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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Get hyphy to "One Thing" 

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Amerie - responsible for this year's "Crazy in Love"?

D-Nice's fantastic email blasts and photography have now been archived at his new online journal (he's far too cool to admit he has a blog).

Save The Wire
- I didn't know the best show on TV was in danger of not being renewed (?).

The 24 Coldest, Greasiest Clipse Joints (via Hardly Art, Hardly Garbage. BTW Sean, enable your post page setting.)

Evigan Funk

Styles P feat. Floetry "I'm Black" - who knew D-Block would be responsible for the best "conscious" hip hop in 2004-5?!! (mp3 link spotted via

My next girlfriend Lola Ogunnaike (if Beverly Bonds doesn't work out) on The Game.

Hyphy is the new Crunk according to Newsweek. Didn't I say this a week ago? (Spotted via Pop Life)

Jay has really become enamored of Amerie's "One Thing." I'm not mad at him though, I think the track is crazy (in love) too and looks set to become a hit now that cats like Hot 97's DJ Enuff are starting to bang it on their mixshows. Can I take credit for breaking this one too? (mp3 via TTLab | Related: Amerie's official website)

And finally, also via

Dilla, get well.

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