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Friday, October 23, 2009

New music: The Game – “Heaven” 


New Game track leaked earlier this week! I've said it many times before and I'll stay saying it again: Game's personality might be slightly, how do I put this delicately... off-kilter, but cats STAY sleeping on his music. Dude is wild nice on the mic despite all the name-dropping and other stuff naysayers charge him with and he's made 3 AMAZING albums, none of which would be less than 4 mics on the real (old school) Source mag scale IMHO.

This new track, possibly from his forthcoming The R.E.D. Album dropping in December suggest that his streak is in no danger of being broken:

Download: The Game
“Heaven” [yousendit mp3 link]

Ya dig? If not, f-ck y'all! Game remains one of the few rappers who I'll bother buying an album (on CD!) from. I suggest you do the same....


The Game
- website | myspace | ning site

[swaggerjacked from TSS too!]


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