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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trailer for The Hip Hop Project Documentary Movie 

PAY F-CKING ATTENTION, people!!!! Besides the coonery & rampant, soulless money-making, this is what hip hop should be doing:

"From executive producers Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah, The Hip Hop Project is the dynamic and inspirational story of a group of New York City teenagers who transform their life stories into powerful works of art, using hip hop as a vehicle for self-development and personal discovery.

The film traces the evolution of this award-winning outreach program developed by Kazi, a formerly homeless teenager turned youth-mentor. After four years of collaboration, the group produced a powerful and thought-provoking album that provides a revealing look at their lives. In contrast to all the negative attention focused on hip hop and rap music, this is a story of hope, healing and the realization of dreams."

This movie is opening May 11 but there was an advanced screening in DC today at 2PM - unfortunately I only saw the email promoting it now (note to the solSource group: how you gonna only send it out the day before?? Marketing/PR #FAIL), but make sure to go check this when it comes out.


Kazi's not the only one using hip hop for good...

- Also in NY, rapper NY Oil's Blackbird Fly – Young Women’s Workshop

- In Toronto, Duane Gibson aka rapper, D.O.'s Stay Driven High School Tour EPK

- Also in Toronto, a look at the Lost Lyrics community arts program.

- In the UK, rapper Kano Promotes UK Government Education Diplomas.

Share links to any other programs you know of in the comments section. Don't f-ck this off - this site ain't just about giving the cheapskates free music to leech!

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