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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Introducing New Artist Kyle Rapps.... 

Kyle Rapps,Donny Goines,Drive Slow remix

I met this kid, Kyle Rapps at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival. Do you know he was the only artist who had the wherewithal to try and find out who I was 'cos I was wearing a Press Pass?! The music posted here is from the CD he gave me after we chatted for a bit. Tell me if y'all are diggin' him. New and unsigned artists, step your hustle game up next time! Y'all are some email hustlers blowing up my inbox with your bullsh-t but when its time to meet someone in person, where y'all be at??! :/ I guess for those of you that slept though: PAY ATTENTION!

Kyle Rapps - 'Drive Slow (remix)' feat. Donny Goines:

and also:

Kyle Rapps - Drop It Like Its Hot [direct mp3 download link]

Kyle Rapps - Family Business (remix) [direct mp3 download link]

Connect with Kyle Rapps - twitter | myspace | reverbnation

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