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Friday, September 30, 2005

The Southern Takeover 

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I've commented several times previously on how the South has taken over hip hop. Without getting into a lengthy polemic about it here, let me just throw up some links to some of the latest joints coming out of Georgia, Texas and elsewhere below the Mason-Dixon line currently making noise:

- Purple Ribbon All-Stars feat. Big Bio, Killah Mike, Blackownded, C-Bone & Rock D "Kryptonite" (video: windows real audio: Windows Real download)

Read more about Big Boi's Purple Ribbon label: here, here, here and here.

Bonus Killer Mike joint:

- "A.D.I.D.A.S. (remix)" feat. Amil & JD - why did Sony never release this? The mind boggles. If anyone has this on 12" holla cos I've been looking for this for like over two years now and have never seen it even on ebay or as a bootleg.

BTW, I saw a trailer for the Outkast movie Idlewild last week and it's fccking SICK. Think Cotton Club-meets-Purple Rain-meets-Moulin Rouge-meets-Chicago. That might sound a tad Tey Ghey but trust me, it looks incredible. Plus the folks behind Ray and 8 Mile are gonna be distributing and promoting it so look for Outkast to conquer movies the same way they crushed the music industry. Just remember where you saw a behind-the-scenes peak at this movie first.

Meanwhile more ATL heat:

- Mr. Big Tyme feat. Tight "Check My Footwork" - the essential soundtrack when wearing your A-Town's.

- Maceo "Nextel Chirp" - undeniable club banger. Dunno about the sentiment behind his new single "Hoe Sit Down" though. I'm sure Rhymefest would have something to say about this one. Am I crazy to say that this Chirp joint sounds almost like a UK grime record or is it that those artists are so influenced by what's happening in Southern hip hop tight now?

- D4L "Laffy Taffy" - so bad it's good? Along with the Big Tyme and Maceo records this was running ATL radio when I was down there a month or so ago. Now re-released on Asylum, the label that brought Paul Wall from the internet to the masses. BTW is the Paul Wall joint any good cos I just got sent the new 12" feat. Mike Jones and I think it's kind of weak especially coming after the neutron bomb that was "Sittin Sideways." (update: never mind I just got the full length wax in the mail, so let me check it out and tell you for myself next week)

- Dem Franhise Boyz feat JD, Da Brat & Bow Wow "Oh I Think Dey Like Me (remix)" - I said a while back that the original to this was a guilty pleasure of mine. Same for the surprisingly solid remix.

- Three Six Mafia featuring Eightball & MJG & Young Buck "Stay Fly" - how can purist backpack nerds claim southern hip hop is not "real" hip hop when there's records like this? How many so-called "True school," underground hip hop records have transform scratching in their hooks like this? Possibly the best hip hop record out now by maybe the most underrated crew in hip hop. (stream download)

And BTW, I would have never called it but that kid Webbie's album is kind of hot. Shout to Sean Paul for putting me up on game.

And I got more. Stay tuned over the coming week or so for more heat from the South and beyond plus a special Too Short mp3 focus on his incredible Pimpin Inc. mixtape that just dropped. Meanwhile though, #10 and #9 on the countdown yesterday (plus we got the #1) - RESPECT.MY.GANGSTA!

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