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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Worse than Abu Ghraib...." 

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Hearts and minds, huh?

Predicts my man Rep. John Murtha.

Afghanistan must be democracy now 'cos they have road rage just like in California. Or something.... (related: "Despite the best efforts by coalition forces, the Taliban in Afghanistan have maintained, and perhaps even gained, strength." click here for more)

And Iraq continues to melt down and a CBS news crew catches a really bad one while it does.

Not be glib about the loss of that CBS news crew but I guess they didn't get the memo like Voice of America.

Sen. Chuck Hagel pretty much sums it up: ‘Things Are Worse Off In The Middle East Today Than They Were Three Years Ago’

As is Iraq specifically according Murtha yet again.

Yet: Why So Little Protest On the Iraq War?

Especially when America is really hated, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but all around the world now.

I guess this mess is soely because of a little "tough talk" and "Texas swagger" by Bush. If only he'd kept his mouth shut, there'd be democracies sprouting up all across the Middle East by now because there were no other errors in executing these wars, right? Right.....

But a little music to end 'cos this'll pretty much be it on the site for a while (a week plus maybe) unless I find some time this week to squeeze another post in or I come across something so earth-shatteringly important or great that I am compelled to link it up:

I admit it. Yet again I've slept on a hit: Nelly Futardo's "Promiscuous" is a SMASH. All pop music should sound this good.

Speaking of which: someone please put me up on game about the new Phoenix album 'cos I loved their last one a lot.

June 7: The BEATards present: MIXTAPE RIOT - A New Monthly at SOHO 323 in NYC.

And as soon as I find an MP3 link to that new Rick Ross/Nina Sky banger"Flippin'" (or whatever it's called), you know where to find it....

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