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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Throwback Mixtape: Behold the Destroyer – Lamborghini Loafers 

Behold The Destroyer,Lamborghini Loafers,mixtape

Love this! How can you not f-ck with a mixtape that has the following description:

"The year is 1985, Chico Avaraldo — the biggest gun runner in Miami — has double crossed you for the last time. He’s sent his goons to rub you out and kidnap your girlfriend to sell into white slavery. They shot you in the back and torched your modest, albeit palatial estate. Left you for dead. They shoulda finished the job.

First mistake.

You jump in your Lamborghini and speed down the high way, doing 120 miles an hour. As your italian loafers press down on the accelerator you grip the wheel tightly, consumed with a desire for revenge — the sweetest of digestifs. As you hug the turns of the moonlit city streets you approach Avaraldo’s club. The lamborghini spins to a stop in front of the entrance. You open up the gullwing doors and jump out with BOTH of your Uzis blazing (you have two Uzis on you at all time). Avaraldo’s ninja bodyguards weren’t prepared for such a brash move.

Last mistake.

You enter the club and find Avaraldo holding your girl at gunpoint. It ends now.


You know Avaraldo is most likely coked up, so he’ll be twitchy. This must be executed perfectly. He’ll never expect you to shoot your own girlfriend in the kneecap to distract him. But just as you prepare to sacrifice her flash dancing career for a life with you. Avaraldo shoots her! You. Heart broken. Kill everyone in the club. It’s over. As you hold her lifeless body in your arms you think back on the good times.

The dancing. The love. The lobster. The Fashion. The sex.

This is what plays…"

Behold the Destroyer – Lamborghini Loafers [direct mp3 download link - right click and save as]

Klymaxx - Fashion
Egyptian Lover - Freakaholic
Junie Morrison - Gyrate
High Inergy - He’s A Pretender
Ready For The World - I’m The One Who Loves You
The Ritchie Family - I’ll Do My Best (For You Baby)
Cheri - Working Girl
The System - You Are In My System
Model 500 - Future
Two Sisters - Scratch This
Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl
Teena Marie - Behind The Groove
New Edition - Count Me Out
Sam Bostic - Cold Tears
Prince - I Would Die For You (Demo Version)
Eddie Murphy - Party All The Time
Andre Cymone - Survivin’ In The 80’s
Cherrelle - Saturday Love

[via Behold The Destroyer]

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