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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Connoisseurs of Culture present T.Shirt & Darvin Silva - "Monday Massacre" 

Click the image above to see the full-size art.

Well I prepped you about this dropping earlier but here's the first leak track from rapper, T.Shirt's collab project with producer, Darvin Silva, the Tan-Face Children EP entitled, "Monday Massacre":

T.Shirt & Darvin Silva - "Monday Massacre" [usershare mp3 links: stream | download]

Here's T.shirt's take on the track:

"In a first-ever collaboration with The Connoisseurs Of Culture (a progressive media collective comprised of The Couch Sessions, Different Kitchen and T.Shirt & Darvin Silva come together to bring you their debut EP, Tan-Face Children.

Think interesting, and colorful T.Shirt verses over underground, worldly beats hand-picked and mixed by retro/electro king, Darvin Silva. We kick things off with "Monday Massacre", a frighteningly strong track, produced by Mr. Oizo, which puts you right in the pocket of what these guys are thinking musically. T.Shirt takes you down to what sounds like an illegal dogfight in a London basement. Yeah, that's what the f-ck these guys are on right now. Tan-Face Children drops March 9th world-wide."

Yeah, THAT's how we're gonna be doing it under the COC banner: riding with cats who are trying to do stuff that's new, creative and interesting, not only in just music but video, art, photography, literature, film, comics. Whatever! If you've ever f-cked me here at The Kitchen, Stone over at The Couch Sessions or Benhameen and his crew at and dug the aesthetic we've been cultivating on our sites, HOLLA AT US!!! We need to chop it up on some thangs.

Click HERE to read the full details on the Tan-Face Children EP at the brand new Connoisseurs of Culture tumblr site. Digital-only copies of the complete Tan-Face Children EP will be available free of charge March 9, through and presented by The Connoisseurs of Culture.


T.Shirt - twitter | website

Darvin Silva - twitter | website

The Connoisseurs of Culture - twitter | website

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