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Friday, May 27, 2005

"We ought to get used to the idea of living with an Iranian nuclear bomb...." 

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"We come as liberators, not occupiers...."

Except for in Afghanistan, that is....

"Ministers have been warned they face a "complete strategic failure" of the effort to rebuild Afghanistan and that 5,500 extra troops will be needed within months if the situation continues to deteriorate.

An explosive cocktail of feuding tribal warlords, insurgents, the remnants of the Taliban, and under-performing Afghan institutions has left the fledgling democracy on the verge of disintegration, according to analysts and senior officers."

From Political Animal.

While in Iraq: "We were squandering the money we were entrusted to handle...."

And, most likely in violation of the Geneva Convention, the US military gave the pics (seen in the post below) to the Murdoch-owned British tabloid The Sun.

The "WTF?" story in a week that had way too many to pick from:
"In coordinated broadsides from London and Washington, Amnesty International accused the Bush administration on Wednesday of condoning "atrocious" human rights violations, thereby diminishing its moral authority and setting a global example encouraging abuse by other nations."

Full article "U.S. 'Thumbs Its Nose' at Rights, Amnesty Says" about the "American Gulag" at Gitmo. (from The New York Times)

I was looking forward to posting this link with a gloating comment like Bush's "domino theory" of spreading democracy in the Middle East at work, but then this story broke. Oh well...

Although this prospect means we all still need to be sweating unless "Old Europe" has managed to save the day.

And here's a ridiculous diversion from the real news. Don't get "Swift-Boated" again, y'all.

Or consider this:

"It is offensive to see the Bush administration use this case for political purposes, and ludicrous for spokesmen for this White House and Defense Department to offer pious declarations about accountability, openness and concern for America's image abroad.

It took Newsweek about two weeks to retract its report. It has been a year since the very real problem behind the article - the systematic abuse and deliberate humiliation of mainly Muslim prisoners - came to light through the Abu Ghraib disaster. And the Bush administration has not come close to either openness or accountability. The White House and the Pentagon have refused to begin any serious examination of the policymaking that led to the abuse, humiliation, torture and even killing of prisoners taken during antiterrorist operations and the invasion of Iraq. Meanwhile, the administration has stonewalled outside efforts to accomplish that task. No senior officer or civilian official has been held accountable for policies that put every American soldier at greater risk. The men who wrote the memos on legalized torture and evading the Geneva Conventions have been promoted...."

From a May 18th New York Times editorial.

While Pat Tillman's family puts the US military on blast.

And during the arcane and virtually incomprehensible Senate filibuster/"nuclear option" debate over the past few weeks, the GOP Offensively Invokes Nazis...Again.

Yo for real, I really can't keep up any more. Click here, here and here for the updates. Meanwhile, let me get back to posting about the ig'nance like telling you yet again to vote for my sneaker....

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Swishahouse Takeover 

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Slim Thug: not (quite) yet Tha Boss and Paul Wall: he's got the internet going nuts!

I've always kind of had a thing for the singer Tweet but I still gotta say, after seeing her on the cover of this month's Smooth magazine, wow!

Or, if you prefer to go East.

Some new mp3 audio via Hiphopgame:

- Redman "Gillahouse Check" - the first time I heard this I was like, "meh" but hearing DJ Absolute drop it last night on Hot 97 pitched up slightly I was def. more open.

- Red Cafe feat. Mack 10 "Yellow Bottle" - Mr. Clean ain't feelin' it all but I'm kind of diggin' this very-much-of-the-moment thug, club banger even if his 50 jock-riding
that I pointed out yesterday is pretty atrocious.

- Keak Da Sneak "Superhyphy" - this is some pretty bugged out-sounding ish. Was this dude in 3X Krazy or am I getting him mixed up with someone else?

Slim Thug “I Ain’t Heard of That (remix)” Windows | Real - Geffen is back to flogging this track again in an effort to get this should-be-a-major-star's long-delayed Already Platinum album off the ground. This should have been a massive hit the first time around and definitely when Jay-Z graced the first sick remix.

Maybe this time with Bun B (his ears must have been ringing after I talked about him yesterday) and Pharrell in tow, second (third?) time will be the charm. A killer Roc-Swishahouse collab, having charisma for days and him leading off what is arguably the single of the year didn't create enough momentum to drop the album and do serious numbers?? The mind boggles....

BTW: I guess the place where I can get my question above about Keak answered is the new Bay Area hip hop blog Pacific Standard - "consolidating information about the Bay Area hip hop scene and all of the tangents [artists, labels, journalists, dj's, and events]...."

Inspired by the show the other night, I broke out O.C.'s Word... Life album to play today. "Time's Up" aside, it's amazing how much vocally he sounds (to me, at least) like a blend of Extra P and Prince Po of Organized Konfusion. Also, flip to the start of "Point of Viewz" to experience foreshadowing and the first (?) fleeting appearance of a sample before its future proper use in at least one (maybe two depending on your p.o.v.) monster tracks.

Lyor Cohen's PDA Hacked

"I still fail to understand why I should have been expected to waste twenty-five years of my life following the progress of a beeping trash can and a gay, gold-plated Jeeves." (click here for more by Anthony Lane on Revenge of the Sith. Spotted via Poplicks)

Paul Wall addresses "10 White Boy Stereotypes" (via The Underground Post)

Reggaeton, grime, baile funk, and the globalization of hip-hop.

The Hype Machine - an archive of blog audio.

And finally, I must be on the D-list: Blogebrity (and people, are there even any people of color on this list?)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"I don’t think a photo inspires murderers...." 

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Allegations of Koran abuse in new FBI reports. Paging Scott McClellan...

And why is Rupert Murdoch Endangering U.S. Soldiers (above)?

"The US politician who led the campaign to change the name of french fries to "freedom fries" has [now] turned against the war."

Milatary estimates US to be stuck in Iraq for "many years...." Thanks everyone who voted for a second term for George Bush.

$100 Million "Mishandled" in Iraq.

"Two [army] recruiters from Colorado have been suspended as the Army investigates accusations that they encouraged a teenager to lie and cheat so he could join up." (CBS News via Les C.)

Terror Cops Screw Up Again

No more public photography in Soviet America?

Stop Bolton
- might be difficult now with the recent Senate filibuster compromise.

Speaking of which: the Top Ten Filibuster Lies.

More coming. I'm just getting started here....

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"Chillin' in the Club in my B-Boy Stance...." 

Stone knows... - keep voting here.

Why you don't love hip hop any more: "The camaraderie of getting together and making a record has totally been lost...." -- Prince Paul (via Grand Good)

And a few reasons why your faith should be restored:

- Kanye West and Common in the studio:
Real Player: Hi | Lo
Windows Media Hi | Lo
Quicktime Hi | Lo
Download (hi-oh!) Hi | Lo
Common breaks down the meaning behind the songs on Be:
Real Player Hi | Lo
Windows Media Hi | Lo
Quicktime Hi | Lo
Download Hi | Lo
- Cassidy "B-Boy Stance" - don't front, after "I'ma Huster" and this you forgive him for that soft-ass "Hotel" record last time around.

- KDAY 93.5FM Los Angeles - prolly not as good the original pioneering AM station back in the day but as close to the perfect all-hip hop format station as you're gonna get in today's corporate hip hop world.

- Seeing Supernat', Lord Finesse, O.C., AG and Grandmaster Roc Raida doing their thing at the Freestyle DVD party last night at BB King's. 10 years ago, that room would have been ram-packed. Instead it was half-empty. New York, what's wrong with y'all?!!

I was ready to put "proverbial" pen to paper today dissin' Roc Raida for doing virtually the same scratch routine cutting up Rob Base's "It takes Two" as Common's DJ Dummy did the night before at SOB's until Finessee jumped in midway and they tag-teamed back and forth cutting it up flawlessly. Finesse is crazy NICE on the cut, no joke.

Wack move of the night: OC rockin his own "Word Life" promo shirt. Like, what is it now: 10-11 years later?! Kinda sad. Flyest look for the night though: Nat and Craig G on stage together for the first time in 8 years showing love to each other (n/h) and saying how they had battled each other bitterly through the years but lived to talk about it and even become friends and how THAT was what hip hop should be all about. Can't argue with that, right?

Thanks, Trent.

I'm. You're. Idle.

The Low End Theory on the legendary and mysterious breakbeat "Skull Snaps" (actually officially called "It's A New day")

More "scion-hop" mp3 action c/o Z-Trip - "Breakfast Club" (feat. Murs, right?)

Cool interview at Dork with Da Beatminerz. Their "Mafia Don" single with the Last Emperor from their new Full Loaded w/ Static album has been growing on me. Expect me to drop that when I open for them next week at The Good Foot.

For those who like to do their mp3 download thing all legit-like, Dancetracks Digital is doing the business.

A Bun B (of UGK) & Dizzee Rascal collabo -WTF?!

Where have I seen this image before? C'mon!

Gorillaz action figures (spotted via Young Rome)

The H3 - "the Hummer for the rest of us...." The sub-$30K starting price is right but aren't they like two years too late on this? I think even most hip hop cats have moved on and sky-high gas prices are gonna kill a lot of the demand there might have been for this anyway, no?

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Win a Pair of Custom Nike Dunks Designed by Different Kitchen... 

Or at least the chance to.

You've probably already seen this on some of the other sites you may read. I am one of 20 cats Nike approached to design sneakers to promo their NikeiD customization program through an online contest. Please support and help me win (and ask any of your sneaker-appreciating friends to do the same) by voting for my design.

If I win (which is a long shot as I'm way behind in the voting right now) I get to give my friends and website readers 100 free pairs of sneakers. The contest ends June 3rd (not tomorrow, May 24th, like I may have told some of you in an earlier email) and you can vote once a day which is not too burdensome in the grand scheme of things, right?

If I can pull out a come-from-behind victory to beat the current leader Fat Laces, I'll try to hook up as many of my peoples and readers as I can with a pair of the "Different Kitchen Dunk" sneaker. Again, folks can vote for it by clicking here and I've even added a handy link in the sidebar at left to make daily voting even easier for you to do.

Thanks and remember to vote today and every day until June 3rd. Make it a part of your daily routine like brushing and flossing!

Off to see Common tonight. For those who didn't get tickets or are seeing him tomorrow, check out DJ Lt. Dan at Roxy's do at Sway instead. (And BTW the DVD bonus disc that comes with the Be album is pretty decent as far as those kind of things go. He addresses the Erykah issue and those infamous crocheted pants (n/h). You also get interview segments with Kanye, footage of Com doing "The Corner" live plus more behind-the-scenes ish.)

(UPDATE: night owls, go meet Com at the Music Emporium Record Store at 286 Flatbush Ave., between 7th Ave. & Prospect Place, for a special in-store and record signing apperance TONIGHT. Wow, no Virgin Megastore action on release night? Repsek to Rashid for keeping it all the way 'hood.).

Or, if you ain't got or couldn't get tickets for the second show tomorrow night, check out this release party/show for the Freestyle movie instead:

Image Hosted by

My peoples are working this DVD project but let me be clear, like the Just For Kicks movie I mentioned seeing at the Tribeca Film Festival a couple weeks back, this film is essential viewing for afficianados of true hip hop. The Style Wars of freestyle & battle MC-ing culture is not far off in terms of being an accurate description. Peep the website for more details.

BTW, also check me out opening for the Da Beatminerz who are spinning at the next Good Foot party at the Knitting Factory on June 2. Click here for more details. I'll be plugging this again closer to the date (and Mr. Walt, get well soon).

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Does Nikka Still Got Her Something? 

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“Singing and performing comes from the same place as having sex....” - Nikka Costa on the travails leading up to the release of her second album can’tneverdidnothin’ dropping on Tuesday. I hope it's as good as Everybody Got Their Something although Margeaux Watson trashes it in Entertainment Weekly.

The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle
- the cult Sex Pistols punk rock movie satire is finally out on DVD. I might not be 100% accurate on this but I think Chicago film critic and TV personality Roger Ebert was somehow involved in writing the screenplay for this project (!)?

Be clear - Revenge of the Sith (which I just came back from watching) is only the fourth best movie out of the two Star Wars trilogies. It's better than Episodes I and II (but then again how hard was that to do?) but The New York Times' A.O. Scott is out of his mind in saying that "it's better than Star Wars."

The Honeymooners - trainwreck-in-the-making or inspired remake? Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps take on the roles of Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton made legendary by the immortal Jackie Gleason and Art Carney but Gabrielle Union seems like the odd one out in this cast - isn't she way too fly looking to be in this movie?

Common: Did Kanye West Make Him Classic?
- I'm not sure I'm riding with my man Timmhotep on the 5 mic Classic rating he gave Com's Be album in XXL, but it's still a pretty good-ass album. "Real People," "Love Is" and "It's Your World" are the kind of records hip hop needs right now - soul for real. And I know I'm in the minority on this, but I think I'd rather have had the album version of "The Food" than the Dave Chappelle live version on the album. BTW, for you smug fccks who've been rockin' this album on bootleg for the past month plus, cop the real joint because they've thrown in a 40 minute plus bonus DVD with some behind-the-scenes footage of Com and Kanye in the studio as a free value-added (though I will admit I haven't peeped it myself yet to vouch for whether it's actually any good since my TV just broke down last week - damn, more money I ain't got that I have to now spend!)

Finally, remembering Justo still - R.I.P., fam.

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Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Force is Weak With This One 

Back in town. Here's some stuff for y'all to do this weekend that my homegirls are putting on.


Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by



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Of course, tonight I'm geeking out and succumbing to the George Lucas marketing juggernaut despite all the darts and subliminals I've thrown at this movie over the past few months. I know, I'm a weak bastard....

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Bittersweet Coming of Age for Mixtapes 

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Mixtape magazine launch party TONIGHT at the Coral Room, 512 West 29th Street (bet. 10-11th Avenue) from 7-11 p.m. with complimentary cocktails by Hpnotiq from 7-9 p.m. Editor-in-Chief, Kay Konnect will pay tribute to promo exec and mixtape industry advocate Justo Faison who, as a few others have already said, was a real good dude. R.I.P. fam and my condolences to your (many) friends and loved ones.

Honey Soul has links here to the MTV/VH1 previews of the Gorillaz Demon Days and Nikka Costa can'tneverdidnothin' albums both of which are dropping on March 24th.

As is Common's already-leaked-everywhere album Be:

New single "Go" Real | Windows | Video | Album Preview

It's good to see some decent albums finally coming out because it's been kind of slow since that Beanie Mac album dropped. Unfortunately Memph Bleek sort of dropped the ball with his recent 534 release (again) although the "Get Low" joint from the album, sampling the same beat as the interlude at the start of Pete Rock & CL Smooth's "Straighten It Out," is kind of hot. I also discovered (by accident) that if you play "Infatuated" at 45, it sounds a lot like the UK pop garage Artful Dodger and Craig David were doing a few years back before So Solid, Roll Deep and later Wiley, Kano and Dizzee came through smashing and put that whole sound out the game.

But when did this whole Tin Tin hairstyle become the new trucker hat steez for white hipsters? Maybe it's just me, but that sh-t looks kind of Tey Ghey.

And, further proof that I don't get out enough. All of a sudden Dickies is giving Lacoste a run for their money as the brand of choice this summer in the 'hood?! Their site doesn't reflect it, but this former work wear turned casual urban street wear company now even has all kinds of fly sh-t for women based on my run through Fulton Mall last weekend.

But is there any point trying when 3 year old kids look flyer and more fresh-dipped than me? I meant to post this a while ago but this little dunny is rockin' his blazer better than Kanye or Usher and he goes to the movies by himself?! Whoa.

The Times on August Wilson's new play Radio Golf.

Online DJ sets from DJ Ayers and my man DJ A. Frog via WPS1 online radio courtesy of my peoples at Brooklyn record store Halcyon.

Going down TOMORROW:
Negro Clash featuring:
Duane, Lindsay & DJ Language (BBE)

10PM / ONLY $5!
@ APT (
419 W 13th St.
NYC 10014
(212) 414-4245

Support this: Duane's my man too (n/h), y'all already know Language is hot, I saw Lindsey open up for Mark Ronson last week spinning feel-good electro most of which must have come out originally when she was barely a toddler and Ge-ology is about to drop an incredible anthology called Geology Plays Geology of his previous production and remix work (instrumental and vocal), some of it unreleased, that will show folks why he needs to be considered the next cat to come up after Pete Rock, Jay Dilla and 9th Wonder. (via Peter)

But after a blaze of quick posts tonight, that's it for the week. Off to LA for E3.

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No way around it... 

"Conservatives drive up income inequality because they focus primarily on the well off, which benefits only the well off. Liberals keep income inequality in check because they focus primarily on the working and middle classes, which benefits everyone. And that's the underlying reason that Democratic presidents are better for the economy than Republican presidents."
Click here for more from Political Animal.

"Did you know that Democratic presidents are better for the economy than Republicans? Democratic presidents have consistently higher economic growth and consistently lower unemployment than Republican presidents. If you add in a time lag, you get the same result. If you eliminate the best and worst presidents, you get the same result. If you take a look at other economic indicators, you get the same result. There's just no way around it: Democratic administrations are better for the economy than Republican administrations."
Click here for more from Political Animal.

NPR under attack. Great! With Fox already in the federal government's pocket, CNN riding their jock hoping to catch ratings and Newsweek, CBS and ABC already proving they're ready to capitulate to the government and the radical right under the slightest pressure at a moment's notice, the concept of a Free Press in the US is becoming a more and more distant concept by the day.

So will it all come down to George Lucas for honest political commentary?! Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith = a "cautionary tale for our time" and "a blistering critique of the war in Iraq"? That just about says it all about the state of this union.... (Washington Post)

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Waiting for McClellan’s Retraction.... 

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What Scott McClellan (above) in the White House press office SHOULD have been saying:

"It's puzzling that while the White House now acknowledged that they haven't found WMD or a link between Al Queda and Iraq, they have refused to retract their claims. I think there's a certain standard of governing that should be met and in this instance has not. The claims the administration used to send this nation to war has had serious consequences. People have lost their lives. The image of the United States abroad has been damaged."

about the war, not the "Koran-gate" story.

But unfortunately, here's the real-life response.

Meanwhile, the 'Smoking Gun' Iraq memo is being ignored by the US media (except the bold few like Paul Krugman).

As (probably) is the fact that the US State Dept. says the "Afghan Riots Not Tied to Report on Quran Handling...." (via

But the libeled British pol George Galloway gets in the collective US senate ass about the Iraq war (n/h).

While here's how Bush "supports" the troops.

And here's the status update on Bush's efforts to "Secure the homeland."

Plus a final kick in the teeth: "the Bush administration was made aware of illegal oil sales and kickbacks paid to the Saddam Hussein regime but did nothing to stop them...." (click here for more from Political Animal)

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Newsweek Drops to its Knees.... 

Image Hosted by

The White House bullies the MSM yet again (and, oddly enough, their timing is exquisite | related: The White House on "single, anonymous, unreliable sources" then and now)



"Every time the critics of Darwinism lose a battle, they evolve into a new form, armed with arguments that sound benign, while remaining as dangerous as ever." (click here for more from "The Evolution of Creationism" from The New York Times)

Related: "The way to get creationism into school science curricula used to be by trying to make creationism look like science by calling it "intelligent design". Now there is a second approach: redefine science...." (click here for more from Eschaton)

To be honest, I can't really keep up with news out of Iraq & Afghanistan any more so let me recommend that you check my man Juan Cole for regular, timely updates. The 30 sec. version though: sh-t is still terrible over there (and getting worse) and a flushed Koran has about this.much to do with it.

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Monday, May 16, 2005

It's Not Just Tamika Huston.... 

Image Hosted by
Tamika Huston: not white enough for the MSM

"We would not accept this as a society if these were white children...." (via Swift Chancellor)

Racial profiling at the White House.

"If a Runaway Bride Can Get National Attention, Why Can’t Tamika Huston's Disappearance?"
(related: click here and here for the official Help Find Tamika websites)

"There is no doubt that Mexicans are doing jobs that not even blacks want to do there in the United States...."

And look out for these two movies that screeend at the recent Tribeca Film Festival in NYC:

- Bastards of the Party

- Slippin': Ten Years with the Bloods

But if I'm not quick enough in posting these links for y'all, then head to American Black which seems to be back on the daily grind.

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Introduction to some Brand New Music? Come Get It.... 

Image Hosted by
Yummy Bingham: baby Mary for rap's new generation?

My new favorite record - Yummy feat. Jadakiss "Come Get It." Long time readers already know I'm a big fan of Elizabeth "Yummy" Bingham's original group Tha Rayne, but this brand new track is redonkolous - a chopped up MOP "Ante Up" sample, Jada on the guest sixteen and Yummy singing. Whoa.

Kanye West "Brand New" (mp3 snippet via Spine mag, thanks Taj for the heads up)

SunNY "Introduction" - J-Kwon with real mic skills? (real |

Dave Chappelle - in South Africa, but NOT in a rehab clinic.

TONIGHT - Grandmaster Flash spinning live at the Root Down party at Table 50 with artist James Blagden creating a new work of art from scratch throughout the night (643 Broadway at Bleeker | $5 before 10:30, $10 after)

O-Dub claims the Quasimoto album is 5 mic status in the current issue of Urb. The staff at Fat Beats was talkin' it up heavy too when I was there a couple weekends ago - is it really that good?

5 reasons why you SHOULDN'T RAP.

Gear - underground hip hop that I can actually fcck with from Columbus, OH.

How D-Nice got the nickname "The Human TR-808."

What's Hood DVD's

And for indie music types: Insound Clips

But let's end with some movie ish:

I know British gangsta flicks are considered a somewhat exotic option and for cultists only in the US (unless played for laughs with a cast of cheeky, cockney chappies), but I'm hearing Layer Cake is kind of crackin'. What's really good for those knowing?

And some Star Wars-related links for those who still give a fcck:

- Grand Moff Tarkin's diary

- Guide to the Star Wars Galaxy (via Nadine S.)

- Triumph the Insult Comic Dog takes on the Star Wars geeks - mad funny (and on-point).

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Friday, May 13, 2005

"We are resigned to the notion that the Iraq war simply isn't going to break through to Americans...." 

Image Hosted by

I would say y'all already know how bad things have become during the past few weeks in Iraq and Afghanistan, but if ABC News is anything to judge by, maybe you actually don't. (related: Newsweek's take)

So, is anyone still buying the Neocon domino theory that the Iraq war will begat democracy throughout Middle East?

Meanwhile, the White House refuses to answer 89 members of Congress who formally demanded explanations more than a week ago of why they intentionally invented the “need” for invading Iraq, despite knowing there was no WMD.

And here's an example of Bush's celebration of a "Culture of Life" at work in Iraq.

And fnally, before her plea was thrown out by the judge, did Lynndie England agree to cover up for the chain of command in return for a lighter sentence?

More news coming later 'cos ain't sh-t really going on in music right now. I do have a few albums that were sent to me recently lying around. If I can muster enough energy to be bothered, maybe I'll get to posting about them.

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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Image Hosted by

TONIGHT I'll be on the set live with James and Taj of Dork Magazine


Low - the bar below Rice.

9pm until...

Low - bar below Rice
81 Washington St
between Front St. & York St.
DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Click here for more info and directions.


- Some flava mp3 links from the Prefix Blog.

- WONDER-Full™ - this "Tribute To The Genius Of Stevie Wonder" party is one of the best of the year in NYC, period. And even though it's for a Marvin Gaye album, this cover image is a pretty accurate portrayl of the feel-good vibes being spread by DJ's Bobbito and Spinna that'll be in effect at Club Shelter TOMORROW night so don't sleep!

- The Broke B-boys turn the spotlight on KMD and Cru.

- Tom Gist - newest member of the Dip Set?

- Legendary dub toaster U-Roy with the pretty legendary himself house DJ François K.

- Shout to my man DJ Jon Oliver.

- And finally: a certain cello player from Somerville, MA has my heart but can I just say, this chick featured in print ads for ROC skin care (not Dame Dash-affiliated?) is the flyest?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Straight Outta Beantown.... 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Edan, the future of hip hop or the lost member of The Strokes (or is that The Libertines) and The Perceptionists.

Spotted while in Boston this weekend again:

- This Rakim Told Me - Hip Hop Wax Facts, Straight From The Original Artists book that I skimmed through at Newbury Comincs looks sick. Def. must-cop like Jeff's joint.

- The Boston Phoenix on nerd rap blogger faves Edan & the Perceptionists. Still haven't heard any of the latter or much of the former despite recommendations from people I respect.

- Cats into this kind of stuff: who can tell me the name of track that's on some reggaeton(-esque) ish sampling Kurtis Blow's "The Breaks" with a dude mumbling most of the lyrics and chanting "Chacarone" (or something that sounds like that)? Heard this joint not actually at Young Catch's jumpoff but from my homegirl Didi M. who picked it up on an unmarked mixtape while in Costa Rica. I NEED that record though, it's crazy.

- Cool handbags for ladies who dig such things and carry iPods. (spotted via Dig!)

And also:

The History of Sampling (via Cool Hunting)

The Swift Chancellor's Best Hip-Hop albums of all time (that are not on most lists) and Best Hip-Hop names (in no particular, scientific order).

Rhymefest's entire A Star is Born mixtape available for streaming here. Shout to my man Mark Ronson who runs the All I Do label that's putting out 'Fest and who was killing it last night with half a bag of wax and a few CD's, WTF? Who else can do that and still be eclectic enough to go from Double XX Posse (which I had in the crates last week too but didn't spin) to Beanie Sigel and Jimi Hendrix? (streaming mp3 of mixtape via his official website)

DJ Explicit's Big Daddy Kane fan blog (wasn't Hashim trying to do one of these a while ago?)

DJ Alma live at Madame X TOMORROW night. This is the woman behind The Good Foot making her own DJ debut so go out and support.

Maceo and the Macks "Soul Power 74" - the track behind J-Lo's "Get Right and Usher's "Ride" jacked by Rich Harrison. (mp3 via

ignore magazine - still grindin'....

Beardmanica on DJ Smurf - the man behind the Ying Yang Twins' "Wait" - at Moistworks.

The documentary DVD was incredible so I'm not sure this Lords of Dogtown movie is really necessary, but at least it looks like they got the look right based on the trailers I've seen.

And while Dave Chappelle implodes, cop season 3 of the classic (and highly underrated) In Living Color. C'mon, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans and J-Lo and a few others (mostly named Wayans) too? Love or hate those guys, you gotta admit few other shows have been as funny and responsible for launching so much talent of color into the mainstream.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

Extra stuff.... 

Image Hosted by

I'm still not convinced and am planning to pass unless a WHOLE bunch of other reviews echo this one, but Kevin Smith says Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith is hot (warning: spoilers like a muh'fccker, link via Nadine S.)

There was also a link to a cool action figure set from Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back there but how about a William Shakespeare action figure?!

I saw Hitchhiker's Guide... on Wednesday and finally understood why this site is called Babel Fish. The film is aight but probably more for fans of the book or old TV show as they seemed to remain fairly faithful to the very quirky and very English source material.

And staying on the topic of films, a possibly interesting film on modern Haitian history - The Agronomist.

And a Simple Mission on the DVD reissue of the classic reggae movie Rockers (which is winging it's way to me via Netflix right now | related: the official movie website and clothing line | Anousheh's "Move On Up!" soul and reggae party TOMORROW NIGHT at The Cloak & Dagger - 394 College Street in Toronto)

Now that he's featured on Missy's upcoming The Cookbook album, is the Grand Puba revival in effect?

While Noz does a better job than me of exploring the mystery of how Memphis Bleek still has a career. I also agree with him that, despite some good tracks and a promsing start, Little Brother producer 9th Wonder is kind of overrated.

Finally, I dropped Ultra's "Ease Back" last night so here's Robbie on Ced Gee's remix of 45 King's classic "900 Number."

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Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.... 

Image Hosted by

Thanks to everyone who came out to Tap Bar last night. My opening set was little unfocused as I tried to get into a groove (although, LOL, apparently a bunch a folks who came out to see Prince Paul but didn't know what he looked like thought I was him which, I guess, meant that I couldn't have been doing that badly). After Paul dropped a set of club banging anthems and crowd favorites though, I jumped back on real inspired and dropped a far tighter set with everything from Mobb Deep, Mad Skillz and (obscure post Bad Boy) Craig Mack to Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill and Amerie (not "1 Thing" though) ending with my new single by Mos Def.

Props to Bathgate and Malik & Jessie at Capital Gang and Studio for the promos and to Funkdigi and Taj & James for biggin' up the event and my appearance (and for coming though too). BTW: "Catch the Beat" featuring Remy Martin and Shells spittin over Kanye's "Get Em High" from Bath's The Kid Stays in the Picture is RIDONKOLOUS. If those two never convinced you that they could spit before, this track will dissuade you of that notion immediately. My man Bath sounds good here but I gotta admit those two KILL IT and kind of get the better of him. (related: Prefix covers "The Good Foot" on their blog)

More DJ happenings:

Mark Ronson at Roxy's do Monday night. - I ain't seen this kid spin in a minute so I think I'ma run through this.

And I'm off to Boston again later today so might try to rep at Catchdubs' jumpoff tonight.

But for those who remain here in NYC, James & Taj are doing it up TONIGHT at Low Bar. Wish I could be there, fellas.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Prince Paul spins with DJ I-Queue TOMORROW 

Please believe I've been talking up the fact that I'm DJ-ing with the legendary producer Prince Paul tomorrow night. I've been pulling together a lot of treats for my set. If you were into the kind of hip hop that was spun on the Stretch & Bobbito show from like '92-'95, you need to come through 'cos that's the flava I'm planning on coming with tomorrow night. Lots of classic, underrated or forgotten undeRground hip hop mixed in with a few crowd pleasers and some R&B that rarely gets into radio rotation between repeat spins of Beyonce and R Kelly.

The details are pretty much spelled out above but let me stress a couple points and add a couple more:

- It's FREE!

- They'll be giveaways of Bathgate's The Kid Stays in the Picture mixtape and of sampler CD's from Studio Distribution featuring music by The Dix, Zion -I, Foreign Exchange, Masta Ace, Da Beatminerz, Prince Paul and Pete Rock.

- Bathgate will also be in the house for those who wanna meet him, set up interviews, get drops, get photos, find out how to get copies of his lengendary, unreleased album for Virgin records Dear Rich America... My Story to You album or whatever.

- DJ Suga Ray from the Scratch Academy is also spinning

- You're seeing Prince Paul DJ for FREE!

And if you're even thinking of sleeping on this edition of The Good Foot, even The Fader and Spine mag are co-signing this (and I'm not even mad that they didn't mention DJ I-Queue).

But lest I get too gassed from doing this gig: "Look, nobody cares that you're a DJ."

To celebrate though, the first three correct answers emailed to me with either the name of the new Beatminerz album or the Medina Green mixtape album that my new Supreme Clientele single is from will receive copies of this excellent sampler CD.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Yo, we got this locked, it's in the pocket...." 

Image Hosted by
8 Miles times two bars equals? Oh, never mind....

R.I.P. Gangstarr?

Dip Set - UK division

Alchemist feat. Prodigy "We Got This" - this is Retardo Montalban with the Malcolm Mclaren "Hobo Scratch" (?) "World Famous" drum break action. Yo, "just give him a call at" (mp3 via

Oh sh-t, the ALC is coming with both barrels fully loaded: Alchemist feat. Twin & Evidence "To The Top" - rockin' over a loop from an old Style Council song that sounds bizonkers. (mp3 via

And after my question yesterday, here's some Amerie non-LP heat. If this “Love’s Off The Chain” track got left off the album, it must be sick (links via The Fader blog | TTLab)

Shout to Tego for the Bathgate shine on his blog.

Speakers Push the Air

Irie Member - A to the L of Altrap and crew's new blog.

"Happy slapping" (related: clip #1 | clip #2 | download more via Agenda Inc.)

June 7 - Little Brother's Chitlin Circuit 1.5 mixtape

Todd kelly's Common radio blog.

Kartus - Germany's #1 for Hip Hop & Streetball. No sure why duke put me on the list for his email newsletter which is completely in German (!) and I wouldn't even mention it at all, but I clicked through to his site out of curiosity and noticed that these Picture Dog Tags were kinda fly.

16 Bars - the "Superbowl of Hip Hop." Are cats really gonna buy this on Pay-per-view?

Finally, if their suspect list of the top 10 hip hop albums of all time is any indication, I don't hold out much hope for MTV's celebration of the best in hip hop since 2000 (I won't even get into the question of whether that's an oxymoron to begin with). Efil4zaggin over Straight Outta Compton and Death Certificate over Amerikkka's Most Wanted are at least somewhat debatable (thought not in my view). And, as great as I think Run DMC are, they never made an album that deserved to be on this list. The Makaveli album isn't even Pac's best never mind the issue of whether he made an an album that merits being on this list either (haters, fall back - I'm a fan of his too).

But the biggest travesties of all: Public Enemy made the greatest hip hop album of all time and no-one's even come close to topping it, but it barely made this list and no Tribe or Wu-Tang 36 Chambers?!! C'mon.... Of course, these kind of lists are completely subjective so challenging them is almost pointless but I had to say somethin'. So what's on your top 10? (I'll get around to posting mine in the comments section below at some point.)

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Monday, May 02, 2005

This Business of Hip Hop 

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Rocafella records: crafting unique hip hop personalities and stars since 1996

"The problem is not that these outlets have been “taken over” by nameless, faceless white corporate interests. The supposed “subversion” of hip-hop culture isn’t happening because rich white people are diabolically exploiting people of color. That to me, is taking it way too personally. In reality, what’s happening is strictly business. The “subversion” of hip-hop is a function of how corporate capitalism and a culture of materialism exploits, masticates and expectorates everyone who works within it. The truth is that we are all going down the drain together."
Dan Charnas blogs infrequently adhering to the principle of quality over quantity but does so to devastating effect. (click here for more)

While Jeff has the latest links in the increasingly loopy saga surrounding The Source magazine.

And without having actually read the article this cover represents, should I be disappointed by Don Diva's exploitative (?) choice of imagery or is this another opportunity for haters to tell me I'm not connected enough to "the street" to understand this?

The other day I asked if R.E.A.C.Hip-Hop could finally declare victory against Hot 97? My more cyncial side should have known the answer was no.

Is it at all possible that just maybe, the so-called split between Dame and Hov has been all manufactured to help hype their movie? I think I'm reaching on this one, but who knows?

And is this Young Jeezy/Boyz N the Hood movement I'm starting to feel for real or is this big budget media hype courtesy of Mssrs. Combs and Reid kicking in? I saw snipes for the latter up everywhere outside one of Big Ced's parties and have been reading about them a lot in the last couple of weeks. Heads who know the deal, holla.

It doesn't really matter how bananas this hip hip industy becomes though because, at this point, we're officially well into the Hip Hop Era and the competition is NONE especially as far as rock 'n' roll goes.

Redesign over at Sean's

The Fader Photography Issue is out with Miles on the cover.

And after all the blog hype around "1 Thing," I thought there'd be more buzz last week about the fact that Amerie's album finally came out - is it any good 'cos I can't tell from just those 30 sec. snippets playing on her site?

Some Monday morning mp3's to end off:

- Common feat. Scarface and Mos Def "The Corner (remix)" - everyone and their mother already linked this up but let me show love too for those who may have somehow missed it. I do think Com and Kan should have stepped they game up and at least flipped the beat a bit or come with a brand new one though. (via Wes | related: Joey on seeing Common live | a Whoo Kid/Common mixtape - WTF, does that make any sense?!)

- Memph Bleek is... busted for assaulting a busboy in a Manhattan nightclub?! Now that's just not gangsta. (related: audio of Bleek's new single “Like That” – Wma High | Low | Real)

- Speaking of Rocafella, Peedi Crakk may have jumped ship but his "Mona Lisa 2K5" remake of the Slick Rick club classic is kinda, er... crack. I still think this kid is talented enough to win though whether he's throwing up the Diamond or not. (mp3 via

- Jahah "Everybody Up" - and yeah, I'm still reppin' this cat's ish. This is pure souled-out, get-on-the-dancefloor goodness so if this mp3 gets you open, go here to listen to his entire album.

- Snoop & Biggie reggaeton remixes (via The Shrimp)

- The Streets "Fit But You Know It (Futureheads remix)" – I've said before that I thought The Streets second album, A Grand Don't Come For Free, and the original version of this single were pretty much trash, but this remix featuring The Futureheads transforms it from a wack grime-era Chas N Dave-esque garbage into a neo post-punk/no-wave banger that's actually kind of hot now. (via Rollie)

- Stylus magazine's "Stycast" podcasts - more on the indie tip for the most part but still worth checking out.

- Stone's "The Couch Sessions" podcasts.

- Subscribe to Soul Sides' podcasts. (note: link is an RSS feed)

-'s Listening Room is actually streaming some decent albums for free. (via Kim)

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Going down in flames.... 

Image Hosted by
Image courtesy: Arrogant American

Iraq is still a mess and back in the headlines despite the Bush administration's best efforts to play it like things were all love over there since the election. And in developments that must have the White House really kind of shook right now, so is Afghanistan. (related: 38 Republicans Vote Against Armor for Soldiers).

Bush is "a half-baked man in terms of morality and a philistine whom we can never deal with.""

Meanwhile back home...

Congratulations, Mr. President. Your economic policies have landed us on the verge of stagflation. (related: "Guess what? That R word is sneaking into conversations again." Click here to read more from The New York Times)

And your recently announced "progressive indexing" plan for reforming social security might actually be worse than doing nothing.

Related: "To sell his tax cuts, Bush implied that anything under $100,000 was “low income.” Now, to sell his Social Security package, anything over $20,000 is “better off." (Click here to read more)

Was Thursday the night the US media and the public finally realized the Emperor has no clothes? (related: Maybe not. Media Matters once again does the business dissecting the MSM pitiful coverage of Bush's press conference)

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