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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Throwback music: The Lagos Disco Inferno African Disco Compilation 


This looks really cool. Check the science:

"Lagos Disco Inferno is the first compilation of rare, Nigerian Disco to be released outside of Africa.

Compiled by Frank Gossner of, this record contains 12 tracks that represent the sound of Lagos in the late 1970s.

Lagos Disco Inferno, brought to you by ACADEMY LPs who also released the Ofege and Mebusas albums, was released March 16th.

Click HERE for more info.


Here's snippets from three tracks on the Lagos Disco Inferno album:

- "Bad City Girl" [mp3 links: stream | download | yousendit]

MFB - "Boredom Pain" [mp3 links: stream | download | yousendit]

Nana Girl - "Hang On" [mp3 links: stream | download | yousendit]

Ya dig?

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