly" was starting to blow up, the first Brown Sugar era D'Angelo tour, a pre-Slim Shady album - some time between the "Bad Meets Evil" Game Recordings 12" dropping and "Hi My Name is..." debuting on MTV - Eminem, The Time, Joi etc. ) were held.

Beck "Hell Yes" video links via Jenny.

An alternate take on the Hot 97 "Tsunami Song" controversy.

50 talks greasy?

Dork Mag presents another Dork Party next week (Feb. 3).

Finn is coming.

"What's particularly galling is that British journalists will heap hyperbole and praise on the most derivative whey-faced rock bands whether they're aping The Stooges or the Gang of Four and yet criticise dance acts for not coming up with a new revolution every few months"

a quote from electro-house producer & DJ Ewan Pearson who was apparently also a Cambridge University graduate and former university lecturer with a Phd in cultural studies (I guess he really knows of what he speaks).

Jean Carlos Chera - the new Pele? (via Nadine S. | related: video of this kid - the first part of which is, allegedly, from when he was 6 years old (he's sick!) - spotted via BigSoccer)

Luckily this kid is fair-skinned enough that, if he makes it and plays in England, he won't end up getting cut out of any future soocer DVD documentaries. (also via Nadine S.)

Speaking of race-related issues though, I see ads for this place all the time in the amNewYork free paper I usually pick up every day. Am I off in saying that I think it's f-cked up that this woman , who's always featured in their ads, felt like she needed nose surgery? On my word, she looks better in the "Before" shot.

But finally, some stuff to do this weekend:





ARIEL APARICIO w/ The Hired Guns (midnight)


The Hook is located at 18 Commerce St.(between columbia & richards) in Red Hook (click here for more info).

There will be shuttle buses going from JOYA to The Hook throughout the night starting at 10pm.

$5 cover (all door proceeds are being donated to GOD's LOVE WE DELIVER)

Or alternatively:


Be Sure To Join Us for a Very Special Birthday Celebration for:

SpectacularSounds CEO, DJ White Lightning/CIA aka David H. Martin, Esq. and Tony LoGuidice, Esq. at

Image Hosted by

Frank's Lounge
660 Fulton Street (corner of South Elliot)
Ft. Greene, Brooklyn

Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, Reggaeton, House & Old Skool Classics, Calypso & Soca

On the 1, 2, 3 & 4's:

Spectacular Sounds! feat. DJ White Lightning/C.I.A. with Frank's DJ Tyrone




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Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Our agenda ought to be able to stand on its own two feet." 

The Tsunami Distaster is orders of magnitude bigger, but I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the flooding disaster that occured last week in the East Coast region of my parents' nativeland, Guyana. Click here for links to more photos, news sites and relief donation organizations. (link via Bill C.)

In the end it looks like Armstrong Williams was honest about at least one thing.

Let's recap:
January 10: "I’m not aware of any others that are under contract other than the one that’s been reported on in the media. As a matter of principle, we believe very strongly that the media ought to be reporting in an objective, unbiased and fair manner." -- White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan at a White House press briefing.

Yesterday: "I expect my Cabinet secretaries to make sure that that practice doesn't go forward. All our Cabinet secretaries must realize that we will not be paying commentators to advance our agenda." -- President Bush as quoted at

in response to: another Writer Backing Bush Plan Had Gotten Federal Contract.

But, unlike Williams, she's not getting hung out to dry.

I guess you don't need to pay pundits under the table any more to advance your agenda if you're willing to do it yourself now though, right?

Wonder if Bush got the government to cut a check to cover expenses incurred here?

Starkly put, Iraq's capital city is not under control, either by the Iraqi interim government or the American military.

Which is no surprise really if you just look at what's going on over there.

Oh yeah, "Condoliezza" was confirmed by a Senate vote of 85 to 13 as the next Secretary of State. FYI: the last nominee to receive any "no" votes was Alexander M. Haig Jr. in 1981 according to The New York Times.

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The Inc. File for Final Chapter Status? 

Image Hosted by

It looks like it's really over this time. But somebody needs to buy the film rights quick because this story sh-ts on every so-called urban street flick I've ever seen. Irv keeep your head up and, if you're innocent, I hope you pull through this OK.

"I've been paying attention and I been watching people steal my ways and sh-t and it's getting out of control. I'ma tell these dudes just like I tell my women 'Don't watch me, watch TV. This is pay-per-view - you got to pay for this....'"

That's the intro to the new monster, "Mic Check" by Juelz Santana, a blazin' hot joint whose drum track sounds very similar to Terror's Squad's "Let Them Things Go" which is ironic since it'll likely be the next track to run the streets in NYC after Joe's current jumpoff cools off (sorry, no mp3 link... yet). The Dip Set are making a believer out of me in 2005 by finally making some records worthy of their talent.

So it seems like Harlem's back crazy right now. Enuff was bangin' a joint yesterday in his drivetime mixshow by some dude shouting out uptown what felt like every other line that was so sick, I was doing Damon Dash dance moves in my living room at the dinner table. No idea who it was though, holla if you know. (It's "Who?" by Jae Millz - this track is super-bananas.) And don't forget my man Bathgate is reppin' for uptown too. (mp3 link via

Speaking of which: Bathgate feat. Shyne "What!" produced by Kool Kid.

Common "Corners (clean)" from his upcoming Be album. (new mp3 link via Spine Mag as the Funkdigi one went dead)

BTW, Common was #7 on the XXL magazine list of the Top 10 most anticipated albums for 2005. OK #1 and 2 were both Aftermath joints but, one of them was NOT Detox (they were 50 and Game)? WTF? The only excuse I'll take for that omission is that they didn't think Dre's album would really come out this year which might be a good call on their part, frankly.

And The Game is official. Is it time to start screaming The B-B-B-Black Wall Street yet?

Also spotted at, The Buzzcocks, the inspiration for the name of this site, are due to drop an all-new studio disc this year. Don't know if they still visit the site but shout to fellow BK representers Tony Barber from the group and his girlfriend Andrea.

Quarterbackin' (not the very slept-on banger by E-40 and The Clipse but yet another reason why blogs are so necessary)

Sorry, Kanye

I'm not sure Mos Def cares or even needs to care about making another great hip hop album at this point in his career.

Check out the "Cool & Deadly: the photography of David Corio" exhibit at the new Chinatown retail outlet for online reggae store Deadly Dragon Sound.

The Ubiquita 4th year Anniversarty Party is TONIGHT. The RSVP list closed yesterday but, maybe if you're nice, Kim will still let you get on it. (Even more details here)

Davey D does a nice wrap-up/commentary of the Hot 97/Miss Jones "Tsunami Song" controversy so far here. BTW, I'm such a jackass that a couple weeks ago when I started getting hits on my site from people looking for "Hot 97 Tusnami" etc., I thought it was because they were looking for this page (now taken down?!) on the Hot 97 site that I had linked to on my site here. Sadly it's turned out to be pretty much the opposite and now I'm being hit by all the rubberneckers trying to hear the "Tsunami mp3." Embarrassing.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Madlib Mystery Explained? 

Image Hosted by
Why is this guy so popular in the underground?

Great for dolts like me who don't get the cult of Madlib, Todd kelley's "Artist Spotlight: The Many Faces of Madlib" and Madlib Radio Blog.

B-boying Transformers (spotted via S/FJ)

King James

Crude post for the month - apologies in advance to any women who read this site, but can I just say, if this is how she's looking now, Baby Spice Emma Bunton could definitely get it. Apparently she has just released a new "R&B" album too (or something).

Hot 97 "Tsunami Song"/Miss Jones scandal update: the regular morning show staff have been suspended indefinitely and station MD E-Bro was hosting this morning taking some calls on the issue but mostly playing music. Amazingly the few calls I heard were in strong support of Miss Jones and crew. Asian MC Jin has also weighed in on the matter the only way he knows how - by tearing them a new one in a freestyle. (Jin mp3 link source spotted via, your best source for news on this issue.)

Finally in related news, as an ex-mod, I'm posting this because it's for a good cause still, but I can't imagine who would really give a f-ck about it.

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Special Science News Edition 

Image Hosted by
The real Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Would you vote if you were being threatened with death and the US can't even protect their own troops?

F-ck the Oil-for-Food scandal, is there any way you can't hang part of the repsonsiblity for this on the US?

Iraq has proven that the US and British really do have that "special relaionship" they have always claimed.

How Bush could really end hopelessness around the world - A Proposal to End Poverty.

Another view of the Middle East conflict - When the Silent Majority Are the Real Martyrs.

MojoBlog - the Mother Jones news blog.

So it's conventional wisdom that the insurgency in Iraq is being conducted by some combination of disgruntled Saddam-affiliated ex-Baathist party members, former military, Sunnis and foreign Islamic extremist terrorist elements, right? So who the f-ck is threatening one of Saddam's lawyers into hiding, Shiites afraid that Saddam might actually be acquitted when he goes on trial?!

What flu vaccine shortage?

Great! Peep game:
Embryonic stem cells, hailed as a potential treatment for a range of diseases, are contaminated by an animal molecule, researchers suggest. The molecule's presence would lead the human immune system to attack the cells. The University of California team, writing in Nature Medicine, says this means such cells could not be used.

Dr Ajit Varki at the Departments of Medicine and Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of California said,"It would seem best to start over again with newly derived human embryonic stem cells that have never been exposed to any animal products." However, regulations in the US which only allows federal funding to be given to research on embryonic stem cell lines created before 2001 would mean such an approach could not be pursued without a change in the law.

from BBC News' "Stem cell contamination worries." So now what, George?

And in yet more science news, the study on the drug Vioxx that the FDA tried to shut down with threats and intimidation is finally published. In the meantime though, the drug may have killed over 140,000 people meaning Merck and Co. is probably responsible for more deaths in the past five years than the US government and Al Qaeda's "War on Terror." Perspective, people.

Finally, Lance Armstrong, look what you started? More political bracelet humor. (Related: Spread hope | Count Me Blue)

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Book Reviews 

Image courtesy: The New York Times

"It is no use saying torture never works; it periodically does work, and in some cases can avert a major attack."

The Times reviews a bunch of books on the Gitmo and Abu Ghraib torture scandals:

- Hard Questions

- The Meaning of Gitmo

- Andrew Sullivan on The Abu Ghraib Investigations and Torture and Truth.

And some scholarly books on life in the hood.

The social philosophies of Frederick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Du Bois, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu are examined in The Credos of Eight Black Leaders: Converting Obstacles into Opportunities.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Buck Fush! 

Image Hosted by

It's official - he's the lying torture czar: Did Gonzales Help Bush Keep His DUI Quiet?

Bush's Words On Liberty Don't Mesh With Policies.

In 2005, ain't a damn thing changed: the "War on Terror" = Keystone Cops still:
One of the Chinese citizens sought for questioning in connection with an unspecified, unconfirmed threat against the city of Boston has been in United States custody for more than two months [emphasis added], the F.B.I. said on Saturday.

The F.B.I. said, "It appears at this time that Mei Xia Dong's motives for entering the U.S. may have been for economic reasons," the F.B.I. statement said. "The investigation thus far does not tie her to any terrorist group," it said.

Officials have said they are increasingly skeptical about the validity of an uncorroborated tip from an anonymous source that led to a terror alert in Boston on Wednesday. News media reports spoke of threats to explode a "dirty bomb," which disperses low-level radioactive material, and the F.B.I. announced it was seeking to interview 14 people, most of them Chinese, in connection with the unspecified plot.

But by Friday, Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts said that he was growing less concerned about the situation. Officials began to speculate that the tip was a hoax.

from "Chinese Woman Sought in Boston Threat Is Already in Custody" in The New York Times.

Except maybe we're seeing the early warning signals about the impending transformation of the US into militaristic police state?

OK, that one might be a little over the top even for a conspiracy theory, but don't fall into the trap of thinking that Army Spc Thomas Wilson is one of only a few members of the military rank and file complaining about the execution of the Iraq war. Whether they support the mission or not - there are many others.

And believe me, as far as Iraq goes, it ain't gonna stop here:
The new supplemental budget request, which would come on top of the $25 billion in emergency spending that had already been approved for the current fiscal year, would push total 2005 funding for military operations and equipment close to a record $105 billion. Since the first money was provided shortly after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the total provided so far for the U.S. efforts against terrorism would reach more than $280 billion.

from "Bush to seek $80 billion more." (

More monkey business back home though. First it was PA, now GA:

Districts around the country are pondering whether to inject intelligent design into science classes, and the constitutional problems are underscored by practical issues. There is little enough time to discuss mainstream evolution in most schools; the Dover students get two 90-minute classes devoted to the subject. Before installing intelligent design in the already jam-packed science curriculum, school boards and citizens need to be aware that it is not a recognized field of science. There is no body of research to support its claims nor even a real plan to conduct such research. In 2002, more than a decade after the movement began, a pioneer of intelligent design lamented that the movement had many sympathizers but few research workers, no biology texts and no sustained curriculum to offer educators. Another leading expositor told a Christian magazine last year that the field had no theory of biological design to guide research, just "a bag of powerful intuitions, and a handful of notions." If evolution is derided as "only a theory," intelligent design needs to be recognized as "not even a theory" or "not yet a theory." It should not be taught or even described as a scientific alternative to one of the crowning theories of modern science.

from "The Crafty Attacks on Evolution" New York Times editorial.

And more sound than the "theory" of Intelligent Design? Science proves we're all racists. Holla at your BdotC.

BTW, I'm not so sure this wasn't a "salute to Satan" or Bush signing us about his policies.

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cRunk&B is real! 

The next Ciara?

Wish I could have seen this - Black British Style (spotted via Carolyn Castiglia)

Dr. Dre Detox snippet. The Game is hot but now I'm really fiendin' for this album. Eve and Bussa-bus, fall back and let the good doctor do his thing. (mp3 via

The next Ciara? Brooke Valentine "Girlfight (feat. Big Boi & Lil Jon)" win hi | lo Real hi | lo

And how'd I miss this monster even though I saw other cats writing about it last week? Snoop Dogg "Drop It Like Itz Hot (remix)" feat. Pharrell & Jay-Z (mp3 courtesy

Young Buck
"Shorty Wanna Ride (remix)" (mp3 via Orbital Hip Hop)

Raga Muffins.

More hip hop humor via Rap Circus. How much funnier would TV be if someone corraled the kids behind this site and others like Gossiping Bitches and BdotC and got 'em workin on some fresh ideas for new shows? (first link spotted via Pickin Boogers)

A very UK slant to the list, but still magic - the 100 greatest toys of all time. (spotted via The Real Janelle)

Finally, updated coverage of the Hot 97 "Tsunami Song" scandal here. I'm down for the cause overall no doubt, but I wonder how much of the reaction to this is really fueled by people's resentment of the station's dominant position in the hip hop industry?

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Weekend Snowed-In Wrap-Up Edition 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

You get a lot of blogging done when the weekend weather snows you in.

The Times went iPod crazy this weekend:

- iPod loading service

- iPod jacking

- iPod mishaps

Get off Steve Jobs' nuts, yo.

Red Hook Brooklyn's master baker Keira Cannon.

False Crack - is that crack (thanks for the link-up).

In Over My Head likes a lot of the same music I do.

I've always kind of dug Cool'eh magazine even though they hardly ever publish. I just copped the latest one (issue #3) free from TTLab. Check out their take on the Best of 2004. I promise this is the last one I'll post now that it's almost the end of January (maybe).

I'm also diggin' the "lounge soul" of the first (?) single "Come to Mama" and "I Am" from Lina's forthcoming Inner Beauty album.

And I'm probably one of the few people who actually liked American Idol's "villain" judge Simon Cowell because at least he semeed to know what he was talkin' about as far as that pop sh-t went, but he played himself crazy with his recent comments about Beyonce and Ashlee Simpson. B not sexy and can't sing? WTF?! That's why I'll be stickin' to Ghetto Idols from now on.

Props to Ice Cube.

Greg Tate set it off a couple weeks back with his article about hip hop at 30. Now his contemporary Nelson George jumps into the fray with a look back at hip hop's development and "25 moments that defined the music." (via Jeremy P.)

Finally, Donovan or Tom? I gotta go Eagles personally....

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The Hot 97 "Tsunami Song" Scandal Keeps Growing 

Most of y'all can probably guess that I'm an unashamed Hot 97 NYC radio listener based on the music I mostly talk about on this site.

In reality though, I probably listen to no more than about an hour of the morning show daily, Enuff's hour-long drive time mixshow when I can remember to tune in and the post-midnight mixshows, if I can stay up. Nevertheless, somehow I missed the latest scandal surrounding the station which has been covered extensively by Jay as well as Hashim, O-Dub and a host of others. Besides the fact that the song in question is highly offensive, it's not even funny (at least make me laugh guiltily if you're gonna go the trouble of crossing the line of decency that far).

That being said, I can't co-sign the ig'nance so I might as well make a real effort to start checking out Power 105 in the morning although with the recent arrival of Star & Buc Wild (and the baggage they bring), things might not be that much better down the dial. It's a race to the bottom, my peoples.

On a more positive note, support the current project my homegirl RAin's promoting, Welcome to Arroyo's - a hip hop play by Kristoffer Diaz:
Image Hosted by
Click the e-postcard above for more details.

While my homegirls Kimberly and Nadine have another great event for you to check out:
Image Hosted by

Directions: #1, 9 to Canal Street | A, C, E, N, R, Q, W to Canal Street

Co-sponsored by URB & Pieces Inc.

For more info, contact: Kim Wilson, The Kimberly Group PR email | (646) 721-4375

But to end, not a good couple weeks for Chingy - first a ridiculous beef that nobody cares about, then this and now a new single, “Don't Worry” feat. Janet Jackson. "Balla Baby" was one thing, but this joint is hot garbage. (mp3 links: win | Real)

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

"Chalk that one up as a miscalculation...."  

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
The Bush/Cheney "Freedom from Tyranny" Express, next stop: Tehran?

Irony (concept and link bitten from Catchdubs)


Regret? (via Low Culture)



Fear-mongering (again!)


"President Bush's soaring rhetoric yesterday that the United States will promote the growth of democratic movements and institutions worldwide is at odds with the administration's increasingly close relations with repressive governments in every corner of the world."

from "Bush Leaves Everyone Guessing" by Dan Froomkin in The Washington Post.

I'm not sure how much guesswork is needed when son and his crew have been talking tough about possibly invading Iran over the past week and might have already begun laying the groundwork to do that. Not like anyone should want to back Bush's crazy-ass foreign policy ideas after witnessing their disasterous effects over the past three years but, on the off-chance you still think democracy can be spread at the end of a gun barrel, let me know when we're gonna be invading the real repressive regimes (some actually even possessing WMD's) like so-called US "allies" Pakistan, China, Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

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"There is no Crisis..." 

Image Hosted by

Let me be clear - I Did Not Vote 4 Bush. (spotted via UrbanSpy)

And There is no Crisis.

- Bush Social Security Plan Likely to Cut Initial Benefits

- "A Question of Numbers":

[T]hanks to unceasing alarms, many, and perhaps most, people today think [social security] is in serious financial trouble.

But is it? After Bush's re-election, I carefully read the 225-page annual report of the Social Security trustees. I also talked to actuaries and economists, inside and outside the agency, who are expert in the peculiar science of long-term Social Security forecasting. The actuarial view is that the system is probably in need of a small adjustment of the sort that Congress has approved in the past. But there is a strong argument, which the agency acknowledges as a possibility, that the system is solvent as is.

from a January 16 New York Times magazine article by Roger Lowenstein.

And would you really trust duke to effectively execute such a radical overhaul of a major government program like Social Security after looking at this? By the Numbers: The U.S. After 4 Years of Bush (spotted via Altercation)

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Get in the flow with Bathgate 

As some of you may already know, I recently launched a brand new but tiny independent record label at the end of last year called Supreme Clientele.

Our lofty mission is to bring back classic underground hip hop music that hopefully defies the ridiculous divide and shallow labels separating the so-called underground and commercial hip hop worlds. And yes, the label name is an homage to Tony Starks who, besides being one of my favorite hip hop artists, to me represents one of the few artists out today who can still appeal to the many subsets of hip hop fans without compromising his own art. I only hope our label can do even half as well creatively as he has over his career.

It's been tough work getting everything together including securing decent distribution but, finally, our first release, a 12" single -- "Everything's A Go (The Flow)" b/w "Badside" -- by Harlem MC, Bathgate (which I've been slyly plugging on the site, is ready to go and about to hit retail.

Learn more about who this kid Bathgate is below.....



Bathgate (bath∙gate) n. - your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper…

Harlem’s back! Uptown mc Bathgate (formerly known as Billy Bathgate) returns with his new single “Everything’s A Go (The Flow)” b/w “Badside” for the brand new indie hip hop label Supreme Clientele Recordings.

Starting from the ground up in the late 90’s – at park battles in the Manhattanville housing project – to spittin’ freestyle classics on countless mixtapes like Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper series and other street joints by Purple City and DJ’s like Clue, Whoo Kid, Envy, Enuff, Dirty Harry, Kool Kid and Clinton Sparks, Bathgate built an enormous underground street buzz and following for an artist without an album out or a record deal.

With his name ringin’ off in streets everywhere, a bidding war ensued that landed Bath at Virgin records. His jumpoff single “Fuck That” (aka dubbed “Bump That” for radio) became an instant hood anthem, which Rolling Stone magazine also dubbed one of their cool hip hop, singles of the year in April 2001.

After Vibe magazine tipped him as being a part of “Rap’s New Generation” alongside Remy Martin and T.I. and with “Bump That” receiving major airplay and running mixshows nationwide, demand for Bathgate’s full-length debut Dear Rich America, My Story To You was high. But major corporate restructuring at Virgin on the eve of the album’s release, resulting in much of the label’s roster being dropped and key staff being laid off, left no one to properly work the album.

With his label situation in disarray, but several tracks bangin’ on the streets, Bath stayed focused on music. He was a headline performer on Funkmaster Flex’s College Tunnel Tour with Jadakiss, appeared on Volume 3 of Flex’s well-respected vinyl-only Big Truck Series Freestyle EP’s, was featured in the soundtrack to the Project Gotham video game and wrote songs for others including Puffy, Trina, Amil (and a few others who shall remain nameless).

Now, after schooling himself on the business side to the industry, Bath is in control of his own destiny running his own label, Capital Gang Records, and inking a 12” single deal with Supreme Clientele to reintroduce himself to the hip hop game. The club heater “Everything’s A Go (The Flow)” and the more pensive “Badside” are the first two songs from his official debut album The Education and the Supreme Clientele compilation The Clientele Chronicles Vol. 1 both due in 2005.

Check out the official Bathgate website.

Listen to “Everything’s A Go (The Flow)” | “Badside”

Buy the 12" single of “Everything’s A Go (The Flow)” at Juno records here.


I know some of you will like the Bath joint more than others but the label's planning on putting out a range of records. Hopefully they'll be something out of all of it that will appeal to the heads who are Neptune'd and Lil Jon-ed out and to those who think Madvillainy was the height of hip hop last year but, as always, feedback and comments are welcomed.

Also, for those of you who I sent the music too, I'd appreciate if you Radio Blog it, offer it for download, review it, chart it etc. because we need all the exposure we can get. Trust me, we are at the polar opposite end of the scale as far as resources and manpower go to say, The Game and the corporate hip hop behemoth behind him that is G-Unit/Aftermath/Interscope records. Any and all help we get not only is really appreciated but, even if it only sells us one copy here or get an order for a few pieces there, makes a huge difference.

Stay tuned for forthcoming Bathgate radio and live apperances (including TONIGHT on 90.9FM WKRB Kingboro College radio) and for the news on future Supreme Clientele releases.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Future Is Now... 

Ellen Gallagher - reppin' for the sistahs? Photo courtesy: The New York Times

For the more cultured readers of this site:

- Ellen Gallagher's 60 Ways of Looking at a Black Woman.

- Julius Caesar starring Denzel.

- McReele starring 8 Mile's Anthony Mackie.

You have bad taste in music...

Or on the other hand, check out:

- Remixes of Jill Scott's new single "Whatever" - the first one is hot, I didn't peep the rest. (link via Honey Soul)

- Hot Hot Heat "Goodnight Goodnight" - Jenny asks if anyone still cares? I do even if others have moved on to Franz, Dogs Die... and Futureheads etc.

- Annie (the "indie/hipster-approved Kylie Minogue"™) "Chewing Gum (video)" - I can't front on the "Genius of Love" drums and lyrical bite on the bridge or on this track as a whole as much as I'd like to. Post-modern pop perfection. (link via Between thought and expression)

- Nina Gordon (formerly of 90's MTV alterna-rock darlings Veruca Salt) "Straight Outta Compton" - I don't know if I should give her props for the chutzpah of covering this or an "Ayo!"? (mp3 courtesy

"The Game is in the building" - with a rumored 400K first day sales of The Documentary, there might have to be a corporate restructuring over at G-Unit real soon and I'm guessing the tension from jealousy, rivalry etc. must already be getting thick. I'm kind of diggin' the fact that he named his son Harlem too although Game non-believers might take that as more evidence of his E. Coast d-ck riding despite his claims of reppin' for the West. (link to Wendy Williams interview via FunkDigi)

But shout to my peoples Eclipse whose The Future is Now CD with his group Non Phixion I finally peeped for the first time properly a couple weeks ago even though it dropped a while back. For all y'all so-called "backpack," underground hip hop fans and "Golden Age" hip hop fans alike, get at this album immediately. Classic hip hop in the early 90's Stretch 'n' Bob, DJ Premier mold with a policial edge featuring production by Extra P, Pete Rock, MF Doom and Ju Ju of The Beatnuts. Need I say more? A must-cop.

I guess I don't get out enough though because I went to Best Buy to cop The Game album yesterday and realized that, besides Non Phixion proclaiming it, the Jetsons future we were all expecting as kids really had arrived already.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

"I See Guns Everywhere, Jesus" 

Image courtesy: Konono N°1

A bad idea. (related: Top Ways the NBC Remake of the BBC's "The Office" Will Get It Wrong)

S/FJ's "Best of 2005".

The "religious" Right play themselves again.

Cube plays himself? (I ain't gonna lie, I laughed pretty hard at the trailer when I saw it though.)

Pink Nostaljack. (spotted via Dork Magazine)

And spotted via the mighty Mish massive:

- McDonalds Shawarma

- Konono N°1

New Daft Punk (scroll down to Jan. 20) (spotted via I'm So Sinsurr)

Finally: Howard Stern 1, Michael Powell 0.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Democracy is Dead? 

Image Hosted by

With the Inauguration jumping off today, let's (gulp) look ahead to the next four years:
You might wonder—were you someone unfamiliar with or in denial about the ways of the Karl Rove Mafia—how George W. Bush could blunder into nominating someone as attorney general so obviously implicated in the most legally questionable and morally indefensible practices of his administration. You might wonder, too, how the administration seemed to be caught unawares by the bottomless pit of scandal in the past of its initial nominee for Homeland Security secretary.

Or you could realize that such nominations were not blunders, but intentional: that they were made not in spite of Alberto Gonzales's and Bernard Kerik's unsuitability for high office but precisely because of them.

from "The Eve of Destruction" by Rick Perlstein from The Village Voice.

The theme of his inaugural speech, which he said is “aimed at history,” will be “Liberty is powerful, and freedom is peace.” He’s not worried about protests disrupting the day. “Protests don’t bother me. It’s a great part of democracy,” he said. “I’ve seen my fair share since I’ve been the president.”

Uh-huh. Read about how the Bush administration has routinely subverted free speech, the right to protest and the right to free assembly at here.

But as much as the GOP tries, the movement will not be stopped:

- Jazz Funeral For Democracy - a wake and funeral for the principles upon which America once stood.

- Today is Counter-inauguration Day - "Not our president - Not in our name!"

- Not One Damn Dime! Boycott Bush's inauguration by not spending any money on inauguration day

So consider joining in, you won't be alone.

Doug E. Fresh and Biz Markie shilling for the GOP at one of the Inaugural Balls? As repugnant as this is to me, commenters got real disrepsectful about Biz over on Bol's site. Young un's who might only know Biz for "Just A Friend" (if that), before dissing son, listen to Goin' Off which is right up there with Paid in Full, Criminal Minded and Long Live the Kane. Yeah, I said it.

On the other hand I guess you have to have a sense of humor about the next four years - Jib Jab's "Second Term."

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"I would hope that we can have this conversation without impugning my credibility or my integrity...." 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

Go Barbara.

Now? They couldn't have pulled their heads out of the sand three months ago? Public Voicing Doubts on Iraq and the Economy, Poll Finds.

Those poor bastards in Iraq (and soon Iran) - they don't know the half.

The road to democracy in Iraq is not one I would wanna be driving on.

Our next Attorney General is OK with torture done by the CIA or by the US in other countries. Nice!

That's when the CIA isn't busy paying off bloggers to spread propaganda Armstrong Williams style, that is.

Jerry, Jerry....

This is why non-verifiable, paper trail-less e-voting is bullsh-t.

Yes! New Doubts On Plan For Social Security.

A really interesting interview with techno/acid house legend A Guy Called Gerald on living in the US:
“Television is so manipulative over there, if you watched it continuously for a week you’d really understand the rhythms of their society and culture.

I’d never heard the phrase ‘Leaders of the free world’ when I was in England or anywhere else in Europe whereas in America the president is frequently addressed as the ‘leader of the free world’. How did they figure that one out? They use the word ‘freedom’ in such a patriotic way, but this word and other ones they use are not meant for us. They are addressed to Americans in order to justify their actions, like ‘we’re going to bring freedom to Iraq’. TV is central to the delivery of these messages. They have sad programs, happy programs and news, all neatly divided across specific hours to manipulate people’s emotions easily.”

from "A Guy Called Gerald’s Silent Drum & Bass Protest" on (Related: Gerald's official website | "Voodoo Ray", Gerald's immortal acid house classic and still one of the greatest records of all time, mp3 courtesy

This just doesn't seem right on so many levels:
THE Pentagon considered developing a host of non-lethal chemical weapons that would disrupt discipline and morale among enemy troops, newly declassified documents reveal.

Most bizarre among the plans was one for the development of an "aphrodisiac" chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to morale, the proposal says.

from "Pentagon reveals rejected chemical weapons" in New Scientist magazine.

I'm one of those cats who often spits a vague "in Boston" response to questions about where I went to school, so this is especially embarrassing. (Related: follow-up story on

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Get hyphy to "One Thing" 

Image Hosted by
Amerie - responsible for this year's "Crazy in Love"?

D-Nice's fantastic email blasts and photography have now been archived at his new online journal (he's far too cool to admit he has a blog).

Save The Wire
- I didn't know the best show on TV was in danger of not being renewed (?).

The 24 Coldest, Greasiest Clipse Joints (via Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage. BTW Sean, enable your post page setting.)

Evigan Funk

Styles P feat. Floetry "I'm Black" - who knew D-Block would be responsible for the best "conscious" hip hop in 2004-5?!! (mp3 link spotted via

My next girlfriend Lola Ogunnaike (if Beverly Bonds doesn't work out) on The Game.

Hyphy is the new Crunk according to Newsweek. Didn't I say this a week ago? (Spotted via Pop Life)

Jay has really become enamored of Amerie's "One Thing." I'm not mad at him though, I think the track is crazy (in love) too and looks set to become a hit now that cats like Hot 97's DJ Enuff are starting to bang it on their mixshows. Can I take credit for breaking this one too? (mp3 via TTLab | Related: Amerie's official website)

And finally, also via

Dilla, get well.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Hot Ish Jan. 2005 

Some links below are active - click to hear mp3's of tracks or for more info. Click the album covers in the sidebar's "The Hot Ish Archives" section for links to old lists.

1. Cassidy "I'm a Hustler" (Promo)

2. The Game feat. 50 Cent "Envy Me" (Aftermath/Interscope) - officially known as "Hate It or Love It."

3. The Game feat. Tony Yayo "I'm Runnin'" (Aftermath/Interscope)

4. Fat Joe "Once Again It's The Incredible" (Atlantic)

5. Ludacris "The Potion" (DTP/Island Def Jam)

6. The Futureheads - The Futureheads (Sire/679)

7. Mike Jones feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall "Still Tippin'"

8. Usher feat. Pharrell "Wifey" (Promo)

9. Mario's "Let Me Love You" (J/RCA)

10. K-os Joyfull Rebellion (Astralwerks)

11. John Legend Get Lifted

12. 50 Cent feat. Olivia "Candy Shop" (G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath/Interscope)

13. Hal “What A Lovely Dance” (Rough Trade)

14. 112 "If I Hit" (Def Soul)

15. Fabolous "Baby" (Elektra)

16. Dwele feat. Kanye West & Consequence "Hold On (Remix)" (Virgin)

17. MF Doom "Hoe Cakes" (Rhyme Sayers/Fat Beats)

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Dreaming of Saas-Fee 

Image Hosted by
Image courtesy: the Bollywood LP Gallery

I've posted a new "Hot Ish" list for this month in the sidebar (at left) yesterday. I also posted an old list for December in the archive section. Comments and feedback, as always, are encouraged and welcome.

More lists from around the web:

-'s Top 25 to watch in 2005.

- Stylus magazine's Top 40 Worst Albums of 2004

- Rollie Pemberton's Top 50 singles: 2000-2004.

The Rick Rubin Onion interview. (spotted via Hot Kizzle)

Check my man Eric Coles' soul-inspired Red Coles t-shirt line.

A gallery of rare Bollywood soundtrack album covers. (spotted via Boing Boing)

The hip hop Bud Fox.

Where I'd be (if I had any money).

I've been feeling crazy heat around The Game project (out tomorrow) but has 50's album been pushed back 'cos of the lack of buzz around it so far? Even I was kind of semi on that "Disco Inferno" joint at first (but, putting on my DJ hat, I have to say that it does work in a club setting though).

Apparently it's now hard to find (even though I thought TTLab was carrying it) but you can download M.I.A. & Diplo's Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape here on the mpc blog. (spotted via Brooklyn Vegan)

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"I am not a civil rights activist." 

Gerald A. Reynolds - an outspoken opponent of race-
based college admission policies for minorities - the new
chairman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.
Image courtesy: The Washington Post

Gerald A. Reynolds, the new chairman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, described himself this way: "I am not a civil rights activist." Another stellar pick by Bush for his second term administration.

"Babies are less likely to survive in America than in impoverished and autocratic Cuba [emphasis added]. According to the latest C.I.A. World Factbook, Cuba is one of 41 countries that have better infant mortality rates than the U.S."

from "Health Care? Ask Cuba" by Nicholas D. Kristof in The New York Times.

And more news that should be an embarrassment to the United States. (Note: archive readers, this NYT link may be dead by time you read this)

I know the "Code of the Streets" predates them by a long shot but what have street magazines like Don Diva, FEDS and FELON with their "No Snitching" editorial ethos wrought? This is why, as cheesy as they might be, I have to big up joints like Owners Illustrated for celebrating (legit) entrepreneurism rather than giving back-handed props to drug lords and pimps.

Not a good look for police forces nationwide (or 50 Cent)

Five Strikes and (maybe) you're out
. From what I'm reading, it looks like MLB's new "tougher" steroid policy is basically bullsh-t.

Tsunami news is still dominating coverage in the media, but don't forget the rest of the world - Health Officials Say They'll End Polio in Africa, Despite Its Spread. (Related: UN report says millions can escape poverty if countries keep financial promises.)

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Is Iran next for the US military? 

Image Hosted by
J. Kenneth Blackwell: the man responsible for mak-
ing Bush president for a second term? Does the J
stand for Jiggaboo?

The upcoming Iraqi election is a joke thanks to the insurgents'efforts. What exactly are the coalition forces doing over there?

But what would you expect when the US can't even run clean elections at home:

- “In a terse, one line statement, the office of Republican Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell responded to an inquiry on the 102-page report on Ohio voting problems prepared by the Democratic staff of the House Judiciary Committee.” (Raw Story)

- “I’m amazed that the chief elections official of the state that faced the most irregularities and the first state wide electoral challenge in history wouldn’t even bother to try to set the record straight on a single irregularity.” -- Rep. John Conyers’ (D-Mich.) quoted in Raw Story in response to an attack by Ohio Republican Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell as to the motivation for his report.

(BTW: is this Ken Blackwell's payoff for rigging the election in Ohio for Bush?)

So with all that, why is Bush still so f-cking deluded about what his "re-election" meant? (Related: the BBC's take)

Pay special attention to this one: has Bush learned nothing from the Iraq debacle?
With the formal start of the second Bush administration only days away, an article in the latest New Yorker magazine suggests that Iran is now squarely in the US president's sights.

The piece by the veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claims that US special forces have already been operating inside Iran [emphasis added].

He also says that the administration's aims could include not just an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, but full-scale regime change [emphasis added].
from "Analysis: Is Iran next for US military?" (BBC News)

And does anyone actually believe that the real "Ringleader" in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal was brought to justice on Saturday? Even if this happens, we'll only be getting slightly closer to holding the real culprits accountable.

U.S.-Led Troops Have Damaged Babylon, British Museum Says.

The latest scorecard on Bush's performance in fighting the "War on Terror":

- The Federal Bureau of Investigation is on the verge of scrapping a $170 million computer overhaul that is considered critical to the campaign against terrorism but has been riddled with technical and planning problems, F.B.I. officials said on Thursday. (from "F.B.I. May Scrap Vital Overhaul of Its Outdated Computer System" The New York Times)

- And also:
"One of the most alarming vulnerabilities to emerge after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks has been the Federal Bureau of Investigation's continuing inability to come up with a computer system that enables field agents to act quickly in sharing information and suspicions about where the next threats may emerge. A more effective system was in the works, the bureau promised lawmakers. They poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort, expecting the F.B.I. to meet its goal of having the antiterrorist centerpiece - the Virtual Case File - finally up and running by December 2003, a date already a year behind the original goal.

Well, not only has Virtual Case File slipped another year behind, but it also appears close to a virtual death."
from The New York Times editorial "The F.B.I.'s Virtual Nonstarter."

- Meanwhile:
"A British Airways jumbo jet flying to New York turned back after the US objected to one of its passengers.

Three hours after take-off on Wednesday the Boeing 747, with 239 passengers, turned around after a US request that the man should not be allowed to land.

They said his name matched one on a terrorism watch list. He was met by British police on landing and was questioned, but later released [emphasis added].

BA said there was "no threat to the safety of the aircraft" [emphasis again added]."
From "US sends BA jet back to Britain." So what was the point of all that and how (and why) was he allowed on the flight in the first place?

Oren of Holla Like Jewish Bread gives Jon Stewart props for a "Mission Accomplished."

Glad to see some other mainstream media outlets finally start to question Bush's quest for Social Security reform.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

"It's easy to admire Dr. King, it's a challenge to follow him.'' 

Image Hosted by

Most people remember Martin Luther King, Jr. for his non-violent approach to the fight for civil rights four decades ago. What is less discussed is how, shortly before his death, King turned his focus more towards the anti-war movement and the wider struggle against poverty which reaches across all races and turns civil rights from a race-based issue into a class-based one. Sad to say though that almost forty years on from his untimely death, as much progress as the US has made in the wake of the signing of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts, there are still many issues where little or no progress has been made.

Any why do people still treat MLK Day as the one holiday they don't have to honor 'cos I've met a bunch of folks who said they would be going into their offices tomorrow to work. Get your minds (and your hearts) right, people.

Some links to peep:

- "The life of Martin Luther King Jr."

- "Why I Oppose the War In Vietnam." (spotted via

- "Dr. King was not a "Dreamer"."

- "MLK's moral values."

- Expressing Faith Through Action - the progressive legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

- Jesse Jackson says the War and Poverty sap King's legacy.

And via Kris Ex:

- "Ain’t No Other Kings"

- " The New Workout Plan"

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Get your hustle on.... 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Nena - hotter looking than Linkin Park

Peace to Taj and James who I saw at their Dork Mag party which was actually last night, not Tuesday like I had said earlier this week. I spun for a hot minute but only a set with a bunch of major label promos I had recently received from Def Jam and Cornerstone so I was sounding like Hot 97 lite. Taj did put me up on these joints that I'd never heard while he was on the set though:

- Dwele "Hold On (Remix)" feat. Kanye West & Consequence - this ish is crazy (but I couldn't find an mp3 link). Bol stop frontin' and admit Kanye is a talented, albeit personally flawed, cat.

- MF Doom "Hoe Cakes" - I guess it's not just Nas and Luda bringing back that classic old school beatbox flavor (plus bonus points for the Anita Baker loop). (mp3 via

But this is what I've been playing on repeat for the last couple days - it's like 1965 at Muscle Shoals all over again. Good lookin' to John M. of Prommer Inc. for the advance CD hook-up. (Sharon Jones & the Dap-KingsNaturally is in-stores January 25th)

I'll also be back spinning at Fuelray TONIGHT after a long hiatus. I gotta try and hit a record store though because I haven't picked up 12" wax on any of the music I've talked about on the site since at least October (the last joint I got was a promo of "How We Do").

Hustle Up!

And a new DVD magazine on how to become a hip hop producer.

Are we Disposable Men?

Why Rap Should Be the GOP’s Theme Music.

LCD Soundsystem online player.

Fred Durst - "Ax god"

Jay-Z/Nena "99 Luft Problems" - a cute idea that gets a B-minus for the slightly sloppy execution. (via Pickin' Boogers)

Her Majesty's Pleasure - the fly new t-shirt line by Nick from Pitchfork alternative

Mariah Carey "It's Like That" - has this former superstar made a comeback (with an assist from JD) or is she now the poor man's Beyonce?

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