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Saturday, May 15, 2010

More Throwback Mash-ups from Brand-x: Chillin' on the Plane / MilkShake da Floor 

Brand-x,Wale,M.I.A.,Lady Gaga

Been out most of the day doing this (where I copped a pair of these pants by Addict for $10!) and other sundry errands and I don't have energy to try and post a bunch of stuff now so here's more throwback mash-up action to get you pumped up for your Saturday night out or whatever else you maniacs are getting into tonight. Enjoy!

Brand-x - MilkShake da Floor (Kelis vs Major Lazer) [mp3 download]

Brand-x - Chillin' on the Plane (MIA x Wale x Lady Gaga) [mp3 download]

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New Remixes from Brand-X: 99 Problems Can't Stop / Bangin' On Mars.

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