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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ItsTheReal presents Hype Men, a hip-hop comedy podcast 

Jean Grae,Hypemen, The Real, ItstheReal

Was wondering what had happened to these dudes! They're back.....

"Today we're debuting a new part of the ItsTheReal family: Hype Men, a hip-hop comedy podcast presented by @ItsTheReal and @JensenClan88!

Hype Men is like a tree house built of metaphors and Jay-Z lyrics; it's a talk amongst friends that'll branch out into Best Week Ever territory; a place to start off discussing Cam'ron's oeuvre and end up talking about Sesame Street's The Count, with the two topics somehow tying together in a very seven degrees of Kevin Bacon game-type way.

This week's guest is Blacksmith rapper and twitter killer Jean Grae. We discuss BBQing with Lil' Mama + run-ins with Tyrese + Slo 'Down vs. Nelly + Talib Kweli's collaboration with Gucci Mane + Michael J. Fox's bucket list + more!"

BTW, as I'm listening to this podcast let me just say: if you're one of the people who unfollowed Talib Kweli on twitter in protest of his protest of his collab with Gucci Mane, GO KILL YOURSELF - you're the worst kind of loser!

Listen to the ItsTheReal presents Hype Men podcast:

ItsTheReal presents the Hype Men podcast [usershare mp3 download]

Online - The Real | Hype Men | Jean Grae


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