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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Game's Got The Viral Marketing, Er... Game On Smash! 

MTV Shows

Mixtapes, Epic Freestyles, leak track after leak track and now two videos in one day?? One for the Cool N Dre-produced "Shake", the other a behind-the-scene promo for a video shot for a mixtape track (apparently the full 20 minute version of "400 Bars"). Wow....


Another leak track! This one, produced by The Neptunes, sounds a little dated, like something Hov mighta spit over on The Black Album but Game sounds not too bad on it to my ears although I know some think its too soft a track for him.

Game - Ain't No Doubt About It feat. Justin Timberlake & Pharrell [mp3 stream]

And BTW: everyone's jockin' the 'Bawse' (aka Officer Ricky) for having Stacey Dash in the "Super High" video but Game just beat him to the punch with her cameo in this "Shake" video - dude's now lost to 50 and Game. Double wow...

["Shake" video spotted via Ozone]

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