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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Semtex & Roy Thomas present Passed Out - The Mixtape 


For those of you who don't keep up on your UK hip hop happenings, "Pass Out" (as the original is officially titled) is a joint by UK rapper, Tinie Tempah that has become the "A Milli"/"I Wanna Rock"/"Exhibit C" of the UK hip hop scene. That is, the joint that every MC had to go in over if they wanted to look relevant and prove their MC mettle.

I love to see regional developments like this. DJ Semtex & his partner at Roy have been diligently posting all the various "Pass Out" freestyles & remakes on their blog over the past few weeks and astutely decided to collect them all on this collection. MAJOR props to them for doing that! I believe the original "Pass Out" also became a #1 pop hit over there to boot which, if you know anything about the UK market (its very pop), is a pretty amazing achievement!

Download Semtex & Roy Thomas present Passed Out - The Mixtape HERE. [usershare link]

Click HERE for more details including the full track listing for the mixtape.


DJ Semtex
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Roy Thomas - twitter

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