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Saturday, April 10, 2010

R.I.P Malcolm McLaren: 1946 - 2010 

Malcolm McLaren was one of the true mavericks and visionaries in a music industry painfully bereft of them, believe me! He is rightly considered a pioneer of both punk rock, for his involvement with the New York Dolls and, more significantly, the Sex Pistols and also hip hop. Along with the video above for the seminal "Buffalo Gals" by McLaren and the 80's-era NYC radio/DJ crew, the World's Famous Supreme Team, here's an example of the latter:

Malcolm McLaren And The World's Famous Supreme Team
- "World's Famous" [hype machine stream]

The Firm feat. Half-A-Mil & Mary J. Blige - "Firm Biz (remix)" [ stream]

R.I.P. Malcolm, the great rock n roll swindle is sadly finally over....


New York Times TM magazine: Requiem for Malcolm | McLaren’s Last Mix

David Johansen (of New York Dolls) on Malcolm McLaren: 'He was the perfect preservation against stuffiness' [EW]

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