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Friday, August 27, 2010

Prince Paul Makes his Unreleased Horror City Album from 1995 Available for FREE Download 


This is kind of epic!!!

Via Prince Paul:

"This was a project that I wanted to put together with Amityville MC legend Superstar. as I thought about it more I wanted to recruit more Mcs we knew to make it diverse.

Superstar already had the name Horror City so we recorded under that name. This project was recorded right after the first Gravediggaz album 6ft Deep in 1995. I shopped the demo but unfortunately it got looked over and never got signed. I sat on this project for a while but it always had a dear place in my heart because I thought it was really good and the talent was there. I stripped some of the music from the demo and put it on A Prince Among Thieves and actually had a few of the guys perform on the Thieves album as well but to be honest, I always liked these originals better.

So now I have decided share these songs with all of you because holding on to them made no sense. Why not share great music? Hopefully you the listener will enjoy this project as much as I do. Please share it, that's why I made this for free download.

For more group info please log on to Facebook for a proper bio of Horror City."

Download the Prince Paul presents Horror City album HERE: megaupload | mediafire


Prince Paul presents Horror City is now available on vinyl too! Click HERE for details.

[via The TROY blog | Steady Bloggin' | Grandgood]

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