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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video: Texas Republican Rep Joe Barton Apologizes to the BP CEO for the '$20 Billion Shakedown' 

If you ever had any doubts as to whose side the GOP was on: the corporations or the people's, watch this video and erase them now.

He might have said he was only 'speaking for himself' but be clear: Barton's shameful betrayal of the people of the Gulf Coast is just one example of how the Right repeatedly acts as stooges for corporations and puts their interests ahead of the people's. Rand Paul calling President Obama's criticism of BP 'Un-American' is just one other.

It would be naive to think that corporate interests only have their hand in the pockets of the Republicans but at least the Democrats make some pretense of having the people's interest at heart sometimes as well. This spectacle of corporate stooley-ism is just disgusting....

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