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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New music: Mister Nick Presents A Tribute To David Axelrod 

Mr. Nick,David Axelrod,mixtape

<a href="">01 - the mental traveller (is on vacation) by Skipp Coon &amp; Mr. Nick</a>

I haven't fully checked this out yet but anyone who's a real hip hop head and has love for beat digging and the sampled music that formed the foundation of this music we call hip hop has to f-ck with or at least have heard of composer, producer and musician, David Axelrod. If not, google him. In the meantime, f-ck with this by playing the streaming Bandcamp player above.

Alt. download link for Mister Nick Presents A Tribute To David Axelrod HERE. [usershare]

[via TSS]

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