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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DJ Drama and Don Cannon of the Aphilliates are busted! 

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Bootleg YouTube: click the image above for a link to the Fox 5 Atlanta's video news story on the Fed bust of ATL DJ Crew the Aphilliates. (update: real YouTube link here)

3 things:

1. I'm pretty sure some hata ass rival DJ crew or label with a DJ Drama rival blew the whistle on them.

2. I can't believe Don Cannon's real name is actually Don Cannon! How hip hop is that??!!!!

3. I can't believe DJ Drama's real name is actually Tyree. I guess he's blacker than everyone thought after all!

More seriously though, this is hella f-cked up. I'm curious too: what are the Feds and the RIAA gonna say when when the Aphilliates pull out check stubs from major labels who actually paid them to make half of those "counterfeit" tapes?!

More thoughts from around the internets:


Boing Boing (good round-up of links on this story there)


Fresh - not to get all circular here 'cos he links back to this very post, but Fresh at has a nice little op-ed worth reading on the irony of the RIAA leading this bust given the industry's silent complicity (hinted at above) in the Aphilliates mixtape success.





& Rizoh


Sign the "Free Drama and Cannon" petition and check the brand new "Bump the RIAA" MySpace page. (via Fifty One Fifty One)


Buy DJ Drama/Gangsta Grillz mixtapes at here and itunes here (!). Is the RIAA gonna raid and shut them both down too I wonder....

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