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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Music from them xx Kids.... 

Not like I really know but apparently these indie hipsters are the current 'It' kids & buzz item amongst bloggers. Their A&R guy is a former colleague of mine and hit me up a while ago about them saying they supposedly love contemporary urban music wanted to connect with some big-name R&B acts for some collabs or remixes or something. I hit him back but he never got back to me to follow up but maybe something like this is what they had in mind?

the notorious xx mashup mixtape by wait what


Florence and The Machine - You've Got the Love (The xx Remix)
[mp3 download]

Does this remix remind anyone else of MJ Cole and the speed garage (or is it broken beat) sound that was hot like 4-5 years ago with Har Mar Superstar singing?

[mixtape spotted via Semtex / mp3 via hustleGRL]

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