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Monday, March 15, 2010

The Connoisseurs of Culture present T.Shirt & Darvin Silva - Tan-Face Children EP 


&amp;amp;amp;lt;a href=""&amp;amp;amp;gt;Pioneers! O Pioneers! by T.Shirt&amp;amp;amp;lt;/a&amp;amp;amp;gt;

Of course I posted this before but it's #MusicMonday on twitter and part of The Connoisseurs of Culture's mission is to really promote projects we present. We don't just ride with projects one time so that, after all the hard work an artists puts in on a full-length project, it disappears off the front page of our respective blogs only to be forgotten in the bottomless pits of bullsh-it that is music on the internet.

Shirt astutely took my advice and uploaded his excellent Tan-Face Children EP (and now all his previous mixtapes) onto Bandcamp, something I recommend ALL artists too, which makes it more pertinent for me to repost it and even easier for you to now check it out too.

The first time I had posted it, I hadn't even checked it out properly but since then I have and its f-cking excellent! If you dig Cudi, Mickey Factz, Wale or even BP3-era Jay-Z (listen to the second-to-last track, "Allure" to see why I say that), you might dig this. I've seen some comments online comparing EP producer, Darvin Silva's beats to acclaimed underground producer, Flying Lotus but I'm not that up on his stuff so I won't make the same claim but if that's your bag, there you go!

Anyway, let me know what you think. Stone, Benhameen and I will be bringing you more 'Connoisseurs of Culture presents' projects over the coming year. Artists of all stripes (i.e. musicians, producers, directors, painters, graphic designers etc.), if you're doing some fresh, new sh-t that you fell people are sleeping on, holla at us if you wanna talk about making your next project a Connoisseurs of Culture project.

[alt. download link for the Tan-Face Children EP: usershare]


T.Shirt - twitter | website

Darvin Silva - twitter | website

The Connoisseurs of Culture - twitter | website

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