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Friday, July 16, 2010

TONIGHT in Brooklyn: The Couch Sessions Five Year Anniversary Party with Aloe Blacc, Peter Hadar, & Kimberley Nichole 


My Brooklyn and NYC peoples: Stone of The Couch Sessions is part of the Connoisseurs of Culture collective and has been on the grind BREAKING (not 'aggregating' or biting) new music on his site for 5 years strong now. This event looks mega and I'm pissed I left NY yesterday and am missing it but for those of you who live in the city full-time, don't f-ck this off. Aloe Blacc is very dope live and Peter Hadar is a promising new talent - Stone has a put a ton of work into making this sh-t official so act accordingly and go check it out!

Click HERE for more details and the banner above for a larger version if your eyesight ain't too good.

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