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Monday, February 05, 2007

Dogg Pound feat. Game - "Anybody Killa" 

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1XtraLarge beat me to the punch on this new Dogg Pound/Game track, which I couldn't get posted up before I went to work this AM, but I'm REALLY feeling this: more classic-sounding West Coast ish. I mean look at the cover for their forthcoming album Dogg Chit - it's basically an update on the artwork from their seminal Death Row-era debut album Dogg Food. This gives me hope thatthe new album will be as tight as last year's Cali Iz Active which was highly underrated (and overlooked) IMHO.

Dogg Pound feat. Game "Anybody Killa" [MP3 | zshare stream/download] - mp3 courtesy Spine (yet again!) so be kind and respect their bandwidth by Right-clicking and saving the file to your hardrive or previewing the track by streaming it from the zshare link.

There's also a hot ass track with Snoop Dogg called "Vibe Wit a Pimp" going around that I think is the actual official single but be clear: that joint with Game is the real lick! (zshare link courtesy The Tin Man)

Online: MySpace | website | BUY Dogg Chit, Cali Iz Active and other music by Dogg Pound here.

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