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Thursday, August 05, 2010

New Music: T.Shirt - Cowboy In The Sun EP 


Another full length project, this one a 10-track EP, from a fellow Connoisseur of Culture, NYC up-and-coming rapper/blogger T.Shirt. I think the concept is that all the joints feature samples from Neil Young songs (or something)?

<a href="">(Neil Young Intro) by T.Shirt</a>

Dig what you hear? Download it via the bandcamp player above or via usershare right HERE.


Here's one more track by Shirt that was conceived and recorded via this social networking inspiration:

"this kid sent this beat to Ye on twitter and, beat's cool but Ye don't give a, shit about it, he's listening to beats by RZA, so fuck it I'm a take it off your hands, my n-gga!"

T.Shirt - Ye On Twitter (Freestyle) [usershare mp3 download link]

Connect with T.Shirt - twitter | website | youtube


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