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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Did the Toronto Police Force Beat 18-year old Junior Manon to Death? 

The police allege he died of an "apparent heart attack." [Toronto Sun]

His family's lawyer, Selwyn Pieters says after seeing the amount of blood on Junior’s body at the morgue, his black eyes and a neck brace, “The issue of a heart attack is a fiction. It seems that he died from physical force.” [Metro]

Which one sounds more likely to be true to you?! :/

I told y'all Toronto and Canada weren't any kind of racial utopia relative to the US. Unfortunately, Junior Manon's family now have the tragic misfortune of illustrating that point for me. Some of you may ask why he ran. We'll never know the answer but to that now but the issue of why it took enough force to kill to subdue a fleeing subject is something we all should support finding the answer to.


York University Black Students' Alliance: Demand Justice for Junior Manon.

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