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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Serato Music Wrap-Up 

Serato Wrap-Up Image I

Hot new music from the past week or so from the best of the hip hop interwebs. Presented in alphabetical order, its only fairer that way after all.... [note: I'm doing the Drake joints in a separate post - probably should've done that for Wale too!]

D-Block - "Drop" [MP3: yousendit | usershare via 2dbz] <-- there's just not enough hip hop that sounds like this nowadays! Sorry for the crappy quality though but f-ck it, go BUY it when it, er... drops officially!!

Eminem - “Taking My Ball” [CDQ] [yousendit via RapRadar]

Lupe Fiasco - "Fire" [MP3: yousendit | usershare via NahRight / illroots] <-- This is, er... kinda fiya!

Lupe Fiasco - "Solar Midnite" [MP3: yousendit | usershare via illroots] <-- also from the looking-to-be-actually-great New Moon soundtrack like that Thom Yorke joint. This is on some rock sh-t, but it's also f-cking FIYA - don't sleep!

Rakim feat. Maino - "Walk These Streets" [usershare via Hold the Throne] <-- Concert Ticket Giveaway COMING SOON!

Tech N9ne – "Leave Me Alone" [MP3: yousendit | usershare via 2dbz] <-- I know dude's been doing his thang indie-style for years now, but I don't know much about his music. Sounds a little like Luda flow-wise to my ears. Does his other music too?

Timbaland feat. SoShy - "Morning After Dark" [yousendit via RapRadar] <-- best part is the B'more-style breakdown near the end to me!

Wale – "Fly Away" [MP3: yousendit | usershare via 2dbz] <-- interpolating Lenny Kravitz!* I like it personally but it feels a little sleepy to be a hit to my ears?

Wale feat. Pharrell - "Inhibitions" [mediafire link via TSS]

Wale feat. Rihanna - "Contemplate" [tagged, though not badly] [yousendit via TSS]

Respect to the NMC who I jacked most of this audio from (as well as the other blogs who I swiped music from too). Better them than me with their 50+ posts/day! How they keep up that pace every day is mind boggling to me!

* BTW: Wale's been on some real rock sh-t recently, as has Lupe. Man, Fat Joe did this before both of them and once again, he get's no respect/credit. Even Meka was dissing Joey Crack during his (2)doperadio show last week ("Shout to Fat Joe for showing a blogger could be more successful than a rapper..."). Wow....


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