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Friday, June 25, 2010

Rare Unreleased Dr. Dre - Smokin' Weed for Hours / My Life 

Dr. Dre,Death Row Records,Aftermath Records,N.W.A.

I think I might have posted this track a long time ago when I was still hot-linking audio streams from Hip Hop Game and Hip Hop Havoc (ah, those were the days!).

Anyway for all those (like me!) who dismissed the recent leak of an unfinished version of what is purportedly the first single from the long-awaited Dr. Dre Detox album, here's an interesting examination of the evolution in the production of one beat in the good doctor's surgical hands. Essentially two versions of the same song, "Smokin' Weed for Hours" and "My Life" sees Dre gives Roy Ayers' rare-groove, crate digger classic "Everybody Loves the Sunshine" the G-Funk treatment:

Dr. Dre - 'Smokin' Weed for Hours' [mp3 audio stream]

Dr. Dre - 'My Life' [mp3 audio stream]

Unfortunately, the song seemed to have kind of got worse the more he worked on it, IMHO! Hopefully that won't be the case with "Under Pressure."

[via Steady Bloggin']

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