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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Throwback Music: Mark Capanni – I Believe in Miracles (aka the ORIGINAL version) 

Jazzman,The Jackson Sisters,Mark Capanni,I Believe in Miracles

Mark Capanni – I Believe in Miracles [mp3 download link]

I'm a major fan of this song no matter who does it so I FLIPPED when I read this over at Steady Bloggin':

"…with the blessing of Mark Capanni himself, here it is as it should be, the ORIGINAL VERSION of the Jackson Sisters classic rare groove anthem ‘I Believe in Miracles’…

Sublime Axelrod-style folk jazz orchestration backs Capanni’s carefree yet poignant vocals on THE original version of the Jackson Sisters ‘I Believe in Miracles’. Recorded in 1973 and performed by Mark Capanni who co-wrote the song, this was completed and ready to go a full 14 months before the Jackson Sisters version hit the streets. Despite the Capanni version having been pressed up it failed to make an impact – too soulful for rock radio but not soulful enough for RnB radio – and the record was pulled. It was the Jackson Sisters with their full-on dancefloor funk that did the business, released in 1974 it’s since gained legendary status, a musical definition of the rare groove era and with a multitude of versions and remixes. BUT it’s only recently that this amazing ORIGINAL version has been discovered…

Previously on The Kitchen:

Click HERE to listen to a great house music remix by the ReligionDJs called "Miracles." (and also Basement Jaxx's "Miracles Keep On Playin' (Red Alert Remix)" which IMHO obviously inspired the ReligionDJ's version).

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