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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Hip Hop Valentine's Day 

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Damn, a lot can change in a year. Love still reigns supreme despite all the ig'nance though...

DJ Dmadness' loveisloveisloveislove valentine's day mix (d/l: front cover | back cover | more: MySpace)

Peanut Butter Wolf's Valentine's Mixtape (via Stones Throw) - don't blow these cats' bandwidth, remember to Right Click and Save.


Ghostface feat. Musiq & K-Fox "Love" - a real hip hop love song for Valentine's Day....

MySpace - Starks | MySpace - Musiq | MySpace - K-Fox

BUY The Pretty Toney Album

Busta Rhymes feat. Erykah Badu "One" - one love, everybody!

MySpace - Busta Rhymes | MySpace - Erykah Badu

BUY the When Disaster Strikes... album

But how can I forget these dudes on this day?:

J. Valentine "She Worth The Trouble" - the 'King of R&Bay' (er.. what?!) (more: MySpace)

Sunny Valentine
"F U Pay Me" - er... double what?? (I know I've posted this track a couple times before. So what? | more: MySpace)

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