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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Kon & Amir present Off Track Vol. III: Brooklyn - Rare Ghetto Disco, Funk & African Boogie 


More great music from BBE:

"Off Track III finds the New York/Boston-based pair shining light on another diverse array of underexposed vinyl. The eclectic African disco and soul cuts Amir highlights on his disc are Americanized by style but inherently authentic in feel, demonstrating the very best of the region’s dance music from the period following Fela Kuti’s mid-70s creative peak. Some standouts: Tee Mac’s 1980’s insistently catchy ‘Living Everyday’; Effi Duke’s percussive masterpiece ‘The Time Is Come’; and Christy Essien’s glorious ‘You Can’t Change A Man’, which features famed bandleader Geraldo Pino’s Show Train outfit. Also in the mix are a couple of cuts from unsung Nigerian star Dizzy K. Falola aimed at sophisticated dancefloors.

Kon’s disc opens with an extended edit of Donny McCullough’s ‘From The Heart’ from a pricey 1981 album. Rudolph Baker’s little known album track ‘Getting Next To You’ is a floor-filling anthem in the waiting. Edge of Daybreak were a prison band whose punchy title track from their rare Eyes Of Love album provides a solid argument for subsidizing more music programs behind bars. ‘Tin Top’ is another cut with a Kon edit, but Kenny Mann & Liquid Pleasure are the antithesis of mysterious indy-label group, the veterans performing to this day and maintaining a comprehensive website loaded with videos and resumes."

Check out a few streaming audio tracks from Off-Track III here:

Rudolph Baker - Getting Next To You:

Christy Essien - You Can’t Change A Man:

Tee Mac feat. Majorie Barnes - Living Everyday:

Click to hear more snippets HERE.

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