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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Inc. File for Final Chapter Status? 

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It looks like it's really over this time. But somebody needs to buy the film rights quick because this story sh-ts on every so-called urban street flick I've ever seen. Irv keeep your head up and, if you're innocent, I hope you pull through this OK.

"I've been paying attention and I been watching people steal my ways and sh-t and it's getting out of control. I'ma tell these dudes just like I tell my women 'Don't watch me, watch TV. This is pay-per-view - you got to pay for this....'"

That's the intro to the new monster, "Mic Check" by Juelz Santana, a blazin' hot joint whose drum track sounds very similar to Terror's Squad's "Let Them Things Go" which is ironic since it'll likely be the next track to run the streets in NYC after Joe's current jumpoff cools off (sorry, no mp3 link... yet). The Dip Set are making a believer out of me in 2005 by finally making some records worthy of their talent.

So it seems like Harlem's back crazy right now. Enuff was bangin' a joint yesterday in his drivetime mixshow by some dude shouting out uptown what felt like every other line that was so sick, I was doing Damon Dash dance moves in my living room at the dinner table. No idea who it was though, holla if you know. (It's "Who?" by Jae Millz - this track is super-bananas.) And don't forget my man Bathgate is reppin' for uptown too. (mp3 link via

Speaking of which: Bathgate feat. Shyne "What!" produced by Kool Kid.

Common "Corners (clean)" from his upcoming Be album. (new mp3 link via Spine Mag as the Funkdigi one went dead)

BTW, Common was #7 on the XXL magazine list of the Top 10 most anticipated albums for 2005. OK #1 and 2 were both Aftermath joints but, one of them was NOT Detox (they were 50 and Game)? WTF? The only excuse I'll take for that omission is that they didn't think Dre's album would really come out this year which might be a good call on their part, frankly.

And The Game is official. Is it time to start screaming The B-B-B-Black Wall Street yet?

Also spotted at, The Buzzcocks, the inspiration for the name of this site, are due to drop an all-new studio disc this year. Don't know if they still visit the site but shout to fellow BK representers Tony Barber from the group and his girlfriend Andrea.

Quarterbackin' (not the very slept-on banger by E-40 and The Clipse but yet another reason why blogs are so necessary)

Sorry, Kanye

I'm not sure Mos Def cares or even needs to care about making another great hip hop album at this point in his career.

Check out the "Cool & Deadly: the photography of David Corio" exhibit at the new Chinatown retail outlet for online reggae store Deadly Dragon Sound.

The Ubiquita 4th year Anniversarty Party is TONIGHT. The RSVP list closed yesterday but, maybe if you're nice, Kim will still let you get on it. (Even more details here)

Davey D does a nice wrap-up/commentary of the Hot 97/Miss Jones "Tsunami Song" controversy so far here. BTW, I'm such a jackass that a couple weeks ago when I started getting hits on my site from people looking for "Hot 97 Tusnami" etc., I thought it was because they were looking for this page (now taken down?!) on the Hot 97 site that I had linked to on my site here. Sadly it's turned out to be pretty much the opposite and now I'm being hit by all the rubberneckers trying to hear the "Tsunami mp3." Embarrassing.

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