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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Video: Seattle Police Officer Punches Girl In Face Over Jaywalking Incident 

Obviously the lead-up to what transpires in this video could speak volumes as to why things devolved to what we see here but I'ma keep it funky: normally I'm on some F-ck the Cops sh-t all day when it comes to these kind of incidents but in this case and based on what I'm seeing, these chicks were dead-ass wrong. How you gonna be continually verbally abusing the cops and putting your hands on them and NOT expect to be manhandled and arrested??! *Smdh....*


Seattle cop punches woman in face during a routine jaywalking stop. [NY Daily News]

James Bible, King County NAACP President, Calls For Seattle Police Chief John Diaz's Resignation. [Seattle Weekly]

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