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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sheen Bros - Scumbag Funk Vol. 2 Download & Release Party 

Sheen Bros.,Cosmo Baker,4th Pyramid,mixtape

WTF? Let Cosmo Baker explain:

"So basically it started out as a joke between me and my homeboy 4th Pyramid. Hanging out in downtown Manhattan one evening, we decided to come up with a funk / rap group, and Sheen Brothers was born. Like I said, it was all kind of in fun, but then after a couple shows and some recording things actually got serious. So with dedication and focus, Sheen Bros is a full on go.

Now this here it is, the one and only Sheen Bros
Scumbag Funk Volume 2 mixed by yours truly. It's 40+ minutes of nothing but that afrosheen. This is just the precursor, as we have an EP of original material setting to drop in spring of 2010 as well as a full length LP later on in the year, featuring an insane lineup of some legendary guests.

Check the download link for Volume 2 below, and you can click HERE for a link to Volume 1, mixed by 4th Pyramid. Special shouts to the following people for helping make Volume 2: 4th Pyramid, Tamir, Z. Brown, Mark Lowyns, Raj Mahal, Bird Peterson, Justin Torres, Dante Ross, DJ Nu-Mark, 7l & DJ Beyonder, Stretch Armstrong & Eli Escobar.

Download Sheen Bros - Scumbag Funk Vol. 2 HERE. [sharebee]

And if you're in NY, check out the release party TONIGHT.

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