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Monday, March 08, 2010

Watch Nick Broomfield's Biggie and Tupac Documentary in FULL 

I was incredibly delinquent in not sharing a lot of the great links I had found around the internets commemorating the anniversaries of Big L and J Dilla's passings but I'm a(n adopted) Brooklyn head, so there's no way I'm passing up acknowledging the anniversary of BIG's passing tomorrow, especially when I was just sent this by Mike at Snag Films:

"In 1997, rap superstars Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace (aka Biggie Smalls, The Notorious B.I.G.) were gunned down in separate incidents, the apparent victims of hip hop's infamous east-west rivalry. Nick Broomfield's film, Biggie & Tupac introduces Russell Poole, an ex-cop with damning evidence that suggests the LAPD deliberately fumbled the case to conceal connections between the police, LA gangs and Death Row Records, the label run by feared rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight."

Click HERE for more details.


D-League feat. OhGinelle
- "Juicy [Biggie Smalls Tribute '10]" <-- better than I was expecting to be honest!


Snag Films
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