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Friday, August 27, 2010

Introducing New Producer Unda (aka Undaground Tha Illest) - Soon is So Far Away 

Unda, Undaground Tha Illest, Photobucket

Dude passed me his Soon is So Far Away CD album last night at the Sound Battle Royale event so I threw it on when I got back home just to see what it was about and it turned out to actually be some perfect late night, wind-down music.

True, to his name, this is some new school underground hip hop ish. If you dig cats like 9th Wonder and the late, great Dilla, this mostly instrumental CD (except one track, #10 "High Times (Wrap)" featuring Pancho Villa & Wallace Alamo) might be right up your alley. It was giving me some serious Donuts-like vibes in the way its formatted and the sound of some of the tracks (4, 7, 9 etc.). Check it out and tell me what you think, don't be shy - leave a comment!

<a href="">Far Away (Dakotaa Speaks) by Unda (aka Undaground Tha Illest)</a>

Undaground Tha Illest - bandcamp | myspace | group website

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