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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video: VBS.TV Explores the London Pirate Radio Scene with Grime Acts Jammer & J2K 

From Rory at Vice/VBS.TV:

"We've been fascinated by the London pirate radio scene for a while now. It's a story that features a crew of kids breaking on to rooftops and getting radio geeky by erecting terrestrial radio stations and old school antennas and then using modern technology to spread the word and the music. It's a story that had to be told, so we did and it's called London Pirate Frequencies."

Artists / DJs / Stations also featured in the piece include:

Matt Mason (host and author of Pirate's Dilemma)
Logan Sama (former pirate, now KISS FM DJ)
Jammer (Grime legend MC & Producer)
J2K (next big thing in Grime)
Scratcha (Rinse FM DJ)
Soul FM
Flex FM
Rinse FM
Project Redsand (Sea forts preservation organization/ original radio pirates)


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