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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Havana Cultura introduces new artist Danay 

The screenshots look the same but trust me, these are two different videos

I went to the Toronto edition of Havana Club's Havana Cultura Cuban music & art festival headlining show featuring Gilles Peterson and Robert Fonseca. Bottom line, the show was ridiuclous. Fonseca is a beast on the keyboards - like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis combined. Yeah I said it! Dude is that incredible.

Also, I might have got caught up in the moment but I think this chica, Danay could be a star. She looks amazing, has charisma coming out of her pores and can can sing and rap. I'm not saying she's the next (or Latin) Lauryn Hill but I think with the right producers and songs, she could really do something. The videos above don't even really do her justice based on what I saw last night but watch them and tell me if I'm onto somehting here or just smoking that good stuff wrapped in cohiba blunts!

Click HERE for more including some audio samples.

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