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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Kitchen Weekend Re-cap - Part II 

Serato Wrap-Up Image II

Weekend Serato Music Wrap-Up.

President Obama's Weekly Video Address: Taking the Insurance Companies On Down the Stretch - breaking down the insurance industry's f-ckery. Why aren't Americans backing this effort more?? Talk about crazy!

The Drake Weekend Serato Music Wrap-Up. <-- some good sh!t in there!

We Were Once A Fairytale Short Film starring Kanye West and directed by Spike Jonze. <-- I still ain't watch this yet but I hear its weird and Ye's sucks at playing himself??!!

P-Reign - "Money in My Pocket" music video - the Maino?

Ransom x Adidas Originals Season ONE Shoe Line. <--dunno if its my thing but its orientated so I gotta show love!

DJ Nolan - "Sex Off Your Shoulder (Mashup remix)" - not my thing but people seems to love these mashups (although maybe not this one?)

JD Era - "Always Strapped (Gallic Wars Remix)" - more hip hop!

OK, good! All caught up now? 'Cos I ain't....

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