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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Throwback Music: Big L - No Endz, No Skinz / Give It To Em L 

Big L

More over-priced but kind of essential reissue 90's hip hop this time from the legendary Big L. I'll let Verge from the T.R.O.Y. blog explain:

"So, apparently these tracks were on the original version of Big L's first album, produced entirely by Showbiz, that burned up in a fire at Jazzy Jay's studio. How these songs got found, nobody knows, but this IS some historic shit right here. I know the price is high, but if you're a Big L enthusiast, you should really grab this one. And you get more than just the Big L tracks if you cop because it's actually a "double 12" and the other piece of wax included is the previously unreleased 3 tracks, with instrumentals, by emcee Silky Black. Two of which are produced by Showbiz and one by the mighty Lord Finesse. I believe they pressed up about 400 copies but I could be mistaken. The reason for the pricing in nowadays price dropping, over saturated limited market, was probably from dealing with greats like Lord Finesse and Showbiz, not to mention Big L's estate. I'm merely speculating here, so don't try to eviscerate me in the comments."

Check the tracks below:

"No Endz, No Skinz"

"Give It To Em L"

Wanna cop? Go to the Freestyle Professors Store HERE.

Bonus:'s The Real Frequency radio show did a couple of tribute Big L sets around the time of the anniversary of his passing back in February. Check it out below (it's about half-way into the show)

The Real Frequency (02/15/10) [direct mp3 download link]

[via TRF]

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