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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Roundup of Rammellzee Tributes Online 

For those not knowing Rammellzee was the epitome of creative hip hop in the Old School era. Dude was WAY ahead of his time - not only was he a legendary graf artist, he was an MC known best for the seminal art-rap single, "Beat Bop" which became notable, not only for its Jean-Michel Basquiat-designed cover (an original pressing of which will cost you thousands to cop... if you can find it!) but also its showcasing of his distinctive nasal vocal style that many assume influenced how Ad Rock of the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill's B-Real rhymed.

Anyway, I might be late on this but dude was so ahead of his time in everything he did that paying tribute to him a couple weeks late seems somewhat fitting. Here's some links to some people who were right on time and pay homage to his genius:

Writer, Dave Tomkins reminisces on Rammellzee. R.I.P. Rammellzee - includes an Uncommon Radio interview with Rammellzee.

Rammellzee Interview by Noz

Greg Tate on Rammellzee: The Ikonoklast Samurai.

Jeff Weiss' Rammellzee tribute in the LA Times.

Rammellzee :: Elegy for a Gothic Futurist by Elmattic

Open Mike Eagle's Ruminations on Rammellzee.

Chris Richards on Rammellzee at the Washington Post.

Gentle Jones at R.I.P. Rammellzee (1960 – 2010)

Big Dog hip hop blogger Eskay says R.I.P. Rammellzee.

Watch Rammellzee's "Alpha's Bet" video HERE. [via Grandgood]

Finally, here's a rare pic of Rammellzee unmasked with Basquiat [via Grnadgood]

[thanks again to Ivan | videos spotted via Unkut]

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