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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Video: Lost Lyrics: Trailer to the Movement 

This is a community activisim program founded by Amanda Parris and Natasha Daniel aimed at children who live in two of the most troubled neighborhoods right here in my backyard that looks really cool:

"Lost Lyrics is part of a movement. Created in response to unimaginative teachers, negative labels and boring classes, Lost Lyrics is the alternative rooted in the search for self-determination.

Hip Hop culture is the inspiration and tool utilized to break down the images, pressures, and issues our young people face. Based in Toronto, Canada together we create our own road-map, somewhere between the streets and the classroom, pushing young minds to engage, speak and rebel...but still graduate

These guys need some kind of web presence (a blog? a twitter, at least??) besides a Youtube channel though because they're doing some good work that needs some wider attention.

[via 1 LOVE T.O.]


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